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Developed By Zero Entertainment [28/2/2006]
From the busy studios of Zero Entertainment comes this exciting adventure! Chickenel, warrior of the chicken race is here to defend the world from the evils of badly photoshopped hat people. Fight with the amazing weaponry, and awesome moves of Chickenel, as you watch the rebellion begin.

Real reviews from kids just like you!

Magickeaton: "what the hell is that thing?!"

Zora Link: "lol, I don't get it" (then why are you laughing out loud, huh?)

Leinator: "this game changed my life more than toothpick tycoon, and that's saying a lot"

Zurukai: "This game deserves the title 'Game of the Year' more than anything else I've played so far, INCLUDING Toothpick Tycoon times ten."
Developed By Zero Entertainment [Added on 2/28/2006]
Download Now [3041 Downloads]

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