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Why are people so naive on the internet?Ancient8/1/20053042
Square Enix's view on the communityCygnus30/10/20033219
Thoughts on WorldsShinan12/8/20033209
Visit from a Sotilas (Shinan!)X1315/3/20033006
RM2K, the story, the info, the destructionKnightmare21/2/20035216
Thoughts on Villains and HeroesShinan14/12/20023461
Final Fantasy XI and PlayOnline.Cygnus28/10/20023493
RM2K CMSs and CBSsX1320/10/20023978
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<Knightmare> Nothing says "This fight is over" like tearing an opponents arms off, beating him to death with them, and screaming "WHY ARE YOU HITTING YOURSELF? WHY ARE YOU HITTING YOURSELF?"

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