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Final Fantasy XI and PlayOnline.Cygnus28/10/20023517
RM2K CMSs and CBSsX1320/10/20024002
RM2K, the story, the info, the destructionKnightmare21/2/20035239
Square Enix's view on the communityCygnus30/10/20033238
Thoughts on Villains and HeroesShinan14/12/20023486
Thoughts on WorldsShinan12/8/20033243
Visit from a Sotilas (Shinan!)X1315/3/20033025
Why are people so naive on the internet?Ancient8/1/20053064
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<Mr_Milenko> reason 2) Nobody in teh community congratulates people anymore its either you suck or you stole theres no more "Hey ima first time maker this si my first game,CONGRATS KEEP UP TEH GOOD WORK" its liek "Hey thsi si my first attempt at making a game,HEY YOU FUCKIN SUCK STOP WHILE YOU CAN LAMO!!"

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