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RPGDesign.com is a newly-released site that covers many RPG makers and also provides games and resources. Owned and run by Maggedon.
Affiliated Since 24/10/2002

A game developer's community with developer-updated information on RPG Makers and resources, along with game downloads. Created and run by Fling-master.
Affiliated Since 19/4/2003

Balamb Garden Bulletin Board

- Seiken
Owner, Balamb Garden Bulletin Board
Affiliated Since 9/8/2003

001 Game Creation Engine
Official homepage of the 001 Game Creation Engine.
Affiliated Since 5/11/2005

<Seifer> I need to find some way to talk to Darshu's Asian female friend again. She was cool. <Seifer> We teamed up on Darshu. o: <X13> You teamed him? <X13> Awesome. <Seifer> Don't you remember? <X13> Oh I do.

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