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We're in business, commander.

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Longebane: why are you linking me to this crap

More to come. In the meanwhile, how about some memories?

Posted By zurukai At 01:11 On 28/2/2010

Re: We're in business, commander.

Goddammit, Longebane, don't you have a family or something?

Me love you long time, Helai.
Posted on 7.4.10 - 9:18:19 PM

<Mr_Milenko> reason 2) Nobody in teh community congratulates people anymore its either you suck or you stole theres no more "Hey ima first time maker this si my first game,CONGRATS KEEP UP TEH GOOD WORK" its liek "Hey thsi si my first attempt at making a game,HEY YOU FUCKIN SUCK STOP WHILE YOU CAN LAMO!!"

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