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Lufia is a classic SNES RPG that will entertain gamers new to the genre, as
well as challenge experienced players. It follows the story of the rise of the
evil Sinistrals, and a young hero's quest to fulfull his destiny and stop them.
It features a unique battle system not seen in any RPG before it, as well as a
colorful cast of characters, enemies, magic, and weapons. If you're looking for
an old-school classic game, check out Lufia. It's not a rare ROM if you use
emulators, and can be found on any decent Emulation site. The game itself is
out of print, and is rather hard to locate. (At least for me :) Some info about
me: I am a 60-year old aging man who likes to get his kicks by lighting
pedestrians' hair on fire. Ehh, not really, I'm actually a young male some
35-45 years younger than 60. I like making fun of stupid things, criticizing
stupid things, laughing at stupid things. . .oh yeah, and playing videogames. I
play guitar and piano. Drums are fun too, although I can't really do much
there. I like anime, lots of different kinds of music. A few great picks are
the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Black Label Society, and A
Perfect Circle. My online alias is Molokidan the Super Sushi-jin, although in
real life I am neither super nor a sushi person. I think quotes like 'r0x0r'
and 'w00t' are fun. I love writing editorials, as well as stories, novels, and
walkthroughs. I've written other walkthroughs for gems such as "Princess Tomato
and the Salad Kingdom", an enemy FAQ for Final Fantasy 6, numerous
miscellaneous FAQs for Earthbound, and Boss FAQs for Final Fantasy 8 and
Galerians. My dream is to have a FAQ posted on "Shyeah, right,
and monkeys might fly out of my butt."


- There's 99 total different event locations listed.
- The level notation is the Hero's level, not the whole party's level.
- All the items that are listed there are the ones you can get AT THAT
PARTICULAR TIME. Other items are listed in the appropriate sections.

1. Fortress of Doom
Level: 79
Enemies: Hydra, Stone Golem, Mad Knight, Mega Frog, Mad Wolf, Efreet
Items: Power Potionx2, Spell Potionx2, Mind Potion, Great Potion, Miracle x5

You start out in the front of a large castle, with four characters in your
party, at nearly Level 80! This is definitely not the traditional start to an
RPG! Well, it seems that you are the four chosen heroes to stop the newly
arrived Sinistrals from wreaking havoc on the world. I'm not even going to
cover the dungeon, it's just a straightforward path. You can get the treasures
if you so desire, but they're really not necessary, as you have about 80 of
each of them in your inventory, and you don't keep them after this scene is
over. The enemies are also cheese. Eventually, you'll reach the end of the
castle, and meet the four sinistrals. I'm not going to cover these guys either,
because these battles are so extremely easy, that it's not worth wasting the
space ^_^;. You can just mess around with different spells in these battles,
because it's basically a nice little taste of what Lufia's engine is really
capable of. I usually have Maxim and Guy attack, while Selan casts Thunder and
Artea (usually) heals with Valor. Again, do whatever you want in these battles,
they're just for fun. Finally, you'll lay rest to the Sinistrals, and the intro
will be over.

2. Alekia
Level: 1
Enemies: None
Items: Revivex3, Cloth Helm, Dress, Sleep Powder, Potionx3, Arrow, Swing Wing,
100 Gold, Sweet Water, Antidote, Stuffed Bear, Bracelet

It starts out 90 years after the war. Hero and the innkeeper begin chatting,
a strange girl shows up. This is Lufia.

Fast forward to 9 years after that. Lufia and Hero are best buds now, and
they're living in the peaceful world without monsters. They eventually get into
a scuffle after Hero learns that another kingdom was invaded by monsters, and
you get control of him. I suggest buying 4 Potions and a Dagger. After that,
just walk around town and plunder all the houses =). Taito was really generous
here by putting tons of goods in each shelf of a house. Very good stuff,
especially the Revive, an item that you don't have access to (but need) this
early in the game. You *can* leave town, but unless you need Gold, I wouldn't.
Hero can take the monsters out there to a certain extent, but there's really
nothing to do and you could find yourself stuck in a sticky situation. Once
you're ready, fill Hero's craving to update the Commander on the news and enter
the castle. Head up and grab the chest in the top left room, but don't talk to
the Commander just yet. There's another easily missed Revive behind him in the
full shelf. Enter the next room and check the two full shelves. Now you can
head upstairs. Get two more potions in the available rooms, and then continue
upstairs. Talk to the princess, and she'll give you 100 gold pieces! Now head
up to the top right, and go down all the stairs. You'll get ANOTHER Revive, as
well as some other good treasure. Back on the roof, enter the princess's room
on the left to get a Stuffed Bear and a Bracelet. Now you can head back
downstairs and talk with the Commander. He'll give you the
O.K. to go to Sheran. Lufia is still nowhere to be found, so your only other
choice is to head north to Chatham.

3. Chatham
Level: 1
Enemies: None
Items: Smoke Ball

There's not much to do here in Chatham. By talking with the townspeople, you'll
find that a guy left to make sure his sister, who works in the castle, was
alright. Just take the Smoke ball and head north.

4. Chatham Cave (North)
Level: 1
Enemies: Spider, Jellyfish, Madshroom, Big Newt
Items: 200 Gold, Potion

The left cave leads to the next kingdom, but we're making a pit stop first at
the north cave. Just go down and collect your treasure, because you can't make
it past the rocks anyway. Now you can enter the other cave.

5. Chatham Cave (West)
Level: 2
Enemies: Spider, Jellyfish, Madshroom, Big Newt
Items: None

This is the small cave to the left. Ahead is Sheran. You don't need to, but if
you go up and right, you'll notice that this cave is connected to the north
cave you entered earlier, on the other side of the rocks. No big deal, but
interesting. Hopefully you bought a few Potions in Alekia, becase you'll most
likely need a little bit of healing. Simply take the left path out.

6. Sheran
Level: 2
Enemies: None
Items: Potionx4, Sweet Waterx2, Foul Waterx2, Antidote, Awaken, Arrowx2, Mid
Arrow, Revive

Upon entering Sheran, you'll see a dead man in front of you. Greaaat, I can
already tell where this is heading. All the 'dead' people will tell you to go
back, because "IT" is still here. Well, you will, but not just yet ;). Head up
to the castle and take the four potions in the room to the left, then the other
items on the right. More items on the next floor, and then you can go into the
throne room. Upon entering, you'll see some locked doors. Grr! I guess we have
no choice but to leave. Something funny: If you talk to the dead man in the
northeast house before going into the castle, you'll witness his death. Upon
exiting, he'll die. . .again. o_O;. Anywyay, head back to Alekia.

7. Alekia
Level: 3
Enemies: None
Items: None

Make your first stop the inn. Rest, and while you're at it, talk to Lufia
upstairs. After you. . .er. . .*TRY* to make up, and you are free from the inn,
head to the Commander. This guy is still being a jerk, and won't send any
troops until next week! Time to take matters into your own hands yet again.
Talk to the king, and even he won't help! Maybe the princess can convince him?
Nope! It seems that everyone in Aleka is too lazy to do anything. Aaah, here we
go again. . .leave town, but as you do, you'll be stopped by Lufia! Ah. . .what
a touching moment. *wipes a tear from eye* Bah! Yeah right. At least we have a
new party member, although Lufia is rather weak. Equip her with the Bracelet
you found earlier, and then head back up to Sheran.

8. Chatham Cave (West)
Level: 3
Enemies: Spider, Jellyfish, Madshroom, Big Newt
Items: Sheran Key

This time, you'll find Daril nearly dead a little ways in the cave. He'll give
you the key to the castle and retreat, with hopes that you'll find and save
Lilah. I'd also level up Lufia to at least 3 in here, or she's bound to get
thrashed later.

9. Sheran
Level: 4
Enemies: None
Items: 100 Gold, Great Potion

Alright! Now we have a key! Head up into the castle, and take the treasure as
well as hitting the switch. Now, go to the upper left (or right) chamber on the
roof, and walk down to the basement. A set of steps have appeared where there
used to be nothing. You'll rescue the king, queen, as well as Lilah. What's
funny is that they follow you around, but you don't get to fight with them :(.
Don't forget to take the Great Potion up in the corner before you exit. Wait. .
.something doesn't seem right here. Where are the monsters that locked up the
king and queen? Ack! Once you exit the castle, you'll meet a familiar face. .
.GADES! Hero tells Lufia to take the others and run, and Gades challenges you
to a battle! Hah! It's obvious that you have to lose here, so just succumb to
him. You'll get your head handed to you, but then Lufia shows up. She says that
everyone made it to Alekia safely (Hah, I wish it took *US* that quick to get
back) I guess that Gades has a soft spot or something, and leaves when Lufia
tells him to o_O. You're automatically warped back to Alekia.

10. Alekia
Level: 4
Enemies: None
Items: None

Roman will greet you as soon as you enter Alekia. It's very cliche, but Hero
decides to go find out why a Sinistral was at Sheran, and then the goodbyes are
said.  While you're here, you might as well sell your useless items and buy a
Dagger for Lufia. Head to the castle and check the center room on the second
floor to pick up Lilah. Now you're off to Chatham again.

11. Chatham
Level: 4
Enemies: None
Items: None

Walk through Chatham, and Daril and Lilah will finally be reunited. Daril will
then give you some much-needed information about where to go next. It's a port
town south of Sheran called Treck.

12. Treck
Level: 5
Enemies: None
Items: Dress, Hair Band, Power Gourd, Arrows, Smoke Ball

You're probably pretty beat-up from your trek to Treck, so head over to the inn
and take a quick nap. Ah, a nice fresh new town. . .with tons of fresh new
houses to plunder! Mwahahaha! Seriously, though, Lufia should get an award for
having the most items you can steal from houses. Really, it's one of my
favorite things in this game. Pick up a Robe and Long Knife for Lufia and a
Club and Cloth Armor for Hero at the armory. Then, head down to the lower left
side and enter a cave. Pick up two treasures in the left corner.  There's some
crazy old guy in there that sells you HP-restoring cider. Anyway, by talking
around town, you'll find out two important things: 1) There are no ships in
port because they all are afraid of monster attacks, and 2) There is a guy at
the port who used to be in the Guy Legion. Head down to the lower right part of
the port this  time and talk to the old man. It's pretty sudden, but he then
sends you off to the East Cave with his daughter, Aienea.

13. East Cave
Level: 5
Enemies: Spider, Giant Bat, Nettles, Mini Crab
Items: Cloth Shoes, Swing Wing

The East cave is, obviously, east from Treck, across some bridges. Watch out
for the grey area outside the cave, walking on it causes HP damage. Enter the
cave, and just continue to the big doors. Watch out for the Giant Bats in this
cave. This is why it's good to have Lufia leveled up. The bats in here can
cause about 9-11 damage with one attack, so make sure you have a decent stock
of potions. Aienea will open the doors, and you can continue out of the cave.

14. Guy's House
Level: 5
Enemies: None
Items: Short Sword, Great Potion

Woah! Guy's still alive! No way! Way. And he tells you that Artea is still
alive, too, and you need her help. Unfortunately, he buys the farm just as he
tells you this, and you bury him. Ah well. . .time to head back and find a
ship. After Guy's buried, check the grave for a Short Sword, and don't forget
to take the Great Potion from Guy's drawers.

15. Treck
Level: 6
Enemies: Demonlord
Items: None

You'll probably need to re-stock your items when you get back, so do that, and
then head back to the port. You'll see some new interesting people there this
time. Make sure you are healed and ready, and then talk to Aguro. He'll talk a
bit, and then invite you to dinner! Rockin'! Well, not quite so rockin',
because that's about the time that the demon ship arrives. Err. . crap. Boss
time! These guys can tend to get annoying, especially when they all gang up on
one guy. You have to constantly eye your HP gauge, and make sure you have a
consecutive pattern of healing going. Once you kill one, it starts to go
downhill. I usually have Hero either attack or heal, Aguro attacking, and Lufia
bustin' a move with her Flash spell. They have about 60-70 HP each,  so it'll
take about 4 hits on each to kill them. Another really annoying thing they do
is "Magic Mirror", which basically bounces a spell you cast back on yourself.
Just hope you're lucky and don't hit that one when the attack goes ^_^;. If two
or more put one up, just forget the spell, it's safer that way. After the
battle, Aguro is surprised by your swordsmanship, and eventually joins you in
your quest to find a ship -_-;;. . .meaning that that whole fiasco was
basically for nothing. *GROAN*. Ah well, since there's no ships, we're gonna
have to get to Lorbenia the long way.

16. Treck Cave
Level: 6
Enemies: Kobold, Bore Worm, Nettles, Giant Bat, Mini Crab, Green Orb, Goblins
Items: Daze Ring, Potionx2, Power Potion

The Treck Cave is north of Treck. Enter, and walk down the steps. Go down,
avoiding the poisonous mud, and take the Daze Ring inside the room. Now, go up
the next set of stairs, but instead of going left, fall down the hole. Now
you'll see two portals. One leads to the entrance, the other to a hallway. Take
the one above you. You'll reach a secret spring that restores your HP & MP.
This is a great time to level up your characters, because coming up next is a
pretty challenging boss. Anyway, when you've had enough, get out and take the
bottom orb back to the entrance. Why!? Well, treasure, of course. This time go
up the ladder in the right corner, and continue along the path, taking the
treasure. Then, go back, fill up your HP & MP, and continue back to the left
side of the hole. This time, continue left until you exit the cave. As you're
about to board the ship, you're attacked again, this time by three goblins! I
seriously suggest having all your characters at Level 8 by this battle, because
these guys are even more annoying than the Demonlords. These guys do a MASSIVE
amount of damage with each hit, around 13-16 HP per attack. When they gang up
on someone, they can sometimes end up doing about 50 damage. Very bad. You can
now put those Revives to work. If you need help, use a Power Guard to boost
Hero's attack. And if you have any Mid Arrows, now is as good a time as any to
use them. Lufia's Flash spell is still effective in this battle, but Dew is
even better, because it attacks all of them. The worst part about these
goblins, besides the fact that they have around 130-140 HP, is that they're
sickeningly fast. They can kill a character by the time you have them healed
from the last attack. You're gonna have to rely on all you have to win this
one. If you are having *alot* of trouble, and can't even kill one, I strongly
suggest going back into the cave and leveling up some more. After disposing of
the Maberia's hijackers, you can go back to Treck and heal up. Talk to the
capitan on the second floor of the pub in Treck when you're ready to go.

17. Lorbenia
Level: 9
Enemies: None
Items: Sweet Water, Mid Arrow

Finally, finally! After the capitan lets you come aboard his ship, you can
finally arrive in Lorbenia. Aguro leaves for his HQ, and you get to take Lufia
shopping. Woo-hoo. Head into town, and then into the gigantic
armor/weapons/pub/item shop. The left item shop has healing items, and the
right has attack items like Power Gourds and Arrows. Take the Sweet Water on
the second floor, but there's not much else but a crappy jewelry shop and a
worthless stuffed animal shop. On the third floor, while Lufia goes crazy
checking out dresses, some little punk tries to take your money! After that,
don't even bother going back in the store, because the armory is on the left
side. Buy every single thing in the armory save the Cloth Shoes. You should
have just enough. They don't have any new weapons, so you can blow all your
money on armor. Stay a night at the inn, and as you leave, Aguro will meet you
and tell you that he's going to join your party for good. Running around
outside will not make you gil very fast, so you'll have to cut it short with
Aguro's armor, but try to at least buy him a shield. Also, if you haven't
already, switch combat order with him and Lufia. This'll allow Lufia to take
less damage, and Aguro to deal more.

18. Grenoble
Level: 9
Enemies: None
Items: Potion, Speed Potion,

Grenoble is just a little ways down and left from Lorbenia. As far as the
armories go, they have the exact same selection as Lorbenia. As usual, there is
an old man here who knows what's what. Now, pay that jerk 50 Gold to go down
into the basement. You'll find a treasure hunter guild of sorts. The old guy
wants a "Fairy Kiss" before he'll tell you any more about Artea. Alright, time
to go to the Old Cave. Before you leave, also enlist for the 500 Gold task of
the Secret Map. Woo-hoo!

19. Old Cave
Level: 9
Enemies: Roozard, Kobold, Giant Newt, Giant Bat, Mini Demon
Items: Hi Magic, Potionx2, Antidote, Ex Potion, Sleep Arrow, Power Ring, Secret
Map, Float, Tan Shield, Dragon Egg, Cloth Shoes, Dress, Hair Band, Heeled
Shoes, Earring, Fairy Kiss

Take the elevator down to the 2nd Level. There seems to be treasure EVERYWHERE
in this place, but most of the boxes are empty. Check them all to be sure,
though. If you head straight down, in the big pile of muck, about three steps
below the empty chest, there is an Ex Potion hidden. Go through it quickly and
then heal before you run into a battle. Near the door to the Secret Map, there
is a box around the muck. Don't fall for it, none of the boxes in the cave
contain any treasure whatsoever. Enter the door for the Power Ring and the
Secret Map. Go back up and head left this time, then continue downwards to the
two chests in the muck. Take them for a Tan Shield and a Dragon Egg. Go back up
and you'll reach the room that only women can enter. Walk Lufia through,
running from most of the battles, and then take all the treasure and leave.
Here's the deal with Lufia's footwear. The Cloth Shoes raise her Defense by 2,
but the Heeled shoes raise her attack by 5. I personally choose the Heeled,
because she is usually just below a one-hit-kill attack during battles. Once
you have the Fairy Kiss, you can head back to Grenoble.

20. Grenoble
Level: 9
Enemies: None
Items: None

Re-stock your items and equipment, rest, and then head back to the Treasure
Hunters' Guild. Don't forget you collect your reward for the Secret Map, and
then get the letter from the old man. Now you're ready to enter Artea's Tower.

21. Northwest Tower
Level: 10
Enemies: Goblin, Red Magi, Rat, Zombie, Huge Bunny, Fight, Mini Crab, Mini
Demon, Giant Newt
Items: Hi Potion, Hi Magic, Smoke Ball, Mind Potion, Great Potion, Power
Potion, Spell Potion, Mid Arrowx2

You may run into some Goblins on your way to the tower, but DO NOT BE ALARMED!
These aren't the same Goblins you fought by the Treck cave! I don't know why
Enix gave them the same name, because they are much wimpier and weaker. Anyway,
the tower is directly up, then west across a bridge, then up some more to a
peninsula. It looks like tower from World 6 of Super Mario Bros. 3 =). As soon
as you enter, go to your immediate left, and enter the room. Keep going and
take the Sonic Ring. Now, go back and take the right path, entering the room.
Keep going right, and you'll reach two treasures. You might run into some
strong enemies in here, such as the Red Magi or the Fight. The Magi can cast
Dew and a nasty attack called Shock, and the Fights HP higher than the regular,
and a pretty strong attack. For some reason, this tower is infested with all
sorts of monsters. Make sure you have alot of potions. Head up the steps and
take the Smoke Ball. Go left, and you'll be at a room you would be in if you
took the left stairs. All the stairs lead to is the first floor. On your way
in, DON'T jump out the window. All it does is take you to the entrance to the
tower. Enter the right chamber, and go down the hallway. Take the potions in
the two rooms, and then head back up the hallway and enter the first room on
your left, heading to the third floor. If you're running low on items/HP here,
you can always use Sweet Waters to keep monsters away (although you lose alot
of EXP). Also, don't forget to use Lufia and Hero's healing spell Strong, it
does about the same amount of healing that Potions do. (Which isn't much. . .=)
On the third floor, enter the bottom right room for some inspirational words on
conquering fears (???) and then some helpful potions. After that, get ready to
head to the fourth and final floor. Head down the hallway, and enter the room.
Make sure Hero's HP is full, and then talk to the guy. He *still* won't tell
you anything, and he even makes you battle him! This bad boy has about 300 HP,
and he begins by casting Fake on himself, allowing him to attack twice per
turn. Greaaat. And you get to fight him one on one. This calls for. . .Mid
Arrows!!! Hopefully you have at least 10. Kobolds drop them when you fight.
Anyway, it took me six to subdue him, even when he used a Potion on himself.
I'd do away with Potion-using for this battle and just crank out the Hi
Potions, it's much easier that way. I only needed to use one before I killed
him. You don't even get that much EXP from beating him. Afterwards, he'll tell
you where Artea is, and give you a Speed Potion. Bah, he's just sorry he messed
with you and is trying to make up. I pity da foo who challenges the Hero! Leave
the room, and then head back around it, snag the two Mid Arrows, and hop out of
the tower. Now, since you're alot more leveled up, I'd suggest going back to
the Old Cave and checking out the 3rd Floor. If you don't want to, just skip
this upcoming part.

22. Old Cave
Level: 11
Enemies: Spike Newt, Dracu Rose, Zombie, Frog, Fight
Items: Hi Potionx2, Bomb, Sour Cider, Escape, Revivex2, Smoke Ball, Miracle,
Sweet Water, Hi Arrows, Float, Hi Magic, Apron, Bone Breast, Broad Sword, Brone
Helm, Spike Shoes, Water Ring, Silver Wick

Before heading back into Ye Olde Cave, you might wanna rest and re-stock at
Grenoble. Head back to Grenoble anyway, and in the Treasure Guild, take up the
task to get the Silver Wick for 1000 Gold. Woo-hoo! Here we go. Take the
elevator the 3rd floor in the cave, and walk out into your new dungeon. There
are totally new (and stronger) enemies in here, but there's also lots of
treasure worthy of plundering. After taking the treasure in the muck, head up
and into the room, taking treasure along the way. In the next room, the right
puddle of muck has a Miracle hidden in it one space left and three spaces down
from the Smoke Ball chest. Keep going, until you reach the big room with tons
of chests. Now, the Broad Sword in here raises Hero's attack by 40, the only
problem is that it's cursed, and takes down a bit of his HP every time he
attacks. Me, I just equipped it on him anyway, ^_^;. You can get the curse
lifted in Grenoble for 600 Gold. This doesn't totally do away with the curse,
it just subtracts it to 1-3 damage per turn. But hey, it's your call, you could
just sell it if you so wish it. Enter the last room, pick up the Silver Wick,
and head back to Grenoble and get your prize. Now you can head south of the

23. Warp Temple
Level: 11
Enemies: None
Items: None

Along the way, if you go north from the bridge, you'll see a silver temple.
Enter, and hit the warp, and you'll be in a large closed in area with many
sealed doors. There's your proverbial wise old guy standing in the middle, and
for now, all he does is heal you. Cool. Just take note of this place, because
we'll be back later.

24. Kirof
Level: 12
Enemies: None
Items: Plum Cider, Sweet Water, Hi Potion, Stuffed Dog, Stuffed Pig, Mid Arrow,
Hi Arrows, Bomb

Kirof is a small town south of the temple. Plunder the houses, and then go into
the northeast house and back to the bedroom. Mark is leaving his girlfriend
Reyna to go try and find a cure for her sickness. How sad. Anyway, check the
two dressers for a Stuffed Dog and Pig. That's it for this petty town. The
stupid guard up at the north cave won't let in you in yet, so head east.

25. Medan
Level: 12
Enemies: None
Items: Swing Wing, Escape,

Head to the armory. You should have enough money to buy something for everyone.
If you got the items from the Old Cave, you shouldn't need to buy a Wood Wrist
for Lufia or a Wood Helm for Hero. As far as the weapons go, the Broad Sword
kicks the crap out of the Spear they offer, so just buy one for Aguro. What's
cool here, is that Lufia gets a Mace that raises her attack about 20. This
town's claim to fame seems to be the Hope Ruby, so make a stop at the castle
after you finish stocking up. The stupid old man in the northwest house won't
move away from his left cupboard, so you can't check and see if there's
something there :(. If anyone knows of a way to get him to move, e-mail me.
Mark will stop you, and then you're free to enter the castle. This is a big
castle, but there's no treasure :(. Head straight in, and then turn right and
go down the stairs. *GASP* The Hope Ruby is a HOAX! Check out the ruby in the
throne room, and Lufia throws a coin in. Exit, and you'll see that Mark has
stolen it! Next stop, Kirof!

26. Kirof
Level: 12
Enemies: None
Items: None

Upon reaching Kirof, Mark will tell you that Reyna has dissapeared! He joins
your party, and your next destination is the cave north of Kirof.

27. Kirof Cave
Level: 12
Enemies: Ghost Mail, Willowisp, Flamespook, Crazy Pot, Swordspook
Items: Hi Potionx4, Escapex2, Chain Cloth, Miracle, 500 Gold, Ghost Ring,
Monster Ring, Revivex2, Wood Shield, Hi Magicx2, Dragon Egg, Speed Potion,
Power Potion, Spell Potion, Great Potion, Mind Potion, Smoke Ball,

Man, that guard really sucks. He let Reyna walk right in! Bah. Time to be the
heroes again. There are some really powerful enemies in here. The Willowisp is
strong vs. physical attacks, so have Lufia cast Dew on them to kill them in one
hit. They also have a powerful magic attack called Plasma that can deal up to
20 damage to a character. Swordspooks randomly drop Scimitars, which are
extremely powerful swords (even stronger than the Broadsword). The only problem
is, if you have the Broadsword already equipped on Hero, you'll have to leave
and go find a priest to uncurse you. I suggest doing it, though, because it'll
save him alot of damage, plus, you can finally be rid of that wretched
Broadsword. The Flamespooks have Spark, which attacks everyone for around 10,
so beware. Enter the first room for an Escape. Keep going right and take the
Chain Cloth, and go down the right ladder and enter the first room to get a
Miracle. Keep going down, get your 500 Gold, go to not the first door but the
second, and collect the Ghost Ring. The third room contains the Monster Ring.
Now, go back and descend the stairs closest to the entrance. Rockin'! There's a
much-needed HP/MP restorer down there. This is another good level-up time. Take
the Revive. Go down the bottom stairs, taking the Wood Shield and Hi Magic.
Take the top now, and get the Hi Magic on the other side. Top stairs, Dragon
Egg. Now, take the bottom stairs, snag the Speed Potion, and then go through
onto the other side, which is north on the first floor. Wheefun. Go back down
the right ladder and enter the steps in the first chamber at the bottom. Go
left, take the Hi Potion, then walk left and take the Hi Potion. Go up and take
the Revive. The door leads back to the first floor, so if you want, you can
take this chance to back and heal everyone in the HP/MP restorer. . .because it
will be your last! Mwahahaha! Anyway. . .go as far right as you can from the
steps, and pick up a fourth Hi Potion. Now, go back to where you first entered
this floor, and go right this time. You'll enter a room with two sets of stairs
in it. Take the right one and pick up a Power Potion and Spell Potion. In the
rooms you'll get a Great Potion and Mind Potion. . .as well as find a person!
If you heal him, he'll tell you that "Things are not what they appear to be."
Great. I smell puzzle. Go back up and down the left stairwell to the last area.
Head down either of the first stairs you see to get an Escape and Smoke Ball.
Now for the last three steps. The middle on leads to a dead end. The left one
has a bridge to the other side, but you won't be make it across because it's
full of hidden holes. It's the same deal with the right one. What, then how do
we get across? Remember what that guy said about things not being what they
seem? Well, I think this was what he was talking about. Go down the middle set
of stairs, and simply walk off the front of the platform. You'll be able to
cross on an invisible bridge. Go to the other side, take the Revive, and walk
to the next room. Now, before you talk to Reyna, make sure you're all healed
and ready to go. It seems that the Phantasm beast is controlling Reyna, and
he's pissed that you guys are messing up his plan. He attacks! I'd suggest
being at Level 15 before this battle, because Phantasm has some nasty magic
that he's itching to cast on your party. He can deal about 30 damage on each
person with his Spark spells. The only thing he's really weak to is physical
attacks. Good thing, because you should have been boosting Hero up with Great
Potions and equipping him with the Scimitar. Have Hero and Aguro attack, use a
Power Gourd on Hero to have him deal around 100 damage with each attack. Aguro
will have a hard time surviving this battle, because he's horrendously slow,
and very weak towards Phantasm's magic. By now, Lufia should have the Bang
spell, which is a fun little spell that deals about 60 damage to all the
enemies on the screen. It does about 45 to Phantasm, which will help keep her
up with the rest of the party. You don't need to use it all the time,
though--also keep her on hold for healing with Stronger. He can really piss you
off when he casts Confuse. Not only does it work 50% of the time, but he casts
it on every single member of your party! It usually doesn't last for long, but
it cancels any spell they had ready to cast. He's not hard in matters of
damage, but he just takes a while to beat. He's easy compared to the rest of
the dungeon :). You get 800 EXP for beating him, not bad. Thankfully, you're
automatically warped out of the dungeon and back to Kirof. Mark tells you that
there's elves in Belgen. Well then, we're there! To enter the cave, head back
to Medan and witness the queen telling everyone the truth about the ruby. Then
talk to her, and she'll tell you the cave is open and you can enter. But first,
there's an optional place to go, the mines north of Medan. If you don't want to
go, you can skip this upcoming section, but I recommend going there.

28. Medan Mine
Level: 15
Enemies: Swordspook, Willowisp, Ghost Mail, Flamespook, Crazy Pot
Items: Foul Water, Sweet Water, Bomb

You don't need to go here yet, but you can grab a few items. Take the Foul
Water, and proceed down and grab the Sweet Water. Take the Bomb. This is as far
as you go, because the old man won't let you go into his treasure room :(. Ah
well. Now, you can exit and head east to the Belgen Cave.

29. Belgen Cave
Level: 15
Enemies: None
Items: Revive, Hi Potion

You'll have to go across the first muck puddle you see in there to recieve a
Revive and a Hi Potion. After that, pass the guards on the bridge and exit the

30. Belgen
Level: 15
Enemies: None
Items: Hi Magic, Revive, Power Gourd, Mind Gourd

Once the stupid guards let you in Belgen, go to the Armory. Buy a Brone Sword
for Aguro and a Long Staff for Lufia. (How does a Long Staff have more attack
power than a Mace???) Go to the end and into the cave, take the two treasures.
Go into the back room and check the drawers, then talk with the girl at the
top. You learn that the monsters took Jerin, and you need to go to the
southwest cave to get the key to the dais. Whew. Confusing. Now go out and talk
to the people in the large building (also taking treasures) to learn more about
Jerin. It should make a little sense now.

31. Southwest Cave
Level: 15
Enemies: Ghost Mail, Mummy, Swordspook, Poison Rat, Killer Bee, Blue Wolf,
Beetle, Mud Man
Items: Hi Potionx2, Smoke Ball, Float, Escape, Power Potion, Spell Potion,
Miracle, Brone Helm, Brone Shield, Brone Armor, Hi Magic, Fly Ring, Revive,
Dais Key

There's a few choices of where to go, but for now you want to follow story. Go
as far down as you can from Belgen, and cross the bridge and enter the cave. Go
down the steps and check out the first room you see to get a Hi Potion. Then,
go down into the steps closest to that room to get a Smoke Ball and a Float.
What really sucks in here are the Poison Rats. They're not hard, but every time
they attack you you have a chance of getting poisoned. Stock up on antidotes.
Back on the first floor, head right from where you emerge and go down the
steps. Go through the upper muck and take the Escape, then go around and nab
the Power Potion and Spell Potion. In the small section of muck up there, there
is a Miracle hidden in the corner. Now, head to the upper left room on the
first floor, and take the steps down to the second floor. Circulate that floor,
and then hitch a ride down to the third floor. Go right and take the Brone
equipment, and then take the items in the left room. There is a Scimitar hidden
in the middle right corner of the muck, which will actually make Aguro useful
during battle =P. Head up the north stairs to score a Revive and a Fly Ring.
Finally, go down the south stairs, and then enter the room. You'll get the Dais
Key. w00t. But what exactly do we do with this key? Well, first we gotta get
out of the Southwest Cave.

32. Dais Cave
Level: 16
Enemies: Mummy, Poison Rat, Orc, Red Orb, Beetle, Mimick
Items: Great Potion, Mind Potion, Speed Potion, Float, Revive, Hi Magic, Mind
Gourd, Power Gourd, Spell Potion, Power Potion,

Head back to Belgen, heal up and stock up, and then head west, above the
Southwest Cave, into the Dais Cave. You can unlock the red door with the Dais
Key, but before going in, go down and collect the Great, Mind, and Speed
Potions. Enter the door and follow the path to the big muck puddle. There is a
monster that lurks in here called the Mimick, when defeated, gives you 500-600
EXP. It's not too hard to defeat, either, so watch out for it. Go up and take
the Float. Keep going across the bridge to get a Revive and a Hi Magic. Go down
and take the Mind and Power Gourd. Then follow the left bridge and go under the
next bridge to recieve a Spell and Power Potion. Go back up the rope ladder,
then cross the bridge and keep going up until you're out.

33. Dais
Level: 17
Enemies: None
Items: None

The Dais looks like a little temple on the map. Enter, and the guys won't let
you ascend the stairs. Go around the right side and you'll see Jerin. Check the
left and right pots to refill your HP/MP. There's also a priest if you need to
save. Try to leave, and a dragon will carry off Jerin. Exit, and head north
into the Dais Tower.

34. Dais Tower
Level: 17
Enemies: Nightmare, Red Orb, Orc, Skeleton, Archer, Straw Man, Follower
Items: Revive, Mystery Pin, Antidote, Awaken, Hi Potion, Shriek, Stone Cure,
Flash Ring, Miraclex2,

This tower can be very annoying. There's tons of enemies here, most of which
are very strong. The archer can do 40 damage to all your characters with its Hi
Arrows, the Straw Men cast paralysis, adn the Skeletons and Nightmares have
unusually high HP. It's the hardest place you've been yet, and you're bound to
have at least one bad experience in here. The worst part is that you don't get
more EXP, you get the same amount you'd get if you were back fighting in the
Southwest Cave. Just rely on Lufia's Stronger spell and pray to god you don't
die. Very frustrating. Use the portal to enter. Don't bother going into the two
rooms, all there is is one portal between the two. Just go straight up the
steps until you reach the Treasure Room. Take note of the light spots on the
floor below, because those mark the holes on this floor. Take all the treasure,
and then go back down to the first floor and enter the right room. Take the
portal and then the steps. Now go down, enter the first room for a Flash Ring.
The second contains nothing, and the third just contains a guy with useless
info. Continue up the stairs until you reach a place with alot of portals. *DO
NOT*, I repeat, *DO NOT* step in the swirly one at the top yet. That takes you
back to the entrance, and it pissed me off when I found that out o_o;;. Go into
the portal to the left of it to warp to a pillar. Go in the top one to go to
another pillar. The top one of that warps you to a treasure, a Miracle. The
bottom of the second warps you back to the first, where you can take the bottom
of that one to go back to the floor. Now go to the far left one to get another
Miracle. Now go to the far right portal, and you'll be on another platform. Go
in the top one to reach the last platform. Go in the top one again, and you'll
be on the center one. The dragon awaits. Heal, and then approach him. The
"Follower" attacks. As far as this guy goes, he's cheese. I mean, the dungeon
was harder than he was. He only does 30-40 damage with each attack, and his
Frost spell is super-weak. He has a Drowsy spell, but it hardly ever works.
What really pisses me off is when he uses Grin on Aguro, because Aguro is a
total idiot when he's confused. He's sucessfully destroyed my whole party when
he is confused. Sometimes if you get him low enough he'll use Stronger, which
is a pain, but it doesn't even heal him 100 HP, which is only 2 attacks from
me. All this guy has going for him is high HP. I had Lufia use all my Power
Gourds on Hero, and then had him and Aguro pound the stuffing out of this guy.
Lufia's Bang spell works on, but she is more effective by healing the others. I
heard that he has a pretty strong Bolt spell, but I never let him live that
long =P. You'll get more EXP than you deserve for beating him, but it's just
payback from the underpayment you got from the past bosses. Afterwards, you'll
take Jerin back to the town, and she'll give you a Miracle for her gratitude.
Err. . .great. Now what? Weren't we supposed to find an elf? Oh well. Rest up,
and head east across the bridge and up into the desert. Go right, then do a
total loop down and east until you get to. . .

35. Lost Forest Guide Station
Level: 17
Enemies: None
Items: Revive, Sweet Water, Swing Wing

It seems that you need a guide to get into the forest. Well, Jerin pops up to
save the day this time, and you get her on your party. She's pretty weak, at
Level 14, and has crappy armor. Go figure. A cool thing about Jerin, though, is
that she can attack all the enemies in a group at once. w00t. Now that you have
Jerin in your party, head back up and go all the way east in the desert until
you see a little town.

36. Surinagal
Level: 17
Enemies: None
Items: Hi Potion, Hi Magic, Miracle,

Our main priority here is to update everyone's equipment before the descent
into the Lost Forest. What's cool here, though, is that for the first time in
the game, you can actually buy Hi Potions at the store! Buy a few packs of ten.
Buy two Axes for the men and two Rapiers for the women. If you have gotten
every treasure so far, you only need Brone Armor, Brone Shield, and Tan Shoes
for Aguro, a Brone Robe for Lufia, and a Brone Breast and a Glass Cap for
Jerin. After you've rested and stocked up, you're done here.

37. Lost Forest
Level: 18
Enemies: Red Orb

You're ready to enter the Lost Forest once you finish at Suringal. Head south
into the tree. Once you're in, just follow Jerin's instructions. This is a
pretty straightforward maze, no hard enemies or puzzles.

38. House
Level: 18
Enemies: None
Items: None

This crazy old guy gives you free lodging! sw33t!

39. Jenoba Tunnel
Level: 18
Enemies: None
Items: None

Just pass through this tunnel. Talk to All-Knowing Old Guy #92385214285 to
learn some more about Elfrea.

40. Jenoba
Level: 18
Enemies: None
Items: Hi Arrows, Bomb, Hi Potion

Jenoba is north of the tunnel's exit. Up in the far house, down the stairs in
the pub, you're find a cideraholic grandma who will tell you how to get to
Elfrea. Three towers, three gems. Lots of dungeon-crawling. If you were like
me, you squandered all your money at the last town to get tons of Hi Potions.
That's okay. . .but you should manage to scrounge up enough money to buy the
Long Swords for the guys. I could buy everything but the Light Armor/Robes.
Don't worry, you don't need *everything* just yet.

41. Ruan
Level: 18
Enemies: None
Items: Hi Potion, Revive, Sweet Water, Emerald, Small Knife, Power Potion,
Empty Bottle

It's a pretty long trek to Ruan. You need to go northeast from Jenoba, and then
down past the marsh into the town. The jeweler has some interesting info on the
Medan Mine, and you can take an Emerald from the cupboard. Another weird thing,
down in the right corner, check the middles of the blooming flowers to find a
Power Potion and Empty Bottle. That's about it for this town. Now, what? You
don't want to go into the Red Tower yet, because there's some very scary
enemies in there that you're not ready for. Then why did I make you walk all
this way? Patience, grasshopper. Check Jerin's spells. . .she has one called
"WARP". This allows you to warp to any previously visited town! First, warp to
Grenoble, because it's that time again. . .

42. Old Cave
Level: 18
Enemies: Orc, Red Orb, Killer Bee, Blue Wolf
Items: Smoke Ball, Hi Potion, Magic Guard, Miracle, Light Armor, Wind Heels,
Flame Ring, Buckler, Light Robe, Long Sword, Brone Helm, 520 Gold, Hi Magic,
Escape, Long Nail, Float, Spell Potion, Broad Rod, Crown,

In Grenoble, enlist to find the "Crown" for 2000 Gold. Then head to the Old
Cave and go to Floor 4. Take the treasure, then go up the upper left passageway
and into a room for a Miracle. Then, go into the chamber opposite it, for even
more treasure. Go all the way right once you are back in the main room, and
you'll reach a big muck puddle. There is a Spell Potion hidden on the left-most
row, third down from the top. Take the Broad Rod and the Crown, and then head
back. Don't forget to cash in your treasure. Afterwards, you should have enough
to Gold to buy whatever equipment at Jenoba that you couldn't before.

43. Blue Tower
Level: 18
Enemies: Horrorquin, Frog, Gargoyle, Dark Elf, Jellybean
Items: Blue Ring, Magic Guard, Sweet Water, Hi Potion, Hi Magic, Revive, Green

The Blue Tower is just a stone's throw south of Jenoba. If you didn't maximize
everyone's equipment, go run around outside and gather Gold. You'll need it.
Now, this tower is basically. . .EASY! Yes, you heard me right. This is a very
simple tower. The enemies are a piece of cake, and there's no complex labyrinth
(ala Dais). Go in and head to the left room and pick up the Blue Ring.
Hopefully you've been collecting your rings, because they start to come in
handy here. Just pick what suits your characters best stat and elemental-wise.
Check the right room for a Magic Guard. Head up the stairs. The room below you
on the next floor links you between the left and right paths. There's a
treasure in the center, but there's a large pit around it. How do we get it to
it? Go down the left path and take the Sweet Water at the bottom. You'll notice
that the sides of this tower are unlike any other tower you've been to. That's
because you can fall off this one! Amazingly, you don't take any damage, but
you still get warped back to the beginning, which sucks even more. So don't
head to close to the edge. Don't risk going up the next left path, it just
leads to a plaque that tells you to go to the Red Tower last. Woo-hoo. Now take
the right path, and go up the first set of stairs to get a Hi Potion. Go all
the way down the right path and take the last set of stairs to floor 3. The
right stairs lead to the treasure on floor 2. The bad part is, if you get it,
you have to go back to the first floor, so save that one for a quick exit after
you take the orb. I'll remind you at the end. Take the Hi Magic up the left
stairs and head to the next floor. Woo-hoo. A pedestal. That's all there is
here. Now, go back and drop down the stairs. Take the Revive and. . .the Green
Jade! w00tage. We're done here. . .for now. Warp back to Jenoba and heal, and
then get ready to tackle the Green Tower.

44. Green Tower
Level: 19
Enemies: Dark Demon, Gargoyle, Willowisp, Sand Man, Horrorquin
Items: Green Ring, Magic Guard, Ex Potionx2, Revivex2, Hi Magic, Swing Wing

The Green Tower is on a little peninsula on the south side of the Ruan Lake.
This place is a bit harder than the Blue in terms of enemies. There are Dark
Demons here that can cast Bolt, dealing about 80 damage to a party member.
Ouch. For some reason, the willowisps make a reappearance here. Did someone say
Dew? Take the Green Ring from the left room. Believe it or not, there's an INN
in the right room, but the guy charges alot for a night. For inns, I usually
just warp back to the first town and stay there for 10 Gold, as opposed to the
100-200 Gold inns we see now. The middle door leads you to another hallway
where you're faced with another decision of steps. The left stairs lead to a
Magic Guard as well as a switch that opens a stairwell somewhere else. Click
the switch, then go up the right stairs. You'll see another stairway to the
left, that's the one you triggered. Go up and find an Ex Potion and a Revive,
as well as a broken Red Sapphire that you don't take with you =(. The bottom
steps will reward you with a Hi Magic, Revive, and Ex Potion. Take the Swing
Wing in the corner of the room, and then go back and switch the switch up. Now
the steps have dissapeared and there are two new ones in there place. The top
one leads to a dumb guy who charges you 100 Gold for some information. It's
basically this: There is an order to place the jewels in the towers, and if you
do it wrong you're screwed. So don't waste your time and head up and see the
pedestal. Then you're done here.

45. Old Cave
Level: 20
Enemies: Rok, Mace Man, Gold Orc, Sting,
Items: Smoke Ball, Luck Blade, Opal, Ex Potionx2, Kite Shield, Hi Bombx2, Hi
Potion, Spell Potion, Revivex2, Battle Axe, Power Potion, Opal, Float, Miracle,
Frost Ring, Golden Pawn

Since you're at Level 20, it's time to head back to the Old Cave to tackle
Level 5. Warp to Grenoble and this time, enlist to find the Golden Pawn for
3000 Gold. Once in the cave, head down and take the Smoke Ball. The enemies in
here are stronger than what you're used to, but they give around 400 EXP every
battle, which makes good for leveling up :). Go into the lower room and plunder
it. Now, the Luck Blade. This thing is cursed, but it doesn't take down his HP.
The thing that's wrong with this baby, is that it misses 50% of the time. But,
if you do get a successful hit, it does about 300 damage to the monsters in
here. It ups Aguro's attack by 200. TWO HUNDRED. It's still a pretty good
sword, although it does miss alot. But if you fight as much as I do, it's not
really that bad compared to how much damage you usually do. Back in the main
room, check the top corner of the lower muck puddle for another Ex Potion. On
the other side, take the Kite Shield and head into the top room, plundering it.
Enter the middle room, take the treasure in there, and then go back and through
the third door. Take the BATTLE AXE, another super-powerful weapon to add to
your collection. Go down, and then left and collect the two treasures. Go up 7
and right 1 to take the Revive in the muck. Collect the treasures and head back
up, into a room you were in before. Now go back into the third room and enter
the door across the muck. This room contains the Gold Pawn, as well as the last
of the treasure in this cave. Don't forget to cash in your treasure.

46. Medan Mine
Level: 20
Enemies: Swordspook, Willowisp, Ghost Mail, Flamespook, Crazy Pot
Items: Ruby, 500 Gold, Diamond Ring, Opal, Emerald

Remember the jeweler in Ruan talking about the Medan Mine? Well, since we can't
get our Ruby from the tower, this is the only other place to look. Hopefully
you took the three items before, so I'm not going to list them here. Talk to
the old man, and he'll give you his last ruby. Aww, how sweet. But the stupid
old geezer leaves his treasure room door open! Ha! Go in there and take all his
stuff to thank him for giving him your ruby! (Otherwise, you'd have to steal it

47. Red Tower
Level: 20
Enemies: Flamefreak, Big Meany, Flamespook, Gargoyle, Horrorquin, Dark Ghost
Items: Spell Potion, Power Potion, Hi Potionx3, Red Ring, Float, Power Gourd,
Magic Guardx2, Hi Magic, Smoke Ball, Miracle, Dragon Egg, Blue Jade

Now that you have the Ruby, you can take on the evil demon in the Red Tower.
Warp to Ruan, rest/stock-up, and then head into the Red Tower. (If you don't
know where it is, just stop reading this walkthrough right now, because you're
beyond help ;) The only thing really annoying about this place are those
accursed Flamefreaks. They're insanely fast, and cast "Flame", and attack that
hits everyone for 30-40 damage. Get four of them on you at once, they're
dealing you 160 damage every turn. BAD, very bad. I'd run if I got in a
situation like that, no matter what level you are! This tower presents you with
four rooms at the start. Head into the second, and down to a gigantic floor of
muck. Ah well, no pain, no gain. . .walk through it and take the chests. Now,
me, being the sushibrained person I am, searched through the whole muck looking
for treasure X_X;. I can now tell you that there is ABSOLUTELY NONE IN THERE!
Exit and head back to the main floor. Enter the first room and get two more
treasures. Now you're left with two doors. Actually, not. They both lead to the
same room. Go to the second floor, and enter the right room to get the Float.
Go down the left path and take the Power Gourd and Magic Guard. The top stairs
back in the hallway only lead to another plaque, reading "Blue is Blue, Green
is Green, Red is Last." Count on Aguro to make a stupid line such as: "If red
were blue, we'd be in big trouble!" Go down and take the Hi Magic and Hi
Potion. Go up the stairs closest to you, and take the treasure up there. Now go
back to the second floor, and enter the lower left room and climb the steps to
the third floor. Go up the stairs directly above you and get another Hi Potion.
Now go aaaaaaaall the way around the floor and head up to the fourth floor.
Continue up to the fifth floor, where you'll see an ugly-looking spirit thing
in front of the pedestal. This *can't* be good. Heal your guys, and then
attempt to converse with the misplaced ghost. Well, after he curses the
"dratted" water fairy, he attacks! Jerin was my designated healer throughout
this battle. Aguro should be able to knock off 300 HP from it each turn if you
have the Luck Blade (and are lucky) on him. Hero can do 100 with a Power Gourd.
I had Lufia cast Bang and take care of other odds and ends. The only thing hard
about him is his 50-60 HP Water spell. This is another cheese boss, those
Flamefreaks were tougher than this guy. Send this guy back to Hell and then the
Water Fairy will thank you. Now. . .fall out of the tower, then go back in down
to the basement lake. The chests you took earlier have been re-filled, and the
Blue Jade is now there. Rockin' like a hurricane. Now, get out of there like a
hurricane and go to Ruan.

48. Ruan
Level: 21
Enemies: None
Items: None

Everyone is happy you saved them, and the innkeeper'll let you stay for free.
w00t. Now, you have to head back to every tower and set the jades in, making
sure you do it in the order of Blue, Green, Red. *GROAN*. Refer back to my
guides to those towers if you forget your way through. Use your large
collection of Sweet Waters to keep the monsters away if you're sick of random
battles, even though they hardly ever do a good job of it. After you put the
red jade on, you're automatically warped to Elfrea, and my least favorite part
of the game is finally over!

49. Elfrea
Level: 21
Enemies: None
Items: Mind Potion, Speed Potion, Shrine Key, Artea's Bow

The weapons shop here hooks you up with some cool elven gear. (Man did that
sound stupid. . .) Buy one Rod for Lufia and two Quilted Silks for the girls,
but you shouldn't need to buy Tridents because of the weapons you got in the
Old Cave. This town is small, but it's still not without treasure. Take the
potions in Artea's house and then talk to him upstairs. He tells you tons of
information about your journey, and then gives you the Shrine Key and a better
weapon for Jerin. Well, here we go again. . .head to the basement and jump on
into the portal.

50. Small Shrine
Level: 21
Enemies: None
Items: None

The portal takes you a small shrine southwest of the Blue and Green towers.
Jump from tunnel to tunnel until you come out on the new continent.

51. Warp Shrine
Level: 21
Enemies: None
Items: None

The Warp Shrine is west from where you entered the continent. This takes you
back that four-door place you were at earlier. Crazy old guy heals you again.

52. Ranqs
Level: 21
Enemies: None
Items: None

Ranqs is a quaint town far south of where you entered this continent, across a
few bridges, nestled between some cliffs next to a small desert. The Morning
Stars cost a freaking FORTUNE here, so it's a good thing you don't need them.
^_^;. Do buy a Half Mail and Iron Helm for Hero, and a Half Mail, Iron Helm,
and Spike Shoes for Aguro. Seems like everyone here left to go work in the
tunnel. Time for you to join them.

53. Odel Tunnel
Level: 21
Enemies: None
Items: None

The guys at the foot of the cave say they can't get through. Enter annoying
"Magic Wall" puzzle. From the small hallway from the front room to the room
with the four stones, go: Up-1, Right-2, Up-1, Right-2, Up-4, Left-3, Down-1,
Left-2, Down-1, Left-2, Up-2, Right-1, Up-1, Right-2, and then head straight up
the steps.

54. Odel
Level: 21
Enemies: None
Items: Ex Potion, Ex Magic, Miracle, Great Potion, Speed Potion, Mind Potion,
Power Potion, Spell Potion

From the exit of the cave, head to your immedate southwest to reach Odel. Buy a
Kite Shield for Aguro at the Armory. There's a weird weapon called a "Glass
Robe" at the weapon shop. I thought it was a hidden armor for the girls, but
it's actually a weapon. o_O Buy one for Lufia. Plunder the northwest house, and
then head to the castle. Head to the right side and take the Great, Speed, and
Mind Potions from the flowers. On the first floor, take the Power and Spell
Potions, and then the two Hi Magics from the cabinents. On the second floor
enter the throme room and talk to Piron the architect. You get to be little dog
and fetch his friend from Lyden.

55. Lyden
Level: 22
Enemies: None
Items: Swing Wing, Grilled Newt, Stone Cure, Small Knife, Frypan, Chop Block,

Lyden is far south of Odel, down a bridge on a small island. For some reason,
all the enemies around Lyden give around 700-800 EXP per battle, which is
amazing. You could get a level up within 5 battles. I dunno if the game did
this on purpose or not, but it rocks the casba. Definitely level up, then head
to the inn and rest whenever you are low. Anyway, welcome to Cooktown, the
place where if you are not a cook, you are not cool. Plunder the village. In
the resturant, the guy in there is Piron's little buddy. He'll run back once
you tell him what's going on. Don't forget to take the items in the basement of
the Wizard of Taste's house. The item shop has some weird and extremely weak
equipment, so just warp back to Odel when you're done.

56. Odel
Level: 22
Enemies: None
Items: Mind Gourd, Power Gourd

Back in Odel, Piron will tell you to go check the bridge for him. Man is this
guy lazy! Before you leave, head down in the castle courtyard and down the
upper right steps. You'll be in Shaia Lab 2. What's Shaia Lab? We'll get to
that later. In the cabinents you can find a Mind and Power Gourd. Now go down
the steps. Enter the portal and then, in the four-way hallway, go west. You'll
come out at Platina. Exit Platina and then re-enter. Now you can warp here
later. Go back and then go north. This'll take you to the Odel Cave.

57. Odel Cave
Level: 22
Enemies: Ice Snake, Blue Wisp, Blue Meany, Armor Lord, Crazy Jar, Ghoul,
Items: Yellow Ring, Stone Cure, Dragon Egg, Ex Potionx2, Half Mail, Glass Robe,
Stone Cure, Quilted Silk, Miraclex2, Glass Cap, Iron Helm, Wind Shoes, Escape,
Hi Arrows, Revivex2,

Take the Yellow Ring and Stone Cure and then climb the steps. Now you're on the
world map. Go around and below the place you entered, and then enter the
westernmost cave. Like the Lyden area, the enemies in here give TONS of EXP,
allowing you to have more frequent level-ups. The enemies are cheese, too,
especially the Ice Snakes, which only have 100 HP. The Mimickers in here  give
about 2500 EXP points per battle, though! Once I got three of them in a battle!
EXCELLENT! Inspect the broken bridge, and then take the Dragon Egg and Ex
Potion and leave. (Notice that when you cast Escape, it takes to the other
three, not the entrance to the far-off fourth one :) Warp back to Odel and
whine to Piron about it. Now use the Shaia Lab warp to get back to the caves.
Go to the far north entrance and enter. Go down and take the Half Mail, then
around for the Glass Robe. The Stone Cure is to the left, and the Quilted Silk
and Miracle are far down in the left corner. There is a Glass Cap far southwest
from the 2nd entrance, and an Iron Helm and Wind Shoes even farther than that.
After that's done with, enter the fourth entrance and go to the bridge. Talk to
both Piron and his assistant, to find out you have to go back all the way
around and look over the bridge. Go there, and then watch them build the
bridge. Now you have to go all the way back. Yay. At this point, you may want
to head back to Odel and rest up, because Jerin's MP is bound to be hurting
from the excessive Warping/Escaping you've been doing. Just follow the steps to
get back to the bridge. On the north side, go right, up, and around to claim an
Escape and Hi Arrows. Now head back down the right passage and into a lower
level. Trudge across the muck and grab the Miracle, then continue on. After
Lufia does her crazy spell thing and you make it through the basement level,
you should be back on the ground floor. Take the Revive. Now go all the way
left and down to get an Ex Potion. Take another Revive after climbing the next
ladder. The third ladder will lead you to your exit.

58. Arus
Level: 26
Enemies: None
Items: Hi Magic, Mind Potion

Finally, Arus! Do you even remember what our quest was? The Inn here has a
cheap cost, so that's cool. Pilfer as usual, and you'll find out that the
doctor is *not* in! At the large house up north, the flower in the top
right-hand corner contains a Mind Potion. The doctor seems to be in the "Tower
of Grief", which, yep, you guessed it, has a large labyrinth with tons of
monsters in it. *sigh*. This is a good time for a break. . .which is just what
I have for you! Since we just had this massive level-up through the Odel Cave,
it's time to head back to the Old Cave!

59. Old Cave
Level: 26
Enemies: Axe Knight, Frogula, Harpie, Trap Harp
Items: Hi Bombx3, Gladius, Plate Cloth, Plate Mail, Power Potion, Spell Potion,
Speed Potion, Escape, Ex Magicx2, Ex Potionx2, Miraclex2, Plate Helm, Revive,
Hammer Rod, Power Gourdx2, Knife Shoes, Needle Heels, Mind Gourd, Blast Ring,
Miracle Gem

Enter Grenoble and enlist to find the Miracle Gem. On the 6th floor of the Old
Cave, take the 3 Hi Bombs as you go up, and enter the first room. In the room,
you'll find the Gladius, a new sword for Hero. AND IT'S NOT CURSED! You'll find
some more new equipment in this room as well as  3 potions. Back in the main
hall, proceed into the next room and take the Escape. I don't know why they
bother awarding you with these useless items anymore. . .maybe they just need
to add extra treasures to make you seem special. o_O. Take the Ex Magic and Ex
Potion in the muck, but that isn't all that's there. From the right chest, two
spaces up on the right is a Miracle. Take the treasures on the right. On the
left, you'll find the critically-acclaimed HAMMER ROD, which is a stronger rod
for Lufia sporting a stylish hammer on the end! Downstairs, get the Ex Magic,
Power Gourd, Ex Potion, as well as the brilliant Knife and Needle Shoes. Be the
talk of the town while you walk around in shoes lined with spiky, dangerous
blades! Back on ground floor, take the Mind Gourd and proceed to the last set
of treasures. Take the Blast Ring and Miracle Gem, and don't forget to get the
Miracle, which is in the muck three steps below the Blast Ring. Head back to
Grenoble and claim your prize.

60. Tower of Grief
Level: 27
Enemies: Ghoul, Yeoman, Ice Snake, Halloween, Blue Wisp
Items: Purple Ring, Dragon Egg, Revivex2, Stone Curex2, Ex Potion, Hi Magic,

Now, I know that you're SO anxious to head to another dungeon, but I'd head
back to Odel and re-stock on potions. You'll have to pass through some
insignificant hallway of a cave to get to the Tower, and I'm not even going to
bother to list it by itself due to it being so unneccessary. I don't know why
Taito suddenly had the urge to add a cave there before the tower. And one
without treasure, no less! It contains all the same enemies from the Odel Cave,
and some stupid puddle of muck. Whoopee. Now, enter the tower of grief, which
looks as much as a tower of grief as I look like Cindy Crawford. For those of
you who are illiterate, (Read: stupid) that's NONE. Collect the Purple Ring
from the right path, then enter the center room and go up the steps to recieve
a Dragon Egg, Revive, and Stone Cure. Okay. . .is it just me, or does this
tower seem like the farthest thing from a tower of grief? So far it's awarded
us with some pretty good items, and I've only fought two battles! And the
monsters aren't even hard, either. Then again, they don't give much EXP. Maybe
the real grief is making your way through this pathetic excuse for a dungeon.
The only other choice now is to go up the left stairs, circle the second floor,
and enter the third. Choices, choices, choices. On the third floor, you'll be
greeted with not one, not two, not three, but FOUR stairways. Go up the
southwest stairways to get an Ex Potion and Hi Magic, and then the northeast
for another Revive and Stone Cure. Now, it doesn't matter which of the
remaining two steps you take, because they both eventually lead to the same
hallway on the fifth floor, just north and south parts of it. On the fifth
floor, you get a HP/MP refiller, which, you don't really need since the enemies
here are weak. Although, if you're behind on levels, this is a good time to
catch up. On the top floor you'll see an old man and a treasure chest. Hmmm. .
.stylish old man. . .treasure. . .stylish old man. . .treasure. . .TREASURE!
Take the treasure for a Miracle. Now, talk to this old man, who, unlike the
other all-knowning old guys you've met, has a *RED* robe! w00tage!
Unfortunately, this guy isn't Prof. Raile, but he's some guy named Flake. He
says some magical incantations on Lufia and gives her the same effect a few
Spell Potions would do =P. Woo-hoo. We climbed the Tower of Grief for THAT? Ah
well. Time to return to the Shaia Lab.

61. Platina
Level: 27
Enemies: None
Items: Hi Magic, Ex Arrows, Gloom Arrow,

Remember going to Platina earlier to get it on your warp list? Well, time to
make use of that. This is Platina, or, Shaia Lab 1. Raile is now here. Go up
the right stairs, and check the four unusual cabinents to get a Hi Magic, Ex
Arrows, Gloom Arrow, and Hi Bomb. He'll take you to the basement and try out
the Falcon, but in the end all he leaves you with is a leaky ship that can't
travel underwater. Ah well. At least you can explore the sea. Time for Side
Quest-o-Rama! Actually, no, there's only one thing worth doing at this point in
the game. And the best part is, you can travel the sea safely without worries
of monsters! Ha! Yeah right! Prepare for the ultimate, hands-down, most
ANNOYING part of Lufia, and that is navigating the seas. You'll have to deal
with the most active monster areas in the game, one, after another, after
another. Bwar.

62. Forfeit
Level: 27
Enemies: None
Items: Hi Magic, Hi Potion, Gown, Ribbon, Mind Ring,

The quickest way to get here is to warp back to Suringal and then sail a small
bit north to the small island. Ever wonder where all your sold items go? This
is the place! Weird, but you can buy back all the items you ever sold here. Be
warned about the shop on the 2nd floor with the purple-and-green checked floor,
because the girls in there will FORCE you to buy something to leave! Luckilly,
there are items there that are 2 and 5 Gold each. *phew*. Now, exit Forfeit,
but not all the way. Go around the building and enter the secret stairwell
behind the place. South leads to the back of the item shop's place, giving you
a Mind Ring. North leads to an odd place called the "House of Magic". What is
it? No one really knows!

63. Carbis
Level: 27
Enemies: None
Items: Mind Potion

Warp back to Platina and head west to the small island that Carbis, or Shaia
Lab 3, is on. Grab the Mind Potion and then go down to the basement. There's a
groovy chick to the left who cures you for free. Talk to Shaia, who wants to
make you a little messenger dog again and go get his partner in Bakku. Here we
go again. Head even more west to Bakku.

64. Bakku
Level: 27
Enemies: None
Items: Ex Magic, Revive, Ex Potion,

Bakku is west of Carbis, to the left of the large forest section of the next
continent. Enter and see. . .tons of nude women dancing! Actually, no. I just
wanted to add the word 'nude' to this walktrhough so that people who search for
"Cindy Crawford Nude" will find this FAQ >=). Buy a Round Shield for Hero, a
Plate Mail, a Round Shield, and a Plate Helm for Aguro, a Round Wrist and Plate
Cap for Lufia, and a Plate Cloth, Round Wrist, and Plate Cap for Jerin. When
you talk to the priest, you'll find that Cooper is at the Old Cave. Great. More
chasing. I guess this is to force people who aren't even at Level 20 to get
there. Just follow it to the last room where you took the Gold Pawn before.
Cooper will be in there waiting. After his escape craps out and you save his
sorry behind, you can head back to Carbis.

65. Carbis
Level: 27
Enemies: None
Items: None

Once Cooper is back with Raile, you'll find out that you need seven pieces of
Allumina to fix the hole in the Falcon. There's only one guy who can do it, and
he's far off beyond the "Tower of Light". Egad! Well, that old guy in Bakku had
the key, right? Wrong! Upon returning, you'll find that the key *WAS* stolen,
but a. . .*doot doot doo* SUSPICIOUS OLD MAN!

66. Warp Shrine
Level: 27
Enemies: None
Items: None

The third warp shrine is west from the Tower of Light, which is far north from
Bakku, at the start of a small mountain range. The same old healing guy is

67. Tower of Light
Level: 28
Enemies: Mad Lily, Zooster, Werewolf, Axe Knight, Trap Harp, Terrorquin,
Items: Hi Bomb, Ex Potionx4, Stone Curex2, Power Potion, Spell Potion,
Revivex2, Ex Magic, Miracle, Power Gourd, Gloom Voice, Light Key

As stated before, the Tower of Light is way north of Bakku, looks exactly like
the Tower of Grief. Start off your climb by dropping down the hole in front of
you! Take the six treasures scattered in the corners of the room, and proceed
up the steps. You're now on the other side of the hole. At the other end of
this hall are the doors to exit, but they're locked. Ya need the stupid key!
Grar. Here we go. The monsters in this are a mix of the weaklings from the
sixth level of the Old Cave and some new powerful ones. The Mad Lily can do
some major damage, and the Terrorquin is even more annoying than its
predecessor, and casts confuse 75% of the time instead of the former 50%. Oh
joy. Try fighting four of them at once, and have every one of them confuse all
your party members on the first turn. *NOT* fun, especially with Aguro's Luck
Blade. You can rack up a good amount of EXP in here, though. Go to the second
floor hallway with either stairway, and continue down to two doors. As is
usually the case in this tower, the doors lead to the same room, which you can
grab a Stone Cure and go to the third level. Go into the room above and take
the Revive. Go down and take another Revive, then into the right room, but
watch out! On the straight path to the right chest, there is a hole that will
drop you back down to the first floor! Take the left path and recieve and Ex
Magic and Ex Potion. Now, go into the left room and go up the stairs in the
left room to get to the fourth floor. Down the hall, and you'll be at the
choice of a room or steps. Go up the steps, and then on the fifth floor, go
into the right room. Follow the unneccessarily long path and take the Miracle
at the end, then go aaaaaaaaall the way back to the fifth floor. Continue up
the right side for your fourth Ex Potion, then simply fall down a hole. Head up
and up the sets of stairs to the sixth floor. Take the south room and follow
the path to get the Power Gourd. Then you can climb to the seventh floor. The
first treasure you see is surrounded by holes, except for the top, so go up
there and get the Gloom Voice. Now head up and up to the ninth floor, where
you'll meet the Guardian, a little cronie of the Sinistrals. Finally, a boss!
It's been so long. Spells are practically useless in this battle, since the
Guardian is a spellcaster himself. Yep, that's an understatement, considering
that his Flame and Blizzard spells, (which attack all, mind you) deal around
50-80 HP to everyone! Lufia's Water spell deals around 40 damage, which isn't
much. Aguro can only do 200 damage in this battle! Gah! Use a Power Gourd on
him to get him back up to his regular potential. I'd have Lufia and Jerin be
the designated healers, (trust me, you'll need them BOTH) Lufia hopefully has
Boost by now, and Hero and Aguro attack, as usual. Don't count on your Ex
Arrows or Hi Bombs in this battle, either, because they do squat.  I used two
Power Gourds on Aguro, getting him to do about 300 damage per round. Hero could
do about 80. That's at the beginning, though. At the start of the battle, have
Hero and Lufia consecutively use Drain for about four rounds. This'll totally
deplete the Guardian of his defense, which will extremely up the damage you're
doing to him. Shield can also help Aguro withstand Guardian's magic better.
Magic Guards also help a little bit. This guy has around 2000 HP, so get ready
for a long fight. After the battle Amos and Gades will come and beat the snot
out of you. Take the Light Key and fall out of the tower. Then simply go back
in and unlock that previously locked door. (Trust me, that way is faster.)

68. Linze
Level: 29
Enemies: None
Items: Escape, Sweet Water, Dragon Egg, Swing Wing

Time to get rid of Aguro's Luck Blade. At this point in the game, the monsters
get harder, and their agility gets so high to a point that it hardly EVER works
anymore. Sure, the Great Axe is much less, but techinically, you'll be doing
more damage as a whole that you would with the Luck Blade. The two Great Axes
will cost a fortune, but it's okay, since there's nothing else in this town for
you to buy. When you're ready, head down the stairs in the northeast house,
until you come to a red and green path. The red path leads to three treasures.
The green path leads to an exit.

69. Allumina Cave
Level: 29
Enemies: Cave Rok, Mad Lily, Sabrespook, Werewolf, Werefrog, Zaurus
Items: Stone Cure, Escapex2, Ex Potionx5, Hi Magicx2, Ex Bombx3, Revivex4,
Alumina, Dragon Egg, Ex Magic, Magic Guard, Ex Arrows, Opal, Silver Sword,
Power Gourd, Mind Gourd,

Go down the stairs, and watch out for the floor in this place. There's random
holes placed everywhere. The monsters in here are okay, except for the
Werefrog, who has a freakin' powerful spell called 'Flood', and you still get
cheated out of EXP from them. Take the Stone Cure and Escape up in the left
corner, to get to them just walk left, up, left, up, etc. On the right there is
a Ex Potion and Hi Magic. Just head straight right from the steps. There are
two on the bottom. Walk downwards, paralell with the left one to make it to the
Ex Bomb and Revive. Now, walk left. You'll fall down a hole, but, you'll have
access to a stairway that will give you the Alumina! Heh. Cool, eh? Take the
three treasures on the second floor, then go back up. There is an Ex Potion and
Ex Bomb left in the bottom left corner, take those by clinging to the right
side, and then heading left, parallel with the boxes. Now that you've plundered
the two floors, head down the ladder on the entry floor. It's under the upper
right pair of treasures. Then you'll see three doors. Go in the left room and
get the Revive. Head in the right one and take the Ex Magic and Ex Potion. Now
go up past the three rooms and into the room at the top. Come out the other
side to take the two treasures. Now all you have left is the middle room, which
doesn't contain steps or a portal at all! It has a switch. Push it down, but
nothing seems to happen. Well, now the portal in the left room warps you to an
entirely different place. Take the Ex Potion and head down the next set of
stairs. Now you're on the lower level of the second floor. Check the upper
chest for some Ex Arrows, and then continue right. Go up and take another
Revive. Cotinue around to the top right room, and follow the hallway that leads
to the bottom part of the cavern. Take the Opal, and then continue into the
lower room, taking the Ex Potion, which'll warp you to a small plateau and
gives you the Silver Sword, a new weapon for Hero. Now, you can go back to the
steps that were south of the hallway and proceed to the third floor. Go down
the small ladders, taking the Power Gourd and Mind Gourd on your way, then go
down the big long ladder. Take the Revive, and then walk across the bridge and
into the bottom room. There's no treasure, but there is a HP-restorer. After
that, exit and head up the thin hallway. You'll find not Brant, but Clack, the
researcher of Doom Island. Ask him about everything, and then you can leave.

70. Old Cave
Level: 31
Enemies: Griffon, Mega Frog, Mad Wolf, Megaturtle, Rock Golem, Hydra
Items: Sweet Water, Gloom Pick, Ex Potionx3, Gloom Voice, Ex Magicx2, Power
Potionx2, Spell Potionx2, Buster Sword, Crown Jewels, Miraclex4, Hi Magic,
Float, Great Potion, Wind Flute, Clear Silk, Mind Potion, Escape

Here it is! The last time in the Old Cave! Warp back to Grenoble and take up
the task of finding the Crown Jewels. 10,000 Gold! Yee-haw! Now *that*'s a
task. Go down to the 7th level, and take the Sweet Water. The enemies here are
great! I fought two Griffons and got 3000 EXP! You'll be leveling up with ease
in here. The only problem is, some of these enemies are really nasty. The Mega
Frogs have the Champion spell, which they use quite often to heal themselves
back to full. The Megaturtles have a pretty high defense, and a sickeningly
strong attack. This was the only place I ever died in the game, and it was
against four of those cursed Megaturtles. Go into the muck and grab the Gloom
Pick. On the right side, snag the Ex Potion and go into the room. In the next
cavern, there is a Gloom Voice hidden on the right side of the highest row in
the muck. Down the steps, take the Ex Magic and head up. Continuing on the
upper path, take the Power and Spell Potions. Go up the steps and grab the
Buster Sword, an awesome sword for Hero. Go in the room and take the Crown
Jewels and two Miracles, but you're in no way done in this cave! Go back down
into the underground passage, and take the lower hallway and take the Hi Magic.
Go down and up the steps, and you'll be back at the room you started in. Now
head up the ladder. Get the Ex Potion and Float, and then go through the door.
Take the Great Potion to your left. Take another Spell and Power Potion below,
and then go down the ladder. Take the Ex Magic, and then go across the muck and
recieve the Miracle, then go down the steps. On the lower level, take the Ex
Potion and continue on. On the left, take the treasure and enter the room for
the Wind Flute, a myster-ious item. Up the hallway, take the Clear Silk, and
then climb the ladder to get a Miracle. Down the steps, take the Mind Potion on
the bottom right and continue along, nabbing the Escape. This will loop you
back around to where you began, so you're finally done! Sorry for putting you
in such a hard dungeon so early, but I think it's best to get the Old Cave with
done early, so that you don't have to interrupt important quests later to come
back here and clear up loose ends. Plus, getting all the chests early is an
important thing, as you will see later. Don't forget to head back to Grenoble
to cash in your last prize.

71. Marse Cave
Level: 32
Enemies: Green Magi, Red Wolf, Troll, Demon Mace, Manticore
Items: Power Potion

Well, it seems that Brant's in Marse. You have to sail to Marse, right? Well,
you can, but there's a much better (as well as treasure-filled) way to get
there, and that's through the cave northeast of the Tower of Light. So, warp
back to Linze, go back across the ToL, and then swing into the cave. At this
point in the game, I ceased with the purchasing of Hi Potions. Lufia had more
MP than she did HP, and Hero and Jerin also had Stronger, so I didn't really
feel a need for them anymore, because I always finished a dungeon and went back
and rested before I ever ran out of MP or MP-replenishing items. You'll also
notice that the enemies in here are a big change from those on the seventh
level of the Old Cave! Hehe! For some reason, the Trolls in here, to me, look
like Freddy Krueger. Eh, maybe I've just seen one too many horror movies.
Anyway, there is a Power Potion to the right of the north hallway. That's how
short this cave is.

72. Marse
Level: 32
Enemies: None
Items: None

Marse is on the northern tip of the new continent. This place is cool, you
navigate through it by little underwater tunnels. Neato. Anyway, if you talk to
the girl in the church, you'll find that Brant is at Loire Island! Argh! Just
missed him. Buy the girls each a Silver Rod. Buy a Silver Armor, Silver Plate,
and Silver Helm for Hero, a Silver Armor, Silver Plate, and Silver Helm for
Aguro, a Silver Wrist for Lufia, and a Silver Robe and Silver Wrist for Jerin.
Phew. I'm sure that put a hole in your wallet, even with the 10,000 bonus from
the Crown Jewels. Anyway, in the north house, there is a fun little 'cruise'
thing going on. Go on it, it shows you all of the Fargo Islands. Great. . .now
where were we supposed to go? Oh yeah! Loire Island.

73. Loire Cave
Level: 32
Enemies: Troll, Redcore, Zaurus, Demon Mace, Werefrog, Blue Skull, Vampire,
Items: Miraclex2, Hi Magicx2, Mach Ring, Revivex4, Gloom Arrowx3, Power
Potionx2, Mind Potion, Great Potion, Ex Potionx2, Hi Bombx3, Aluminax2, Foul
Water, 1000 Gold, Spell Potion, Escape, Ex Magicx2, Float, Sweet Water

For some reason, your ship doesn't appear in front of Marse like it does
everywhere else. Ah well. Warp to Bakku, and take it from there. Sail north,
north, WAY north. Fight tons of monsters. Man, I don't know why they put
monsters on the sea. It's not like we're going to freaking Ithaca or anything,
it's supposed to be a better way than traveling on land. Geez. Anyway, once you
pass through a little mountain river, you'll be almost there. When you get to
Loire Island, park your ship next to the big one and enter the cave. You have
another EXP-healthy enemy here called the Redcore, but if you thought the
Mimickers fleed alot, just take a look at these guys. They have alot of HP, and
are very quick to run away. It becomes potentially annoying when you have about
four other enemies in the battle with them, while they're hacking away at you,
while you're trying to land a hit on the little bugger. Still, there's a big
payoff if you can kill one of them. Unfortunately, the ever-annoying Werefrogs
inhabit this cave, so make sure you have access to healing resources, whatever
yours may be. Once in the cave, go way right and take the Miracle. Go down the
ladder and take the Hi Magic. Now on the lower level, go around and back up
onto a plateau to claim the Mach Ring. Let me explain something about rings,
since you've been getting so many of them lately. Rings are GOOD. In Lufia,
rings play a vital role in how your characters do in combat. Usually, I equip a
ring that gives Hero more attack and defense power, since he's pretty much
all-around good in all his stats. I give Aguro something that ups his Defense,
more importantly, his pathetically low Magic Resistance. Lufia usually takes
the ring that ups her defense and Magic Power, and then Jerin just gets the
leftovers ^_^;. Try out different combinations that suit you better! Climb down
from the plateau, and go left to get a Revive. Head down the upper ladder to
get to the lowest level, and go right and take the Gloom Arrow. Go left and
then in a little corner to get a Power Potion. Now go down and up the ladder,
and back left to be back at the beginning. I know it seems like I'm leading you
on a haphazard search, but it's just easier to clear out that side, that way
you can go straight to the next level from here. Down on the lower level, there
is a Mind Potion three steps into the center of the small muck puddle. Take the
Great Potion above it. Climb up the ladder onto the plateau and take the Ex
Potion. Go across the bridge and left and get another Revive and another Power
Potion. Go up the ladder on the right, but don't go down the steps just yet. Go
right and down to get a Hi Bomb. In the upper room you'll find a piece of
Alumina. Now you have two choices. You can go down the high steps or the low
steps under the bridge. I went down the high steps, because I like doing stuff
in systematic order =P. On the first plateau is a Foul Water. To the left is a
Gloom Arrow. In the lower right there is another freakin' Power Potion! I don't
know why they are giving you so many of these. I used them all on Aguro, since
he usually takes the most damage. Go down across the big bridge and take the
Miracle. I have 25 Miracles at this point! Go right across the small bridge and
take the four treasures there. The steps lead downwards to the lower level. Go
all the way left and into the room to get an Ex Potion. Take this opportunity
to walk around to the back of the cavern and grab the Hi and Ex Magics stashed
back there. Then, head down on the right side, taking the Hi Bomb. Go to the
center of the cavern, and take the Revive before heading in the center room.
The hallway leads you to another little hallway. Now you'll have a treasure in
front of you. DON'T approach it head-on just yet. Go around and get it from the
left side. Around, as in walk waaay around it. Then, after you get the Hi Bomb,
just walk up and fall down the hole down to the third floor. Now MAKE SURE YOU
DON'T TALK TO THAT GUY UNTIL YOU'RE READY! It's not a battle, it's something
even worse. There is an Ex Magic five steps up from the Float to the left.
Then, go into the room and take your final treasure, a fourth Revive. Now you
can talk to the guy, who is in fact Brant. What's stupid here, is that it
automatically warps you out when you talk to him! >.< Imagine how pissed I was
to miss the treasure in the room, and then even more pissed to find out it was
only a stupid Revive when I went all the way back down the cave. Brant gives
you a piece of Alumina and then leaves. Phew. Time to head to Elba Island.

74. Ullup Cave
Level: 35
Enemies: Red Wolf, Zaurus, Mud Ghoul, Nail Man, Green Magi, Werefrog, Redcore,
Eye Curse
Items: Dragon Egg, Speed Potion, Ex Potion, HiPower Ring

Before heading to Ullup Island, you might wanna go back to Marse and rest.
Ullup Cave is the red and purple cave on the island south of Loire. The
teleporter next to you leads to Elba. . .we'll go there later. This place is
basically the same as Loire, except much smaller. Head down and grab the Dragon
Egg. You'll come across a switch that opens a door above you. w00t. Continuing
on, there is a Speed and Ex Potion up in the right corner of the left end. Now
head up, and in the north center you'll get the HiPower Ring, an upgrade for
the Power Ring, which I had equipped on Hero. Rock, this'll push his power a
bit over 400. That'll complete your first circuit of Ullup Cave, and you can
head into the portal.

75. Elba Cave
Level: 35
Enemies: Nail Man, Vampire, Cave Rok, Blue Skull, Mud Ghoul, Sabrespook
Items: Mind Potionx2, Smoke Ball, Hi Daze Ring, Spell Potionx2, Ex Potionx2,
Miracle, Ex Magic, Hi Bomb, Alumina, Silver Rod, Silver Armor

Now you'll be in a rather drab-colored cave, which is Elba cave. The door to
your left leads to a Mind Potion. Continuing down, you'll gain a Smoke Ball and
a Hi Daze Ring before hitting a new level with new rooms. This ring strongly
ups defense and magic resistance. Hmmm. . .did someone say Aguro? The first
door on the left will award you with a Spell Potion. The door on the right
gives you access to another door switch, as well as an Ex Potion. Continue out
the left side, then enter the third left door. This lets you walk through the
lower level. Take the Miracle and Ex Magic, then pass under the bridge to get a
Hi Bomb. The door on the far right sends you through a portal and gives you
another piece of Alumina. Exit back to the main cave, and head down the left
ladder and take the Mind Potion. In the next room, there is a crazy guy running
an inn! Take advantage of it if you really need it. Back outside, take the
Silver Rod. Inside the room before the long latter, you'll get an Ex Potion and
a set of Silver Armor. Now, the switch here changes the direction of the portal
up the ladder. Urk? Well, what should we do first? Hit the switch. At the top
of the ladder, take the Spell Potion. The portal will take you back to Ullup

76. Ullup Cave
Level: 36
Enemies: Red Wolf, Zaurus, Mud Ghoul, Nail Man, Green Magi, Werefrog, Redcore,
Eye Curse
Items: Ex Potion, Aluminax2, Silver Wrist, Silver Plate, Miracle

There are only a few items on the middle level of Ullup Cave, an Ex Potion on
the far right, and a piece of Alumina inside the door that you opened earlier.
Once you clean that level, go back and flick the switch in Elba Cave, and head
to the top layer. On top, take the Silver Wrist, another piece of Alumina in
the top right corner, and then the Silver Plate and a Miracle on the bottom.
Alright! You're done! Warp out. Ok. . .you have six pieces of Alumina. .
.weren't you supposed to have seven? Warp back to Marse and ask Brant. He'll
tell you that King Herat has been hoarding the stuff lately. We're there!

77. Herat
Level: 37
Enemies: None
Items: Rod, Apron, Plum Cider, Hi Potion, Great Potion, Mind Potion, Ex Bomb,
Power Potion,

There's a small river that runs through the large continent Marse is on. Brant
says it's 'up' the river, but it's actually 'down' it. At the end, actually,
surrounded by mountains. There's a tiny cave in here, it's actually the armor
shop. Buy a Carbo Plate and a Tower Shield for Hero, a Carbo Plate, Tower
Shield, and Knife Shoes for Aguro, a Sakret for Lufia, and then a Clear Silk,
Silver Wrist, Sakret, and Needle Heels for Jerin. Also, don't forget to pick up
a Buster Sword for Aguro at the weapons shop. There is a Great Potion and Mind
Potion, probably the only two worthy items in this place, hidden behind the
shop's back wall in the flowers. Conversing with the people in the town, you'll
find that the king is a lover of food, but he's wanted a new recipe. There was
also a cook from Lyden here, but he went back. There's also a guy in the
basement who tells you about the Dragon, finally clearing up the questions
about the Dragon Eggs! There's three sets of these suckers, and you can't get
the second or third until you turn in the first. The shrine is on the western
side of the continent, but you don't need to go there until much later? Why?
Well, when you turn in the eight eggs, the Dragon sends them back out along in
tons of treasure boxes you've already gotten. Some of the treasure boxes that
the second eggs are going into you haven't even got to yet, and contain some
good items. So, patience, grasshopper. You shall get your reward soon enough!
Enter straight into the castle and go up to the second floor, where you can
grab an Ex Bomb in the upper left room. There's a Power Potion in the old man's
room on the third floor. There's not much else going on here, though. The king
says he'd give his jewels for some great food. Well, I hope he's talking about
the jewels in his basement. . .o_O. Errr, I mean the basement of the castle,
geez, that sounded even worse. You know what I mean. Now, I'm sure it's obvious
that you need to head to Lyden.

78. Lyden
Level: 37
Enemies: None
Items: None

Head to the basement of the cook's house here. The Wizard of Taste has
returned, and it seems as if he has the answer to your problems. . .almost. The
last ingredient he needs for his concoction is the purple newt. Man, the stuff
we do for some people. . .

79. Herat Cave
Level: 37
Enemies: Manticore, Basilisk, Salamander, Troll, Lizard, Demon Mace
Items: Revivex2, Chain Mail, Miraclex2, Great Potion, Swing Wing, Ex Potion, Hi
Bomb, Gloom Arrow, Engage Ring, Stone Cure, Grilled Newtx3, Stun Arrow, Power
Gourd, Purple Newt, Magic Flavor

The Herat cave is waaay out of the way. First, sail the ship up out of the
mountain valley, and then go left, around, and down a desert. Cross a bridge
down, and then hook up and cross a bridge up. The cave is hidden in the top
left corner of the small section you're on now. Geez. This cave has all sorts
of nasty little creatures in it, but none of them are too hard. What's bad, is
that they cast alot of status-altering magic, such as stone and poison. Jerin
has magic to aid that, but should she get turned to stone, you're stuck. I'd
suggest having at least five Stone Cures just in case. Step in, and take the
Revive. Head down and across the bridge and claim the Chain Mail. It's crappy
armor, I have no idea what it's doing in this cave. Now go halfway back up the
path and then turn right, and go down the ladder. Continue left, under the
bridge, and then into the room and take the Great Potion and Miracle. Go back
out, and then go down the left ladder and take the Swing Wing, Ex Potion, and
Hi Bomb. Now, go back to where you began, and head right. Take the Gloom Arrow
and go down the ladder.  Now, the first long corridor seems to end at stones.
But, there has to be light coming in from a crack somewhere, since the tile is
lighter than the others. Walk up to it, and you'll find a hidden room where you
recieve the Engage Ring, which you can sell for a large amount of cash. Go into
the next room and hit the switch, which redirects a portal which was otherise
useless below. Go all the way down, head right, go up, take the Stun Arrow. Go
all the way left to get a Stone Cure. The bottom row in the muck contains three
Grilled Newts and then a Miracle. Enter the left room and go up the stairs to
get a Revive. Now, remember that room up at the top of the cave? The right door
is linked with that through a portal. Wow! I don't think there could be
anything more useless than that. Luckilly, since we hit the switch, we
redirected it. Jump in the portal, and take the Power Gourd and. . .Purple
Newt! I guess the Wizard of Taste just wasn't a good treasure hunter like us
=). Warp back to Lyden, get the Magic Flavor from the Wizard o' Taste, and then
warp back to Herat.

80. Herat
Level: 38
Enemies: None
Items: Gloom Voice, Ex Potion, Plum Cider, Royal Statue, Fry Pan, Pot,
Miraclex2, Carbo Sword, Silver Plate, Tower Shield, Carbo Helm, Mach Heels,

Give the Magic Flavor not to the king, but to the cook on the second floor. Now
talk to the king, and he gives you the OK to take his jewels. HA! SUCKER! We're
gonna take more than his jewels! (Too bad we can't steal his flags. . .) The
only really useful items in here, besides the Alumina, is the Carbo Helm and
the Carbo Sword, a better weapon for Hero. Once you're done ripping the king
off, you can warp back to Carbis.

81. Carbis
Level: 38
Enemies: None
Items: None

It seems that Raine went AWOL again, this time to a tower full of pirates! Take
this oppurtunity to heal up downstairs, and then warp back to Marse and get on
your ship.

82. Aisen Tower
Level: 38
Enemies: Dark Spook, Vampire, Berserker, Fire Plate, Blue Skull, Steel Lord,
Pirate, Pirates, Bosun
Items: Sour Cider, 750 Gold, Hi Potion, Power Gourd, Speed Potion, Hi Bomb,
Revive, Big Arrow, Ex Potion, Swing Wing, Smoke Ball, Silver Tarot, Pirate Key,
Heavy Ring

Sail north of Marse and then west of Elba Island to finally reach Aisen Island,
a desert island. The monsters in here are pretty much the same as usual, except
for the Fire Plate. These guys drop, rarely, but they do drop Might Armor,
which is the best armor Aguro and Hero can ever have. In addition to that, the
Steel Lords randomly drop a Grand Blade, a better sword. Inside the tower, take
the Sour Cider in front of you. Go into the left room, take the gold, and then
continue on. Take the Hi Potion and proceed through the door in front of you.
On the second floor, head through the left door, take the Power Gourd, and go
up to the third floor. Raile is up there, caught, and he tells you that there
is a four-switch puzzle you need to solve to proceed, and that he is pretty
sure the upper left is the first. Ok then. Take the Speed Potion and Hi Bomb in
the rooms next to him. Below is another Revive. Now go back and then down the
right hallway. Take the Big Arrow and Ex Potion in the small rooms on the side
of this new hallway. In the center, head up to the next floor. Go up to get a
Swing Wing and a Smoke Ball. On the fifth floor is the switch puzzle. If you
mess up, you have to fight really annoying pirates, which I won't cover, since
you shouldn't have to fight them. Why not? Because I'm telling you the answer
right here! It's 1) Upper Left, 2) Lower Right, 3) Lower Left, 4) Upper Right.
Then hit the top switch, and the doors should open. Inside are the pirates.
These guys are almost as sad as their speech impediment. I took out the Bosun
in the first three rounds, dealing a combined 500-some damage to him each turn
from Hero, Lufia, and Aguro, since he's horribly weak against physical attacks.
The Pirates is (or are, if you think about it, but it only looks like a single
guy) very weak versus magic, and while he has some strong items like Ex Bombs
and can cast a sleeping spell once every two blue moons, he's not much to worry
about either. He casts a Stun spell on himself, but sadly, that still doesn't
make him strong enough to pose a real threat. Just have Lufia use Blast and
Jerin occasionally heal, and you'll have these guys done in no time. No one
died in this battle, and Hero was even asleep for a few rounds of it. Lou,
Raile's son, is up there, and he joins you. Take the two items and then go back
and free Raile, don't talk to him yet, and take the Heavy Ring. It's your
choice whether you want to equip this. It ups your attack by 40, except it
makes you sinfully slow. (Hence the name 'Heavy'. . .) Go talk to Raile ater
you take the ring, and father and son will have a little reunion. Aww, how
sweet. Now where's our freakin' submarine!?

83. Carbis
Level: 40
Enemies: None
Items: None

Now that you have the seven pieces of Alumina as well as Raile properly
secured, you can get the Falcon, and go to Doom Island, right? Well, we'll see.
. .warp back to Shaia Lab 3, heal in the basement, and then watch Raile and
Cooper tinker around with the Falcon. It's done! Now we can go to Doom Island!
Head up north to the Ring Island, where Doom Island supposedly sunk.

84. Soshette
Level: 40
Enemies: None
Items: Miracle, Straw Doll, Gloom Arrow

Soshette is a small island on the north tip of Ring Island. They have a pretty
good armory, though. For weapons, hook the girls up with Catwhips. Buy a Carbo
Shield for Hero, a Carbo Shield and Carbo Helm for Aguro, and two Carbo Caps
for the girls. There is a cave in this town that has a few good items in it.
The inn, which sports tons of shelves, doesn't even have one! =( You probably
have tons of Gold by now, so if you're really paranoid, you can buy some Hi

85. Underwater Cave
Level: 40
Enemies: Fire Plate, Steel Lord, Evil Clam, Magura, Sea Snake
Items: Empty Bottle, Miraclex2, Hi Potionx3, Magic Guard, Opal, Hi Magic, Foul
Water, Gloom Arrow, Zircon Wrist, 800 Gold, Potion, Mystery Pin, Ex Potion,
Spell Potion, Arrows, Power Potion

There are three portals around Ring Island, a north, a south, and an east, but
they all lead to the same place, the Underwater Cave, just different sides of
the beginning room. This looks like you're still on the world map, but you're
in a dungeon filled with monsters and treasure. I really hate the Magura
monsters in here. They have about 270 HP, and they deal around 100 damage every
time they attack. Very annoying. The Fire Plates also inhabit this place, so if
you didn't get a chance to snag the Might Armor back at the Aisen Tower, you
might wanna do so now. Enter the south portal, unless you're closer to another,
then just move down to the south. There's two large cave openings in front of
you, but don't go in either of them yet. There are three pathways on the
outside, that lead to mazes inside, and come out at three exits that open to
the Fortress of Doom. Go around and start at the top cave. Go down the nifty
waterway, and take the Empty Bottle before jumping in the portal. On the right,
go along the super-long waterway and take the Miracle at the end. Head down,
and take the long waterway that rides you to the end. Don't jump in the portal,
but go back and get the Hi Potion. Take the waterway directly next to that, and
then head down and collect the Magic Guard. Now, head back to the portal that
was on your right. Don't go along the waterway from the beginning, head down
and get to it from the downwards way, allowing you access to the Opal on your
way. In this next hallway, don't be tempted to use the waterway, because you'll
miss out on the Miracle and Hi Potion in the side-room. At the end of the
hallway jump into the portal. You'll now be in the bottom right cave passage.
w00t. Head right, up, and take the Hi Magic. Take the waterway to the left, and
you'll come out on the south side of the center rock structure. Keep right a
bit, and you'll get a Foul Water and a Gloom Arrow. Now, go back to where you
came in, and head all the way left you can, not taking the waterway, and
recieve the Zircon Wrist, armor exclusively for Jerin. Jump on the waterway to
get to the other side. Before jumping in the portal, head up, on the left side
of the top waterway, to get 800 Gold. Coming out from the portal, you'll see a
looming castle in front of you *Dun dun dun*. . .before entering, though, it's
best to clean out the left passage. Enter it, and go down to get a Potion. Head
down and left to get a Mystery Pin. Go right, and then up and down the waterway
to get an Ex and Spell Potion. Hop on the lower waterway, and then continue
down and go back to where you see two downwards waterways going left and right.
Head right and take the Arrows. Keep going (the waterway only leads to a dead
end) to reach a Power Potion. Down the left hallway, using the waterway, you'll
find a Hi Potion. Now you can exit this cave through the north portal, and
enter the FORTRESS OF DOOM! *Dun dun dun*

86. Fortress of Doom
Level: 42
Enemies: Mega Frog, Megaturtle, Griffon, Mad Wolf
Items: Dual Blade

Hmmmm. . .look familiar? You shouldn't be hurting too much from the Underwater
Cave, even if you are out of Hi Potions, you have a stock of Stronger spells
left. Our friends from the seventh level of the Old Cave make an appeareance
here, but you should be able to handle them now. Grrr! I don't like this
castle, for the sole fact that ALL THE TREASURE CHESTS IN THIS PLACE ARE EMPTY!
This place is worthless, the Fortress o' Doom was never very doom-esque or
challenging. Head up to the second floor, then go around the balcony and head
straight down and up to the throne room. The Dual Blade is lying right where
the ancient battle with the Sinistrals took place. Upon picking it up, a cinema
scene will occur, and you'll result back in Soshette. Gack! Lufia's a
Sinistral?! Crazy. And now the Fortress of Doom is airborne. Greaaat. Looks
like our plans just got screwed. Time to go whine to Raine!

87. Carbis
Level: 42
Enemies: None
Items: None

Upon returning, Raile will tell you that you need Power Oil, a rare and
dangerous substance that you can buy in Epro. He says he's heading to Shaia Lab
4. . .which is south. It's not really just south. It's FAR, FAR south. It's so
far south that the first time I went there, I was beginning to think I had
missed it, and then I saw it, way down there. Don't bother exploring the town,
we can save that for later, simply pop in and pop out so that Jerin can add it
to her warp list. Now, warp to Marse and set sail for Epro.

88. Epro
Level: 42
Enemies: None
Items: Ex Magic, Ex Bomb

Epro is on a medium-sized continent a little bit north of Marse. The armor shop
says they sell the latest things. Actually, the don't, and they are the
crappiest armor shop I have ever laid eyes on. Well, maybe I am being a bit too
harsh. They have good shoes, so pick up two Sword Shoes and Cat Heels. The
weapon shop is just as bad, selling the cream of the crap such as the "Carbo
Sword" and "Catwhip". Feh. What a waste of sprites. Head up to the item shop in
the northeast to find out information about "Hedge", who was looking for Power
Oil. Alrighty then.

89. Underwater Tunnel
Level: 43
Enemies: Fire Plate, Hydra, Magura, Manta Ray, Sea Dragon
Items: Oil Key, Ex Bomb, Ex Potion, Power Potion, Big Arrow, Mystery Pin,
Miracle, Hi Magic, Power Gourd, Magic Guard, Grand Sword

Hedge is north, but you have to go northwest to get to him, and then head right
into a little valley and speak to him. He'll hand you the Oil Key. Talk to him
again and he'll actually tell you something useful. Now, go back to Epro, hop
on your ship, and sail up east until you enter the mountain-surrounded lagoon.
There is a little strait up north that will take you to a whirlpool. What is up
with all these underwater levels?! I just don't like them. First of all, you
have to fight crappy sea creatures, second of all, it just sucks! =P. Upon
entering, you'll see a cave entrance opposite you. Go around and enter it. Head
all the way left, across the waterways, and enter the cave for Ex Bomb and Ex
Potion. Go back the beginning now. Head up the right part and get a Power
Potion and Big Arrow. Head up the left side and take the Mystery Pin. Go into
the north room to get a Miracle. Head down, using the waterway, and then grab
the Hi Magic and get out of there, and head back to the left passageway. Go
across the left waterway, take the Power Gourd. Unfortunately, you have to go
all the way back and around to get the Magic Guard. Head up, take the
ever-useless Grand Sword, and then jump in the portal. Just head left and into
the next portal to be back above water.

90. Epro Cave
Level: 44
Enemies: Efreet, Rock Golem, Mad Knight, Mad Wolf, Hydra, Oil Dragon
Items: 850 Gold, Dragon Arrow, Hi Bomb, Dragon Toothx3, Big Arrow, Miraclex2,
Hi Magicx3, Dragon Ring, Hi Potion, Swing Wing, Ex Bomb, Great Potion, Power

Unlock the door with the Oil Key, and then proceed in, taking the 850 Gold.
Take the Dragon Arrow in the next room, and then loop around and through the
muck to get the Hi Bomb. The enemies in this cave are reminiscent of the
enemies from the beginning. What really pisses me off is the abundance of Rock
Golems in here, who with their skill 'Stone Arm' (which they use quite often)
can automatically turn your characters to stone. And, did I mention that only
Hero and Aguro can do sufficient damage to them? Bah. The Mad Knights also make
me, well, mad. They have well over 400 HP, yet they all use boost on each
other. It's not hard, just freakin' annoying! It should be a rule that basic
enemies are NOT ALOUD TO CURE. Bahx2. Head down the ladder, take the Dragon
Tooth, then head down the next ladder, and go all the way right. Take the Big
Arrow, and then head up the ladder to get a Miracle. Down the last right
ladder, there is a Hi Magic hidden in the second row of muck from the right,
two steps down. Take the Dragon Ring, and then go down the ladder on the other
side to get to the second floor. Go forward, and down the ladder. North is a
Dragon Tooth. Continue under the bridge, and go up for a Hi Potion.  Head
straight down, and below is a Swing Wing. Now, don't go down the steps. Go back
up to where you began. Go along the path, go across the bridge, and continue
right to get an Ex Bomb. Go down, take the Hi Magic, and then head down the
stairs. On the second floor, head straight down the ladder, and around you'll
get a Miracle. Head right and then go around and down the ladder to get a third
Dragon Tooth. Now head down the right ladder, and go right to get a third Hi
Magic. On your way, you'll see a freakin' huge dragon! Crap. Go down the north
ladder, take the Great Potion, heal your characters' HP and MP, and then
'inspect' the dragon. Gwah! Boss! This dragon seems to be the strong silent
type, and immediantly attacks you! The dragon only has one major attack, and
it's a weak spell called 'fire air'. Have Hero and Aguro attack as usual, have
Lufia use her newfound 'Sunder' spell, which takes a big chunk off of the
dragon's HP, and have Jerin use Glacier, occasionally using Boost to heal. Doot
doot doo. . .whoah, this guy's starting to get hard! When you start to be
dwindling down his HP, he'll use Dash, which takes down about 120-140 from a
single character, and an upgraded Fire Air, which does around 90-140 damage to
everyone. He also has a nasty habit of using Magic Mirror, especially right
after you cast Sunder on him ~_~. Yee-ikes. Time to devote Jerin to full-time
healing. This battle totally wiped away my stash of Revives =(. I usually had
Lufia and Jerin scrambling to heal everyone while Hero and Aguro attacked
(Depending if they were alive. . o_o;) After the battle, you can take the Power
Oil and escape. Warp to Frederia.

91. Frederia
Level: 45
Enemies: None
Items: Grilled Newt, Miracle, Revive, Stone Cure

There's Grilled Newt in the flower bed on the left, and a Miracle in the right
one. Ok, so I was wrong. The Epro armory wasn't the worst ever. THIS ONE IS.
They have *nothing* new to offer you at all. Pathetic. Head up to the northeast
house, Shaia Lab 4, and then enter the basement. Check for a much-need Revive,
and then a Stone Cure in the cabinents. Talk to Raile, and you'll get your
final fixin's on the ship. YES! Now, you can finally travel the world map
WITHOUT BEING ATTACKED BY MONSTERS! The gods have shined upon thee! Time to go
to Doom Island! Errr. . .not. Unfortunately, it then moves, and positions
itself in an unreachable spot high above Glasadar Tower. Gwar. Using your
newfound FLYING ABILITY, you can now sail towards Epro, and then even farther
north across the continent, and then east to find an unaccessable Glasadar
Tower, and then Arubus on a little island connected by bridges.

92. Arubus
Level: 45
Enemies: None
Items: Spell Potion, Pear Cider, Plum Cider

w00t, you've made it to the last town in the game, fully equipped with a good
weapons/armor shop, as well as your all-knowing old man. At the weapons shop,
buy a Zircon Axe for Aguro and Zircon Rod for Jerin. Now. . .onto the armor
shop! This place has a full set of Zircon armors just awaiting your every
desire! Muwahahahaha! Buy two Zircon Armors, a Zircon Robe, two Zircon Plates,
two Zircon Helms, and then a Zircon Beret. Wah! Why can't Lufia use any of the
armor here? Ehh. . .she's not 133+ enough. Let's just say that for now. After
you're done buffing up, go talk to the guy near the left cave. He wants some
apple cider from the crazy old man in the basement. Alrighty then, if you say
so. Proceed down to the basement. There's a crazy old LADY here who tells you
"only the smart ones get this far". Wow, don't *you* feel special. Especially
since you're using this walkthrough. . .=P. In the back room, the old man tells
you about his great 'plum cider'. Errr. . .what he sells you instead is Apple
Cider. Right. The crazy old men of Lufia never cease to amaze me. Now feed the
guy his god-forsaken apple cider. (Or is it plum? Who knows. . .) He'll tell
you the whereabouts of the key, which you could have figured out on your own

93. Dragon Shrine
Level: 45
Enemies: Assorted
Items: Might Bow, Dragon Eggx8

Before heading into the Arubus cave, there's a side-quest you can take part in.
Since you finished the Oil cave, which had the last 2nd chest in it, you can
head back to the dragon shrine west of Herat. Go up to the dragon and cash in
the set of Dragon Eggs you've found so far. MAKE SURE YOU'VE COMPLETED PAST THE
OIL CAVE BEFORE DOING SO. Now, the Dragon will send them all out again, in
different treasure boxes this time. We'll now collect them, but don't cash them
in yet, because two of the third set of eggs go into the Glasadar Cave and
Glasadar Tower. So, when you cash in the first set, what exactly should you
get? Your first choice is 2 levels for everyone. That is kinda worthless,
because you gain about 2 levels everytime you complete a dungeon. Pretty
worthless. The second is three of each '~ Potion'. What he means by that are
the Great Potions, Power Potions, etc. While that may sound enticing, it's not
worth passing up the next two choices, Might Bows and Might Armors, items you
can't find anywhere else in the game. The first time, I took a Might Bow for
Jerin. While it's ten points weaker than the Zircon Rod, it allows Jerin to
attack all enemies, which outdoes the Zircon Rod's coolness factor. Now it's
time to go find the eight eggs again. Your first stop is Alekia. The Dragon Egg
there is in the 'secret' treasure room on the first floor, in the chest where
the Revive was. If you need extra help any time, just refer back to the section
that details the town/dungeon. Next, warp to Belgen. The egg there is in the
back cave. Alright. Now it gets tedious. Fly to the Northwest Tower, the tower
by Grenoble and the Old Cave. The Dragon Egg is on the top floor, behind the
man's room in a group of two chests. Talk about annoying. Now, head to the
Southwest Cave, the cave southwest of Belgen. The Dragon Egg is down the middle
staircase of the first room, and then up in a group of two chests, thankfully
early in the dungeon. The fifth Dragon Egg is in the Marse Cave's only treasure
chest. (Remember that cave south of Linze, with only a Power Potion in it?) The
sixth egg is in Elba Cave, down all the ladders in the lowest left corner.
Bwar. The seventh egg of the 2nd set is by far the most annoying, it being
buried beneath the sea in the Underwater Cave by Soshette. It's near the north
exit of the left cave, by the pair of boxes the Ex Potion and Spell Potion were
in. The last egg is in the Epro Cave. It's on the second floor, where you got
the Ex Bomb. Alright. You have the 2nd set of Dragon Eggs. But keep them. There
are still unopened chests that the 3rd set appears in. Patience comes to those
who wait. . .

94. Arubus Cave
Level: 45
Enemies: Rock Golem, Gorgon, Mad Knight, Efreet, Barient, Hydra, Zaurus Rex
Items: Hi Potion, Hi Bomb, Gloom Arrow, Smoke Ball, Magic Guard, Mystery Pin,
Great Potion, Zircon Sword, White Ring, Mind Potion, Miraclex3, Spell Potion,
Gloom Guard, Power Potion, Glasadar Key

Gah. Another worthless cave. Don't worry, we are coming to the end of these.
Arubus Cave is the northernmost cave on the continent. Ultimate irritation.
That is all I can say to describe this cave. If you thought the Epro Cave was
bad, honey, you ain't seen nothing yet. This cave not only harbors Rock Golems,
but Gorgons, monsters even WORSE (and in more abundance) than the golems. With
their skill Iron Air, which they use over 75% of the time, they can easily turn
your characters to stone. And they are FRIGGIN' FAST. I suggest bringing a
large pack of Stone Cures with you. The Barients in here randomly drop Might
Helmets, the ultimate helmets for your warriors. Enter the cave, and follow
along, taking the Hi Potion, and go back up to the first level. Head down the
right ladder, and take the Hi Bomb over to the left. Go straight down, take the
Gloom Arrow, and then down to the right corner for a Smoke Ball. In the lower
right corner is a Magic Guard. Continue up and up the right ladder, take the
Mystery Pin directly below you, and then head all the way north to get a Great
Potion. All the way south is a Zircon Sword. A bit in the middle, you'll find a
door, containing a White Ring. Now you're done with the first floor, so go back
and then go down the steps. On the second floor, enter the right room and take
the portal at the end to get a Mind Potion. In the left room, follow the
ladders and take the Miracle. There's another Miracle on the lower left side,
and a third on the lower lower left side. Hit the switch down. Go back to the
right door, and then jump into the portal. You'll know be on the small island
in the little lake. Take the Spell Potion and head down to the third floor,
where you'll get the final three treasures in this cave. The Glasadar Key does
two things, one being unlocking the Glasadar Tower, and the other unlocks the
fourth warp shrine, which creates a full curcuit from the Tower of Grief to
Alekia. I don't know why they gave you access to this so late in the game,
because it's pretty much worthless. But that top door of the shrine still won't
open. Is there a way to open it? That remains a mystery, even to me.

95. Glasadar Cave
Level: 48
Enemies: Humungus, Mad Knight, Efreet, Zaurus Rex, Barient, Gorgon, Dragon, Mad
Cleric, Red Skull, Gloom
Items: Ex Bombx2, Ex Arrowsx2, Power Potion, Black Ring, Antidote, Smoke Ball,
Hi Potion, Sonic Heels, Hi Magic, Stone Cure, Great Potion, Miraclex4, Gloom
Arrow, Mind Gourd, Dragon Arrow, Ex Potion, Big Arrow,

Warp out, heal/stock up at Arubus, and now head to the south cave, which shall
lead you to the Glasadar Tower, and hopefully to Doom Island. This dungeon is
pretty easy. Descend the ladders, grabbing the Ex Bomb and Arrows. There is a
Power Potion in the second row of the muck from the left, two steps down. Enter
the left room and take the Black Ring. The lower right room contains HP/MP
restorers. Enter the right room and head to the second floor. Head all the way
left and take the Antidote. Go up the long ladder and take the Smoke Ball. The
left room contains a Hi Potion. In the right room, take the Sonic Heels,
continue on, take the Hi Magic in the center room, and then exit back to the
second floor. Go up in the right corner and take the Stone Cure. Now, head to
the really high ladder to the left of the place you came out of. Head up, and
then into the room to the right to get a Great Potion. Back out, keep right,
taking the Miracle and Gloom Arrow. On the left side, take the Mind Gourd and
Dragon Arrow. Climb up to the right room, and go to the back of the room. (Take
either door, it doesn't make a difference.) You'll find an Ex Potion and Big
Arrow waiting for you. Exit out, and head up the left ladder to get a second Ex
Bomb. Bypass the next door for now, and continue all the way right to get a
second set of Ex Arrows. Climb up the ladder and enter the final room. In the
muck, there is a Miracle in between the two pillars, one step into the muck.
The other two chests contain two more Miracles. Now, head back into that room
we skipped a bit earlier, use your Glasadar Key on the door, and then proceed
through the portal and out of the cave.

96. Glasadar Tower
Level: 50
Enemies: Dragon, Wing Lion, Gloom, Mad Cleric, Red Skull, Humungus, Firewave,
Waterspout, Whirlwind, Electromaz
Items: Hi Potion, Ex Bombx2, Big Arrow, Ex Arrows, Power Gourd, Mind Gourd,
Revivex2, Gloom Arrow, Gloom Ring, Miraclex7, Antidote, Stun Arrow, Power
Potion, Great Potion, Speed Potion, Mind Potion, Spell Potion

Glasadar Tower. Alright. Now we're one step closer to Doom Island. Let's hope
we can nab the Sinistrals this time. You shouldn't really be hurting from the
Glasadar Cave, as it was pretty short. If your magic is low, use Hi/Ex Magics
to refill it so that you can cure yourselves once more. Gwar. The Glooms in
here are much more active than they were in the Glasadar Cave. They use a spell
called "Succumb", which is basically Death with a flashy name. It seems to
always hit Lufia and Jerin, and our Revive stock is already running low, so I
wouldn't advise to take on these guys in large numbers. Inside the tower, the
rooms on the left and right contain a Hi Potion and Ex Bomb. Proceed to the
second floor. Enter the center room and take the Big Arrow, then head up to the
hallway. Go right, and into the first room. Head down and right to get Ex
Arrows. Go down, and up to the third floor. Cool layout of the tower, eh? Very
space-age. Head left and get the Hi Magic. Right is a Power Gourd and Mind
Gourd. Now, head up and into the hallway. Head right, and then in the next
room, head right and down to get a Revive. In the lower left corner is a room,
head up to get to the fourth floor. Continue through the small room, and take
the Ex Bomb. Head down and out, and then take the Gloom Arrow. Keep going down,
eventually to the end, where you'll recieve a Gloom Ring and a Miracle. Now go
back to the main room on the fourth floor, and enter the upper right room to
get to the fourth floor hallway. Keep going into the next room, and then head
down, take the Antidote, and then continue up to the fifth floor. Go straight
up into the fifth floor hallway, and then you'll be faced with two rooms to
enter. Hop in the portal in the right one, giving you access to handy-dandy
HP/MP restorers. The left room contains a stairway to the sixth floor. Up on
the sixth floor are four switches. The switch alone turn the three back to
normal. The three switches determine where the portal leads to. Here are the
combinations that lead somewhere worth going to.
Right: Stun Arrow. You'll have to drop down from here and go back through the
castle, though. . .so unless you really want it, it's not that worth it.
None: Miracle. As the Stun Arrow, you'll have to drop down and go all the way
back through the castle. At this point in the game I had over 50 Miracles, so I
didn't feel the need to get this one and go through such a pain as walking back
through the castle.
Middle-Right: Miracle. After taking it, leave the room, but DON'T drop in the
hole yet. Go through the room and you'll come across a secret room filled with
treasure! Drop down the hole, then make your way back up to the sixth floor.
Now *THAT* was worth it.
Middle: Seventh Floor. Continue through the hallways, (don't fall in the hole.
. .) and make your way to the seventh floor, where you will encounter Nazeby,
the Sinistral who just wasn't good enough. Why didn't he become a Sinistral?
Well, fight him and find out. His 'special magic attack', Spark, does friggin'
30 damage to each character. Have Lufia use Thunder if needed. In fact, all his
magic basically does nil. The only remotely dangerous attack he uses is Mace,
which is doom with a crappier name. Oh no! I only have three Revives! Have no
fear. Mace hardly ever works. Pshaw. Besides, even if you do run out of
Revives, do you know what Miracles do? They revive your characters to full HP/.
Rockin' like a hurricane. Nazeby *rarely*, and I mean *rarely* uses Sunder, but
if he does, just use your Revives. Magic attacks don't do much against him, but
physical attacks sure do! Use your hard-earned Power Gourds to boost up Hero to
an unblockable powerhouse. Near the end, you'll know you'll be whittling down
his HP, because he'll start to use Vulcan, which brings down 70-100 HP. You'll
have to commit the girls to healing then, but not for long, because you should
have this Dark-Servant-Meets-Zorak dead in no time. Afterwards, you'll be
treated to a very long cinema scene involving Lufia and her connections with
the Sinistrals. Eventually, she's gone with the Dual Blade, and you're left
with three characters. Weird enough, you can't warp out of Glasadar Tower, so
simply drop down to the bottom.

97. Dragon Shrine
Level: 50
Enemies: Assorted
Items: Dragon Eggx8, Might Shieldx2

Now that you've completed Glasadar Tower, you can head back here and finish the
Dragon Eggs sidequest. Now, turn in your 2nd set of eggs, and take a Might
Armor. The third and final set will now be sent out. The first egg is in Sheran
Castle, in the chest in the throne room. The second egg is in the East Cave, by
Guy's House, east of Treck. The third egg is down in the 7th floor of the Old
Cave. Head up the first ladder, go all the way north in the next room, up the
steps, and then up and around and down. Not too hard to find. (Shyeah right.)
The next Dragon Egg is a bit easier, in the Wizard of Cookery's basement in
Lyden. The fifth egg is in the Herat Cave, in the chest where the Stun Arrow
was on the first floor. Arubus Cave houses the sixth egg. It's in the portal on
the second floor (make sure the switch is in the 'up' position.) The seventh
egg is in Glasadar Cave, on the left side of the plateaus on the second floor.
But don't stop there, because what sucks is that you must journey through the
Glasadar Cave to get the eighth egg, which lies in the hidden treasure room of
Glasadar Tower. Once you have all three of these, take them back to the Dragon
to get your well-deserved second Might Shield. What is crazy, is after you
'give' the eggs to the dragon and it flies away, there are still eight eggs in
your inventory! Wacky.

98. Warp Shrine
Level: 50
Enemies: None
Items: None

So where to now? Lufia is MIA, the Dual Blade is in pieces, and Doom Island has
fled the scene. It looks like we're back to square one, minus a character and
catastrophic weapon. Not quite. It seems that Mt. Doom has positioned itself
above the Tower of Grief. Warp to Arus, and then fly a bit north of the ToG,
and you'll see Mt. Doom. Land on the island, and then continue upwards until
you're in the Warp Shrine! Hey! Finally. The doors are all opened. The crazy
warp guy heals you for free, as well as lets you save. Now, when you're ready,
open the doors in front of you. First some notes: You shouldn't need to 'stock
up', with all the material you already have. I had over 40 Ex Magics, 50
Miracles, so I was set. Equip the Zircon Sword you found in the Epro Cave on
Hero. If you sold it, warp to Forfeit and buy it back. Up to here, I had a full
set of Might equipment. I had the Might Armor, which Flame Plates drop, Might
Shields from the Dragon, and then Might Helmets that Bariuses drop. It's very
helpful equipment. I was also way past Level 50. It's not necessary, but it
helps so that all your characters have all of their magic mastered for the
final battle. Finally, when you're ready, head through the final door. You have
to climb up the mountain, but simply head straight until you see. . .

99. Fortress of Doom
Level: 50
Enemies: Whirlwind, Mega Atlas, Fire Wave, Waterspout, Gold Golem, Electromaz,
Act Hydra, Act Dragon, Gades, Amon, Daos, Guard Daos
Items: Power Potionx2, Mind Potion, Great Potion, Speed Potion, Spell Potionx2,

This is it, baby! The big showdown. Man, how long have we waited for this
moment! Time to restore peace to the world. . .and all that good stuff. I just
want treasure! This castle is basically identical to the first one. In fact,
the treasure is still in tact. Take the Power Potion, then make a circuit of
the basement, coming back up on the right side. Head up to reach the second
floor. Check the right room for a Power Potion. Go around, take the Spell
Potion in the room on the other side, and then ascend to the third floor. There
are two Miracles at the back of the third floor. The steps on the third floor
lead to an HP/MP restorer, although it's pretty worthless. Head up to the
fourth floor, where there are three Miracles placed around the edges. On the
fifth floor, heal, and then examine the Dual Blade. After a short cinema scene,
Molo regains the Dual Blade. Make last minute modifications, and then proceed
to enter combat with Gades! Gades is pure brute strength. . .at its worst. When
my friend watched me beat these guys, here was his comment: "Man, these guys
are the Sinistrals? They should be called the PATHETICstrals!" I slapped him
for making such a crappy joke. But, seriously now--a crappy joke is what Gades
does. He casts "Destroy", which does around 200-300 damage, but only to one
character at a time, and since Jerin's spells are basically worthless in this
battle, have her constantly cast Boost, Champion, or Valor. Things start to get
crazy when Gades uses "Undead", which strongly boosts his ATP. Still not much
to worry about. And he doesn't even have too high HP. They let you heal in
between battles, making this end even MORE easy than it already is. The next
enemy you fight, of course, is Amos. Amos casts Dread alot, but since he hardly
ever uses physical attacks, I don't see the real significance of it. He casts
Sunder, which is okay, dealing around 100 damage. . .but he still isn't a real
big step up from Gades. Jerin's Vulcan spell does pretty good damage to Amos in
this battle, so have her use that and heal time to time. Amos can muck you up a
bit with Chaos, which can confuse all your characters, especially when Hero and
Aguro start dueling. Try to steer clear of that, I didn't have a real problem
avoiding it. Amos, like Gades, has really low HP, so it should be a moderately
quick battle. Afterwards, you skip Erim and go straight to Mr. Big, Daos. I'll
give one thing to him -- he has decently powerful magic. He throws stuff like
Flood and Vulcan at you that deals around 100 HP damage. An annoyance he does
is 'Amnesia', which constantly paralyzes your characters, and can sometimes put
you in tough situations. But, as the saying goes: "If you've seen one
Sinistral, you've seen them all!" Daos has strong magic, but never uses it to
his advantage. Bah. Destroy him and let's be done with it! Afterwards, the four
Sinistrals try to fuse together to make a Super Sinistral, but Lufia ducks out
just in time, and they are left with a retarded deformed waste called "Guard
Daos", a name that totally reflects this final battle. Actually, this guy is
challenging. He can confuse all your characters in a round, and has the
strongest magic attacks in the game. What's cool here, is that Lufia joins you
for the final fiasco. Her Thunder attack can rock Daos's socks and then some.
But seriously, though, that's how totally crappy Guard Daos is. He has to use
your own characters against you to actually have a chance of winning, so his
favorite attack is the confusion one. Greaaat. Guard Daos has a TON of HP, so
prepared for a lengthy battle. After beating, you get a bittersweet ending that
I won't spoil for you, a ending truly fitting for this interesting little game.
A good play, eh? Definitely up there in the library of SNES classics. I'd like
to thank Taito for making a great game, SNES9X for making a great emulator,
Mike Fuller for reminding me I had this game on my hard drive, and then Red Hot
Chili Peppers, Alice in Chains, Black Label Society, Nirvana, The Cure, A
Perfect Circle, Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam, A Perfect Circle, Radiohead,
Garbage, Foo Fighters, Green Day, The Offspring, Union Underground, Rob Zombie,
Rancid, and Sheryl Crow for making rockin' music for me to listen to while I
waste my life playing games on my computer =P. Hope you had fun. Wait through
the credits at the end of the game to get your Player Stats. See if you can
beat mine!

Play Time: 22:19
Dead Count: 0
Hero Dead Count: 14
Lufia Dead Count: 9
Aguro Dead Count: 13
Jerin Dead Count: 14
Rest Count: 55
Battle Count: 1141
Runaway Count: 72
Boss Lose Count: 0
Opened Box: 655/655
Got Item: 136/136

Copyright Dan Luffey 2001. Copryight Notices: You're free to use this on any
website, as long as no text is omitted from the document, and proper credit is
given. Also, a nice thing to do would be to send me a little e-mail so that I
could see my FAQ on the site =).