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A shitload of resources

I've spent the last couple days revamping the Resources section to be a little easier to navigate, and have also added 1000+ game dev resources, a lot of it being Sphere character sets. If you need sound effects, MIDI music, or Sphere shit, check out the resources section.

Posted By X13 At 15:37 On 24/2/2004

Re: A shitload of resources


[Who's goin' Chicken Huntin'?]
Posted on 4.21.04 - 2:04:35 PM

<Heavens_Enzuru> Look at it this way, you gotta scratch your ass? NO worries. I'll do it for you. You gotta yell at someone but too tired? NO worries, I'll do it for you. You gone but need someone to voice people? NO worries, I'll do it for you :D.

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