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:: RPG Source :: Shi-ko Chi-nai

Ryon Somoru

Satun Somoru

Seiken Taiko
    Days have passed since the world lay in the Endless Chaos, a time where the world was not balanced and thus sought its own obliteration. The 5 greatest of the Mortal Kings and the Great Demon King decided something must be done to save the young world of Shinjo. They agreed that the only way the world was to be saved was to balance it out by spreading Demonic Energy and Zi Energy in equal amounts. Thus the extreme form of Zi energy, Dark Zi was locked up forever and spread into 5 pieces, never to be touched by mortal nor demon hand, until 4,000 years later...

    Shi-ko Chi-nai takes place 4,050 years after the end of the Endless Chaos. The story centers around Ryon, the prince of Paleathea. As all princes of Paleathea must do when they reach the age of 15, he travels to the Oracle of Seon, who refuses to tell him his future, only stating, "Your destiny is not your own." The disheartened Ryon makes his way back to the island of Paleathea, only to find out that 5 years have already passed and the Second Great War has begun between the demon and human races. His best friend has also been kidnapped by the demons. Ryon, with an uncanny resemblance to the great hero of the First Great War, Shi-ko Chi-nai, makes his way off to war against the returned Demon King.

- Ryon Somoru
   Age: 15
   Origin: Palaethea
   Race: Human
   Title: Prince of Palaethea
   Ryon is the main character of the story. He is very cocky and often annoys many people such as his father. Through out Ryons life he was very close to his mother and his best friend. They are the only ones capable of keeping him calm and also one of the few people who can see the better side of his personality. (Available in single and multiplayer modes)

- Satun Somoru
   Age: 28
   Origin: Palaethea
   Race: Human
   Titles: King of Palaetha, Greatest of the Mortal Kings
   Satun Somoru is a man of many mysteries. Though a generally calm ruler and leader, Satun is short-tempered at times. He does not get along very well with his son Ryon, who he describes as "the fool of fools, not the king of kings as he should be." Satun was given the title "Greatest of the Mortal Kings" not only because he is a descendent of the wise men who locked up Dark Zi energy, but also because he controls uncanny powers that do not appear to be human. (Available in multiplayer mode)

- Seiken Taiko
   Age: 19
   Origin: Berokahn
   Race: Human
   Titles: King of Berokahn, Leader of the Human Forces in the Demon World
   Seikens intelligence well surpasses his age. He was appointed "Leader of the Human Forces in the Demon World" for a good reason; he is a brilliant strategist. He is only second to Satun Somoru, who because of "reasons, which denote stronger concern" did not accept the position of the leader of the human forces. Seiken remains a good friend of Ryon throughout the story, helping him on his lows and supporting him on his highs. (Non-playable character)

- Chadni San
   Age: 18
   Origin: Palaethea
   Race: Human
   Chadni San is Ryons driving force. If it wasn't for her kidnapping, it is very doubtful the peaceful Ryon would have entered the Second Great War. Of course, though, Satun does not favor Chadni and Ryon's friendship since she is not of royal blood and often speaks blasphemously of him. (Non-playable character)

- Burai Kai
   Age: 250
   Race: Demon (Kai)
   Title: The Demon King
   The Demon King is infamous in many ways. He is thought to be the most ruthless of all the kings of the Demon World by humans. To the Demons, he is praised as the greatest of rulers, and like all rulers of the Demon World, Burai Kai is a Kai, a demon who resembles a human in form, but has up to 100 times the strength of a normal Demon. Many mysteries surround him. How is he back? Didn't the great warrior Shi-ko Chi-nai sacrifice his life to kill Burai Kai, or is there more to it than that...

.Inspiration (Written by Zurukai)
    For those wondering what "inspired" me to do this project, well, there are three answers for you. First, I am tired of seeing the large amount of RPGMaker 2000/3 users, especially since the program is illegal and the creators are losing money off of it. Hey, if there is a family starving what is it your problem, at least you can make games ;). Second, X13 has somewhat been more of a Webmaster to me but a friend which I would love to help. Third what inspired the actual idea of the project was my love for mythology. By reading the Character biographies, I bet you have noticed the influences of Greek and Japanese mythology (the Demons look like foxes, the whole island setting, etc).

    I entered the community in the December 2001 under the alias of Heavens Enzuru when RPGMaker.net was still owned by X13 (thats how I first met him). The site was then bought by Bart and I went over to Gaming World. Because of the negative vibes I was feeling, I left the community and went to Baka-San. Around a few months after staying in Baka-San, a rebellion took place against Mirzy and I left there also. With no place to go, X13 ended up recommending me to RPGSource.net, and here I am...

.Frequently Asked Questions
- I really think this game needs work. I see so many things wrong with the game, how might I contact you?
   You may contact to criticize me at my e-mail zurukai@rpgsource.net.

- I have heard rumors that you are going to release the source code and engine of Shi-ko Chi-nai to the public, is this true?
   In fact, this is very true, but I will not release it for 3-12 months after Shi-ko Chi-nais release.

- I am REALLY hyped up about this project, are you releasing demos?
   Yes, indeed I am. Unfortunately these demos are not readily available to the public. If you would like me to send you demos though just e-mail me at zurukai@rpgsource.net and I will put you on my mailing list. You may NOT request for older demos though, I am sorry.

- Where can I download this game when it is finished?
   Finally I can get to this part, Shi-ko Chi-nai is an RPGSource.net exclusive download, you may only find it on RPGSource.net. I will though let sites link the download to RPGSource.net. I am planning to use RPGSource.net as a matchmaking service for the Shi-ko Chi-nai multiplayer mode.

- Whoa! This has multiplayer?! How many players can play in one session?
   Two, I am afraid. Player 1 and Player 2 have a selection of 2 characters each. Player 1 may choose Ryon or Satun, and Player 2 may choose Burai Kai or one of the Kais depending on the level.

- What is the difference between the characters and why can't anyone pick any character?
   Good question. Ryon and a Kai play more as "get weapons and kill people." It pertains more to an Adventure type of play. On the other hand, Satun and Burai Kai cant fight hand to hand, one hit and they die. When playing them the game takes more of a Stragetic turn. With them you summon monsters and bring dead comrades and enemies back to life to do your bidding.

- Wait a minute... you said DEPENDING ON THE LEVEL! I thought this was an RPG.
   This is very much indeed an RPG but definitely not a traditional one. You do not level up, and as one of the Adventure characters (Ryon or a Kai) you pick up weapons from fallen comrades, enemies, or even go to the enemy's armory during battle and steal some ;). As for armor, armor is picked like this, in the beginning of an upcoming battle, you pick armor. Stronger the armor, slower you go, weaker the armor, faster you go! And as for "levels" I will use levels in multiplayer mode only since in multiplayer mode you will be on opposing sides. Besides those things this is pretty much your typical RPG heh.

- Ryon Somoru ingame sprite done by Jalen
- Satun Somoru and Seiken Taiko sprites done by Kirobulin
- Page design and content editing by X13
- The unmentioned works are "unknown." If you seen an error here or work you would like to claim was done by you please do not hesitate to e-mail me at zurukai@rpgsource.net.

World Map

It is important to note all information on this page is subject to change at any time.

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