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Final Fantasy Tactics AdvanceShinan21/7/20041375
Champions of Norrath: Realms of EverquestAncient26/3/20043177
Romance of the Three Kingdoms IXAncient25/3/20043078
Enter The Matrix [OLD]Seiken15/1/20043037
KH: Et tu Brute?Seiken15/1/20042994
FF8: Chicks Dig Assholes.Seiken15/1/20043421
Sword of ManaZurukai2/1/20043289
Golden SunShinan21/9/20033523
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: Master QuestZurukai26/8/20033261
Baldur's GateShinan30/7/20033398
Deus ExShinan19/7/20033123
Xenosaga: Episode 1 - Der Wille Zur MachtTheDarkshineKnight27/6/20033243
Ancient\'s reviewing scaleAncient8/4/20033243
Xenogears for PlaystationAncient8/4/20033081
Chrono Trigger: Second Opinion [OLD]Seiken3/4/20033502
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance [JAP]Seiken27/2/20033600
Final Fantasy XAncient20/10/20023394
Sword of VermillionX1320/10/20025989
Chrono TriggerDJ_Cloud20/10/20024768
Ogre Battle: March of the Black QueenCygnus19/10/20023328
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