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:: RPG Source :: Contest

The first RPGsource contest.
Begins on 19/10/2002
I will be handing out $20 to the first person to find the secret link. You'll have to search around a bit, but simple searching just to make $20? I say it's worth it.

The contest has expired due to nobody claiming their prize within the specified timeframe. Shinan did find the hidden link, but because of his location, he did not ask for the prize.

The first person to confirm their prize with the secret key will be deemed the winner. Winners are to submit the secret key to x13@rpgsource.net. If nobody has located the key by November 10th, 2002, the contest is void. Winners will receive a return e-mail to confirm their mailing address. Winners who do not respond to their confirmation e-mail with 7 days will risk forfeiture of their prize. Prizes will be mailed within 21 days of the confirmation of the winner's mailing address. RPG Source is not responsible for incomplete, lost, or late prize claims. be responsible for lost, late, misdirected, or incomplete entries. Void where prohibited by law. Neither RPG Source staff nor staff of any RPG Source affiliate may enter.

<X13> how do I get a custom /quit message?

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