Final Fantasy 5 Strategy Guide
Super Famicom
Japanese Version
Version 2.0
Made by Exdeath

            Exdeath's Final Fantasy 5 Strategy Guide

This is the Final Fantasy 5 Strategy Guide. This copyright belongs
to me and may not reproduced in any way without consent of me. This
is freely distributed as long as the copyright remains. You may use
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In this guide I will note the level I recommend your characters being,
treasures in the area, boss strategies, and common things to do.

*Note: I realize my level recommendations might seem a little high,
especially during the first part of the game, but if you're pretty
high in levels at the end of World 1, the game goes by pretty smooth.

Version Info:

-Version 2.0
     *Added a huge amount of monster information
     *Finished the complete weapon listing
     *Finished the complete armor listing
     *Finished the complete item listing
     *Finished the complete magic listing
     *Completed enemy list
     *Added Chemist Mix List

-Version 1.5
     *Various translations fixed
     *FAQ merged with Strategy Guide
     *Various editing changes to make it look neater
     *Thanks section added

-Version 1.2
     *New strategy for beating Omega!
     *Info added on several useful hints and strategies
     *Important info added in certain sections needed to
       progress to certain areas in the game
     *New info added on the game's endings

-Version 1.0    
     *Entire walkthrough written
     *Abilities list written
     *Finished spell checking and grammatical errors
     *Notes, more info on bosses added after first draft
     *English script added (thanks Mark Rosa)


World 1:

1. The Wind Stops.
2. The Pirates.
3. Town of Tule.
4. Wind Crystal Shrine.
6. Back to Tule and on to the Canal.
7. Ship Graveyard.
8. Karwen Village.
9. Northern Mountain.
10. Walse Castle.
11. Walse Town.
12. Walse Tower.
13. Tycoon Castle.
14. Walse Meteor.
15. Karnak Town and Cid.
16. The Fire-Powered Ship.
17. Escape from Karnak!
18. The Ancient Library.
19. To Karnak and Back.
20. Jacole.
21. Crescent Island.
22. From Lix to Istory.
23. The Ancient Library and Quicksand Desert.
24. Gosh and Lonka.
25. The Meteorites.
26. The Lonka Ruins.

World 2:

1. The Solitary Island.
2. Exdeath's Castle Basement.
3. Rugoru and Koozer.
4. Mouguli Forest and Town.
5. Bal Castle and Quelb.
7. Valley of the Flying Dragons.
8. Back to Bal and Ghido's Dwelling.
9. Surgate and Zeza's Fleet.
10. Barrier Tower and Ghido the Sage.
11. Muah Forest and Town.
12. The Elderly Tree.
13. Exdeath Castle.

World 3:

1. Tycoon Castle and the Western Valley.
2. Ghido, the Ancient Library, and the Pyramid.
3. Exdeath appears and the new airship.
4. Crescent and Solitary Island.
5. Fork Tower.
6. Improved Airship and the Great Deep
7. Getting Odin.
8. Phoenix Tower.
9. North Mountain.
10. Getting the Mimic Class.
11. Istory Falls and extra things.
12. Cleft of Dimention.

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World 1:

1. The Wind Stops. (Level: 1)

You start out by seeing the King of Tycoon Castle leaving Lenna in
charge. Lenna is the princess of Tycoon Castle, and the King has left
because he is worried that the win has stopped. Then, it cuts to the
pirates, and Faris, the leader of the pirates. Then you see Galuf, riding
the meteor to this world. The meteor crashes into this world and you
will gain control of Butz. He will tell Boko, his Chocobo, to stay behind.
Go up and around and fight the two goblins that are trying to take
Lenna away. Kill them and meet her, then go upward to meet Galuf.
Galuf and Lenna leave for the Wind Crystal Shrine.

2. The Pirates.  

Treasures:  Kawa no Boushi  (Leather Cap)

Walk Butz out of the meteorite site and north of where he started,
eventually, Boko will crash into the wall. You will have to fight a
few goblins several times until you get Lenna and Galuf to join your
party. They find out the road to Tule is down, and they need to get
a ship somehow. Go into the cave to the Pirate ship and gain a few
levels by the pool that fills your HP and MP up. Go up and through
the winding cave, collecting the treasures as you go. Push the switch
that the pirate did to go into the cave. Go across the bridge to the
ship and press the "A" button the wheel of the ship. You will meet
Faris here. After explaiNing why you were trying to take the ship,
Faris will join you and leave for the Wind Crystal Shrine. The pirate
will ask you if you know the way to the Wind Crystal Shrine, pick the
top answer (Yes) if you do, and pick the bottom one, (No), if you
don't. If you pick "No", the pirate will drive you over to where the
Wind Crystal Shrine is. Don't go into it just yet, though.

3. Town of Tule. (Level: 4)

Treasures: 100 Giru, Potion x 2, Etel, Fenix no O x 2, Tent x 2, 150 Giru,
Kawa no Kutsu (Leather Shoes)

If you don't have Level 4 yet, I suggest that you walk around outside
of the town awhile until you get to that point. Go inside the town, Faris
will head inside the Pub and drink for awhile. Go into the various shops,
buy anything that you need and make sure to buy the magic. Also, if
you're new to this game, you may want to visit the House of Beginners.

4. Wind Crystal Shrine. (Level: 5)

Treasures: Tent, Bload Sword, Tsue (Staff/Cane),
Kawa no Boushi (Leather Hat)

This dungeon is not difficult at all if you are level 5. When you first
enter, go off to the left and get some info on King Tycoon and get a
few free potions and fill up your HP/MP. Keep going up a few floors,
gaiNing each treasure you come across, until you fight Wingrapter.

Boss of the Wind Crystal Shrine:   Wingrapter.  
HP: 250

Only attack it while it's wings are open. Attacking when it's wings are
closed will make it counter-attack with Tsume (Iron Nail). An easy way to
beat it is to get Bload sword for all members and just keep attacking it
until it dies.

After you beat the Wingrapter, you get your first jobs. The jobs are:

Knight, Monk, Thief, ShiroMadoushi (White Mage), KuroMadoushi
(Black Mage), and AoMadoushi (Blue Mage).

You'll want to walk outside of the Wind Crystal Shrine and fight a bit with
your new classes. Right now I recommend Butz as Knight, Lenna as Black or
White Mage (Kuro or Shiro Madoushi), Galuf as Monk, and Faris as Blue Mage or
Thief. Doing this will give you good abilities with magic and attack. Also,
if you are really strong, go a little bit south of the Wind Crystal Shrine
and to the right on the strip of land, fighting the Lion-like enemies gets
you a lot of ABP, fighting three of them at a time will get you 3 ABP a

6. Back to Tule and on to the Canal. (Level: 7)

Go back to Tule using the ship, and go to the northern house in the city,
this is Zokku's house. After your party spends the night here, you will
get the "Unga no Kagi" (Canal Key). Leave town and go to the canal a
little bit south of the Wind Crystal Shrine. Open the door with the key that
Zokku gave you. Syldra will leave at the end of this part.

Boss of Torna Canal:  Kalablos.    
HP: 650    
Weakness: Thunder

He's pretty easy, all you really need to do is attack. Just attack her when
she's in normal state. When she becomes undead state, a good way to beat her
is to use "O Kearu" (Cure), on her with White Mages (ShiroMadoushi).

7. Ship Graveyard.  (Level: 8)

Treasures: Tent, 990 Giru, Phoenix no O x 2, Flail, Antidote x 2,

Keep following the ships, you should find your way through easily,
gain levels as you go through, some of these enemies give you some
decent experience.  **

*Note: I know many people have problems with this stage of the on the
SNES emulators because of the various layering effects of emulators. I
don't think there is a good way around this, so if you're here on an
SNES emulator, it might be a little harder to navigate around, but
still possible.

Boss of the Ship Graveyard:  

Having one or two Monks or Knights helps when she's in normal form. When
she's in undead form, a good way of beating her is to use "O Kearu" (Cure)
with White Mages (ShiroMadoushi). Just keep attacking when she's in normal
form, though.

8. Karwen Village.  (Level: 10)

Treasures:  Kori no Rod (Ice Rod), Cottage, Antidote.

You will learn about Walse Castle and Hiryuus, flying dragons, in this
town. Buy whatever you think you need here, and change your jobs
according to what you think is best. Now is a pretty good time to gain
some levels outside of the town, if you need to.

9. Northern Mountain. (Level: 11)

Treasures:  Kin no Hari (Golden Needles), Phoenix no O

Go through the mountain, collecting treasures as you go, and you'll
go through a few forks. You'll eventually fight Forza and Magisa at
the middle of the mountain.

Boss of Northern Mountain:  

Forza: Level 8, HP: 850
Magisa:  Level 8, HP: 650

If you get hit by strong magic, heal by using either a potion or "O Kearu"
(Cure) spell. An easy way to defeat them is to make 4 Monks or Knights and
just waste Magisa with attacks before she can even call Forza to come to
her aid.

You now have control of the Hiryuu. Fly to Walse town, south of Karwen
town. You can also go back to Tycoon Castle to get some good treasures
if you want, Tycoon will be accessed by the Hiryuu for as long as you
have it.

10. Walse Town.  (Level: 13)

Treasures: Silver Glasses

You will learn about the Water Crystal here. Buy the best weapons and
armor for every character, and be sure to buy any magic you don't have
yet. You may want to gain a few levels outside. After you're done, head
to Walse Castle.

11. Walse Castle.  (Level: 13 or 14)

Treasures: Tent, Phoenix no O, 490 Giru, Elf no Manto (Elf Cloak),
1000 Giru x 2, Supido (Speed).

Talk to the soldiers and the King of Walse, you will see the second
meteorite crash into the earth. Go with the King to where the meteorite
crashed, which is a little northwest of Walse Castle. Don't go into the
basement of Walse Castle right now, it is very dangerous, but you'll
come back later.

12. Walse Tower. (Level: 14)

Treasures: Otome no Kissu (Woman's Kiss), Ether, Silver Bracelet,
Siruku no Robe (Silk Robe).

Keep heading up the tower, and talk to King Walse, who is on the
ground. Proceed up the tower, getting the treasures by climbing
the vines.  You will eventually get some Crystal Chips, and you
must then fight Galura, the boss of Walse Tower.

Boss of Walse Tower: Galura  
Level 3, HP: 1200

An easy way of defeating Galura is to just use "Kaeru no Uta" (Frog Song)
on him, so he becomes very weak. He mainly uses physical attacks, so just
keep hitting him with Monks and Knights.

After this battle, you gain the following jobs:

TokiMadoushi (Time Mage), Mahoukenshi (Magic Knight),
Shoukanshi (Summoner), Baasaakaa (Berserker), and
AkaMadoushi (Red Mage).

Now is a good time to get the treasures in Tycoon castle if you
haven't done so already, you may want to try out your new jobs
and gain a few levels.

13. Tycoon Castle. (Level: 15)

Treasures:  Otome no Kissu (Woman's Kiss), Elixer x 2, Ether x 2,
Phoenix no O x2, Giyama no Kane (Giyama's Bell), Shuriken,
Ashura, Iyashi no Tsue (Heal Rod), Cottage x 3, Hi-Potion.

Just grab all the treasures you can. Some are a little hidden, but
I'll let you figure out how to get them.

Go back to Walse Castle and talk to King Walse, he'll tell you
information about Karnak.

14. Walse Meteor. (Level: 15)

Go to the meteorite, there is a hole in it. Go through the small
passage in the meteor, and you'll eventually find a warp that
brings you to the meteor close Karnak. Walk northwest, and
then south. Go to Karnak Town.

15. Karnak Town and Cid. (Level: 15)

Go to the weapon or armor shop and try to buy something, you
will get caught and brought to the Karnak Castle prison. You will
meet Cid in the next jail, as he is trying to escape. He'll ask you
to help him by stopping the Fire Crystal from breaking. After you
talk to Cid, you will be let out of the castle. Buy the best magic,
weapons, and armor from the shops here, and talk to the people
of Karnak.

After you bought "Faira 2" (Fire 2), go back to the Castle of Walse
and go behind the castle and to the back waterfall. Keep going
until you fight Shiva, use Faira 2 on her, and she should be easy.
Now you have your first level 2 summon, Shiva. Now is a great
time to gain levels around Karnak.

16. The Fire-Powered Ship. (Level: 17)

Keep going through the ship, there are various ways with different
treasures. The elevators will switch your levels for you, and there
are single treasures in many rooms. When you see a room with four
opeNings, take the one all the way to the right to get the Green
Beret. After you got it, you'll end up back at the same four choices
room. Take the second opeNing on the right to eventually get the
Thief Glove. You'll return again to the four choices area. Take the
second opeNing to the left, and you'll proceed. When you fall down,
take the left door, and you can save. After the save point, you'll
find an interesting puzzle that you'll need to complete in order to
pass. I'll give the solution to the puzzle, don't read it if you want
to try it on your own first.

Solution:  Click the first switch you can possibly click. Get off that
platform and click the switch all the way to the left. Click the switch
in the upper-left, and run across the room and click both switches on the
other side. Walk downward and click the higher switch while you're
standing to the right of it. Click the last switch, and you'll be brought
to a place by an Elixer. Grab it and proceed to the boss.

Boss of the Fire-Powered Ship:  Liquid Flame.
Level 19, HP: 3000.                      
Attribute: Fire and Wind.

You'll need to heal after you get hit by his Fire Magic. Bulizado (Blizzard)
magic series is very effective on him, but don't use magic while it's in the
form of a hand. Only attack it with strong attacks when it's in the hand

17. Escape from Karnak! (Level: 19)

Treasures:  2000 Giru x 2, Elixer x 6, Elf's Cloak, Main Gauch,
Shuriken, Ribbon, Esna Spell, Raijin no Jutsu.

After you leave the crystal room from the whole, you'll have 10
minutes to escape from Karnak Castle. It's really important that
you have one of your characters be a Thief and have the "Dash"
skill, because you don't want to waste any time at all. Be sure
to save at the save point. Run up the staircase, and get the two
treasure chests that you see quickly. Go to upper-right staircase.
It's a good idea to run from every enemies that you run into except
for the enemies in the treasure chests, since they give you things
after defeating them. Get the treasures on the left and the right
of the room. In these treasure chests, you will fight enemies.

These enemies cast the Blue Magic spell "Aero", so it's a good idea to
learn it now. Go to the central door. Run around and go through the door
at the bottom. Go through the next floor quickly, there is no treasure
here. When you get to the room with the carpet, go to the upper-right
staircase. Run to lower exit and get the treasure box, fight and kill
the enemy. Run along the left and right castle walls, and in one of them,
you will get the "Elf no Manto" (Elven Cloak). Return to the room you
left from, and get every treasure chest you see. Run down the central
staircase and you'll end up in the carpeted room. Go down and get the
treasures on the left and right sides, and fight the enemies. Go down
and fight the Sergeant.

Boss of Karnak Castle:  Sergeant      

When you get hit with the Death Claw, one of your characters will have
only a few hit points. Make sure to heal this character quickly. Normal
attacks work just fine for defeating him, and Monks are the most

*Note:  Make sure to learn the Blue Magic spell "Death Claw" here, it's
one of the most important Blue Magic spells in the game, and it should
be useful throughout.

Try to gain a few levels afterward. If you can get to level 25 going past
Karnak, the rest of World 1 will be pretty easy.

18.  The Ancient Library. (Level: 23)

The wall that was blocking your way to the west is now gone, so you
can follow the path west. There's a good opportunity to gain a good
Blue Magic spell on the way to the Ancient Library.

GaiNing Aqualung:  
Before reaching the desert following the western passage, be sure to save your
game. Once saved, enter the desert. I recommend changing all of your characters
to Monks here. Make sure at least one of the Monks knows the Blue Magic ability
"Learn Blue Magic" Enter the desert, and you will fight the Durumu Kimaira
(Chivera). He will probably cast a deadly Blue spell, "Aqualung". Once he has
cast it, keep hitting hit with everything you've got. Use Store Power or plain
attacks with the Monks. After killing him, you will get the Blue Magic spell

When you get to the Ancient Library, save your game and use a Tent. When you
enter the Ancient Library, go to the main hall and talk to the scholars. You
will learn about Mid, Cid's grandson, and about the Ancient Library. Go to
the basement of the library from the left door under the bridge when you
entered the library. There is a great Blue Magic spell, "Level 5 Death" that

can be gained here from Page 64 enemies.

GaiNing Level 5 Death:  
To get this Blue Magic spell, you must first make sure that at least one member
of your party is a level multiple of 5, but one or more members cannot be a level
multiple of 5, or all of your guys will die in the process. A few of the books in
the library have the enemy "Page 64", and when you meet him, he will more than
likely cast "Level 5 Death". You'll need a Blue Mage or the skill "Learn Blue
Magic" to get it, of course. After he casts it, just win the battle, and you've
got a new piece of Blue Magic. :)

After you've gotten Level 5 Death, proceed through the library, going into
various dead ends and pushing the switches to open up new areas. Going
farther into the library, you will meet Ifrit, the Fire Elemental.

Boss 1 of Ancient Library:  Ifrit.
Level 22, HP: 3000         Attribute: Fire     Weakness: Ice

This battle shouldn't be hard at all. Casting Shiva with a Summoner is
very effective, and when you have more than 1 Summoner, it's even
more effective. :) Black Mage's Bulizara magics work very well, too.
After you've beaten Ifrit, the Summoner can cast the Ifrit Summon.

When you get Ifrit, a bookshelf that wouldn't let you pass before now
will. Proceed through the library, and at the bottom, you'll fight Biblos.

Boss 2 of Ancient Library: Biblos.
Level 24, HP: 3600        Weakness: Fire

Try your most powerful Faira (Fire) magics on him. Ifrit works well.
Attacking Monks also help. A good way to beat him is using "Death
Claw" Blue Magic (Ao Mahou) spell. He shouldn't be too hard, but
he is harder than Ifrit.

19. To Karnak and back. (Level: 24)

You must talk to Mid in the Ancient Library. Then, leave for Karnak.
Talk to Cid in the pub. You'll get the Fire-powered ship. When you
go back to the Ancient Library again, the scholars will say new
things. They'll inform you of Jacole.

20. Jacole. (Level: 24)

This town is located on the peNinsula in the south-western part of
the world. Buy new items and weapons, and learn of your next
destination, the Dungeon of Jacole.

Treasures in the Dungeon of Jacole: Tent, Shuriken, Dengeki Muchi
(LightNing Whip).

When you enter, press the switch on the left. This enables you to
move around. There are a series of switches on the walls. After the
switches blink for awhile, a 'true' switch will be revealed. Hit this
switch to proceed. In the treasure chest at the end, there is a hidden
switch. Hit it to reveal a new door. There really isn't anything you
need to do here, but you'll come back later. The wall in the back can
be climbed, but don't do it yet.

21. Cresent Island. (Level: 25)

When you first go into Cresent town, your ship will sink (Doh!). The
village folks speak of the Kuro Chocobo (Black Chocobo). There
is an additional song you can get here, "Tairyoku no Uta" (Health
Song). You may also learn "Death Sickle" Blue Magic spell here
by fighting enemies outside of the town. After you've done everything
you need to do in the town, go into the Chocobo Forest (southwest
of Cresent town). When you get in, catch a Black Chocobo by
pressing 'A'.

You will gain two additional classes here. They are:

Ginyuu Shijin (Bard), Karyuudo (Archer/Hunter).

After you get your new classes and KuroChocobo, head north of
the Wind Crystal Shrine, and you'll arrive at Butz's hometown, Lix.

22. From Lix to Istory. (Level: 26)

There really isn't much to do in Lix. But, there is a new song that
you can learn. Go into Butz's house and get "Yuuwaku no Uta"
(Song of Temptation).

After you've packed up, head to Istory. It's northwest of the
entire world map. When you're in the city, stock up on weapons
and armor, and whatever else you think you need. You can get
the Black Magic "Toad" by walking on the square flower garden
to the west part of the town. If you go into the sheep's pen, talk
to one of the sheep, and it'll kick you over the fence. Once you're
over the fence, talk to the nearby Bard and get the Song: "Ai no
Uta" (Song of Love).

Outside and around Istory are very good places to gain levels at
this point of the game. It may be wise to stop awhile and fight.

You can get Ramuh summon spell here. Go to the forest slightly
to the east, and keep fighting until he fights you. He shouldn't be
hard at all.

Boss of Istory Forest: Ramuh.  
Level: 21, HP: 4000     Atrribute: Thunder

Death Claw works incredibly well in this battle. Use that right
away if you have it. If you don't have it, use Monks or Knights
to beat him out physically. It shouldn't be too hard, considering
your levels.

After you've beaten Ramuh, a new item named "Ramuh" will end
up in your inventory. Use the item to get the new Summon spell,

This is a really great place to stop to gain levels. Most battles
yield 2 or 3 ABP, which is pretty good, considering what you've
been through so far. It's a good idea to master Magic classes with
Lenna and Butz, and Physical classes for Galuf and Faris, for now.

23. The Ancient Library and Quicksand Desrt. (Level: 28)

Tlak to Cid and Mid, and you will learn about King Tycoon. Exit the
library, and go west past the mountain range, and into the desert.
When you enter the desert, the sand worm will attack you. When
you get their, you're asked if you're ready to go in or not. Select
'yes' if you're ready to fight it.

Boss of the Quicksand Desert: Sand Worm.
Level 18, HP: 300                  Weakness: Water.

Aqua Breath is incredibly useful for this battle. Just one use of this
Ao Mahou spell should kill it. If you cast magic on the little holes,
they'll revenge with "Ryuusa". "Stop" is a pretty good spell as
well. Use anything from the Water magic class.

24. Gosh and Lonka. (Level: 28)

It's not very hard to navigate through the quicksand to get out of the
desert, just keep trying until you get to the right path. When you get
to the southern exit, walk south. Enter the village and you'll see King
Tycoon (?). Keep going to where he leaves to, and he will appear
and reappear. If you found him, he'll eventually take to the center
staircase. Follow him there. When you get their, you'll fall through a
pitfall. Go through the door at the end.

When you get to the room with the beds, go to the right table in the
right room and read the paper on the table. If you follow the
instructions written on the paper, you'll get 2 Shurikens and a

*Solution to puzzle:  Go to the button on the lower-left wall, press
"A". Say 'no' to the first question, and 'yes' to the second
question. This should reveal your treasure.

When you get the airship here, you'll get attacked on it by

Boss on the Airship (Once you get it): ClayClaw
Level 43, HP: 2000       Weakness: Thunder

Mahouken Sandara will work well. He'll use a special ability on
you called TailScrew. This is a devestating attack, but it shouldn't
be too hard to help it with healing magic spells. Also, if you're
really low on HP, it might be a good idea for a AoMadoushi (Blue
Mage) to cast "????", which does greater HP damage when your
HPs are low. Also, "Raijin no Jutsu" can be thrown at him to do
some huge damage. It's a good idea to steal a "Sango no Ken"
(Coral Sword) from him, as this is the best sword for a Knight
at this point in the game.

When you beat ClayClaw, go to the town of Gohn. The Lonka
Ruin will rise. Return to the Catapult (Where your Airship is
launched out of, under the sea, near crescent island).

25. The Meteorites. (Level: 30)

When you return to the Catapult, Cid will ask for you to obtain
some Adamantite, so your airship can fly higher and meet up with
the Lonka Ruin. Go to the Meteor near Tycoon (You were here
at the very start of the game). When you go inside the Meteor,
a boss is guarding it.

Boss of the Tycoon Meteorite:  Adamantaimai
Level 20, HP: 2000       Weakness: Ice (Buluzado)

This is a very humorous battle, if you know how to win it right. Just
use "Level 5 Death" you learned from the Ancient Library, and that
will totally destroy him. ^_^  If you don't have Level 5 Death, use
"Protetsu" on your characters, then cast high-level Bulizado attacks.

After you have beaten Adamantaimai, return to the catapult and
give the Adamantite to Cid. The airship will now be powered up and
you can press "B" while in the air to go up to the Lonka Ruins.

26. The Lonka Ruins. (Level: 31)

There are 4 cannons around the opeNing, and you'll have to defeat
these cannons first before moving into the interior of the Lonka
Ruins. It's easiest to beat these by using the Ramuh summon spell,
and they shouldn't be a big problem at all. Once you beat all of
the smaller cannons, the middle cannon will open up, and you will
have to fight it, as well. If at any time you need to leave this
flying area, you can take your airship out of here to sleep at an
Inn or buy items.

Boss of the beginNing of Lonka Ruins: Sol Cannon.
Level 36

Just use "Level 5 Death", as it will destroy 2 of the 3 launchers.
Sandara will work very well on the remaiNing cannon. This
battle should be really easy.

Treasures in the interior of Lonka Ruins: Gold Armor, Gold Shield,
Elixer, Hi-Potion, 5000 Giru, Shuriken, Kodai no Tsurugi, Power
Wrist, Engetsurin, Cottage, Ether.

It's a REALLY good idea to have a Thief in the party for this area.
This allows you to see all of the hidden passages within the area.
It shouldn't be too hard, just keep searching for treasures, and
moving along, and you will eventually fight ArukeoEibis.

Boss of the Lonka Ruins: ArukeoEibis.

ArukeoEibis has 2 phases:

Phase 1 - Level 19, HP: 6400
Phase 2 - Level 20, HP: 2500

This is one of the harder battles in the game, I think. Since Arukeo
is fairly strong, and he can change his weakness with "Barrier Change",
this will be a tough battle. You can see his weakness by casting the
Shirmahou spell "Raibura". Monks are very good for this battle, as well.
After he revives, notice his level is multiple of 5, so you know what
that means, Level 5 Death time. ^_^

Jobs Obtained after beating the Lonka Ruins:

Samurai, Ryuukishi (Dragon Knight), Kusurishi (Chemist), Odoriko

After the last crystal breaks and gives you those classes, Exdeath
returns, because the seal is broken. Galuf leaves back to his planet,
and you will only have 3 characters in your party. Go to the
catapult and read the letter that Mid wrote. He's returNing the
adamantite to where you found them. Go to Tycoon, to the first
Meteorite. There is nothing to do here but just let the meteorite
destroy the power in the adamantite. Then, you have to go to the
Karnak Meteorite. Here you will fight Titan.

Boss of Karnak Meteorite: Titan.
Level 1, HP: 2500                   Attribute: Earth.

It shouldn't be too hard to beat him. You'll need at least one
person to heal, though, as his attacks can be devastating. He will
cast "Earth Shaker" when he dies. After you beat him, you will
receive the "Titan" summon spell.

Next, go to the Walse Meteorite. You'll have to fight PyuroBoros.

Boss of the Walse Meteorite: PyuroBoros
Level 22, HP: 2200      

This is one of the simplest battles in the game. All you have to do is
have a Samurai on hand and have him do "ZeNinage" (Coin Toss). It should
die within one throwing of this. Simple enough. :)

Now go to the meteorite near the Tower of Gone. You have to
fight Kimaira Brain.

Boss of Town of Gone's Meteorite: Kimaira Brain.
Level 19, HP: 3300

Do not use any of your Bulizado (Ice) mahou, as it will be absorbed.
Make sure someone has "Kearura", because it will cast Blaze, a very
powerful spell. Death Claw AoMahou (Blue Magic) is the best strategy
here. If you don't have it, use "Gravite" spells, as it has a weakness
to it.

*Note: You are about to leave the first world. You can do whatever you
want, but there are a few things I recommend that you do before leaving.

1) Get the Elf no Manto (Elven Cloak) and Speed Magic from the
basement of Worus castle if you haven't done so.

2) Gain a few levels. If you're high levels at this part of the game,
great. But if you aren't, it might be really wise to gain a few, as
there are much harder enemies in the next world. Once you think you
are prepared, follow the arrows on the map and head to the warp zone.

This is the end of the first world.

World 2:

1. The Solitary Island. (Level: 32)

The first thing you need to do in this world is use a Tent. If you
don't have one, you'll have to keep fighting the enemies around
this area until you can find one. If you don't find one, tough luck. :)
Use a Tent.

When you are getting to sleep, Abductor tries to take Faris and
Lenna. You'll have to fight it with only Butz.

Boss of Solitary Island: Abductor.
Level 22, HP: 1500

Very simple. Just attack, really. It doesn't have very many good
attacks, and you can easily nail it out of the sky with just plain
attacks. I wish most of the other bosses in the game were this
easy. :) If you don't think you're strong enough, just use your
Death Claw AoMahou.

2. Exdeath's Castle Basement. (Level: 32)

This is where you have to rescue Butz, Lenna, and Faris with Galuf.
It's good to have Galuf as either a Monk or Samurai (I normally
put him as a Monk, because he inflicts huge damage with it). After
a few corridors, you'll find your friend's items. Then you'll have
to fight Gilgamesh. (Cool music! ^_^)

Boss of Exdeath Castle: Gilgamesh (Ya' think it'd be Exdeath!)
Level ??, HP: ??

This is probably also one of the more simpler battles in the game.
Just use normal attacks again. He doesn't have a set ammount of
HP, but once you inflict a certain ammount of damage, he'll run

After beating Gilgamesh, you escape from Exdeath Castle. Once
out, you have to go to Big Bridge. There you will have to fight a
few enemies, and then Gilgamesh again.

Boss of Big Bridge: Gilgamesh.
Level: ??, HP: ??

Don't just attack him out of the blue, because he'll power up so
that he's much stronger (He casts Shell and Protetsu). Cast
"mahouken-sairesu" at the very start of the battle, so he can't
cast those magics to power up. It shouldn't be too hard after that.

3. Rugoru and Koozer. (Level: 33)

Not much to do here, but buy all of the new mahou and weapons
and armor. Also, when you sleep here, Galuf will get up and leave
to the Pub. Just walk Butz over to the Pub and talk with Galuf.

It's a good idea to gain a few levels outside here, as the enemies
are not too hard, yet give good gold and experience. After you
think you're ready, head south to the castle of Koozer.

When you get here, make sure you save outside. The enemies
inside are extremely hard, so run from all of them. You can go to
see the 12 legendary weapons here. You will eventually get these
weapons later in the game, but not now.

4. Mouguli Forest and Town. (Level: 34)

Treasures here: 4400 giru, Fenix Down.

When you come here, talk to the Moogle and head with him
down to the underground river. You have to fight Tirasaurs here.

Boss of River: Tirasaurs.
Level 29, HP: 5000              Weakness: Fire

This is an undead monster, so it's very good to use Faira 2 and
Kearura (Cure 2) on it. These spells should knock off considerable
ammounts of damage, as should the "Gravite" spell. After blasting
him with a bunch of spells, and healing here and there, he's dead.

Wen you get across the Grociana desert and enter the forest, you
come to Mouguli village. Try not to wander off into the desert
while you get there, because "SandCrawler" will surely kill you.
If you wear the Mouguli doll you can get the Elf no Manto here.

5. Bal Castle and Quelb. (Level: 35)

Whats going on here: It turns out that Galuf is actually the king
here, which you find surprising. There are a lot of enemies outside
the castle that you can fight for experience and gold, but don't
exit right away, because you won't be able to get back in.

Make your way to Bal Castle. There are many things you can get
and do at Bal Castle. If you walk counter-clockwise around the
Bal Castle moat, and search the dead end, you can get a Great
Sword. There is a Tenshi no Hakui (Angel Robe) behind the back
of the armor shop. There's a hidden switch between the weapon
and armor shops. The weapon shop clerk will give you the "Ramia
no Tategoto (Ramia Harp).

*Note: This is one of the best places in the game that you can get
ABP fast. In the basement of Bal Castle, many Sekizou enemies
attack you. These are easily slain by Level 5 Death. It gives you
4 ABP if killed in a group of 2, and 8 ABP if they're killed in a
set of 4. It is imperative that you up jobs here, as you will need
to master a few to beat the game efficiently.

After doing all that you can with level gaiNing and information,
leave the castle and head north, to the town of Quelb.

Enter the house in the center of Quelb. This is Kelgar's house. He
was one of the 4 Knights of Dawn that Sealed Exdeath away.
Kelgar will open the door on the north side of town. You can learn
the spell "Reqiem" from the wolves in the northeast corner of the
town. In the inn, a wolf gives you 8 potions each time you talk to
him, and you can possibly get a maximum of 24 potions. Just a little
freebie that you can pick up. :) You'll gain more information about
the story here, and your next destination is the Valley of Flying

7. Valley of the Flying Dragons. (Level: 36)

Treasures here: Cottage, 5000 giru, Bone Mail, 7000 giru,
Kazekiri no Yaiba, Hyupuno Crown, Fenix Down.

It is essential that you get the "Golem" summon here. It is fairly
easy to get. After awhile, you will eventually get into a fight with
Golem, who is being attacked by 2 monsters. If you beat the two other
monsters without having Golem die, he gives you his summon spell for
helping him. This summon is a really good one, too, since it can protect
you from a lot of damage. You will eventually have to fight the next
boss, Hiryuu sou.

Boss of Valley of the Flying Dragons: Hiryuu sou.
Level 29, HP: 12000

Your newly accquired summon, Golem, works very well here,
as it will block a lot of Hirryu sou's attacks. ZeNinage "Coin Toss"
will work incredibly well on this boss, if you have the money to
spare, this is a good idea. Otherwise, use "Gravite" spells and
normal attacks. It has a lot of HPs, but it will eventually die.

8. Back to Bal and Ghido's Dwelling. (Level: 37)

You just have to give the Hiryuusou to the Hiryuu. It'll revive and
you can use it in this world now. Go northeast from Bal, and you
will reach Ghido's Dwelling. It's really too bad that once you get
to, the entire island sinks. :) Not to worry, though...head west to
Surgate Castle.

9. Surgate and Zeza's Fleet. (Level: 37)

You will learn a lot about another of the 4 Knights of Dawn here,
Zeza. Make sure you buy the best weapons and armor availabe
for your party members, and if you go to the king's bedroom, you
can get the "Subayasa no Uta" (Song of Speed). There is a special
trick to do here, if you go to the library and arrange the scattered
books correctly. From left to right, the books are: "Kindan no Sho",
"Mamono Daijiten", and "Ronka no Himitsu". Here is a small
picture of what the bookshelves will look like:

__1__   __2__  __3__  
__4__   __5__  __6__   __7__
__8__   __9__  __10__  __11__

Put "Kindan no Sho" into bookshelf 7.
Put "Mamomo Daijiten" into bookshelf 2.
Put "Ronka no Himitsu" into bookshelf 9.

Once you have put the books in the right shelves, you will be
rewarded with the magic "Leviteto".

Leave Surgate, and head to Zeza's Fleet (It's east of Exdeath's
Castle). You meet Zeza, the Knight of Dawn, and you sleep on
the ship. When you are sleeping, monsters raid the ship. Ignore
the wandering enemies and head straight for Gilgamesh, on the
bow of the ship. He'll show up this time with a new posse,
Enkidou. :)

Bosses of Zeza's Fleet: Gilgamesh, Enkidou.

Gilgamesh: Level ??, HP: ??
Enkidou: Level 29, HP: 4000

Physical attacks work well on Gilgamesh. Enkidou can be beaten
by "Gravite", or by just casting "Confuyu" on him. Just keep
hitting Gilgamesh with physical attacks, and Enkidou with magic,
and it shouldn't be too hard.

*Note: Gilgamesh carries the "Genji no Kote" (Genji Gauntlet).
       This cannot be found anywhere in the game but here, and is
       the best Gauntlet in the game, so make sure to steal it here.

10. Barrier Tower and Ghido the Sage. (Level: 37)

Treasures here: 9000 giru, 18000 giru, Blood Sword, Kin no
Kamikazari (Gold Hairpin).

You start at the very bottom, but keep working up to the top of
the tower. It's pretty straightforward, so it shouldn't be too hard
going through here. Once you get to the top, you'll have to fight

Boss of Barrier Tower: Atomos.
Level 41, HP: 19997

He is a pretty hard enemy, but not too hard to beat if you have
the right combination of characters. Get 2 Monks, a Samurai, and
a ShiroMadoushi (White Mage) here. Have both of the Monks
attack, have the Samurai use "ZeNinage", and have the
ShiroMadoushi keep healing whoever needs it, as his "Comet"
attack is really powerful. "Slow" also works on him.

After you've beaten the Barrier Tower, you acquire the submarine.
Head to Ghido's Dwelling underneath water (It's on the island that
sunk, remember?). You'll have to go through a small cave, and
when you get to the end, you meet Ghido. He will tell you a lot
about Exdeath and Muah Forest, and give you more about the
storyline of the game. He will also give you the "Chourou no Eda"
(Stem of Elderly Tree), and tell you to go to Muah Forest.

*Note: Now is a good time to get the summon spell of Katoblepas.
      Use the submarine, and go undersea. There is a small white
      dot on the north-western part of the world map. Go to that
      place by the underwater cave. Go around inside that cave until
      you fight Katoblepas. After you beat it, it will give you it's

Katoblepas: Level 38, HP: 5000

It's best just to use physical attacks here. Keep in mind that it can
use a "Devil's Eye" spell on you to turn a character into stone. This
shouldn't be much of a problem if you have an Odoriko (Dancer)
with a Ribbon, though. Physical attacks by Monks and Ninjas work
the best.

11. Muah Forest and Town. (Level: 37)

To get to Muah town, just use the submarine and go to the western
part of the world. Once there, look around to where Muah town
is (it's surrounded by mountains). You can go underwater and come
up, and you'll be close Muah town. Enter. You can get the "Main
Gauche" here to the left of the Pub. The locked doors to the
southwest cannot be opened yet, but you will come back much
later in the game. Gather information here, and head to the Great
Muah Forest.

Treasures in Muah Forest: 2000 giru, Etel, 4500 giru, 9900 giru,
Fenix Down, Elixer, Cottage, Kyojin no Kusura (Medicine of the
Giants), Aegis Shield, Flame Tongue, MorNing Star, Susu, Flame
Shield (If you didn't take the Aegis shield).

Use "Chourou no Eda" to enter the great forest. Once there, keep
collecting all the treasures here, and fight the enemies. It is a good
place to raise levels and ABP. After collecting all the treasures that
you can and finding the right way through the forest, Exdeath will
set fire to it. After you collect the remaiNing treasure, enter the
Mouguli hole.

12. The Elderly Tree. (Level: 38)

Use "Chourou no Eda" and the tree will open. Inside, you must
fight "Fuuin wo Mamoru Mono" (Guardian of the Seal).

Boss of the Elderly Tree: Fuuin wo Mamoru Mono.
Level 77, HP: 7777 (each part)

This battle is extremely easy if you have 4 Samurais, and just use
"ZeNinage". However, if you don't do that, "Gravite" spell works
well, and "Titan" summon works well, too. After a few spells
or ZeNinages, it will die.

                BIG SPOILER

After the battle, Exdeath kills Galuf. Don't fret, though, because
Galuf's grandaughter, Kururu will join. She gets all of the abilities
that Galuf used to have, and is pretty much the same in terms of
strength and individual stats.

After you have gotten out of this big scene, and you don't have
very much cash, it's a good idea to go to Gilgame's cave. There
is a lot of treasures here, all filled with giru as high as 40960.
However, in this cave, you could fight Gilgamesh. To beat him
here use the Bulizado magic and nail him with Monks and Ninjas.
He shouldn't be that hard here, although he does have 32768 HP.

13. Exdeath Castle. (Level: 40)

Treasures here: Daia no Tate (Diamond Shield), Etel x 2, Elixer x 2,
Ice Shield, Hayate no Yumiya (Gale Bow), Ice Brand, Kotetsu,
9900 giru, 8000 giru, Twin Lance, Partisan, Fuuma Shuriken.

Go to the front door. You'll have to go through all of the floors to
reach Exdeath. In the 3rd floor, there is an illusion of Exdeath.
Just go back a bit. It isn't hard to progress up the tower from
here, because it's fairly linear, but when you get to the 10th floor,
get Karbunkle summon here by beating it. He always has "Reflec"
cast on him, so your mahou that you cast on him will bounce back
and hit you. However, if you cast "Reflec" on your own party
members, and hit them with mahou, it will bounce of them and
hit him. Also, Katoblepas can sometimes kill him in one cast.

You will have to fight Gilgamesh on the 12th floor.

12 floor: Gilgamesh
Level ??, HP: ??

This is an incredibly easy battle. Normal attacks will beat him. Just
make sure to have a healer on hand if you need it, otherwise, just
use normal attacks, and waste him.

On the 13th floor, you'll have to fight Exdeath...

13th floor: Exdeath
Level 66, HP: 32768

Make sure to cast both "Golem" and "Karbunkle" to protect
your party during this fight. After you're all protected, pound
away at him using ZeNinage, normal attacks, and Ninja's Double
Hits or Monks. After awhile of dueling, he will die.

After the battle with Exdeath, he merges the two past worlds
together into one world. Are you ready?!

End of World 2.

World 3:

1. Tycoon and Western Valley. (Level: 40)

Boko will come back to you. Ride it north and fight Antolion
at West Valley. You'll regain Faris.

2. Ghido, the Ancient Library, and the Pyramid. (Level: 41)

Go to Ghido's dwelling, and Exdeath will come here. He'll
talk of destroying you, but won't succeed. :) After he leaves,
head over to the Ancient Library. Get the "Maryoku no Uta"
(Song of Mahou) on top of the library. Get "Fuuin no Sho"
(Concealed Book). This is used for opeNing the seals around
the temples. Once you have it, go to the Pyramid.

Treasures here: Noroi no Yubiwa (Cursed Ring), Ice Shield,
Flame Shield, Dark Matter x 7, Shiro no Robe (White Robe),
Kuro no Robe (Black Robe), Elixer x 4, Ibara no Kanmuri
(Thornlet helmet), Kuro Shouzoku (Ninja Wear), Crystal Mail,
8000 griu, 9000 giru, Daichi no Hammer (Earth Hammer),
10000 giru, Ribbon, Cottage, Mamori no Yubiwa (Ring of
Protection), Kin no Kamikazari, 12000 giru.

This isn't such a hard of a dungeon, but there is a hard enemy
that is randomly encountered here, "Machine Heads". You
can't run away, and they have 7210 HP, so be careful. When
you get to the very top, you'll get your first Sekiban. These
are used to get 3 of the 12 legendary weapons (3 x 4 is 12, so
that must mean that there's 4 dungeons with Sekiban in them
^_^). Also, Bahamut will show up, and then he flies to North
Moutain, where you will have to face him later.

3. Exdeath appears and the new Airship. (Level: 42)

You will meet with Exdeath as you are walking back to the
Ancient Library. He sucks the library into "mu" (nothingness).
and you will have to fight another boss, Meryujinnu.

Boss at the Library "mu" site: Meryujinnu.
Level 33, HP: 20000

It is imperative that you have 4 KuroMadoushis (Black Mages)
here. She can use "barrier" change, and change her weakness
to Fire, Ice, or LightNing. So use magic like Gravite, Aero, Bio,
and things other than those, and her gaiNing life on account of
you using the wrong magic shouldn't be a problem.

After you beat her, Lenna will join up again.

Travel to the east coast. You will find a new airship here. If you
ride the airship, Exdeath will suck some more towns or castles into

It's a good idea now to go back to the Pirate's base, as you will
learn the "Syldra" (Faris's dragon) summon here.

Now, head to the castle of Koozer for your choice of 3 of the
legendary weapons. Because of the classes I like the most, I
usually take the Excalibur, Assasin Dagger, and Sasuke no
Katana on my first visit. However, take the weapons according
to the classes you use most often.

*Note: There are really hard enemies here, so be sure to save
the game at the entrance.

4. Crescent and Solitary Island. (Level: 43)

You will get information about Mirage town from the citizens here.
Go to the town by heading into the forest south-west of crescent.
Buy all of the Level 6 magic spells here, and you will find the last
piano here to play. There is a Black Chocobo here that will be
very useful later.

Now, head to the Shrine on the Solitary Island.

Treasures here: 12000 giru, Elixer, 9000 giru, Rising Sun, Etel x 2,
Beast Slayer, Ryuu no Kiba (Dragon Fang), Dark Matter, Circlet,
Mamori no Yubiwa (Ring of Protection), Crystal Helm.

You have to go through an air duct in this dungeon. If you hit the
switch to the right, you will get an Elixer. Head back to the switch
room, and hit the left switch for 9000 giru, and hit the fight switch
up to go forward. This isn't too hard of a dungeon if your levels
are pretty high, but when you get to the end of it, you'll have to
fight Stalker.

Boss of Solitary Island Shrine: Stalker.
Level 7, HP: 20000

This enemy is very strange, in that it changes it's form to 4
creatures. Only one of them is the real monster. Don't use
mahou on everything, as he will counter with a powerful
magic. It's really good to use "ZeNinage" here, as it will
attack all of the segments with physical damage, hitting the
true Stalker as well.

5. Fork Tower. (Level: 43)

Treasures: Etel (Ether), Hi-Potion, Wonder Wand, Defender.

In this tower, one party goes to the "Tower of Mahou" (left),
and the "Tower of Power" (right). Only mahou attacks are
allowed in the Tower of Mahou, and only physical attacks are
allowed in the Tower of Power. At the top of each tower, you
will have to fight two bosses. For the Tower of Mahou, you
must fight Subete wo Shirumono.

Boss of Tower of Mahou: Subete wo Shirumono.
Level 53, HP: 16999           Weakness: Wind

You can only do magic attacks on him, or you will have to begin
the battle again. It's really easy to beat him if you cast "Baasaku"
(Berserk) on him. He won't be able to use any more of his mahou
anymore, but he can still use normal attacks on you, so you might
want to use a "Golem" summon. He isn't that hard from there,
just use "Earoga" on him, and any other wind mahou you might

You'll also have to fight the Minotaur in the Tower of Power.

Boss of Tower of Power: Minotaur.
Level 37, HP: 19850

No magic at all can be cast in this battle. You'll have to heal your
characters with normal items. Just make two Monks, or a Monk
and a Ninja, and keep beating him with normal attacks. If you
put the Monk on "Guard" status, he will take no damage from
Minotaur's physical attacks, and he'll counter-attack sometimes
if you are hit. This shouldn't be too hard with 2 physical fighters
in your party.

Keep in mind that whenever you receive a "seikban", you can take 3
additional weapons from the legendary weapons display in the Concealed
Castle of Koozer. Just head back there to get your weapons after you've
collected them.

6. Improved Airship and the Great Deep. (Level: 44)

Go to the catapult and get airship modifications from Cid. You'll
now be able to use your airship as a submarine, as well. After
you've gotten this, go through the Dwarf Kingdom and head to
the bottom floor.

Treasures in the Great Deep: Suiton no Jutsu, Honoo no Yubiwa,
Ryuu no Kiba, Etel, Kaizer Fist, Fenix Down.

There are a HUGE number of undead monsters in this dungeon,
so you might even want to use your healing magic on them. Also,
"Requiem" doesn't take any MP to use, yet it gives undead
monsters a lot of damage. There are a series of switches here,
and it shouldn't be that hard to find your way through, so keep
moving on, collecting all the treasures that you can here. At the
end of the dungeon, you'll have to fight 3 bosses.

Bosses of the Great Deep:

Toraiton (Red Creature): Level 37, HP: 13333    Weakness: Ice
Phorbos (Green Creature): Level 39, HP: 13333   Weakness: Earth
Neregeid (Blue Creature): Level 20, HP: 13333    Weakness: Fire

All of these bosses are immune to mahou other than their weakness,
so it's a good idea to use the summon "Syldra" here. Also, have
KuroMadoushis use individual mahou on the monsters, according
to their weaknesses. "Requiem" also works here, and hits 2 of
the 3 enemies.

After this, you can get 3 more weapons from Koozer. There should
only be 3 weapons left now.

7. Getting Odin. (Level: 45)

Now is a good time to get another useful summon, Odin. To get him,
go to the Jacole dungeon, and climb the wall in the back (You should
have already been here...remember?). Go up and meet Odin.

Level 2, HP: 17000

You have to beat Odin in 60 seconds, or else he will automatically
destroy the party. "Holy" and "Flare" mahou work very well here,
and so do throwing Shurikens. Even high level attacking Monks
will work. If you can't beat him the first time, keep trying. After
you beat him, you get his summon. Also, you can steal "Mamori no
Yubiwa" (Protection Ring) from him.

To get to the Phoenix Tower, you need to pick up that Black
Chocobo you found in Mirage, and bring him here, since the
airship can come here, but it can't land in the forests like the
Chocobo can.

8. Phoenix Tower. (Level: 46)

Treasures: 5000 giru, 10000 giru, 15000 giru, 20000 giru,
25000 giru.

When you get into here, search the middle wall. You will be
brought to a series of rooms, each with 2 staircases in it. If you
pick the right one, there will be no enemies, but if you don't, you
can be attacked by enemies. Try to do this on your own, but if
you're the cheating type...

Left, Left, Right, Right, Left, Left, Right, Right, Left, Left, Right,
Left, Left, Right, Right, Right, Right, Left, Left, Right, door.

On some floors, you will meet the enemy "Magic Pot". If you
feed him an Elixer when you meet him, he will give your entire
group 100 ABP each. This is great for mastering classes, and
is well worth it, I think. Also, a lot of the enemies here have
great items to steal. Make sure to steal them. When you get to
the tower, you will get the Phoenix summon.

9. North Mountain. (Level: 46)

North Mountain is right above the forest you landed the Black
Chocobo in earlier as you went to the Phoenix Tower. You will
have to beat Bahamut at the top, and he is a very tough

Boss of North Mountain: Bahamut.
Level 99, HP: 40000

This is one of the toughest battles in the game. The best mahou in
the game works best here, like Holy, Flare, Meteo, and Syldra
summon. "Slow" and "Stop" also will work, but Stop doesn't
work that well. This should be a long battle, but hopefully, you'll
win. :)

10. Getting the Mimic Class. (Level: 46)

When Walse sank in World One, there was one crystal shard that
wasn't reachable. Well, you can get that shard now. Use the
submarine, and search around until you find it (Hopefully, you'll
remember where Walse was). You start at the top, and you have
to go toward the bottom of it. You only have a certain time limit
for this (people can't hold their breath that long, ya' know! ^_^).
At the very bottom, you'll fight Gogo.

Walse Sunken Tower: Gogo.
Level ??, HP: ??

This is probably the easiest battle in the game, if you know what
you're doing. Otherwise, it's the hardest. :) When you first meet
him, he'll say "If you do what I do, you can win". Well, he won't
do anything at all, so just sit there. You'll win in a matter of
minutes. :) After this battle, you'll receive the Mimic class, the best
class in the game.

11. Istory Falls and extra things. (Level: 47)

Treasures here: Etel, Air Knife, Kame no Koura (Tortoise Shell),
Mamori no Yubiwa, Reflec Ring, Enhancer Sword, 12000 giru,
Aegis Shield, Artemis no Yumi (Artemis Bow), Fuuma Shuriken,
Kyojin no Ono (Giant Axe), Kyojin no Kusuri (Giant Medicine),
Rune Blade.

There is a white spot on the map near Istory Falls. You have to
get here via underwater cave. There are a few tricks to getting
the chests here. On floor B3F, you need the Thief's "Dash"
ability to get the chest on the other side of the water, but it is
still very hard. Also, on B5F, you get to the bottom floor by
jumping in the holes. You open the hole by the switch to the side
of it. There is a hard enemy here that you can encounter randomly,
Tonberi. He has 39393 HP! After you beat him, though, you can
sometimes win a very great piece of armor, the Mirage Vest.
After awhile, you'll have to fight Rivaiathan.

Boss of Istory Falls: Leviathan.
Level 39, HP: 40000        
Weakness: LightNing/Thunder

Mahouken Sandaga work very well on him. He is weak to thunder,
so summon "Syldra" also works very well. I found that Knights
with Two Hands ability and two strong swords will also do a
lot of damage. After awhile, you'll kill him, and receive his

Now you can go back to Koozer, and get the last of the 12
legendary weapons.

*There are a few more additional things you can do to help you
beat the game more easily, and I'll list a few that are most

Getting the Chicken Knife or Brave Sword:

Go back to the town of Muah. The locked door that was here
before can now be opened. Go in, and you'll have to walk
through a small forest. When you get to the end of it, you'll
talk a person, and he will offer either to give you a Chicken
Knife or Brave Sword. If you've run away from a lot of battles
in the game, take the Chicken Knife. If you haven't run away
much, take the Brave Sword. The Chicken Knife's power is
increased by runNing from battles up until the point you get it,
and the Brave sword is just the's strongest if you
haven't run away from many battles. It also decreases every time
you run. Also, the Chicken Knife sometimes has the effect of
making you run away! It's really a matter of personal preference,
but if you run away a lot throughout the game, I prefer the
Chicken Knife over the Brave Sword.

Master Pianist: (That's playing the piano. ^_^)

If you've played all of the pianos in each of the towns, you can
become a piano master. After you've played them all, go to
Crescent Town, and a Bard tere will give you "Eiyuu no Uta",
which raises your levels during battle.

Also, if you want, it's not very important, but you can go to a
bay south of Karnak, and to a cave to the right side of the bay,
and a man will tell you the number of fights you've been in, the
number of monsters slayed, your average experience points
per battle, your treasure box collection percentage, and
number of times you've saved.

It's now time to go to the final dungeon, slay Exdeath, and
restore peace to the world. It's time to enter the void to the
Cleft of Dimention.

12. Cleft of Dimention. (Level: 50)

Yes, I think it'll be a lot less work for you if you're on level
50 or above here, because some of the later bosses here are really
tough, and you'll be able to insure getting out of here and beating
the game quickly. :)

There are 6 sections to the Cleft of Dimention. The Ruins,
Forest, Dungeon,Towers, Castle, and Last Floors.

Cleft of Dimention Ruins:

Treasures here: Etel, Cottage, Elixer x 2, Blood Sword, Dark

There isn't much to do here. You climb up by using the chains
on the walls. Just make your way through, but you haven't
seen nothing of this dungeon yet. :)

Cleft of Dimention: Forest

Treasures here: Ryuu no Kiba, Riris no Rod (Riris Rod),
Enhancer Sword.

This isn't hard at all to make your way through, either, but there
is a boss at the end.

Boss of the Forest: Karophysteli.
Level 68, HP: 18000

She uses "Reflec" to deflect mahou to you, but you can use "Dispell"
to get rid of that. She doesn't have a particular weakness, so just
pound away with normal attacks, or ZeNinage, or anything you've got
that you think will destroy her.

Cleft of Dimention: Dungeon

Treasures here: Tenshi no Yubiwa (Angel Ring), Honoo no
Yubiwa (Flame Ring).

You enter from the top of the waterfall. Make sure to heal up
and save on the save point here. Right after, you will see a
mechanical creature walking around. This is Omega. You can
ignore it and walk on, but you can also fight it. It's a very
hard enemy.

Boss of Dungeon Zero: Omega.
Level 119, HP: 55530

Omega is the second toughest boss in the game, right behind

First of all, Omega is weak against lightNing attacks. A very good
way of beating him is to make three characters Mahoukenshis. Also,
have one character that can heal the party. Having double cast is also
a really big asset. It is really preferred if you have at least one
master Mahoukenshi, because then you'll be able to cast the most
powerful lightNing spell on your sword. It's also a really good idea
to give two swords to each of your Mahoukenshi. After you have made
all of your Mahoukenshis (or Suppins, anyone that can use sword mahou),
have them cast the most powerful lightNing spell that they have on
themselves (or each other). After you do this, just attack him very
quickly, and if you are consistent on this strategy, he should go down
quickly. Make sure to have your healer constantly casting Cure 3 on
your party, and having double cast ability is even better, because you
will get twice the HP restored.

I just beat him recently when all of my characters were level 65
Suppin masters. It might take a few tries, but if you follow my
strategy, you shouldn't have too much trouble on him.

After you get past Omega, you fight Apanda.

Boss of Dungeon: Apanda.
Level 59, HP: 22200            
Weakness: Fire

Cast "Baasaku" (Berserk) on Apanda, and use Fire Magic, but
not "Ifrit" summon, because he will heal himself and the beserk
status. Keep blasting him with your KuroMadoushis.

Cleft of Dimention: Towers

Use the Thief's "Kakushi Tsuuro" ability to see all of the hidden
paths. Otherwise, they're invisible. There are a few really tough
enemies here, so use your best fighters. Especially Ninjas and
Dragon Eibis. There isn't any boss to this section, and it's not
very long to beat. But, it is quite hard, because of the ultra-tough

Cleft of Dimention: Castle

Treasures here: Tooru no Hammer (Hammer of Thor), ManEater,
Erumesu no Kutsu (Herme's Shoes), Akai Kutsu (Red Shoes),
Rainbow Dress.

Go straight and dwon the staircase to the left. You will go to a
jail-like place, and you will have to fight Apocaryopus.

*Note:  Apocaryopus has the ability to cast every single AoMahou
(Blue Magic) spell in the game. You might want to learn some
important ones if you don't have them already.

Boss of Castle: Apocaryopus.
Level 57, HP: 27900                  
Weakness: Poison

Use Bio! It inflicts about 7500 damage each cast, so just keep
pelting him away with Bio spells from KuroMadoushis, and
normal attacks with Monks, Knights, Ninjas, or Samurais.

After you beat him, it opens up a save point, so make sure to
heal and save. After you save, explore the rest of the areas in
the Castle, and get the Herme's Shoes in the left wing, and Thor's
Hammer in the right wing. You'll eventually have to fight

Boss 2 of Castle: Catastrophe.
Level 71, HP: 19997

Any strong normal attacks here work. Be sure to have someone
on hand that can heal the party at any given moment, though, as
this could be a hard fight. If he uses "Akuma no Hitomi", use
Kin no Hari items to cure it.

Then, enter the central door. You fight Harikarunassosu as you
are walking up the staircase.

Boss 3 of Castle: Harikarunassosu.
Level 97, HP: 33333

Most any normal attacks work here, but she can dish out some
pretty tough spells. Again, have at least one ShiroMadoushi
(White Mage) on hand to cure the party when needed. Also, you
can cast "Baasaku" to stop her "Kururururu!" attack.

After a bit of walking , you will have to enter up on top of the
castle, and fight Twin Tania.

Boss 3 of Castle: Twin Tania.
Level 39, HP: 50000

He has a really high ammount of HP. This was one of the harder
battles in the game for me, because I didn't have enough HP,
and couldn't do enough damage in the time alotted. When the
message "Gig Flare no tameni power up!" appears, use Odin. This
is pretty much the only trick into beating him, but he is very
vulnerable to Holy attacks. Also, it's possible to steal a
"Kyojin no Ono" (Giant Axe) from him.

Cleft of Dimention: Final Floors

Treasures here: Ragnarok, Fuuma Shuriken x 3.

A long time ago, Gilgamesh was sent to the Cleft of Dimention.
Well, he shows up again. Then, he runs away. When you warp
2 times, you will find a treasure. You will have to beat "Shinryuu"
(God of Dragons) to receive it, though.

Boss of Final Floor: Shinryuu.
Level 97, HP: 55500

This is very, very tough. Probably the toughest battle of the
game other than Omega. To have any chance at all in this battle,
you'll have to have 4 Coral Rings from Istory (they cost 50000
giru). This blocks his initial "Tital Wave" attack, which can hit
for up to 6000 damage. Then, pound him with everything you've got,
and quickly. Don't attack with anything Holy attributed, because
that's his attribute, and he will gain HP from it.

Don't go straight (Exdeath is there, you will fight him last). If
you go on, you will fight Necrophobia.

Boss 2 of Final Floor: Necrophobia.
Level 66, HP: 44044

You have to beat 4 small segments before you can attack the
actual monster itself. "Golem" is really helpful here, as it will
take the blows of a lot of Necrophobia's attacks. Bahamut,
Flare, and Meteor all work great here.

*Trick: You can defeat Gilgamesh here, if you take the right
steps. Kill all of the barriers, then reduce Necrophobia's HP
to about 6000. Make sure NOT to kill him. Gilgamesh will
eventually show up. You can steal the greatest armor in the
game from him, the Genji Armor. You can then wipe the 2
off the earth. :)

It's time. Head up the center and fight him. Are you ready?
Yes, I think you are. :)

Round One of the Final Battle: Exdeath.

"Golem" is really useful for protecting the party.  "Heisuga" works
very well for speeding you up, so you can have the edge in battle.
Pelt him with all you've got, Flare, Holy, Meteor, Bahamut, Syldra
all work here. He will eventually morph into NeoExdeath.

Round Two of the Final Battle: NeoExdeath.

There are 4 places you can hit. The 2 places in the back are in
the back row, so your normal attacks will inflict half damage.
Did you save up cash? Let's hope you did. :) "ZeNinage" (Coin
Toss) works VERY well on him...very strong attacks and mahou will
work again, just keep fighting until the bloody end. :) Golem
summon is also very useful here and will protect you well.

The Ending....

*Note: The ending of the game depends on which characters were
living when you defeated Exdeath (characters turned to stone
are considered dead). If you have all characters alive when you
defeat him, you will get the most sequences in the ending.


There are exactly 100 abilities in the game. This tells you which
class gives what abilities, what level you get them on, and what
they do. Suppins can equip 2 abilities, and Mimics can equip 3

Naito (Knight):

1. Kabau (Protect)
   Protects weak friends from direct attacks.
2. !Mamori (Protection)
    Defend oneself perfectly against direct attacks.
3. Ryoutemochi (Two-Handed Wielding)
    Attack power is doubled, but you can only have a sword, and not a shield.
4. Tatesoubi (Shield Wearing)
    Characters who can't normally use a shield can do so now.
5. Yoroisoubi (Armor Wearing)
    Characters who can't normally wear armor can do so now.
6. Kensoubi (Sword Wielding)
    Characters who can't normally hold a sword may do so now.


1. !Tameru (Store Power)
    Store Power for awhile, then unleash a deadly attack.
2. Kakutou (Fight Bare Handed)
    Fight bare-handed like a Monk.
3. !Chakra
    Character's HP are recovered, and poison and darkness are cured.
4. Counter
    After being directly attacked, you will randomly counterattack.
5. Max HP 10% Up
    Maximum HP is raised by 10 percent.
6. Max HP 20% Up
    Maximum HP is raised by 20 percent.
7. Max HP 30% Up
    Maximum HP is raised by 30 percent.

Shiifo (Thief):

1. Kakushi Tsuuro (Hidden Passages)
    Hidden passages become easy to spot.
2. !Tonzura (Escape)
    Run from battle easier than using L and R to run.
3. Dash
    Use the B button to run very fast in villages and dungeons.
4. !Nusumu (Steal)
    Steal items from enemies.
5. Keikai (Caution)
    Avoid all back attacks.
6. !Bundoru (Capture)
    Steal and attack at the same time.
7. Chokomaka Kaugoku (Restless Moving)
    Have the agility of a Thief.

Ryuukishi (Dragon Knight/Dragoon)
1. !Jump
    Jump into the air for a turn, and come back down on an enemy doing
    double damage.
2. !Ryuuken (Dragon Sword)
    HP and MP are taken from the enemy and given to you.
3. Yarisoubi (Spear Wielding)
    Someone that can't normally wield a spear are able to.

1. !Kemuridama (Smoke Bomb)
    Run from battles easier than L and R.
2. !Bunshin (The Mirror Self)
    Make a mirage of your character to avoid physical attacks.
3. Sensei Kougeki (First Attack)
    Surprise attack rate is increased.
4. !Nageru (Throw)
    You can throw various items and weapons.
5. Nitouryuu (Wield Two Weapons)
    You may attack twice in one round with 2 weapons.


1. !Mineuchi (Defensive Offense)
    Enemy is stunned by an attack.
2. !ZeNinage (Coin Toss)
    Throw Giru equal to the number of damage you do at all enemies.
3. Shirahadori (Blade Catch)
    Occasionally dodges an attack, blocking all damage.
4. Katanasoubi (Katana Wielding)
    Characters that can't normally wield a Katana are able to.
5. !Iainuki (Quick Sword Display)
    Kill one or more enemies with a single blow.

Baasaakaa (Berserker):
1. Berserk
     Always Berserked in battle.
2. Onosoubi (Axe Wielding)
    Characters that normally can't wield an Axe are able to.

Karyuudo (Hunter):
1. !Doubutsu (Animals)
    Call upon animals to help  you out.
2. !Nerau (Aim)
    Helps your hit rate of attacks.
3. Yumiyasoubi (Bow and Arrow Wielding)
    Characters who can't normally wield an Axe are able to.
4. !Midare Uchi (Disorder Shot)
    Four consecutive attacks, but they are weaker than normal

Mahoukenshi (Magic Swordsman)

1. Hinshide Barrier (Fatal Barrier)
    When fatal, you'll cast Shell.
2. Mahouken Lv1 (Lv1 Sword Magic)
    Cast up to Level 1 Sword Magic.
3. Mahouken Lv2
    Cast up to Level 2 Sword Magic.
4. Mahouken Lv3
    Cast up to Level 3 Sword Magic.
5. Mahouken Lv4
    Cast up to Level 4 Sword Magic.
6. Mahouken Lv5
    Cast up to Level 5 Sword Magic.
7. Mahouken Lv6
    Cast up to Level 6 Sword Magic.

ShiroMadoushi (White Mage):

1. ShiroMahou Lv1 (Lv1 White Magic)
    Cast up to Level 1 White Magic.
2. ShiroMahou Lv2
    Cast up to Level 2 White Magic.
3. ShiroMahou Lv3
    Cast up to Level 3 White Magic.
4. ShiroMahou Lv4
    Cast up to Level 4 White Magic.
5. ShiroMahou Lv5
    Cast up to Level 5 White Magic.
6. ShiroMahou Lv6
    Cast up to Level 6 White Magic.
7. MP 10% Up
    Maximum MP is raised by 10 percent.

KuroMadoushi (Black Mage):

1. KuroMahou Lv1 (Lv1 Black Magic)
    Cast up to Level 1 Black Magic.
2. KuroMahou Lv2
    Cast up to Level 2 Black Magic.
3. KuroMahou Lv3
    Cast up to Level 3 Black Magic.
4. KuroMahou Lv4
    Cast up to Level 4 Black Magic.
5. KuroMahou Lv5
    Cast up to Level 5 Black Magic.
6. KuroMahou Lv6
    Cast up to Level 6 Black Magic.
7. MP 30% Up
    Maximum MP is raised by 30 percent.

TokiMadoushi (Time Mage):

1. Jikuu Lv1 (Lv1 Time/Space)
    Cast up to Level 1 Time/Space Magic.
2. Jikuu Lv2
    Cast up to Level 2 Time/Space Magic.
3. Jikuu Lv3
    Cast up to Level 3 Time/Space Magic.
4. Jikuu Lv4
    Cast up to Level 4 Time/Space Magic.
5. Jikuu Lv5
    Cast up to Level 5 Time/Space Magic.
6. Jikuu Lv6
    Cast up to Level 6 Time/Space Magic.
7. Rod Soubi (Rod Wielding)
    Characters that can't normally wield rods are able  

Shoukanshi (Summoner):

1. Shoukan Lv1 (Lv1 Summon)
    Cast up to Level 1 Call Magic.
2. Shoukan Lv2
    Cast up to Level 2 Call Magic.
3. Shoukan Lv3
    Cast up to Level 3 Call Magic.
4. Shoukan Lv4
    Cast up to Level 4 Call Magic.
5. Shoukan Lv5
    Cast up to Level 5 Call Magic.
6. !Yobidasu (Call)
    Summon a random monster (costs no MP).

AoMadoushi (Blue Mage):

1. !Shiraberu (Examine)
    See a monster's maximum HP, MP, and weakness.
2. LearNing
    Learn new Blue Magic spells.
3. !AoMahou (Blue Magic)
    Cast Blue Magic.
4. !Miyaburu (See Through)
    See the "Examine" ability, plus the status of an enemy.

AkaMadoushi (Red Mage):

1. Shirokuro Lv1 (Lv1 Black/White Magic)
    Cast up to Level 1 Black and White Magic.
2. Shirokuro Lv2
    Cast up to Level 2 Black and White Magic.
3. Shirokuro Lv3
    Cast up to Level 3 Black and White Magic.
4. !Renzokuma (2x Magic)
    Cast two consecutive spells on the same turn.

Majuutsukai (Monster Trainer):

1. !Nadameru (Calm Monster)
    Make a monster docile.
2. !Ayatsuru (Control Monster)
    Control a monster and use their skills.
3. Muchisoubi (Whip Wielding)
    Character's who can't normally equip a whip are able to.
4. !Toraeru (Capture Monster)
    After weakeNing a monster, capture it.

Kusurishi (Chemist):

1. Kusuri no Chimaki (Knowledge of Medicine)
    Items are twice as effective.
2. !Chougou (Mix)
    In battle, mix two medicines to make a new one.
3. !Nomu (Drink)
    Drink items exclusive to the Chemist.
4. !Chiyu (Recover)
    Recover the entire party's status changes.
5. !Sosei (Revive)
    Revive all fallen party members.

Fuusuishi (Elemental Mage):

1. !Chikei (Elemental Attack)
    Use various elemental magic attacks.
2. Damage Yuka (Damage Floor)
    Damage Floors do no damage.
3. Otoshi Ana Kaihi (Hidden Traps)
    See hidden holes.

Ginyuushijin (Bard):

1. !Kakureru (Hide)
    Hide, making you vulnerable to attacks (kind of like while
    you're in the air as a Ryuukishi).
2. Tategotosoubi (Harp Wielding)
    Characters that are normally unable to equip Harps are able
3. !Utau (Sing)
    Sings songs for various effects.

Odoriko (Dancer):

1. !Irome (Flirt)
    Dance that makes enemy fluttered.
2. !Odoru (Dance)
    Dances that confuse monsters or turn them into frogs.
3. Ribbon Soubi (Ribbon Wearing)
    Able to equip a ribbon.

How to play on an SNES:

A lot of people have been asking about this, so I think I'll
put it in this FAQ. It's really not that hard to play the
actual game in a SNES, rather then a Super Famicom. First
of all, if you don't want to be risky, and don't know what
you're doing, buy a SNES Converter. You can buy these at
imports stores for about $15. I've seen these sold at If you don't want to buy the converter,
and want to void any customer service option you may have,
then read on. :)

1) Take your controllers and wires from the back off of
   SNES. Look inside the slot where the game goes in on
   the top. You should see something like this:

|      |1|                                 |2|       |
|         _______________________________            |          
|         |______________________________|           |
|_______                                     ________|

2) You'll have to find a way of cutting tabs "A" and
  "B" out (these tabs block a Japanese game from going
   into the SNES). I recommend using a Knife, Screwdriver,
   and wirecutter combo. :) If you knife away at the
   slabs, they'll eventually be cut, making it easy to
   pry them out. They are very tough, though, and it
   might take awhile to do it, but it's worth the hard
   work. :)

3) I have no idea if the small tabs "1" and "2" have
   anything to do with it. I have cut mine off, however,
   and they're easier than tabs "A" and "B" to cut off.
4) Once you have everything cut off, try a putting a
   Japanese game in the system. If it fits into the pins,
   it worked. Otherwise, you'll have to keep cutting
   away at the tabs until it fits.

5) Enjoy a Super Famicom game. :)  

Battle Options:

Top: Tatakau (Fight): This basically just fights whatever enemy
you select. You'll just be able to fight normally as you wish.

*Note: There are 2 other slots for commands between "Tatakau"
and "Aitema" options. These are for the various skills your
character will receive, within a given class. All of these

Bottom: Aitema (Item): This just selects an item you want to use
on a party member. You can't use an item that another character
is already holding, but you can use items you have in your own

Pressing Left on the Pad: Chiengu (Change): This just changes
your character's row in battle. Characters in the back row take
half as much physical damage, but just as much magic damage.
Sometimes it may be good to put your mahou (magic) users in the
back row, as they usually have less HP than other members, but I
usually just leave all of my characters in the front row.

Pressing Right on the Pad: Bougyo (Defense): Use this for your
character to defend. He/she won't attack in anyway, but damage
dealt by physical attacks, and a few spells, will be reduced.

*Note: Holding the "L" and "R" buttons on the controller allow
your characters to run from the battle. This is similar to Final
Fantasy 6.

Menu Options:

Pressing "X" on the control pad brings up the game's main menu.
This is where you'll use items outside of battle, spells, or
other various things, like saving. These are translations of
all of the items on the right side, starting from the top.

Top window: 2 word slots

Top option: Jobu (Jobs): this is where the game's main class
change system is worked from. You can select what class you
want to make your character, and select abilities you'd like
to give them, as well. Check the "Jobs" section of this FAQ
for translations of all of the jobs in the game.

Bottom option: Abyritei (Abilities): This just lets you change
what additional abilities you want to give your individual

Middle window: 6 word slots

Top option: Aitema (Item): This is almost exactly the same as
the "Aitema" battle command, it lets you use items on your party
outside of battle.

Next option: Mahou (Magic): This lets you use any of the magic
a character has in the party. This is most useful for healing
magic outside of battle, and is used quite often.

Next option: Equrau (Equip): This just lets you equip any weapons
and armor for individual characters. The top 2 slots are used for
weapons and shields, the next helmet, the next body armor, and
the next rings (or other "trinket" items).

Next option: Sutetasu (Status): This gives the level, hit points,
magic points, total ammount of experience, and experience until
the next level, for the character you select. It also shows what
commands that charcter can currently use in battle, what weapons
he/she can equip, and the individual stats to the right.

Next option: Conufuiru (Configure): This allows you to select
between "Active" and "Wait" settings (Active allows enemies to
attack you while you're selecting options, and Wait allows
whoever's bar fills up the first to do things before all others).
Then you can change the fight and message text, window colors, and
other small things. This isn't too important to the game.

Bottom option: Savru (Save): You can save the game anywhere
on the world map, and save points. On the world map and save
points you can also use Tents and Cottages. Tents and Cottages
both relieve lost HP and MP, but Cottages relieve more than Tents

Next Window: Time. This just tells how long you've played the
current game.

Next Window: Giru. This is the basic money in Final Fantasy 5.
It's spent on items, weapons, armor, and various other things.

Job System:

These are the jobs selectable, from left to right. (New jobs
won't appear until you actually GET them in the game.)

On the main menu, above a character's HP, is their job level.
Levels vary by means of level it takes to master a job. To
the right of that, is how many job points a character has,
and the job points necessary for the next level.

The abilities for the classes listed here are from the Final
Fantasy Anthology version of the game. For the romanizations
of Japanese abilites, check the "Abilities" section.

*Note: For job abilities, check my "Abilities" section of my
Strategy Guide. There are 100 total abilities in the game.
Naito (Knight):
The Knight is the game's basic powerhouse in terms of physical
attack power. Most of the Naito's skills allow that character to
equip various pieces of strong armor.

Innate Job Command: Guard


Name        Level   ABP  Effect
Cover           1    10  Protects low health allies
!Guard          2    30  Reduces physical attack damage to 0
2-handed        3    50  Ability to use weapon in both hands
EqShield        4   100  Ability to equip shields
EqArmor         5   150  Ability to equip heavy armor
EqSword         6   350  Ability to equip swords

The Monk is the most powerful strictly physical fighter in the
game. They gain skills that allow them to save power for a round
and unleash more, kick all enemies on screen, and 3 different
abilities that increase a character's hit points. They hit twice
in battle.

Innate Job Command: Kick


Name        Level   ABP  Effect
!Store          1    15  Doubles attack power for the attack
Barehand        2    30  Fight with fists as well as a Monk
!Chkra          3    45  Small heal, cures Poison and Darkness
Counter         4    60  Automatically counterattacks when hit
HP+10%          5   100  Raises maximum HP by 10%
HP+20%          6   150  Raises maximum HP by 20%
HP+30%          7   300  Raises maximum HP by 30%

Shiifo (Thief):
The Thief gains several useful abilities that allow him to Steal,
run fast, and various other things. He is a somewhat decent fighter
in battle, but his strengths are in getting unique abilities.

Innate Job Command: Steal


Name        Level   ABP  Effect
Secret          1    10  See hidden passages
!Flee           2    20  Assurance to run away except for bosses
Dash            3    30  Run in towns and dungeons while pressing O
!Steal          4    50  Steals item from enemy
Caution         5    75  Prevents back attacks
!Mug            6   150  Steals item while attacking enemy
Footwork        7   300  Ability to run very fast

Ryuukishi (Dragon Knight/Dragoon/Lancer):
A Ryuukishi is another one of the better classes in the game. He
is very strong physically and equips lances. He is able to use the
Jump command, allowing him to do a great amount of damage the next
round, and he can't be hit during the time he is in the air.

Innate Job Command: Jump


Name        Level   ABP  Effect
!Jump           1    50  Jump out of screen then do double damage
!Lance          2   150  Drains a small amount of hit points/magic points
EqLance         3   400  Ability to equip spears

A Ninja is another powerful fighter that you'll want to master. He
is able to equip two different weapons and is a powerful fighter in
battle. He can also equip many different types of weapons, including
Katanas and Boomerangs. A Ninja is also able to throw certain types
of items at the enemy, causing a huge amount of damage.

Innate Job Command: Throw

Name        Level   ABP  Effect
!Dustb          1    10  Escape from enemies except bosses
!Twin           2    30  Creates illusion of user to stop attacks
Firstatk        3    50  Pre-emptive rate goes up in battle
!Throw          4   150  Ability to throw items at enemy
2-swords        5   450  Ability to a weapon in each hand

The Samurai is one of the best classes in the game. He is able to use
the powerful ZeNinage ability to throw some of the party's money at
enemies. This is very powerful and useful on certain bosses, and can
really be an asset in any party. They also have a lot of hit points
and a high evade rate. The Samurai equips Katanas.

Innate Job Command: $toss


Name        Level   ABP  Effect
!Sslap          1    10  Physical attack, sometimes paralyzes
!$toss          2    30  Throw money at all enemies in battle
Swrdgrab        3    60  Randomly evade physical attacks
EqKatana        4   180  Ability to equip katanas
!Fdraw          5   540  Instantly kills enemies

Baasaakaa (Berserker):
The Baasaakaa is a very powerful fighter, however he is always in
Berserk status, so he'll always fight, but he is very powerful. This
can be both good and bad depending on the situation. The Baasaakaa
equips Axes.

Innate Job Command: Berserk


Name        Level   ABP  Effect
Berserk         1   100  Always berserk in battle
EqAxe           2   400  Ability to equip axes

Karyuudo (Hunter):
The Karyuudo learns various important abilities, including one that
allows you to hit the enemy 4 times. Each hit is not as powerful as
a normal attack, but still it is very useful to have.

Innate Job Command: Aim


Name        Level   ABP  Effect
!Critt          1    15  Summons animals in battle
!Aim            2    45  Increases hit rate with normal attack
EqBow           3   135  Ability to equip bows
!Sshot          4   405  Attack four times

Mahoukenshi (Magic Swordsman):
A Mahoukenshi learns spells that you can cast on your weapons to
aid you in battle. Some of them are very powerful and useful for
bosses weak to elemental magic.

Innate Job Command: Sword


Name        Level   ABP  Effect
Magiwall        1    10  Creates a barrier when low on hit points
!Sword          2    20  Use Level 1 Magic Sword
!Sword          3    30  Use Level 2 Magic Sword
!Sword          4    50  Use Level 3 Magic Sword
!Sword          5    70  Use Level 4 Magic Sword
!Sword          6   100  Use Level 5 Magic Sword
!Sword          7   400  Use Level 6 Magic Sword

ShiroMadoushi (White Mage):
The ShiroMadoushi are the healers. They learn the White Magic Spells
that can be used to heal and aid your party from status effects. They
also learn a good offensive spell, Holy.

Innate Job Command:


Name        Level   ABP  Effect
!White          1    10  Use Level 1 White Magic
!White          2    20  Use Level 2 White Magic
!White          3    30  Use Level 3 White Magic
!White          4    50  Use Level 4 White Magic
!White          5    70  Use Level 5 White Magic
!White          6   100  Use Level 6 White Magic
MP+10%          7   300  Raises maximum magic points by 10%

KuroMadoushi (Black Mage):
The KuroMadoushi is weak physically like most casters, but is the best
offensive caster in the game. The KuroMadoushi learns lots of great
attack magic to aid the party in battle.

Innate Job Command: Black


Name        Level   ABP  Effect
!Black          1    10  Use Level 1 Black Magic
!Black          2    20  Use Level 2 Black Magic
!Black          3    30  Use Level 3 Black Magic
!Black          4    50  Use Level 4 Black Magic
!Black          5    70  Use Level 5 Black Magic
!Black          6   100  Use Level 6 Black Magic
MP+30%          7   450  Raises maximum magic points by 30%

TokiMadoushi (Time Mage):
A TokiMadoushi commands the stars and time, and is able to cast various
spells in battle. He learns many useful attack spells as well as support
spells. He's more like a KuroMadoushi than the other casters.

Innate Job Command: Time


Name        Level   ABP  Effect
!Time           1    10  Use Level 1 Time Magic
!Time           2    20  Use Level 2 Time Magic
!Time           3    30  Use Level 3 Time Magic
!Time           4    50  Use Level 4 Time Magic
!Time           5    70  Use Level 5 Time Magic
!Time           6   100  Use Level 6 Time Magic
EqRod           7   250  Ability to equip rods

Shoukanshi (Summoner):
A Shoukanshi is able to cast various summon monsters he's found through
the game. Most of them are very powerful and damage all enemies being

Innate Job Command: Summon


Name        Level   ABP  Effect
!Summn          1    15  Use Level 1 Summon Magic
!Summn          2    30  Use Level 2 Summon Magic
!Summn          3    45  Use Level 3 Summon Magic
!Summn          4    60  Use Level 4 Summon Magic
!Summn          5   100  Use Level 5 Summon Magic
!Call           6   500  Summons a random monster, uses no magic points

AoMadoushi (Blue Mage):
An AoMadoushi learns his magic from being hit by certain attacks by
enemies. Some of them are very powerful and useful, like White Wind
and Might Guard, but others are not as useful. To learn the Blue Magic,
someone with the ability must be hit with it in battle.

Innate Job Command: Blue


Name        Level   ABP  Effect
!Check          1    10  Scan enemy for hit points/weakness
LearNing        2    20  Ability to learn Blue Magic
!Blue           3    70  Use all Blue Magic
!View           4   250  Scan enemy for hit points/level/weakness/condition

AkaMadoushi (Red Mage):
A AkaMadoushi is allowed to cast both Black and White Magic, but can
not cast it only, only the lower levels of each. He is also fairly
strong in battle, allowed to equip swords, so he's a very well rounded
fighter overall.

Innate Job Command: Red


Name        Level   ABP  Effect
!Red            1    20  Use Level 1 White and Black magic
!Red            2    40  Use Level 2 White and Black magic
!Red            3   100  Use Level 3 White and Black magic
!Redx2          4   999  Use two spells in one turn

Majuutsukai (Monster Trainer):
A Majuutsukai can catch monsters in battle and use them against each
other. They are able to use their Control ability to make a monster do
whatever they like. This is the only way to learn certain Blue Magic
spells. You can also Catch monsters and have them help you.

Innate Job Command: Catch, Free


Name        Level   ABP  Effect
!Tame           1    10  Paralyzes monsters
!Cntrl          2    50  Control actions of monsters
EqWhip          3   100  Ability to equip whips
!Catch          4   300  Catch monster with low hit points in battle

Kusurishi (Chemist):
The Chemist is able to Mix two different items and create a special
item. Some combinations are very useful and can allow you to heal the
entire party, or do a large amount of damage to all enemies. There are
many different types of item combinations you can Mix.

Innate Job Command: Drink


Name        Level   ABP  Effect
Medicine        1    15  Items used in battle heal double
!Mix            2    30  Mix items to make a special one
!Drink          3    45  Abilty to use chemist made potions
!Recvr          4   135  Heal status ailments for all allies
!Rvive          5   405  Revives dead allies in battle

Fuusuishi (Elemental Mage/Geomancer):
The Fuusuishi is the master of the lands, doing various attacks depending
on the terrain you are fighting on. Some of them are very powerful, but
you can't really rely on Fuusuishi, so he's quite unpredictable as well.
Also, a Fuusuishi takes no damage from lava and spikes.

Innate Job Command: Earth


Name        Level   ABP  Effect
!Earth          1    25  Uses landscape based elemental attacks
Findhole        2    50  Ability to reveal hidden pit traps
Antitrap        3   100  Ability to take no damage from traps/lava

Ginyuushijin (Bard):
The Ginyuushijin is somewhat similar to the Odoriko. He sings songs
to aid the party in battle. He doesn't get many useful ones however,
so he, like the Odoriko, is not that useful of a class.

Innate Job Command: Sing

Abilities: Sing

Name        Level   ABP  Effect
!Hide           1    25  Hide from attacker
EqHarp          2    50  Ability to equip harps
!Sing           3   100  Abilty to sing songs

Odoriko (Dancer):
The Odoriko is very weak defensively, but learns some semi-useful
dances to aid the party. Some of them are almost useless and the
Dancer only gets 4 different dances, and thus it is not one of the
better classes in the game.

Innate Job Command: Dance


Name        Level   ABP  Effect
!Flirt          1    25  Stuns enemey for a round
!Dance          2    50  Random effects on enemy
EqRibbon        3   325  Ability to Equip Ribbons

Traveler is the class you start out with in the game. It doesn't have
any special abilities other than being able to equip any weapons and
armor. The Traveler and also has two free ability slots.

The Mimic is the special class in the game. He allows you the ability
to copy the last thing that happened in battle. This sounds good, but
you can also copy characters in defensive stance, and when you copy
something it expends magic points anyway. So although powerful, the
Mimic is quite unpredictable.

Innate Job Command: Mimic


Name        Level   ABP  Effect
!Mimic          1   999  Mimic last action in battle

Magic List:

Here I will list all of the magic in the game. Part of the purpose of
this guide is to help North American players, so I'll be using very
understandable languing in spell translations. In Japan, there is a
special Magic language used in most RPGs, so it's hard to really
literally translate them. I will also try to make the translations as
similar as possible I can to the Final Fantasy Anthology version of
the game.

White Magic:

Name         Level    MP   Effect
Cure           1       4  Heals for a mimimal amount
Scan           1       1  Gives information on target
Antidote       1       2  Cures poison
Mute           2       2  Causes target not to cast magic
Protect        2       3  Raises defensive power of target
Mini           2       5  Makes a target small
Cure 2         3       9  Heals a good amount of a target
Life           3      29  Brings character back to life
Muddle         3       4  Confuses a target
Blink          4       6  Create an illusion of a target
Shell          4       5  Raises magic defense of a target
Esuna          4      10  Cures a status ailment
Cure 3         5      27  Heals a great amount of a target
Reflect        5      15  Creates a wall that reflects magic
Berserk        5       8  Puts a character into berserk status
Life 2         6      50  Brings a target back to life with full HP
Holy           6      20  A offensive Holy based elemental attack
Dispell        6      12  Cancels a positive status change

Black Magic:

Name         Level    MP   Effect
Fire           1       4  Fire damage on one target
Ice            1       4  Ice damage on one target
Bolt           1       4  Lighting damage on one target
Poison         2       2  Poisons a target
Sleep          2       3  Puts a target to sleep
Toad           2       8  Turns a target into a frog or cures frog
Fire 2         3      10  Fire damage, 3 times Fire
Ice 2          3      10  Ice damage, 3 times Ice
Bolt 2         3      10  Lighting damage, 3 times Bolt
Drain          4      13  Drains hit points and gives them to you
Break          4      15  Petrifies a target
Bio            4      16  Poisons and damages an enemy
Fire 3         5      25  Fire damage, 7 times Fire
Ice 3          5      25  Ice damage, 7 times Ice
Bolt 3         5      25  Lighting damage, 7 times Bolt
Flare          6      39  Strong non elemental single target spell
Doom           6      29  Instantly kills one target
Asper          6       1  Drains magic points and gives them to you

Time Magic:

Name         Level    MP   Effect
Speed          1       1  Raises speed of a target
Slow           1       3  Lowers speed of a target
Regen          1       3  Slowly allows a target to restore hit points
Mute           2       3  Silenses a target
Haste          2       5  Makes a target faster in battle
Float          2      10  Allows protection from earth attacks
Demi           3       9  Halves an enemy's hit points
Stop           3       8  Brings an enemey to a halt
Teleport       3      15  Escape to the outside of dungeon
Comet          4       7  Powerful non elemental attack
Slow 2         4       9  Loiwers all enemies attack speeds
Return         4       1  Restarts a battle from the beginNing
Demi 2         5      18  Lowers target's hit points by 3/4
Haste 2        5      15  Makes a target even faster in battle
Old            5       4  Reduces enemy's stats
Meteo          6      42  Powerful attack spell that does 4 attacks
Quick          6      77  Allows two commands from one ally
X-Zone         6      20  Instantly kills enemy

Blue Magic:

Blue Magic in Final Fantasy 5 can only be gained when a character that
is a Blue Mage gets hit with that enemy ability, or that character has
the ability that allows him to learn new Blue Magic. Most Blue Magic
in the game is used by multiple enemies, but some is only used by a few
or one. Also, the boss in the n-zone "Azulmagia" casts every single
Blue Magic spell in the game, so you can learn everything there if you
wait long enough.

Translations of the Blue Magic is also taken from Final Fantasy 5
Anthology version for North American PlayStation.

Name           MP  Effect                                     Learned From
????            3  Does high damage if you have low HP        Wild Dog, Kuzer,

Aero            4  Wind attack                                Wild Dog, Kuzer,

Aero 2         10  Stronger Wind attack                       Gigas, Page 32,
                                                              Fan Wizard, Enkidoh

Aero 3         24  Strongest Wind attack                      Gigas, Page 32,
                                                              Fan Wizard, Enkidoh

Aqua Rake      38  Water based attack on all enemies          Quadrharpy, KimaBrain,
                                                              Water Crystal, Bahamut

Black Shock    27  Halves an enemy's level                    BlackFlame, Blockhead,

Blow Fish      25  1000 damage on any target                  Lamia, Cactus,
                                                              Bewitchin, Hedgehog,

Burn Ray        5  Fire based attack                          FlameThrow, MechaHead,

Condemned      10  Puts condemned status on enemy             X-Death, Unknown

Doom Claw      21  Very strong attack, reduces an enemy's     Iron Claw, Trent,
                   hit points to single digits and inflicts   Blockhead, Gilgamesh,
                   them with a powerful stun                  Death Claw

Exploder        1  An attack that does damage equal to your   Mottletrap, Bomb,
                   character's current hit points, but also   Byurobolos, Grenade
                   kills you                                        
Flash           7  Blinds all enemies on screen               Stones, Cool Dust,
                                                              Ramuh, Neon, Gilgamesh,
                                                              Necrophobe, Serpentina
Gob Punch       0  Does a small amount of damage, but if      Goblin, BlakGoblin,
                   your level is equal to the enemy's, it     Gobbldigoo, Fins, Armon
                   does much more
Guard-Off      19  Decreases defense of an enemy              Page 256, Shadow, Nile

Guardian       72  Uses Protes, Shell, and Float on all       Stingray

L.2 Old        11  Uses Old on enemies that are a level       Magic Drgn, LvlTripper,
                   multiple of 2                              Druid, LevelChekr
L.3 Flare      18  Uses Flare on enemies that are a level     Red Dragon, Druid,
                   mutliple of 3                              Subterran
L.4 Quarter     9  Uses Demi2 on enemies that are a level     Aquaus, LvlTripper,
                   multiple of 4                              Druid, LevelChekr

L.5 Doom       22  Uses Doom on enemies that are a level      Page 64, LvlTripper,
                   multiple of 5                              Druid, LevelChekr
Little Song     5  Shrinks target (Same effect as "Mini")     MiniMage, Gilgamesh,
                                                              Disabler, Sherry,

MagHammer       3  Cuts MP in half                            Biblos, Drippy,

Mind Blast      6  Paralyzes enemy/drains hit points          Stoker, Twin Tania,
                                                              Mind Flare

Missile         7  Does an amount of damage equal to 3/4 of   Rocket Gun, Soul Gun,
                   the enemy's hit points                     SoulCannon, Gilgamesh,
                                                              MechaHead, Prototype,
Moon Flute      3  Berserks your party                        Harpy, Page 256,

Pep Up         13  Completely heals one character but kills   MithrlDrgn, Verminator
Red Feast       2  Drains hit points from enemy, amount       Steel Bat, Mercury Bat,
                   drained is equal to your maximum hit       BloodSlime, Radiator,
                   points minus your current hit points       Bald Monkey, Enkidoh,
Roulette        1  Kills an enemy or ally at random           Serpentina, DethDealer,
Time Slip       9  Uses Sleep and Old on the enemy            Traveler, Sherry

Toad Song       5  Uses Frog on the enemy                     Elf Toad, Archeotoad,
                                                              Kornago, Metamorpha,
                                                              Gilgamesh, Disabler,

WhiteWind      28  Restores hit points to all allies, the     Fan Wizard, A Rage,
                   total hit points healed are equal to the   WhiteFlame
                   caster's level

Summon Magic:

Name         Level    MP   Effect
Chocobo        1       4  Choco Kick: Strong physical attack
Sylph          1       8  Whisper Wind: Drains hit points, gives to all allies
Remora         1       2  Flying Piranah: Paralyzes enemy, reduces hit points
Shiva          2      10  Diamond Dust: Ice attack on all enemies
Ramuh          2      12  Judgement Bolt: Lighting attack on all enemies
Ifrit          2      11  Hellfire: Fire attack on all enemies
Titan          3      25  Earth Fury: Earth attack on all enemies
Golem          3      18  Earth Wall: Raises defense of all allies
Shoat          3      33  Demon Eye: Petrifies an enemy
Carbuncl       4      45  Ruby Flash: Casts Reflect on all allies
Hydra          4      32  Thunder: Lighting/Ice attack on all enemies
Odin           4      48  Venge Sword: Instantly kills all enemies
                          Javelin: Physical attack on one enemy
Phoenix        5      99  Fenix Flame: Revives allies, fire attack on all enemies
Leviathan      5      39  Tidal Wave: Water elemental attack on all enemies
Bahamut        5      66  Mega Flare: Huge amount of damage on all enemies

Sword Magic:

Name         Level    MP   Effect
Fire           1       2  Fire elemental power to sword
Ice            1       2  Ice elemental power to sword
Bolt           1       2  Lighting elemental power to sword
Poison         2       1  Adds poison effect to sword
Mute           2       1  Adds mute effect to sword
Sleep          2       2  Adds sleep effect to sword
Fire 2         3       5  Stronger Fire to sword
Ice 2          3       5  Stronger Ice to sword
Bolt 2         3       5  Stronger Lighting to sword
Drain          4       6  Allows sword to drain hit points
Break          4       8  Adds petrify effect to sword
Bio            4       3  Adds powerful poison to sword
Fire 3         5      15  Strongest Fire to sword
Ice 3          5      15  Strongest Ice to sword
Bolt 3         5      15  Strongest LightNing to sword
Holy           6      10  Adds Holy elemental to sword
Flare          6      30  Adds strong non elemental power to sword
Asper          6       1  Allows sword to drain magic points


Songs are used by Bards.

Name          Effect
Power Song    Increases attack power
Speed Song    Increases speed
Str. Song     Regenerates entire party
MP Song       Restores magic points
LVL Song      Makes allies' levels higher
Requiem       Holy attack on enemies of undead nature
Love Song     Charms enemies and makes them attack each other
TemptSong     Confuses all enemies


Dances are used by Dancers.

Name           Effect
Temptango      Confuses enemies
Wonderwaltz    Drains hit points from enemy
Jitterbug      Drains magic points from enemy
Sword Dance    Makes attack much stronger

Geomancer Terrain Magic:

Geomancers can do a variety of elemental terrain based attacks
depending on where you are fighting.

Name           Terrain       Effect
Big Wave       Ship          Water based attack on all enemies
Branch Arrow   Forest        Single physical attack
Branch Spear   Forest        Single physical attack
Desert Storm   Desert        Wind attack on all enemies
Dust           Desert        Wind elemental attack on all enemies
Earthquake     Outdoor       Earth attack on all enemies
Ghibli         Beach         Doom on enemies
Gust           Outside       Wind based attack
Poison Mist    Plains        Poison attack on all enemies
Quicksand      Desert        Doom on emeies
Rage           Forest        Attack to all enemies
Sonic Boom     Outdoor       Lowers enemy's HP by 3/4
Stalactite     Cave          Single physical attack
Stalagmite     Mountain      Single physical attack
Tornado        Building      Wind based attack
Tsunami        Beach         Water based attack on all enemies
Whirlpool      Ship          Water based attack on all enemies
Will o' Wisp   Cave          Fire based attack on all enemies
Wind Slash     Outside       Wind based attack on all enemies


Animals are used by a Hunter.

Name           Effect
Bee Swarm      Bees swarm all enemies
Lagomorph      Attempts to morph enemy into an item
Nightingale    Gives hit points to all allies
Squirrel       Single enemy attack
Tree Squirrel  Tries to stun enemies


There are many different weapons in the game and are divide into different
types. Some classes can use only one or two types of weapons, other can use
several. Travelers and Mimes are the only classes that can equip all weapons.
The translations used here for the weapons are taken directly from the Final
Fantasy Anthology version of the game.

Weapons that do the same damage from the back row:
Bows, Whips, Bells, Rods, Moonring/Razor Ring


Name        Attack   Price   Effect
Saber           0     100    Throwing weapon
Knife           7     150
Chicken Knife  12       2    Speed +5, each time you run away power goes up
Dirk           14     300
Mythril Knife  23     450
Ninja Knife    29     600    Speed +1
Mage Slasher   31     900    Magic Power +1, uses Mute on enemy
Hunting Knife  36    2600
Halcyon Blade  41    3400
Cluster        46    5100    Speed +1
Dancing Dirk   51    5800    Magic Power +1, Speed +1, uses Dance on enemey
Air Lancet     56    6800    Wind based damage
Thief Knife    66    6800    Speed +1, uses Mug on enemey
Assassin       81   20000    Speed +1, uses Doom on enemy
Man-eater      89       2    Speed +2, Vigor +2, Stamina +2, Magic Power +2
Sasuke         99   20000    Speed +1


Name        Attack   Price   Effect
Broadsword     15     280
Long Sword     22     480
Mythril Sword  31     880
Coral Sword    37    2800    LightNing based damage
Ancient Sword  43    4200    Uses Old on enemy
Half Moon      49    5600    Uses Sleep on enemy
Rune Edge      50   19000    Uses magic points to get critical hits
Regal Cutlass  57    8400
Flame Saber    63   10000    Fire based damage
Blizzard       65   11000    Ice based damage
Blood Sword    84   16000    Magic Power +5, Drains hit points from enemy
Defender       99   11000
Excalipur     100       2    Always does 1 damage
Enchanter     102   20000    Magic Power +3
Excalibur     110      10    Vigor +5, Holy based damage
Brave Blade   125   30000    Vigor +5, power lessens for each time you run
Ragnarok      140      10


Name        Attack   Price   Effect
Katana         42    5800
Wind Sword     44     100    Wind based damage
Bizen'Spearide   51    8800
Kotetsu        58   11800
Ichimonji      87   14800
MonsterKillr   97      10  
Masamune      107      10    Wearer gets first strike
Strato        117      10


Name        Attack   Price   Effect
Battle Ax      23     650
Mythril Hammer 28    1050
Cleaver        33    3200
War Hammer     38    6400
Death Sickle   43    5900    Uses Doom on enemy
Poison Ax      48    9600
Earth Hammer   58   12800
Rune Ax        71      10    Uses magic points to get critical hits
Thor's Hammer  81      10
Double Ax      91   40000


Name        Attack   Price   Effect
Spear          25     100    Speed +1
Mythril Pike   30     790
Trident        38    2700    LightNing based damage
Wind Lance     44    5400    Wind based damage
Short Spear    54    8100
Javelin        55     100    Vigor +1
Double Lance   61   10800    Attacks twice
Partisan       62   10200
Holy Lance    109      10    Vigor +3, Holy based damage
Dragon Lance  119   30000    Does high damage to dragons


Name        Attack   Price   Effect
Magic Bow       0   10000
Silver Bow     38    1500
Ice Bow        39    2500    Ice based damage
Fire Bow       39    2500    Fire based damage
LightNingBow   39    2500    LightNing based damage
Dark Bow       43    3800    Uses Blind on enemy
Crossbow       49    5000
Elfin Bow      56    7500
Gale Bow       69    8500    Wind based damage
Ab Splitter    91   20000
Yoichi's Bow  101      10
Artemis       111      10


Name        Attack   Price   Effect
Whip           26    1100    Uses Paralyze on enemy
Shock Whip     42    2200    LightNing based damage, uses Bolt on enemy
Chain Whip     52    3300    Uses Paralyze on enemy
Beast Killer   72   15000    Uses Paralyze on enemy
Fire Bute      82   20000    Fire based Damage, uses Fire 3 on enemy
Dragon Beard   92    4400    Uses Paralyze on enemy


Name        Attack   Price   Effect
Wonder Wand     0   10000    Magic Power +2
Wooden Rod      8     200    Magic Power +1
Ice Rod        16     750    Ice based damage
Fire Rod       16     750    Fire based damage
LightNing Rod  16     750    LightNing Elemental
Power Rod      30    3000    Magic Power +3
Poison Rod     32    1500
Magus Rod      40   20000    Fire/Spirit/LightNing/Poison/Earth magic power up


Name        Attack   Price   Effect
Healing Staff   0     900    Magic Power +2, heals target
Power Staff     0    1800    Vigor +5
Staff           6     200
Flail          13     780    Does the same damage from back row
Mythril Staff  19     500    
Lumino-Staff   45    2700    Magic Power +2
Mace           50    7800
Sage Staff     53   20000    Holy magic power up
Judge-Staff    60   30000    Magic Power +3


Name        Attack   Price   Effect
Silver Harp    15     800
Dream Harp     25    1600
Lamia's Harp   35    3200
Apollo Harp    45      10


Name        Attack   Price   Effect
Monster Bell   24     500
Earth Bell     35    9000
Rune Chime     45      10
Tinkerbell     55    1500

Thief/Ninja Non Icon Weapons:

Name        Attack   Price   Effect
Moonring       32    1100
Razor Ring     71   11000


Main Armor:

Name         Defense  Magic Defense   Weight  Price   Effect
Leather Armor   1          1             2      80
Cotton Robe     2          4             2     300
Bronze Plate    3          2             4     350
Bronze Armor    4          2             8     400
Silk Robe       4          5             2     500
Kung-fu Suit    5          2             3     450    Vigor +1    
Iron Armor      6          2             8     500
Poet Robe       6          8             2    1000
Silver Plate    7          2             4     600
Earth Robe      8         10             2    2000    Earth magic power up
Ninja Suit      9          2             3    3000    Speed +2
Mythril Armor   9          2             8     700
Angel Robe     10         11             2    3000    Stamina +5
Power Tasuki   11          0             0    4500    Vigor +3
Luminous Robe  11         12             2    4000    Magic Power +2
Gold Armor     12          2             8    4000
Diamond Plate  13          2             4    6000
Mirage Vest    14          4             3     100    Creates multiple illusions of wearer
Black Robe     14         14             2    8000    Magic Power +5
White Robe     14         14             2    8000    Stamina +3, Magic Power +3
Diamond Armor  15          2             8    8000
Black Costume  17          2             3    9000    Vigor +1, Speed +1
Prism Dress    18          3             3    5800    User gets higher chance of Sword Dance
Crystalmail    20          2             8   12000
Genji Armor    22          2             9   30000
Bonemail       30          5             3       2    Stamina -5, makes wearer undead


Name         Defense  Magic Defense   Weight  Price   Effect
Lether Shield   0         10%            2      90
Bronze Shield   1         15%            5     290
Iron Shield     2         20%            5     390
Mythrl Shield   3         25%            5     590
Gold Shield     4         30%            5    3000
Aegis Shield    5         33%            4    4500
Diamnd Shield   6         35%            5    6000
Ice Shield      7         40%            5   40000    Magic Defense +5, increased fire resist
Flame Shield    7         40%            5   40000    Magic Defense +5, increased ice resist
Crystl Shield   8         45%            5    9000
Genji Shield    9         50%            6   20000    Magic Defense +1
Blood Shield   15          1%            5       2    Magic Defense +5


Name         Defense  Magic Defense   Weight  Price   Effect
Hair Ornament   0          2             2   30000    All spells cost 1/2 the magic points
Leather Cap     1          1             1      50
Plumed Hat      2          2             2     350
BronzeH elmet   2          2             4     250
Green Beret     3          2             2    2500    Vigor +1, Speed +1
Lamia's Tiara   3          7             2    2500    Magic Power +3
Wizard Hat      4          2             2    1500    Magic Power +1
Iron Helmet     4          2             4     350
Coronet         5          4             8   75000    Magic Power +1, increase Control rate
Rope Headband   6          0             2    3500    Vigor +3
Poet Cap        6          2             2    3000
Mythril Helmet  6          2             4     550
Gold Helmet     8          2             4    3500
Tiger Mask      9          2             2    5000
Circlet        10          2             2    4500    Magic Power +3
Diamond Helmet 10          2             4    7000
Black Hood     12          2             0    6500
Ribbon         12          2             2       2    Vigor +5, Speed +5, Stamina +5, Magic Pwer +5,
                                                      All status ailments except condemned stopped
Crystal Helmet 13          2             4   10500
Genji Helmet   15          2             5   25000
Thornlet       20          5             4       2    Magic Power -5, degenerates character


Name         Defense  Magic Defense   Weight  Price   Effect
Kornago Gourd   0          0            15   10000    Catch ability increased
Wall Ring       0          0             1   20000    Reflect on user
Winged Shoes    0          3             1   50000    Float on user
Elf Cloak       0          3             1    4000    Magic Power +1, Speed +1, evades attacks
Leather Shoes   1          1             1      70
Silvr Glasses   1          1             1     250    Stops Blind
Silvr Armband   2          3             3     500
Power Wrist     3          0             0    2500    Vigor +3
Mythril Glove   3          0             5     600
Thief's Glove   4          0             1    3000    Speed +1, Steal rate increased
Dimnd Armband   4          5             3    4000
Fire Ring       5          5             1   50000    Absorbs Fire, Stops Ice
Coral Ring      5          5             1   50000    Absorbs Water, Stops Fire
Angel Ring      5         10             1   50000    Stops Zombie and Old
Gauntlet        6          1             5    3000
Kaisr Knuckle   8          0             1   15000    Vigor +5, hit rate increased
Giant'sGlove    9          1            10    5000    Vigor +5, Stamina +5, Magic -5, Speed -5
Protect Ring   10         10             1   30000    Regenerates user
Red Shoes      11          2             1    9800    User gets higher chance of Sword Dance
Genji Glove    12          1             6   15000
Hex Ring       25          5             1       2    Condemns wearer


There are a very huge amount of items in Final Fantasy 5. There are
items that can be used in battle, items that Ninjas can throw, items
that are made by Chemists, and special items that you receive during
gameplay to help the story move along.

Normal Items:

Name           Price   Effect
Tonic            40    Restores 50 hit points
Potion          360    Restores 500 hit points
Ether          1500    Restores 40 magic points
Elixir        50000    Restores hit points/magic points to full
Phoenix Down   1000    Revives downed ally with minimal hit points
Tent            250    Restores some hit points/magic points at save points
Cottage         600    Restores full hit points/magic points at save points
Eye Drop         20    Cures Blind status ailment
Antidote         30    Cures Poison status ailment
Cornucopia       50    Cures Mini status ailment
Maiden'sKiss     60    Cures Toad status ailment
Holy Water      150    Cures Zombie status ailment
Soft            150    Cures Petrify status ailment
Magic Lamp    10000    Summons a monster to help
Turtle Shell    150    Chemist's Mix ability ingredient
Dragon Fang    5000    Chemist's Mix ability ingredient
Dark Matter      10    Chemist's Mix ability ingredient
Ramuh            --    Use to learn Summon Ramuh
Golem            --    Use to learn Summon Golem
Shoat            --    Use to learn Summon Shoat
Dragon Seal      --    Receive after defeating Shinryu
Omega Badge      --    Receive after defeating Omega
Ash               2    Can be thrown by anyone

Chemist Items:

Name           Price   Effect
Hard Body       110    Increases Defense Power during battle
Power Drink     110    Increases Attack Power during battle
Speed Drink     110    Increases Speed during battle
Giant Drink     110    Doubles maximum hit points in battle
Hero Drink      110    Increases all stats during battle

Ninja Throwing Items:

Name           Price   Effect
Shuriken       2500    Physical hit on an enemey
MagiShuriken  25000    Greater physical hit on an enemey
Fire Skill      200    Fire based attack on all enemies
Water Skill     200    Water based attack on all enemies
LgtNingSkill    200    LightNing based attack on all enemies

Chemist Mix List:

Here is the game's complete item mixing list. You must combine the first
item with the second item to get the listed effect. Explainations of what
the effects do are listed afterward. Names of the items and effects are
directly taken from the North American Final Fantasy Anthology version of
the game.

Item 1        Item 2        Effect
Tonic         Tonic         Tonic 2        
Tonic         Potion        Lifewater        
Tonic         Ether         X-Potion        
Tonic         Phoenix Down  Resurrection    
Tonic         Elixir        Elixir          
Tonic         Antidote      Neutralize      
Tonic         Eye Drop      Eyedrop          
Tonic         Holy Water    Tonic 2        
Tonic         Maiden'sKiss  Maiden'sKiss 2
Tonic         Turtle Shell  Tincture        
Tonic         Dragon Fang   Dragon Power    
Tonic         Dark Matter   Dark Potion      
Potion        Potion        Potion 2      
Potion        Ether         Half-Elixer      
Potion        Phoenix Down  Resurrection    
Potion        Elixir        Elixir          
Potion        Antidote      Neutralize      
Potion        Eye Drop      Eyedrop          
Potion        Holy Water    Potion 2      
Potion        Maiden'sKiss  Maiden'sKiss 2
Potion        Turtle Shell  Dry Tincture    
Potion        Dragon Fang   Dragon Power      
Potion        Dark Matter   Dark Potion        
Ether         Ether         Tincture        
Ether         Phoenix Down  Reincarnation    
Ether         Elixir        Elixir          
Ether         Antidote      ResistPoison    
Ether         Eye Drop      Resist Fire      
Ether         Holy Water    Tincture        
Ether         Maiden'sKiss  Maiden'sKiss 2
Ether         Turtle Shell  X-Potion        
Ether         Dragon Fang   DragonShield    
Ether         Dark Matter   DarkTincture    
Phoenix Down  Phoenix Down  Phoenix Down 2
Phoenix Down  Elixir        Reincarnation    
Phoenix Down  Antidote      Resist Ice      
Phoenix Down  Eye Drop      Resist Bolt      
Phoenix Down  Holy Water    Lifeshield      
Phoenix Down  Maiden'sKiss  Lifekiss        
Phoenix Down  Turtle Shell  Remedy          
Phoenix Down  Dragon Fang   Dragon Armor    
Phoenix Down  Dark Matter   Doom Potion  
Antidote      Antidote      Antidote        
Antidote      Eye Drop      Tonic 3        
Antidote      Holy Water    Samson Might    
Antidote      Maiden'sKiss  Float            
Antidote      Turtle Shell  Turtle Shell    
Antidote      Dragon Fang   PoisonBreath    
Antidote      Dark Matter   Poison          
Eye Drop      Eye Drop      Eye Drop        
Eye Drop      Holy Water    ElementMight    
Eye Drop      Maiden'sKiss  Lamia Kiss      
Eye Drop      Turtle Shell  Haste Water      
Eye Drop      Dragon Fang   Gloom Sigh      
Eye Drop      Dark Matter   Gloom Gas        
Holy Water    Holy Water    Holy Water 2  
Holy Water    Maiden'sKiss  Blessed Kiss    
Holy Water    Turtle Shell  Bacchus Wine    
Holy Water    Dragon Fang   Hoary Breath    
Holy Water    Dark Matter   Dud Potion 2  
Maiden'sKiss  Maiden'sKiss  Maiden'sKiss 2
Maiden'sKiss  Turtle Shell  Drain Kiss      
Maiden'sKiss  Dragon Fang   Dragon Kiss      
Maiden'sKiss  Dark Matter   Toad Kiss      
Elixir        Elixir        Elixir          
Elixir        Antidote      Elixir          
Elixir        Eye Drop      Elixir          
Elixir        Holy Water    Elixir          
Elixir        Maiden'sKiss  Lilith Kiss      
Elixir        Turtle Shell  Dud Potion      
Elixir        Dragon Fang   Giant Drink      
Elixir        Dark Matter   Dark Elixer          
Turtle Shell  Turtle Shell  Preventive      
Turtle Shell  Dragon Fang   Dud Potion 3  
Turtle Shell  Dark Matter   Explosive        
Dragon Fang   Dragon Fang   DragonBreath    
Dragon Fang   Dark Matter   Dark Breath      
Dark Matter   Dark Matter   Shadowflare

Alchemy Effects:

Bacchus Wine: Uses Berserk on ally
Blessed Kiss: Uses Haste, Berserk, and Image on ally  
Dark Breath: Dark and Fire based attack on enemy
Dark Elixer: Lowers enemy hit points to very low levels
Dark Potion: Does 666 unblockable damage to enemy  
DarkTincture: Drains 80 magic points from enemy
Doom Potion: Uses Doom on an enemy, instantly killing them
Dragon Armor: Uses Protect and Reflect on ally    
Dragon Kiss: Fire based attack on enemy
Dragon Power: Increases ally's level by 20 in a battle
DragonBreath: Fire based attack on enemy
DragonShield:Target becomes resistant to Lightning/Fire/Ice
Drain Kiss: Drains a small amount of hit points from enemy      
Dry Tincture: Restores 160 magic points to ally    
Dud Potion: Uses Slip on an enemy      
Dud Potion 2: Inflicts Poison on enemy  
Dud Potion 3: Inflicts Confuse on enemy  
ElementMight: Raises power of all party's elemental attacks      
Explosive: Does damage to an enemy equal to current hit points, user dies      
Eye Drop: Restores a small amount of hit points/cures Blind
Float: Uses Float on ally          
Giant Drink: Double's a character maximum hit points in battle
Gloom Gas: Uses Blind on an enemy
Gloom Sigh: Uses Blind/Confuse on enemy
Half-Elixer: Restores half of an ally's hit points/magic points
Haste Water: Uses Haste on ally
Hoary Breath: Holy and Wind based attack on enemy
Holy Water 2: Restores a small amount of hit points/cures Zombie  
Lamia Kiss: Inflicts Confuse on enemy      
Lifekiss: Resurrects an ally and brings them to half hit points        
Lifeshield: Target becomes immune to Doom type instant death attacks      
Lifewater: Uses Regeneration on ally      
Lilith Kiss: Drains magic points from enemy and gives them to user      
Maiden'sKiss 2: Restores a small amount of hit points/cures Toad
Neutralize: Restores a small amount of hit points/cures Poison
Phoenix Down 2:  Revives dead ally with 1/4 HP
Poison: Uses Poison on enemy
PoisonBreath: Poisoned based attack on enemy
Potion 2: Restores 900 hit points to any ally      
Preventive: Uses Protect on ally
Reincarnation: Resurrects ally and brings them to full hit points
Remedy: Cures all status ailments for an ally
Resist Bolt: Target becomes resistant to Lightning
Resist Fire: Target becomes resistant to Fire
Resist Ice:  Target becomes resistant to Ice
ResistPoison: Target becomes resistant to Poison
Resurrection: Resurrects ally and brings them to full hit points
Samson Might: Increases ally's level by 10 in a battle
Shadowflare: Dark based attack on enemy
Tincture: Restores 80 magic points        
Toad Kiss: Uses Frog status ailment on enemy
Tonic 2: Restores 90 hit points
Tonic 3: Restores 130 hit points
Turtle Shell: Increases ally's defense
X-Potion: Restores all hit points to an ally

Shop List:

This is the complete shops list and what they sell in Final Fantasy 5.
Again, translations are taken from the Final Fantasy Anthology version
of the game.

Tule Village:

                   Type    Cost
Inn:                        10 GP

Item Shop:  
Tonic            (Item)     40 GP  
Tent             (Item)    250 GP

Weapon Shop:
Broadsword      (Sword)    280 GP  
Wooden Rod        (Rod)    200 GP
Staff           (Staff)    200 GP

Armor Shop:  
LetherShield   (Shield)     90 GP  
Leather Cap    (Helmet)     50 GP
LeatherArmor    (Armor)     80 GP

Magic Shop:  
Fire      (Black Magic)    150 GP  
Ice       (Black Magic)    150 GP
Bolt      (Black Magic)    150 GP  
Cure      (White Magic)    180 GP
Scan      (White Magic)     80 GP  
Antdot    (White Magic)     90 GP

Kerwin Village:

                   Type    Cost
Inn:                       10 GP

Item Shop:  
Tonic            (Item)    40 GP  
Antidote         (Item)    30 GP
Eye Drop         (Item)    20 GP  
Maiden'sKiss     (Item)    60 GP
Cornucopia       (Item)    50 GP  
Soft             (Item)   150 GP
Phoenix Down     (Item)  1000 GP  
Tent             (Item)   250 GP

Weapon Shop:
Dirk            (Knife)   300 GP  
Long Sword      (Sword)   480 GP
Wooden Rod        (Rod)   200 GP  
Staff           (Staff)   200 GP

Armor Shop:  
BronzeShield   (Shield)   290 GP  
BronzeHelmet   (Helmet)   250 GP
Bronze Armor    (Armor)   400 GP  
Bronze Plate    (Armor)   350 GP
Cotton Robe     (Armor)   300 GP

Magic Shop:  
Fire      (Black Magic)   150 GP  
Ice       (Black Magic)   150 GP
Bolt      (Black Magic)   150 GP  
Sleep     (Black Magic)   300 GP
Cure      (White Magic)   180 GP  
Antdot    (White Magic)   90 GP
Mute      (White Magic)   280 GP  
Protes    (White Magic)   280 GP

Walz Village:

                   Type    Cost
Inn:                       20 GP

Item Shop:  
Tonic            (Item)    40 GP  
Antidote         (Item)    30 GP
Eye Drop         (Item)    20 GP  
Maiden'sKiss     (Item)    60 GP
Cornucopia       (Item)    50 GP  
Soft             (Item)   150 GP
Phoenix Down     (Item)  1000 GP  
Tent             (Item)   250 GP

Weapon Shop:
Battle Ax         (Axe)   650 GP  
Long Sword      (Sword)   480 GP
Dirk            (Knife)   300 GP  

Armor Shop:  
Iron Shield    (Shield)   390 GP  
Iron Helmet    (Helmet)   350 GP
Iron Armor      (Armor)   500 GP  
Kung-fu Suit    (Armor)   450 GP
Cotton Robe     (Armor)   300 GP

Magic Shop:  
Slow       (Time Magic)    80 GP  
Regen      (Time Magic)   100 GP
Mute       (Time Magic)   320 GP  
Haste      (Time Magic)   320 GP
Chocobo  (Summon Magic)   300 GP  
Sylph    (Summon Magic)   350 GP
Remora   (Summon Magic)   250 GP

Karnak Village (First Visit):

                   Type    Cost
Inn:                       20 GP

Item Shop:  
Tonic            (Item)    40 GP  
Antidote         (Item)    30 GP
Eye Drop         (Item)    20 GP  
Maiden'sKiss     (Item)    60 GP
Cornucopia       (Item)    50 GP  
Soft             (Item)   150 GP
Phoenix Down     (Item)  1000 GP  
Tent             (Item)   250 GP

Weapon Shop:
MythrilKnife    (Knife)   450 GP  
MythrilSword    (Sword)   880 GP
MythrilHammr      (Axe)  1050 GP  
Ice Rod           (Rod)   750 GP
Fire Rod          (Rod)   750 GP  
LightNingRod      (Rod)   750 GP
Flail           (Staff)   780 GP

Weapon Shop 2:
Mythril Pike    (Spear)   790 GP  
Ninja Knife     (Knife)   600 GP
Whip             (Whip)  1100 GP  
Monster Bell     (Bell)   500 GP

Armor Shop:  
MythrlShield   (Shield)   590 GP  
MythrilHelmt   (Helmet)   550 GP  
MythrilArmor    (Armor)   700 GP
Silver Plate    (Armor)   600 GP  
Silk Robe       (Armor)   500 GP
MythrilGlove    (Relic)   600 GP  
SilvrArmBand    (Relic)   500 GP

White Magic Shop:  
Cure2      (White Magic)  620 GP  
Raise      (White Magic)  700 GP
Muddle     (White Magic)  650 GP  
Mute       (White Magic)  280 GP
Protes     (White Magic)  280 GP  
Cure       (White Magic)  180 GP
Scan       (White Magic)   80 GP  
Antdot     (White Magic)   90 GP

Black Magic Shop:  
Fire2      (Black Magic)  600 GP  
Ice2       (Black Magic)  600 GP
Bolt2      (Black Magic)  600 GP  
Poison     (Black Magic)  290 GP
Sleep      (Black Magic)  300 GP  
Fire       (Black Magic)  150 GP
Ice        (Black Magic)  150 GP  
Bolt       (Black Magic)  150 GP

Time Magic Shop:  
Demi        (Time Magic)  620 GP  
Stop        (Time Magic)  580 GP
Haste       (Time Magic)  320 GP  
Mute        (Time Magic)  320 GP
Slow        (Time Magic)   80 GP  
Regen       (Time Magic)  100 GP

Jacohl Village:

                   Type    Cost
Inn:                       30 GP

Item Shop:  
Tonic            (Item)    40 GP  
Antidote         (Item)    30 GP
Eye Drop         (Item)    20 GP  
Maiden'sKiss     (Item)    60 GP
Cornucopia       (Item)    50 GP  
Soft             (Item)   150 GP
Phoenix Down     (Item)  1000 GP  
Tent             (Item)   250 GP

Weapon Shop:
Cleaver           (Axe)  3200 GP  
Coral Sword     (Sword)  2800 GP
Mage Slasher    (Knife)   900 GP  
Trident         (Spear)  2700 GP
Katana         (Katana)  5800 GP  
Silver Bow        (Bow)  1500 GP

Armor Shop:  
Green Beret    (Helmet)  2500 GP  
Ninja Suit      (Armor)  3000 GP
Poet Robe       (Armor)  1000 GP

Magic Shop:  
Cure2     (White Magic)   620 GP  
Raise     (White Magic)   700 GP
Muddle    (White Magic)   650 GP  
Mute      (White Magic)   280 GP
Protes    (White Magic)   280 GP  
Cure      (White Magic)   180 GP
Scan      (White Magic)    80 GP  
Antdot    (White Magic)    90 GP

Crescent Village:

                   Type    Cost
Inn:                       30 GP

Item Shop:    
Tonic            (Item)    40 GP  
Antidote         (Item)    30 GP
Eye Drop         (Item)    20 GP  
Maiden'sKiss     (Item)    60 GP
Cornucopia       (Item)    50 GP  
Soft             (Item)   150 GP
Phoenix Down     (Item)  1000 GP  
Tent             (Item)   250 GP

Weapon Shop:
Fire Bow          (Bow)  2500 GP  
Ice Bow           (Bow)  2500 GP
LightNingBow      (Bow)  2500 GP  
Silver Harp      (Harp)   800 GP

Armor Shop:  
Plumed Hat     (Helmet)   350 GP  
Poet Robe       (Armor)  1000 GP

Magic Shop:  
Fire2     (Black Magic)   600 GP  
Ice2      (Black Magic)   600 GP          
Bolt2     (Black Magic)   600 GP  
Poison    (Black Magic)   290 GP            
Sleep     (Black Magic)   300 GP  
Fire      (Black Magic)   150 GP            
Ice       (Black Magic)   150 GP  
Bolt      (Black Magic)   150 GP

Rikks Village:

                   Type    Cost
Inn:                       Free

Item Shop:  
Ether            (Item)    750 GP  
Tonic            (Item)    20 GP          
Antidote         (Item)    15 GP  
Eye Drop         (Item)    10 GP          
Maiden'sKiss     (Item)    30 GP  
Cornucopia       (Item)    25 GP            
Soft             (Item)    75 GP  
Tent             (Item)   125 GP

Weapon Shop:
Ninja Knife     (Knife)    600 GP  
Shuriken     (Ninja Item) 2500 GP            
Fire Skill   (Ninja Item)  200 GP  
Water Skill  (Ninja Item)  200 GP            
LgtNingSkill (Ninja Item)  200 GP

Armor Shop:  
Green Beret    (Helmet)   2500 GP  
Ninja Suit      (Armor)   3000 GP

Magic Shop:  
Esna      (White Magic)   3000 GP

Easterly Village:

                   Type    Cost
Inn:                       30 GP

Item Shop:  
Tonic            (Item)    40 GP  
Antidote         (Item)    30 GP          
Eye Drop         (Item)    20 GP  
Maiden'sKiss     (Item)    60 GP          
Cornucopia       (Item)    50 GP  
Soft             (Item)   150 GP          
Phoenix Down     (Item)  1000 GP  
Tent             (Item)   250 GP

Armor Shop:  
Fire Ring       (Relic) 50000 GP  
Coral Ring      (Relic) 50000 GP
Angel Ring      (Relic) 50000 GP

Magic Shop:  
Demi       (Time Magic)   620 GP  
Stop       (Time Magic)   580 GP          
Haste      (Time Magic)   320 GP  
Mute       (Time Magic)   320 GP          
Slow       (Time Magic)    80 GP  
Regen      (Time Magic)   100 GP

Lugor Village:

                   Type        Cost
Inn:                           40 GP

Item Shop:  
Potion           (Item)       360 GP  
Tonic            (Item)        40 GP      
Phoenix Down     (Item)      1000 GP  
Soft             (Item)       150 GP          
Maiden'sKiss     (Item)        60 GP  
Cornucopia       (Item)        50 GP          
Eye Drop         (Item)        20 GP  
Antidote         (Item)        30 GP

Item Shop:  
Ether            (Item)      1500 GP  
Holy Water       (Item)       150 GP      
Cottage          (Item)       600 GP  
Giant Drink  (Chemist Item)   110 GP          
Power Drink  (Chemist Item)   110 GP  
Speed Drink  (Chemist Item)   110 GP
Hard Body    (Chemist Item)   110 GP  
Hero Drink   (Chemist Item)   110 GP

Weapon Shop:
HalcyonBlade    (Knife)      3400 GP  
War Hammer        (Axe)      6400 GP            
Katana         (Katana)      5800 GP  
Half Moon       (Sword)      5600 GP          
Wind Lance      (Spear)      5400 GP  
Dark Bow          (Bow)      3000 GP          
Dream Harp       (Harp)      1600 GP  
Chain Whip       (Whip)      3300 GP

Armor Shop:  
Gold Shield    (Shield)      3000 GP  
Gold Helmet    (Helmet)      3500 GP          
Green Beret    (Helmet)      2500 GP  
Wizard Hat     (Helmet)      1500 GP            
Gold Armor      (Armor)      4000 GP  
Ninja Suit      (Armor)      3000 GP          
Earth Robe      (Armor)      2000 GP

White Magic Shop:  
Blink     (White Magic)      3000 GP  
Esna      (White Magic)      3000 GP            
Shell     (White Magic)      3000 GP

Black Magic Shop:  
Drain     (Black Magic)      3000 GP  
Break     (Black Magic)      3000 GP          
Bio       (Black Magic)      3000 GP

Time Magic Shop:  
Comet      (Time Magic)      3000 GP  
Slow2      (Time Magic)      3000 GP            
Return     (Time Magic)      3000 GP

Val Castle:

                   Type        Cost
Inn:                           50 GP

Item Shop:  
Potion           (Item)       360 GP  
Tonic            (Item)        40 GP      
Phoenix Down     (Item)      1000 GP  
Soft             (Item)       150 GP          
Maiden'sKiss     (Item)        60 GP  
Cornucopia       (Item)        50 GP          
Eye Drop         (Item)        20 GP  
Antidote         (Item)        30 GP

Item Shop 2:  
Ether            (Item)      1500 GP  
Holy Water       (Item)       150 GP        
Cottage          (Item)       600 GP  
Giant Drink  (Chemist Item)   110 GP            
Power Drink  (Chemist Item)   110 GP  
Speed Drink  (Chemist Item)   110 GP            
Hard Body    (Chemist Item)   110 GP  
Hero Drink   (Chemist Item)   110 GP

Weapon Shop:
HalcyonBlade    (Knife)       3400 GP  
War Hammer        (Axe)       6400 GP            
Katana         (Katana)       5800 GP  
Half Moon       (Sword)       5600 GP            
Wind Lance      (Spear)       5400 GP  
Dark Bow          (Bow)       3000 GP            
Dream Harp       (Harp)       1600 GP  
Chain Whip       (Whip)       3300 GP

Armor Shop:  
Gold Shield    (Shield)       3000 GP  
Gold Helmet    (Helmet)       3500 GP            
Green Beret    (Helmet)       2500 GP  
Wizard Hat     (Helmet)       1500 GP            
Gold Armor      (Armor)       4000 GP  
Ninja Suit      (Armor)       3000 GP          
Earth Robe      (Armor)       2000 GP  
Gauntlet        (Relic)       4000 GP

White Magic Shop:  
Blink     (White Magic)       3000 GP  
Esna      (White Magic)       3000 GP            
Shell     (White Magic)       3000 GP

Black Magic Shop:  
Drain     (Black Magic)       3000 GP  
Break     (Black Magic)       3000 GP          
Bio       (Black Magic)       3000 GP

Time Magic Shop:  
Comet      (Time Magic)       3000 GP  
Slow2      (Time Magic)       3000 GP            
Return     (Time Magic)       3000 GP

Kelb Village:

                   Type        Cost
Inn:                           60 GP

Item Shop:  
Potion           (Item)       360 GP  
Tonic            (Item)        40 GP          
Phoenix Down     (Item)      1000 GP  
Soft             (Item)       150 GP            
Maiden'sKiss     (Item)        60 GP  
Cornucopia       (Item)        50 GP            
Eye Drop         (Item)        20 GP  
Antidote         (Item)        30 GP

Item Shop:  
Ether            (Item)      1500 GP  
Holy Water       (Item)       150 GP      
Cottage          (Item)       600 GP  
Giant Drink  (Chemist Item)   110 GP            
Power Drink  (Chemist Item)   110 GP  
Speed Drink  (Chemist Item)   110 GP            
Hard Body    (Chemist Item)   110 GP  
Hero Drink   (Chemist Item)   110 GP

Weapon Shop:
Cluster         (Knife)      5100 GP  
Crossbow          (Bow)      5000 GP        
Poison Rod        (Rod)      1500 GP  
Shuriken      (Ninja Item)   2500 GP            
Fire Skill    (Ninja Item)    200 GP  
Water Skill   (Ninja Item)    200 GP            
LgtNingSkill  (Ninja Item)    200 GP

Weapon Shop 2:
HalcyonBlade    (Knife)      3400 GP  
War Hammer        (Axe)      6400 GP      
Katana         (Katana)      5800 GP  
Half Moon       (Sword)      5600 GP          
Wind Lance      (Spear)      5400 GP  
Dark Bow          (Bow)      3000 GP        
Dream Harp       (Harp)      1600 GP  
Chain Whip       (Whip)      3300 GP

Armor Shop:  
RopeHeadband   (Helmet)      3500 GP  
Power Tasuki    (Armor)      4500 GP        
Power Wrist     (Relic)      2500 GP

Armor Shop:  
Gold Shield    (Shield)      3000 GP  
Gold Helmet    (Helmet)      3500 GP        
Green Beret    (Helmet)      2500 GP  
Wizard Hat     (Helmet)      1500 GP          
Gold Armor      (Armor)      4000 GP  
Ninja Suit      (Armor)      3000 GP            
Earth Robe      (Armor)      2000 GP  
Gauntlet        (Relic)      4000 GP

White Magic Shop:  
Blink     (White Magic)      3000 GP  
Esna      (White Magic)      3000 GP            
Shell     (White Magic)      3000 GP

Black Magic Shop:  
Drain     (Black Magic)      3000 GP  
Break     (Black Magic)      3000 GP          
Bio       (Black Magic)      3000 GP

Time Magic Shop:  
Comet      (Time Magic)      3000 GP  
Slow2      (Time Magic)      3000 GP          
Return     (Time Magic)      3000 GP

Surgate Castle:

                   Type        Cost
Inn:                           60 GP

Item Shop:  
Potion           (Item)        360 GP  
Tonic            (Item)         40 GP        
Phoenix Down     (Item)       1000 GP  
Soft             (Item)        150 GP            
Maiden'sKiss     (Item)         60 GP  
Cornucopia       (Item)         50 GP            
Eye Drop         (Item)         20 GP  
Antidote         (Item)         30 GP

Item Shop 2:  
Ether            (Item)       1500 GP  
Holy Water       (Item)        150 GP        
Cottage          (Item)        600 GP  
Giant Drink  (Chemist Item)    110 GP            
Power Drink  (Chemist Item)    110 GP  
Speed Drink  (Chemist Item)    110 GP            
Hard Body    (Chemist Item)    110 GP  
Hero Drink   (Chemist Item)    110 GP

Weapon Shop:
RegalCutlass    (Sword)       8400 GP  
Short Spear     (Spear)       8100 GP            
Bizen'Spearide (Katana)       8800 GP  
Poison Ax         (Axe)       9600 GP

Armor Shop:  
Gold Shield    (Shield)       3000 GP  
Gold Helmet    (Helmet)       3500 GP          
RopeHeadband   (Helmet)       3500 GP  
Wizard Hat     (Helmet)       1500 GP            
Gold Armor      (Armor)       4000 GP  
Power Tasuki    (Armor)       4500 GP            
Earth Robe      (Armor)       2000 GP  
Gauntlet        (Relic)       4000 GP

White Shop:  
Blink     (White Magic)       3000 GP  
Esna      (White Magic)       3000 GP          
Shell     (White Magic)       3000 GP

Black Shop:  
Drain     (Black Magic)       3000 GP  
Break     (Black Magic)       3000 GP            
Bio       (Black Magic)       3000 GP

Time Shop:  
Comet      (Time Magic)       3000 GP  
Slow2      (Time Magic)       3000 GP            
Return     (Time Magic)       3000 GP

Moore Village:

                   Type        Cost
Inn:                           70 GP

Item Shop:    
Potion           (Item)       360 GP  
Tonic            (Item)        40 GP        
Phoenix Down     (Item)      1000 GP  
Soft             (Item)       150 GP            
Maiden'sKiss     (Item)        60 GP  
Cornucopia       (Item)        50 GP            
Eye Drop         (Item)        20 GP  
Antidote         (Item)        30 GP

Item Shop 2:  
Ether            (Item)      1500 GP  
Holy Water       (Item)       150 GP
Cottage          (Item)       600 GP  
Giant Drink  (Chemist Item)   110 GP            
Power Drink  (Chemist Item)   110 GP  
Speed Drink  (Chemist Item)   110 GP            
Hard Body    (Chemist Item)   110 GP  
Hero Drink   (Chemist Item)   110 GP

Weapon Shop:
Air Lancet      (Knife)      6800 GP  
Elfin Bow         (Bow)      7500 GP

Armor Shop:  
DiamndShield   (Shield)      6000 GP  
DiamondHelmt   (Helmet)      7000 GP          
Tiger Mask     (Helmet)      5000 GP  
Poet Cap       (Helmet)      3000 GP          
DiamondArmor    (Armor)      8000 GP  
DiamondPlate    (Armor)      6000 GP          
LuminousRobe    (Armor)      4000 GP  
DimndArmBand    (Relic)      4000 GP

White Shop:  
Cure3     (White Magic)      6000 GP  
Rflect    (White Magic)      6000 GP            
Bersrk    (White Magic)      6000 GP  
Blink     (White Magic)      3000 GP            
Esna      (White Magic)      3000 GP  
Shell     (White Magic)      3000 GP

Black Shop:  
Fire3     (Black Magic)      6000 GP  
Ice3      (Black Magic)      6000 GP          
Bolt3     (Black Magic)      6000 GP  
Drain     (Black Magic)      3000 GP            
Break     (Black Magic)      3000 GP  
Bio       (Black Magic)      3000 GP

Time Shop:  
Demi2      (Time Magic)      6000 GP  
Haste2     (Time Magic)      6000 GP            
Old        (Time Magic)      6000 GP  
Comet      (Time Magic)      3000 GP          
Slow2      (Time Magic)      3000 GP  
Return     (Time Magic)      3000 GP

Dwarf Village:

                   Type    Cost

Weapon Shop:
Earth Hammer      (Axe)   12800 GP  
Mace            (Staff)    7800 GP            
Magic Bow         (Bow)   10000 GP  
Ichimonji      (Katana)   14800 GP

Armor Shop:  
CrystlShield   (Shield)    9000 GP  
CrystalHelmt   (Helmet)   10500 GP            
Black Hood     (Helmet)    6500 GP  
Circlet        (Helmet)    4500 GP          
Crystalmail     (Armor)   12000 GP  
BlackCostume    (Armor)    9000 GP          
Black Robe      (Armor)    8000 GP  
White Robe      (Armor)    8000 GP

Mirage Village:

                   Type       Cost
Inn:                          70 GP

Item Shop:  
Potion           (Item)      360 GP  
Tonic            (Item)       40 GP
Phoenix Down     (Item)     1000 GP  
Soft             (Item)      150 GP
Maiden'sKiss     (Item)       60 GP  
Cornucopia       (Item)       50 GP
Eye Drop         (Item)       20 GP  
Antidote         (Item)       30 GP

Item Shop 2:  
Elixir           (Item)    50000 GP  
Ether            (Item)     1500 GP
Holy Water       (Item)      150 GP  
Giant Drink  (Chemist Item)  110 GP
Power Drink  (Chemist Item)  110 GP  
Speed Drink  (Chemist Item)  110 GP
Hard Body    (Chemist Item)  110 GP  
Hero Drink   (Chemist Item)  110 GP

Weapon Shop:
Flame Saber     (Sword)    10000 GP  
Blizzard        (Sword)    11000 GP
Earth Hammer      (Axe)    12800 GP  
Mace            (Staff)     7800 GP
Magic Bow         (Bow)    10000 GP  
Ichimonji      (Katana)    14800 GP
Partisan        (Spear)    10200 GP

Weapon Shop 2:
MagiShuriken  (Ninja Item) 25000 GP  
Shuriken      (Ninja Item)  2500 GP
Double Lance    (Spear)    10800 GP  
Moonring        (Other)     1100 GP
Fire Skill    (Ninja Item)   200 GP  
Water Skill   (Ninja Item)   200 GP
LgtNingSkill  (Ninja Item)   200 GP

Armor Shop:  
CrystlShield   (Shield)     9000 GP  
CrystalHelmt   (Helmet)    10500 GP
Black Hood     (Helmet)     6500 GP  
Circlet        (Helmet)     4500 GP
Crystalmail     (Armor)    12000 GP  
BlackCostume    (Armor)     9000 GP
Black Robe      (Armor)     8000 GP  
White Robe      (Armor)     8000 GP

Armor Shop 2:  
Winged Shoes    (Relic)    50000 GP  
Angel Ring      (Relic)    50000 GP
Fire Ring       (Relic)    50000 GP  
Coral Ring      (Relic)    50000 GP
Lamia'sTiara   (Helmet)     2500 GP  
Angel Robe      (Armor)     3000 GP

Magic Shop:  
Mini      (White Magic)      300 GP  
Toad      (Black Magic)      300 GP
Speed      (Time Magic)       30 GP  
Float      (Time Magic)      300 GP
Telepo     (Time Magic)      600 GP  
Chocobo  (Summon Magic)      300 GP
Sylph    (Summon Magic)      350 GP  
Remora   (Summon Magic)      250 GP

Magic Shop 2:  
Arise     (White Magic)    10000 GP  
Dispel    (White Magic)    10000 GP
Doom      (Black Magic)    10000 GP  
Asper     (Black Magic)    10000 GP
Quick     (Time Magic)     10000 GP  
X-zone    (Time Magic)     10000 GP

Enemy List:

This is the complete enemy listing for the game. All of the enemy names
are translated directly from the Final Fantasy Anthology version of the
game. They did a pretty literal translation on most of the enemies, but
a few of them have shortened names due to romanization.

For enemies with multiple weaknesses, I've only put one of them, but most
things that are weak to ice are also weak to water, and most things that
are weak to holy are also undead. "All" means that that enemy is weak to
all elemental magic attacks.

A * in front of an enemy means that that enemy is a boss or mini boss.

            Level     HP    Weakness  Steal         Rare Steal    Win
A Rage          34    1050            Tonic                       Phoenix Down
*Abductor       22    1500            Earth Robe
*Abductor (2)   29    2500
Acrophis        30     900   Bolt     Tonic                       Nothing
*Adamantaim     20    2000   Ice
Adamngolem      37    3650   Bolt     Tonic                       Potion
Alcumia         47    4500            Maiden'sKiss                Elixir
*Alte Roit      58    6000            
*Antolyon       34    8100   Water
*Apprehendr     59    22200  Fire     Ash                         Ash
Aquagel         46    3300   Bolt     Tonic                       Speed Drink
Aquaus          26    3000            Crossbow
Aquazone        31     800   Bolt     Tonic                       Antidote
*Archeoavis     ??           Wind
*Archeoavis (2) 20  
Archeosaur      35    9960   Earth    Nothing                     Dragon Fang
Archeotoad      25     800   Ice      Nothing                     Nothing
Armon           25    1500   Bolt     Antidote                    Potion
Atomos          41   19997          
Auspices        35    1280   Ice      Antidote      Potion        Antidote
*Azulmagia      57   27900   Poison   Elixir        Giant'sGlove
Bald Money      35    1300            Nothing                     Holy Water
*Bahamut         99  40000            Dragon Fang                 Dragon Fang    
Baretta         41    1000   Ice      Tonic                       Potion
*Barrier        ??    ????
BehemoKing      82   18000   Water    Phoenix Down  Blood Sword   Double Lance
Belfagel        55    6000            Moonring      Razor Ring    Ice Shield
Berserker       44    2140            Speed Drink                 Death Sickle
Bewitchin       42    2000            Silk Robe                   LuminousRobe
*Biblos         24    3600   Holy
Big Horn         8      90            Nothing                     Tonic
BigButrfly      29    9000            Potion                      Giant Drink
BioSoldier      18     540            Battle Ax                   Antidote
BlackFlame      22     220   Water    Nothing                     Speed Drink
BlakGoblin       7      20            Tonic                       LeatherShoes
BlakWarlok      36    1999   Holy     Poison Rod    Power Staff   Lumino-Staff
Blind Wolf      33     900   Fire     Nothing                     Eyedrop
Blizzard        45    2300   Fire     Nothing                     Potion
Blockhead       26     600   Bolt     Nothing                     Nothing
BloodSlime      29     600   Fire     Holy Water                  Holy Water
*Bludgeoner     41    6000            Potion                      Crystalmail
BlueDragon      38    6900            Dragon Fang                 Dragon Fang
Bomb            21     440            Tonic                       Tonic
BrandLamia      38    2100   Ice      Maiden'sKiss  Thornlet      Lamia's Tiara
*Byurobolos     22    1500  
Cactus          29    1000   Water    Tonic                       Nothing
*Carbuncle       1   15000   All      Wall Ring
*Catastroph     71   19997    
Centipeelr      48    2780   Ice      Tonic                       Potion
*Clay Claw      43    2000   Bolt     Coral Sword
Cockataur       12     100            Soft                        Nothing
Cool Dust       17     240   Water    Tonic                       Dark Matter
Corbett         29    2800   Bolt     Nothing                     Potion
Corral          46    2150   Bolt     Tonic                       Nothing
Cowpoke         37    2200            Power Drink                 Speed Drink
Crescent        22     580            Silver Bow                  Death Sickle
Crystelle       52       3            Ether         CrystlShield  CrystalHelmt
CrystlDrgn      62   17500            Elixir        Dragon Lance  Crystalmail
CrystSlugs      10      75   Bolt     Tonic                       Elixir
Cure Beast      34    1000            Nothing                     Elixir
Cybis           19      25            Nothing                     Soft
Cycloskull      48    3000            Turtle Shell  Angel Ring    Rune Chime
Death Claw      51    4000   Water    Hero Drink    Thor'sHammer  Soft
DeemMaster      43    2600            Tonic                       Potion
Defeater        18     260   Ice      Tonic                       Speed Drink
DethDealer      63    3000            Holy Water    Poet Cap      Phoenix Down
Devourer        28    1000            Nothing                     Nothing
Diablo           3      16   Ice      Nothing                     Nothing
Dinglberry      46   39393            Plumed Hat                  Mirage Vest
Disabler        49    3800            Wall Ring     Ribbon        Lamia'sHarp
Doublizard      21     700   Ice      Nothing                     Tonic
DragonAvis      49    7000   Water    Trident       Artemis       Dragon Fang
*Drgn Bulb      31     100
*Drgn Grass     33   12000
Drgn Great      51   10000   Water    Dragon Fang   Power Drink   Dragon Fang
DrgnZombie      24    4590   Fire     Nothing                     Dragon Fang
Drippy          32     900   Poison   MythrilHammr                Tent
Druid (Purple)  42    2000
Druid (Red)     44    2200
DualKnight      44    2140            Power Drink                 Power Drink
Earth Crystal
Elf Toad        13     160   Ice      Nothing                     Tonic
*Enkidoh        29    4000
Fall Guard      47    4000            RopeHeadband                KaisrKnuckle
Executor        42    2000            Nothing                     DimndArmBand
*Faltzer         8     850
Fan Wizard      24    1000            Tonic                       Dark Bow
Ferry Walk      28    1000            Holy Water                  Potion
Fins            20     550   Bolt     Tonic                       Tonic
Fire Crystal
Fishite         25     400            Nothing                     Tonic
*FlameThrow     22    2400   Bolt    
Flare           44    3000            Elixir                      Poet Cap
Freeziabat      32    2300   Fire     Potion                      Potion
Fury            50    5000   Water    Wall Ring     Hex Ring      Black Robe
Galacjelly      34      75            Eyedrop                     Ether
*Gargoyle       33    5000
*Garula          5    1200            Maiden'sKiss                Nothing
Gatlings         7      80            Nothing                     Soft        
Ghilacat        12     100            Tonic                       Nothing
Gigas           ??    ????            Elixir                      Giant Drink
*Gilgame        51   32768   Ice
*Gilgamesh      26    ????
*Gilgamesh (2)  28    ????
*Gilgamesh (3)  31    8888            Genji Glove
*Gilgamesh (4)  ??    ????            Genji Helmet                Excalipur
*Gilgamesh (5)  59    ????            Genji Shield
*Gilgamesh (6)  93    ????            Genji Armor
Glastos         15     250   Ice      Nothing                     Turtle Shell
GloomWidow      42    1820   Water    Tonic                       Nothing
Gobbldigoo      24    1200            
Goblin           6      16            Tonic                       Leather Cap
*Gogo           77    ????   Water
*Golem           3    2500
*GrandMummy     ??    6000   Fire     Potion                      Potion
Gravidead       34    1800            Nothing                     Earth Robe
Grenade         47    3000            Potion        Flame Shield  Potion
Grimalkin       32     500   Fire     Nothing                     Holy Water
Groundpede      24    1450   Earth    Nothing                     Hard Body
*Halycanos      97   33333            Lumino-Staff                Elf Cloak
Harpy           20     666            Hard Body                   Phoenix Down
Hedgehog        37    1000            Soft                        Soft
Hypnot          37    2600   Fire     Nothing                     Phoenix Down
Hypnot (2)      63    8000   Fire
Hyudra          25    2000            Ether                       Dragon Fang
*IceComandr      4     600   Fire
IceSoldier      13     160   Fire     MythrilSword                Tonic
*Ifrit          22    3000   Water
Imp             52    1000            Tonic                       DimndArmBand
*Invisible      52    7000            Ninja Suit                  Nothing
Iron            44    2140            Giant Drink                 Giant Drink
*Iron Claw      ??    1000
Iron Dress      44    2200   Ice      Tonic                       Tent
Iron Giant      61   18000   Water    Iron Helmet   Iron Armor    Giant Drink
Jestrex         48    2580   Poison   Speed Drink   Power Rod     Eyedrop
*JuraAvis       61   15000
*Karl Boss       5     650   Bolt
Karnak          19     140            Tonic                       Nothing
Kestrel         27   19000            Maiden'sKiss                Angel Ring
Killer Bee       1      20            Nothing                     Nothing
*KimaBrain      19    3300
Kornago         31    1000   Ice      Tonic                       Eyedrop
Kuzer           63   10000            Nothing                     Elixir
La Mage         19     760            Poet Robe                   Elixir
Lamia           24     900   Ice      Maiden'sKiss                Nothing
Landcrawlr      48   22000   Water    AncientSword  Defender      Elixir
Landsquid       48    2780            Potion                      Holy Water
LandTurtle      34    1300   Ice      Tonic                       Turtle Shell
Landwort        14     180            Tonic                       Nothing
*Launcher       50    ????
LevelChekr      54    5000            Tonic         Ether         Elixir
*Leviathan      37   40000   Bolt
LilChariot       8     480            Nothing                     Potion
*LiqudFlame     19    3000   Ice      
LiquiFlame      63    9000   Ice
LumbrBeast      11     130   Wind     Tonic                       Elixir
LvlTripper      34    1300   Bolt
Magic Pot       91   65255            Potion
MagicDrgn       36    2900   Wind     Tonic                       Elixir
*Magissa         8     650
Magnites        33    1200   Bolt     Nothing       Nothing       Potion
Mamon           35    1700   Fire     Nothing                     Potion
Mandrake        28    1000            Eyedrop                     Nothing
Mauldwin         1      20            Nothing                     Elixir
Maximus         51   10000   Water    Potion        Aegis Shield  Circlet
MechaHead       37    7210   Water    Ether                       Speed Drink
*Mellusion      29   20000   Fire
MercuryBat      46     500            Tonic                       Potion
Metamorpha      43    7000   Water    Staff         Potion        Lumino-Staff
Mind Flare      53    4700            Green Beret   HuntingKnife  White Robe
MiniDragon      22    1000            Nothing                     Nothing
MiniMage        11    1100            Nothing                     Wizard Hat
*Minitaurus     ??   19850
MithrlDrgn      16     600            Tonic                       MythrilGlove
Mog Eater       23    1000   Bolt     Nothing                     Nothing
Money Mage       5      20            Tonic                       Rod
MossFungus      48    5000   Water    Potion        Air Lancet    Antidote
MotorDrive      38    3300   Fire     Tonic                       Hero Drink
Mottletrap      17     240   Bolt     Ether                       Nothing
Mover           52   10000   Fire     Fire Skill    Water Skill   LgtNingSkill
Mummy           27    1900   Fire     Tonic                       Holy Water
Necromancr      54    6900   Undead   Holy Water    Bonemail      Holy Water
*Necrophobe     66   44044   All
*Neo X-Deth     81   50000
*Neo X-Deth (2) 67   55000
*Neo X-Deth (3) 83   55000
*Neo X-Deth (4) 86   60000
Neo Garula      27     980            Nothing                     Water Skill
Neogigas        39    4170            Nothing                     Giant Drink
Neon            33    1200            Speed Drink                 Speed Drink
*Nergade        20   13333   Fire
Nile            28    1200   Bolt     Nothing       Nothing       Giant Drink
Ninja           52    5000            Shuriken      Ichimonji
Nut Eater        1      20            Tonic                       Tonic
Octofist         7      60            Nothing                     Tonic
Oculus          49    2100   Earth    Dark Matter   Soft          Phoenix Down
*Odin            2   17000            Protect Ring
*Omega         119   67823   Bolt     Nothing       Nothing       Omega Badge
*Omniscient     53   16999   Wind
Paddle Thru     14     280            Tonic                       Nothing
Page 32         19     480   Fire     Tonic                       Tonic
Page 64         20     500   Fire     Tonic                       Phoenix Down
Page 128        20     700   Fire     Ether                       Tonic
Page 256        21     900   Fire     Potion                      MythrlShield
*Pantera        42   18000   Fire     Phoenix Down                Nothing
Pao             27     500            Tonic                       Tent
*Phobos         39   13333   Earth
PoisnEagle      32     100            Nothing                     Antidote
Poltrgeist      17     240   Wind     Potion                      Nothing
Prototype       23    5000            Ether                       Dark Matter
PsychoHeds      11      90            Nothing                     Fire Skill
Pyramidia       41    2200   Bolt     Power Drink                 Tonic
Python          39    1800   Ice      Antidote                    Eyedrop
Quadrharpy      23    1000            Trident                     Phoenix Down
Radiator        40     900   Fire     Nothing                     Tonic
*Ramuh          21    4000
Red Dragon      30    7500   Water    Potion        Fire Ring
Red Harpy       43    1900            Potion                      Holy Water
RflecKnght      33    1600            War Hammer                  Wall Ring
RflecMage       36    1300            Nothing                     Ether
RicardMage      10     100            Rod                         Fire Rod
Ridicule        31    1380   Bolt     Maiden'sKiss                Hero Drink
RockCutter      11     120   Fire
*Rocket Gun     23    2500   Bolt
RockStatue      45    3300   Bolt     Potion        Double Lance  Soft
RonkaKnigt      24     860            Potion                      MythrlShield
Sand Bear       24    1000   Water    Nothing                     Nothing
Sandboil        23     420   Water    Tonic                       Tonic
Sandcrawlr      29   15000   Water    Nothing                     Power Drink
SandKiller      23     620   Water    Nothing                     Antidote
*Sandworm       18    3000   Water
Sargeant         0     400            Tonic                       Silver Plate
Sea Devil       30    5000   Bolt     Potion                      Turtle Shell
Serpentina      49    3900            Prism Dress   Coral Ring    HairOrnament
ShadeDancr      43    4480            Power Wrist                 Cornucopia
Shadow          40    1000            Nothing                     Holy Water
Shell Bear      27     380            Nothing                     Potion
Shell Fish      28    1000            Tonic                       Potion
Sherry          49    4000            Red Shoes     Elf Cloak     Winged Shoes
ShieldDrgn      29   19999            MythrlShield                Gold Shield
*Shiva          11    1500   Fire
*Shinryu        97   66901            Nothing                     Ragnarok
*Shoat          38    5000            Nothing                     Nothing
Silent Bee      16     220            Nothing                     Soft
*Siren           2     900   Fire
Sizzoner        39    2300            Tonic                       Tonic
Skelesaur       32    2590   Fire     Soft                        Ether
Skeleton        10      70   Holy     Nothing                     Dirk
SkullEater      32       1            Tent                        Elixir
Sleepy          36    1600            Nothing                     Leather Cap
Slownin         43    2400            Katana        Ice Shield    Kotetsu
Slug            42    1820   Fire     Tonic                       Nothing
Soccer           6      50            Nothing                     Tonic
Sorcerer        18     350            Mage Slasher                Ether
Soul Gun        36    ????   Bolt
SoulCannon      61   10000   Bolt
Spizzoner       39    2300
Steel Bat        2      20            Nothing                     Nothing
Stingray        93   30000            Dark Matter
*Stoker          7   20000            Dark Matter                 Dragon Beard
StonedMask      24     450   Bolt     Soft                        Nothing
StoneGolem      22    1000   Bolt     Soft                        Potion
Stones          12      50   Bolt     SilvrGlasses                Nothing
Stray Cat        2      20            Nothing                     Nothing
Stroper          3      20            Tonic                       Nothing
Succubus        36    2700            Antidote                    Dragon Fang
Subterran       27    1000            Nothing                     Nothing
SwrdDancer      48    3000            MythrilHelmt  Enchanter     Blizzard
Sybaritic       52    3200   Water    Turtle Shell  Flame Saber   Elixir
T-wrecks        45    2300            Antidote                    Dragon Fang
Tarantula       27     200   Ice      Nothing                     Tonic
Tattoo           8     100   Ice      Nothing                     Tent
The Damned      44    1980            Nothing                     Holy Water
Thunderpit      21     600            Tonic                       LgtNingSkill
Tiny Mage       43    1540            Nothing                     Tonic
*Titan           1    2500
Tote Avis       47   33090            Ab Splitter                 Ab Splitter
Traveler        33    1400            Nothing                     Dream Harp
Trent           26     700   Fire     Potion                      Tonic
Tripper         34    1300            Tonic                       Potion
*Triton         37   13333   Ice
*Twin Tania     39   50000   Holy
TwinLizard      33    1500   Ice      Nothing                     Tonic
*Tyrasaurus     29    5000   Fire
Ultragigas      34    2420            Nothing                     Giant Drink
Unknown         41    2500   Holy     Tonic                       Speed Drink
Unknown (2)     46    2500   Holy     Tonic                       Power Drink
Unknown (3)     47    3500   Holy     Tonic                       Giant Drink
Unknown (4)     47    6500   Holy     Tonic                       Hard Body
Verminator      27    1000            Tonic                       Ether
Water Bus       26     600   Bolt     Nothing                     Nothing
Water Crystal
WaterScorp      26     500            Tonic                       Tonic
Weresnake       31     900   Ice      Tonic                       Potion
WhiteFlame      49    1600            Eyedrop       Elixir        Ether
Whitesnake       4      25   Ice      Nothing                     Nothing
Wild Dog        15      95   Fire     Tonic                       Nothing
Wind Crystal
WingKiller      26     300            Nothing                     Antidote
*Wingrapter     ??    ????
*WoodSpearite   68   18000
X-Death         63    ????
X-Death (2)     66   32768   Holy
X-Death (3)     77   49001
X-DethSoul       1   20000   Holy     Nothing       Nothing      Dark Matter
Y Burn          14     200            MythrilKnife               Tonic
YellowDrgn      38    8500            Lightning Rod              Coral Ring
Yojimbo         52    3960            Cottage       Strato       Power Tasuki
Zefa Zone       53    3780            Tonic         Elixir       Elixir
Zuu             15     85             Nothing                    Elixir

Best Weapons:

Most of the best weapons in the game are not the 12 legendary weapons,
as most think. Some are hard to find, others are not, but they are very
useful, especially for beating Shinryuu and NeoExdeath.

Bow: Bow of Artemis
Steal: Green Dragons in the sky section of the Cleft of

Axe: Axe of Giants
Steal: Boss before the final dungeon.

Spear: Hiryuu Lance
Steal: Crystal Dragons in the final dungeon.

Katana: Blade of Angels
Steal: Monsters left of the warp point in the castle section
        of the Cleft of Dimention.

Whip: Dragon Whip
Steal: Secret enemy in the ocean south of Tycoon (Near sunken
       Walse tower. This enemy is called the Stingray. I've
       met this enemy only once, and I haven't gotten the
       actual blade yet. This enemy is extremely rare to find.

Cane: Staff of Judgement
Steal: Dark-robed wizards in Exdeath's castle in Galuf's world.

Bell: Rune Bell
Get: Dropped in Cleft of Dimention randomly by Baldendalas
     (circular enemies with a skull on them).

Knife: Chicken Knife
Get: Choose between this or the Brave Sword in Muah town in
     the third world. The Chicken Knife does more damage if
     you've run from many battles.

Sword: Brave Sword
Get: Choose between this or the Chicken Knife in Muah town in
     the third world. The Brave sword does more damage if you've
     run from battles very little.

*Note: If anyone knows if there are any other better weapons than
the ones here listed, please let me know, and you will receive credit.

Game Genie Codes:

Although you can easily cheat, I don't recommend it, it spoils
the experience of this great game. :) If you do decide to,
however, here's some codes. Many thanks to
for these.


175D-7060 / Starts at Level 99
DE5D-71D0 + 415D-7100 / Starts with 9983 Max HP
DE5D-75D0 + 415D-7500 / Starts with 999 Max MP
9354-70A0 + 9354-79D0 / Starts with 94 Strength
9254-7900 + 9354-7960 / Starts with 93 Agility
9354-79A0 + 9354-71D0 / Starts with 94 Vitality
9354-7100 + 9354-7160 / Starts with 94 Mag.Pwr

xx5F-70A0 / Change Item in R Hand
xx5F-79D0 / Change Item in L Hand
xx5D-7560 / Change Item on Head
xx5D-75A0 / Change Item on Body
xx5F-70D0 / Change Item in Accessory

xx5F-7960 / Change Battle Cmd #1
xx5F-79A0 / Change Battle Cmd #2
xx5F-71D0 / Change Battle Cmd #3
xx5F-7100 / Change Battle Cmd #4


1759-7060 / Starts at Level 99
DE59-71D0 + 4159-7100 / Starts with 9983 Max HP
DE59-75D0 + 4159-7500 / Starts with 999 Max MP
9355-70A0 + 9355-79D0 / Starts with 94 Strength
9255-7900 + 9255-7960 / Starts with 93 Agility
9355-79A0 + 9355-71D0 / Starts with 94 Vitality
9355-7100 + 9355-7160 / Starts with 94 Mag.Pwr

xx51-70A0 / Change Item in R Hand
xx51-79D0 / Change Item in L Hand
xx59-7560 / Change Item on Head
xx59-75A0 / Change Item on Body
xx51-70D0 / Change Item in Accessory

xx51-7960 / Change Battle Cmd #1
xx51-79A0 / Change Battle Cmd #2
xx51-71D0 / Change Battle Cmd #3
xx51-7100 / Change Battle Cmd #4


175C-7060 / Starts on Level 99
DE5C-71D0 + 415C-7100 / Starts with 9983 Max HP
DE5C-75D0 + 415C-7500 / Starts with 999 Max MP
935A-70A0 + 935A-79D0 / Starts with 94 Strength
925A-7900 + 925A-7960 / Starts with 93 Agility
935A-79A0 + 935A-71D0 / Starts with 94 Vitality
935A-7100 + 935A-7160 / Starts with 94 Mag.Pwr

xx58-70A0 / Change Item in R Hand
xx58-79D0 / Change Item in L Hand
xx5C-75D0 / Change Item on Head
xx5C-7500 / Change Item on Body
xx5C-7560 / Change Item in Accessory

xx58-7960 / Change Battle Cmd #1
xx58-79A0 / Change Battle Cmd #2
xx58-71D0 / Change Battle Cmd #3
xx58-7100 / Change Battle Cmd #4


175E-7060 / Starts on Level 99
DE5E-7960 + 415E-79A0 / Starts with 9983 HP
DE5E-75D0 + 415E-7500 / Starts with 999 MP
935F-50A0 + 935F-59D0 / Starts with 94 Strength
925F-5900 + 935F-5960 / Starts with 93 Agility
935F-59A0 + 935F-51D0 / Starts with 94 Vitality
935F-5100 + 935F-5160 / Starts with 94 Mag.Pwr

xx5D-50A0 / Change Item in R Hand
xx5D-59D0 / Change Item in L Hand
xx5E-7560 / Change Item on Head
xx5E-75A0 / Change Item on Body
xx5D-50D0 / Change Item in Accessory

xx5D-5960 / Change Battle Cmd #1
xx5D-59A0 / Change Battle Cmd #2
xx5D-51D0 / Change Battle Cmd #3
xx5D-5100 / Change Battle Cmd #4

Final Fantasy 5 Complete Translation Script:

Thanks to Mark Rosa ( for his great Final
Fantasy 5 translation script.

Lenna: Father!  Do you really have to go?
King of Tycoon: Lenna, you have to protect the castle. You mustn't follow
Lenna: But...
King: There's something strange about the wind... So I really must go.
Lenna: Yes, I understand, but all by yourself...?
King: Don't worry.

[Cut to Faris and the pirates]
Faris: The wind... it stopped...

[Galuf at the Meteor]
Galuf: The wind stopped!  I've gotta hurry!

[Shot of Lenna in the castle, then her father at the Wind Shrine]
King: Huh?! [crystal shatters]

[Back to Butz again]
Butz: Boko, wait here.
Butz: !   (Fight with 2 goblins)

Butz: Are you OK?
Lenna: Yes, thank you.  I'm Lenna.  Who are you?
Butz: I'm...
   (Choose your name)
Butz: I'm Butz. (or whatever name you picked)
  I'm just wandering around with my chocobo...
Lenna: Butz...
  Suddenly this thing fell from the sky, and I was sent flying, and I fainted,
Butz: Is it a meteor?
Lenna: A meteor...?  I wonder if this has anything to do with the wind
  stopping...? Anyway, I really want to thank you. But I have to hurry...

Butz: Hey, wait...
Lenna: Did you hear something?
Butz: Huh?
Old man: Uhh...
Butz, Lenna: ?
Old man: ...Help...
Butz: He's over there!

Butz: Are you all right?
Old man: Where am I?  Think I hit my head somewhere...
Old man: Hey, what's going on here?  Can't seem to think straight... I can't
   remember a thing!
Butz: You hit your head?  It couldn't be amnesia...?
Old man: Wait, I remember my name! It's Galuf!
Lenna: And besides that...?
Galuf: Nothing... All I can remember is my name!

Lenna: Anyway, I'm really sorry.  I've got to go.
Butz: Where're you going?
Lenna: To the Wind Shrine...
Galuf: The Wind Shrine!?  I've got a feeling that I should go there too!
Galuf: Hey, I'm coming along!!
Lenna: But...
Galuf: I absolutely must go there!  Take me with you!
Lenna: Butz... what are you going to do?
Butz: I think I'll just keep travelling...
Lenna: Butz... thanks so much!  Goodbye...
Galuf: Bye, then!

Butz: Let's go, Boko!
[after riding around]
Butz: Hey Boko, don't just stop short like that!!
Butz: What are you looking at me like that for!?
Boko: Kue! Kue, kue!!   [yes, that's how a chocobo talks]
Butz: It's that old dude and that girl, right?  And there are lots of goblins
   around here... got it, Boko.
Lenna & Galuf: Aaahhhh----!!!
Butz: Let's go, Boko!
Boko: Kue-!
Lenna: Urgh...
Butz: Hey!
Lenna: Butz!!
Lenna: Thank you so much!
Butz: Oh, stop that.
Butz: Since that meteor fell, there've been landslides and stuff around here,
   and now the road to Tule is blocked.
Lenna: But we've got to get to the Wind Shrine...
Galuf: Uhh...
Galuf: Gotta get to the Wind Shrine... uhhh....
Butz: So he's headed for the Wind Shrine also...
Butz: You know, I think I'll go too!
Lenna: Really!?
Butz: It was my father's last wish... that I travel around the world... and
   the wind is calling us...
Galuf: Yeah, yeah, say whatever you want!  Really you just want to be with
Butz: Hey! Were you listeNing!?
Galuf: Of course!!  [laughs]
Galuf: But you know, the road is blocked...
Butz: ...
Lenna: ...
Lenna: But we have to get there somehow!!
Galuf: Yeah, we do...
Butz: OK, let's go!

(At the Pirate Base)
Lenna: There's a cave here?
Butz: It must've been created by that earthquake...
Butz: Boko, it's dangerous in there, so you wait here!
Boko: Kue!

(inside cave)
Butz: That Spearing... (points to recovery Spearing)

(watches pirate open door with wall switch)
Butz: Ah ha!

(watching boat outside)
Butz: That boat...?  How does it go even though there's no wind...?
Everyone: ???

(inside pirate base)
Butz: Since this is a pirate base, maybe that boat back there was a pirate
Lenna: Maybe we could get a ride from them...
Butz: But they're pirates!!
Galuf: Well maybe we could just sneak aboard!
Butz: Hey gramps, you've got more guts than I thought!
(board the pirate ship)
Pirate:(half asleep in bunk below deck) Mmnnh... I fixed the wheel, Captain...
   now Syldra can... ...
Butz: All right, anchors aweigh!!
(Boat doesn't move)
Galuf: Hey Butz, what happened?
Butz: It's no use... it won't move at all.  What's going on here?
Faris: What are you doing!?  You've got guts, thinking you can just steal my
   ship like that!
Lenna: I'm Lenna, the Princess of Tycoon.  We're so sorry for taking your
   boat like that...
Butz & Galuf: Princess!?!
Lenna: Please lend us your boat!  I have to get to the Wind Shrine!  My
   father's in danger!!
Faris: Hmm... Princess of Tycoon... You must have a lot of money...
Butz: Stop that!
Lenna: Please!!
(pendant glows)
Faris: That pendant...
Faris (to the other pirates): Throw these people below deck!  And tie 'em up!
Pirates: Yes, Captain!

Galuf: Now what do we do?  Who said we should steal this boat, anyway?
Butz: I think it was YOU!
Galuf: Ohhh... my head hurts! I think I've got amnesia...
Butz: Pretty convenient time to get amnesia, huh!

Butz: And I'm surprised that Lenna turned out to be the princess of Tycoon!
Lenna: I'm sorry! I wasn't trying to hide it or anything...
Butz: But why were you going to the Wind Shrine all alone?
Lenna: My father went there when the wind stopped... and I was afraid that
   something terrible had happened to him!  So I snuck out of the castle, and
   then this meteor came flying through the sky, and...

Faris: Why would that Princess of Tycoon have the same pendant as me?  
   She says her father's at the Wind Shrine...

(Next day)
Faris (to pirates): Head for the Wind Shrine!
Pirates: What should we do with these guys?
Faris: Untie them!
Faris: Come on!  Move it!!
Lenna: But why...?
Faris: Let's just say I'm lending you my power, OK? And that's that!
Faris: Let's go!  To the Wind Shrine! (to pirates) Did you hear what I said?
   Answer me!
Pirates: Aye aye, sir!
Lenna: But the wind's stopped... how can the ship move?
Faris: You really want to know... Come on, Syldra, introduce yourself!
(Syldra roars)
Faris: Whaddaya think?  Syldra and I grew up together.  We're like brothers!
Faris: OK, we're off!

[Town of Tule]
Pirates: All right!  Beer!
  [Note: Actually, it's sake, but I think it would be beer in the US version]
Faris: I'm going too.

Old guy: Shall I lead you to the Beginners' School?
OK, close your eyes!

In the TraiNing School
Receptionist: Are you a beginner?

1: If your hair turns white, you've become "Old".  Your stats will slowly
2: Put magic users and characters with weak defense in the back row!  
    Push left on the menu screen, select a character and press A.  That's
    how you switch between the front and back row.
3: Your selected character is the first one on the menu screen.  To change
    them, ... (demonstrates)
4: You can damage undead monsters with healing items like Cure and Potion.
5: Make sure to save often.  Then you can continue where you left off.
6: Want to hear about the ability system?
   Boko:  You folks are warriors chosen by the crystals!  Using the power of
      the brave spirits inside the crystals, you can learn various jobs.  (Turns
      Faris to a black mage)  Manage these jobs well, and your four characters
      will gain the abilities that come with the jobs.  These are called
      Everything will be de-equipped when you change jobs, but it's OK since
      you can select "Optimum" to re-equip.  Combine jobs skillfully, and you
      can have a black mage who can jump, a knight casting white magic, and
      all kinds of things!   For example, let's create a knight with white
      First make a white mage (makes a white mage)  Then gain ability points
      (ABP) until you get the ability "White Magic".  Then change your job to
      "Knight", and select white magic as an ability!  You've created a knight
      that uses white magic!
7: Check for hidden passages!  For example, you can walk through the wall
    on my left!  You can see it if you have a thief with the "Hidden Passage"
8: Sometimes you'll find stuff in the treasure boxes and pots!  Look around!
9: Here's a present from me!
(Fight with a goblin and get the treasure)
10: "Wait" mode:  Use the "Config" menu to select "Wait".  Then time'll stop
    during battle while you select items and things. So you can take your time
    picking magic and items!
11: If your HP (Hit Points) get low, heal up using Cure or a potion!
12: Those numbers you see in battle?  White means damage; green means
13: Press L and R at the same time, and you can run away from battles!
14 (purple guy): Want to hear about the more complicated abilities?
"2-Hand" - Use your empty other hand to swing your weapon and double
    your attack power.  That is, swing your sword with two hands.
"Dash" - Press B while walking in caves and towns, and you'll go faster.  But
    at least one of you has to be a Thief.
"Blue Magic (Lore)" "LearNing" - Learn the enemies' magic and attacks.  But
    you have to have a blue mage or the "LearNing" ability.  Then you can use
    the Goblin's "Goblin Punch", the Steel Bat's "Blood Suck", or the Mold
    Wind's "Aero"!

Elsewhere in the town...
2 (Blue haired person): We're using machines to magnify the Wind Crystal's
    power and get our boats to go really fast!  Soon we'll have boat service all
    the way to Worus!
3 (Green haired person): The pirates went into the pub.
4: A meteor landed near Tycoon?  I heard that another one landed out west,
    near Karnak.
5: The wind's weakeNing...
6: Way, way back, they sealed a monster in the canal using the Wind Crystal's
    power.  At least that's what my grandpa told me.
7: Those pirates have taken over the pub!
8: The monsters in the canal only attack women.
9: Head through the canal and you'll end up in a place called Worus.  Thanks
    to the Water Crystal, they really prosper over there.
10: Everyone says they're pirates and thinks they're scary, but they've never
    attacked our boats or anything!

  [At Zokk's house]
  Lenna: I think Zokk's house is around here...
  Butz: You know him?
  Lenna: Yeah, he's the one who built the gate to the Torna Canal.

  Lenna: I guess he's not home...
  Butz: We'll come back later

  [In the pub]
  Pirate 1: The captain's on the second floor.
  Pirate 2: I love our captain!!
  Pirate 3: And Lenna's cute, too!
  Pirate 4: You guys gotta drink too!
  Pirate 5: We're only lettin' you use our boat 'cause the captain said so.
  Old guy: If you're looking for the pirate captain, go upstairs.
  Bartender: Sorry folks, no more beer!  The pirates drank it all!
  Dancers: Just sit right down over there and look this way!
  Dancers: Special service!! (Screen goes pink)
  [On second floor outside Faris' room]
  Butz: Wait, I'll go in there.
  (Comes out with a little heart floating over him)
  Galuf: What's going on?
  Butz: Uh, ... nothing... something wrong with my head, maybe...
  Galuf: Out of the way!
  Galuf: Man, Faris is beautiful!  My heart's beating like a drum!
  Lenna: What are you two talking about over there?
  Faris: Unh... slept well today...
  Faris: What are you guys DOING!?  Come ON!!  
  Faris: Sorry, but I'd rather be alone... See you later!

  [While leaving Tule]
  Faris: Hey! Were you just gonna leave me there!?

[At the Wind Shrine]
Minister of Tycoon Princess Lenna!
Lenna: What's going on?
Minister: Suddenly the wind stopped, and monsters have invaded the shrine!
Lenna: What about Father?
Minister: He went up to the top floor, but he hasn't come down.  Something
    must have happened to him!
Faris: That's where the crystal is!  Let's go up there!
Scholar: The crystal upstairs is being controlled by a machine.
Scholar: Here, Lenna, take this! (Got 5 Potions!)
Scholar: Drink this water, and you'll get your energy back.
Minister: When the monsters came, we ended up fleeing to this room.
Scholar: The King went up to look at the crystal...

[Fight Wingraptor on 3F]
Lenna: The crystal!!
Butz: It's cracking?

Butz: What's that? (shot of the Fire crystal)
The spirit of fire... courage
(shot of the Water crystal)
The spirit of water... kindness
(shot of the Earth crystal)
The spirit of earth... hope...
The spirit of wind... search...

Butz: What are these?
Faris: What the...?
Galuf: They're... warm...
Lenna: The crystal's... spirit?
King's Voice:
Lenna: Father!?
Faris: !?
King Tycoon: Listen carefully.  You are the four chosen warriors.
Lenna: Father, what are you talking about??
King: The Wind Crystal has shattered.  And it seems that the other 3
   crystals will as well.  It is up to you to protect them.  The evil spirit is
   about to return... a spirit which will plunge everything into darkness...
Lenna: Father!!
King: Go!!  Protect the crystals!!

Lenna: Father--!!!
Lenna: What are these?
Butz: Crystal chips?

The ancient brave spirits embedded in the crystals...
Knight... Monk... Blue Mage... Thief... Black Mage... Red Mage...

Butz: The crystal chips... they're entrusting us with their power?
Galuf: Whatever, let's get out of here!
Faris: Lenna...
Lenna: I'm pretty sure there's a warp located behind that altar...

Boko Want to hear about jobs and abilities? (See the Beginners' class
   in Tule for this speech.)

(Back in Tule, at Zokk's house)
Zokk: Oh, Lenna!
Lenna: Zokk!
Zokk: It's nice to see you again.
Lenna: Zokk, we need you to help us. We've got to get through the Torna
   Canal, so we can reach Worus.
Zokk: But now that there's no more Wind Crystal, there are monsters in
    there! It's dangerous!!
Zokk: And... umm... I think I lost the key...
Zokk: Anyway, Lenna, please stay here tonight.  Hurry this way.

Butz: The crystals... that reminds me of my father, back then...
(Butz's dream sequence)
     Dorgan: If we don't protect the crystals...
     (to Stella) If anything happens to me, don't say anything to Butz about the
     crystals.  I don't want to burden him with anything...
  Stella: Dear, don't say that!
  ... ... ...

(Lenna, half-asleep)
  Lenna: Father... I'll do it, I'll protect the crystals...

Zokk: What's going on?
Butz: I was just thinking about my dead mother and father......
Zokk: ... Here, take this!
Butz: What is it?
Zokk: It's the Canal Key.  You can use it to open the Torna Canal, and get
   to Worus.
Zokk: I've been hiding the fact that I'm worried about Lenna... please protect

(as you're leaving Tule)
Pirates: (to Faris): Captain!  Wait!!
Faris: I'm going to have to leave you guys for a while...
Pirate 1: Captain!
Pirate 2: Why!?
Pirate 3: We'll go with you!!
Faris: Sorry, you can't.
Pirate: But Captain...
Faris: It looks like it's going to be a long trip... so you guys guard the base
    while I'm gone!
Pirate: Captain!
Faris: Do it for me, OK?
Pirate: Captain...
Pirate 2: OK, we understand!
Pirate 4: Be careful, Captain!

(Lenna's wandering around on the boat)
Butz: What's wrong?
Lenna: The Wind Crystal shattered...  now the power of the wind is
   weakeNing... but soon, the wind'll stop entirely.  And after a few years,
   the sky will become barren, and there won't be a place for the birds to fly.
Lenna: My father said to protect the other 3 crystals.
Butz: Three crystals?
Lenna: The Water, Fire, and Earth crystals.
Butz: What happens if they shatter?
Lenna: Well, at first nothing'll happen... but then the earth will gradually
   the water will stop flowing, the power of fire will cease and everything'll
   freeze... it'll be an uNinhabitable world.
Galuf: We'll protect the crystals!!
Butz: Hey, did you get your memory back?
Galuf: Nah... but I'll still protect the crystals anyway!
Faris: Me too!
Faris: And we've got to search for Lenna's father!
Butz: The King of Tycoon who was caught in that shadow and disappeared?
Faris: He's alive!  There's no way he'd die!
Lena: Butz... will you come with us?
Butz: I was just travelling around... but when I look at this...
Lenna: The crystal chip?
Butz: It's lending us its power in order to protect the world... ... Let's go!
   We'll save the crystals!!
Galuf: Yeah, let's go!!

(At entrance to Torna Canal)
Galuf: Butz! Where'd you get that key??
Butz: Oh, nowhere... come on, let's keep going!

(riding through canal)
Butz: What's that!?
Lenna: It couldn't be the monster sealed up in the canal!?
Faris: I can't move the wheel!!
Galuf: We're being sucked in!!
Faris: Syldra!!
Butz: Something's coming!!

(Fight with Karlabos... then Syldra's sucked in the whirlpool)
Faris: Syldra!
Butz: Syldra's still alive! He'll travel with us!!
Faris: Syldra!! Let go!!!

Butz: Faris...
Galuf: Hmm... I think we should leave Faris alone for now...
Butz: Syldra was the one pulling this ship... [the ship's slowing to a stop as
   they talk]
Lenna: Faris, I'm sure Syldra's alive!

(Arrive at Grave of Ships)
Butz: Where are we?
Faris: The Grave of Ships...
Lenna: It's the place where drifting ships gather... and the home of undead
Galuf: Let's just get outta here!!!

(In one of the ships)
Faris: Should we keep going? We'll get all wet...
Butz: What are you talking about!? Let's go!!

(In the sleeping quarters of one of the ships)
Butz: Oh man, I'm all wet!
Lenna: This place looks safe.  Let's rest for a while!
Lenna: I'm going to dry my clothes!  Don't look!!
Butz: OK, let's dry our stuff too...
Faris: No thanks, I'm OK...
Galuf: What are you talking about?  You'll catch a cold!!
(Butz and Galuf start to pull Faris' clothes)
Faris: Hey! I said stop!!!
Lenna (comes out of the other room): What's going on?
Butz: Lenna, she's a, a...
Galuf: A girl!!
Faris: What's wrong with that?
Lenna: But why did you...?
Faris: When I was little, the pirates found me and took me in.  So I grew
   up with them...
Butz: That's when you decided to pretend to be a man?
Faris: People would make fun of me!  A girl as head of the pirates!!
Galuf: Ah ha... I knew you were too pretty to be a guy!
Faris: But please don't make fun of me because I'm a girl!
Butz: Uh, OK...
Faris: Well then, let's go to sleep!

Faris (sees Galuf still sleeping): What are you doing? Let's get going!!
   Move it!
Galuf: I think maybe she is still a man...!
Butz: Either one is fine. Faris is Faris!!
Lenna: Yeah!

(arriving at the shore)
Butz: I've got a bad feeling...
Stella: Butz... come here...
Butz: Mom...

King: of Tycoon: Come here...
Lenna: Father!
Faris: Lenna! ... urgh... (she's pulled along with Lenna)
Girl: Come, Grandpa!
Galuf: Who are you? I can't think straight!

Siren: Now I'll steal your souls, and you'll join me!!
Galuf: Who are you!?
Siren: So, you're not affected by my tricks?  Well, I'm Siren, and I've
   acquired these three people's souls!  Stay out of my way, and I'll let
   you go.
Galuf: Forget it!!
Siren: Why are you protecting these three?
Galuf: Because they're my... friends!
Galuf: (to Butz, Lenna, and Faris): Don't let her get you!  Wake up!!
Butz: Galuf!
Butz: She's coming!!!

(Fight with Siren)

Butz: Galuf!  You saved us!
Galuf: Huh...?
Butz: Don't be embarrassed!
Galuf: I'm NOT embarrassed!

(In Karwen... Talk to the green-haired lady who isn't moving; she's to the
   right of a bunch of barrels)
1: You guys came from the Grave of Ships!?  You're not ghosts, are you?
2: There's a poisonous purple flower growing up on the Northern Mountain.
3: The Hiryuu were used in a war 50 years ago and most of them died... in
   fact, the one in Tycoon is the only one left alive.
4: Those hibernating lizard things?  They're afraid of the cold!
5: No more boats heading for Worus... the sea's like this because of the wind
    weakeNing and all.
6: This town's harbor is the best in the world!  Too bad boats can't even sail
7: Without boats nobody can get to Worus.  So there'll be no more sea
8: Can't send any boats out without wind!
(in the Pub)
9: Did you get the World Map yet?  You can see thw entire world just by
   pressing the Y button!
10: Knights can carry two weapons!  Hic!
11 (Bartender): So a meteor fell near Tycoon, huh?
12: I heard that there's a 'Hiryuusou' up on the Northern Mountain.  But it's
   blocked by poisonous plants!
(Near some barrels...)
Green-haired woman: There's a place called Worus, beyond the water south
   of this town.  Supposedly they're using the Water Crystal's power...
Lenna: We've got to stop them!  But how can we get to Worus...?
Woman: We used to have boats that went there, but not anymore, since the
   wind is weakeNing...
Galuf: And we don't have Syldra anymore...
Galuf: ... Sorry, Faris...
Lenna: Butz, isn't there some way we could get there?
Butz: If there's no wind, then we can't go by sea...
Butz: If we can't go by sea...

Woman outside Pub: My husband says he saw a dragon flying around up
   there on the Northern Mountain... But since nobody believes him, he's
   sitting all by himself up there on the second floor.
Man in Pub (2F): I saw a dragon flying around, up on the Northern
   Mountain! Really!
Lenna: What kind of dragon?
Man: It looks almost like it's wearing... armor.
Lenna: My father's Hiryuu is on the Northern Mountain...?
Faris: What's going on?
Lenna: There's a weed called "Hiryuusou", and it grows on the mountain.  
   It's the only thing that can cure the Hiryuu's wound.
Lenna: If the Hiryuu's injured...
Galuf: If we can't go by sea...
Butz: We'll go by air!
Lenna: With the Hiryuu, we can get to Worus!
Galuf: Then it's off to the Northern Mountain!!

(On the Northern Mountain)
Lenna: My father's helmet!

(Suddenly, Lenna's shot by a poison dart!)
Butz: Lenna!

Magisa: So, you came here to find the Hiryuu... [Hiryuu means "flying
Butz: The Hiryuu?
Magisa: A Hiryuu's horn fetches a pretty good price!  Ha ha ha...
Magisa: Look, the Princess of Tycoon!  You'll make a good souvenir to bring
   back to Forza!! Hee, hee, hee!!

Faris: Stop!! (jumps across gap; gets pushed down)
Butz: Faris!
Magisa: Hee, hee, she fell down!!
(Faris climbs back up)
Magisa: Huh!?
Butz: Lenna! Get up!!
Magisa: Well if that's how it is, I'll just dispose of all four of you!!

(Fight with Magisa & Forza)

Lenna: Thanks, Faris!

(At the top of the mountain)
Lenna: Hiryuu!
Faris: He's hurt badly...
Lenna: Hiryuu, I'll heal you up!
(Hiryuu screeches; Lenna walks over the poisonous flowers to get the
Faris: Lenna, what are you doing!?
Lenna: I'm OK; I've got to get the Hiryuusou!

Lenna: Quick, give it to the Hiryuu...
(Faris feeds the weed to the Hiryuu)
Lenna: Get better... ... (falls)
Galuf (seeing Lenna's poison): Uh oh, you might've gone too far...

(The Hiryuu makes Lenna's poison disappear)

Lenna: Hiryuu! Thank you!!
Galuf: You're OK!!  Well, let's get going!
Butz: Well, uhh... I've got this phobia about heights...
(The other three laugh at him)
Butz: What's so funny!?
Galuf: Come on, hop aboard!

(Interlude: Visiting Tycoon Castle)
Minister: Princess Lenna!
Lenna: Sorry to make you worry...
Minister: Lenna, please return to the castle!
Minister: There are so few soldiers left from the battles with the monsters...  
   without you here, the castle'll never regain its splendor...
Lenna: But I have to go!
Minister: Then what'll happen to the nation of Tycoon?
Lenna: But it's not just Tycoon!  It affects the entire world!
Lenna: ... and... Father is alive!
Minister: All right then, we'll guard Tycoon ourselves!
Lenna: I'll return with Father.  Until then, everyone hang in there!
Minister: Anyway, stay here for tonight.
Lenna: Okay...

(That night...)
Lenna: Faris?
Faris: Huh? Oh, it's you, Lenna.
Lenna: You're my sister...
Faris: !?
Lenna: You are, aren't you?
Faris: What are you talking about!  I'm... ...that's ridiculous!!
Lenna: But...
Faris: I'm a pirate!  How could I possibly be a princess??  You've gotta be
(Faris leaves)
Lenna: But, your pendant...

(Next morNing)
Lenna: Butz!  Butz!!
Butz (half asleep): ... nnh... (trips getting out of bed and waves his arms)
Everyone Man, he's weird!  What the heck are you doing!?

(Other people in the castle)
1: I don't know all the details about what it is you're doing, but hang in there
   anyway, OK?
2: Come back soon!
3: I'm the guard!
4: If you see anything useful, please feel free to take it.
5: Since Lenna's leaving and all, the Minister just can't seem to calm down.
6:Of course, if it's at all possible, we'd really like for Lenna to stay here.
[1F, west wing]
7: A thousand years ago, the sky above Tycoon split apart... or so the legend
8: Oh, the King's Hiryuu is still alive?  Great!
[2F, east wing]
Jenica: I've been serving at this castle for quite a long time indeed... I've
   taking care of Lenna and Sarisa.
Butz: Sarisa?
Jenica: Lenna's older sister.  When she was little, the king and Sarisa went
   out on a boat and it ran into a storm... and Sarisa fell into the water...

[In the room you come to after sleeping]
Person: There's something that the minister wanted to give you, but he's
   away right now.

[In the store room]
Minister: Lenna, this is a staff that we've been keeping here in Tycoon for
   many years.  Take it; it may come in handy.
Lenna: Thank you! [Got the Heal Staff!

[At the Pirates' Base... if you go back there]
Butz: Boko's footprints... did he go into the cave after us?
[Inside the base]
Pirate 1: Captain, here, take this! (Got 8 potions!) Be careful!
Pirate 2: There was this wounded bird who'd cry, "Kue--!"... we're letting him
   rest in bed to heal his wounds.
Pirate 3: We found a bird in the cave.
Pirate 4: Don't worry; we'll protect the base!
[Inside the rooms]
Butz: Boko!
Boko: Kue--...
Lenna: He's hurt!
Old guy: We found him unconscious in the cave so we took him here.  Don't
   worry; I'm watchin' over him!
Butz: Thanks so much!
Old guy: Leave it to me!
Boko: (to Butz) Kue...
Butz: Boko, get better, OK?
Old guy: Let me take care of him, and he'll be all better real soon!  Don't
   worry about a thing!
Pirate 5: We're so selfish... that's the pirate business for ya!
Pirate 6: 'Cause of the earthquake, this base ended up being connected to
  that cave...
Pirate 7: Don't worry, Captain.  We'll be OK while you're gone!
Another drunk pirate: Captain--!  I love you so much!  Hic--!

(In Worus Tower)
Soldier 1: You can't come in here without the king's permission!
Soldier 2: Who are you people?  Get out of here!!

[In the Town of Worus]
1: Isn't our king the greatest?  Using the Water Crystal's power to benefit
  us all!
2: That's the Worus Tower to the north.  The water in this town is drawn
  from the tower.
3: The crystal is up in the Worus Tower.
4: The water here is so lovely... and it's all thanks to the Water Crystal!  
  There's no way monsters could threaten us here!
5:  It's the water that protects our town from the monsters.
6: Is it really true that Tycoon's crystal shattered?
Girl in SW corner: This is Galura.  He lives near the Worus Tower.  He's
  so sweet and nice... you better not be mean to him!

[In Worus Castle]
1 & 2: [soldiers in the front] Welcome to Worus Castle!
3: Worus has no enemies, thanks to the power of the Water Crystal!
4: Supposedly there's some kind of treasure underneath this castle...
5: The water that's purified by the crystal flows from that tower up north.
6: If you run into a monster named Garkimasera, then it's all over for you,
7: [in storage room] There's a legend that says that the ice god Shiva was
  sealed up in this very castle long ago...
8:  Argh!  How am I supposed to continue my crystal research using only
  these books!?
9: According to this book here... the god Shiva is sealed up in the pure
10: Maybe I could make some progress with this research if I could look
   through the books in the Ancient Library in the west...
11: Down in the basement is where we keep all the no-goodniks.  Don't listen
  to them, whatever you do!
12: Hey!  Let me out! ... Please?
[Yes...] Yay!  Lucky me!  [runs around and hits her head on the wall]
Butz: What a nutcase!  Better leave her alone!
[No...] Meanie!
13 (Lone Wolf): Hey there!  I'm the Lone Wolf?  Let me outta here, OK?
  [Let him out or not?  I'll leave it up to you...]
14: Heh.  That king's so nice... but he sure isn't too forgiving!

King Worus: So, Princess Lenna!
Lenna: King Worus!  It's been a while...
Lenna: Please!  Stop the people who are using the Water Crystal!
King: Ha ha... I'm surprised you'd say that...  There's simply no way I can do
   it.  It's because of the crystal that we're able to prosper.
Lenna: But if you don't do something, the crystal will shatter!
King: Hmmm... I heard about what happened with the Wind Crystal... But, we
   don't know if the same thing will happen with our Water Crystal.  And
   besides, the people will be against it.
Butz: You know, we might not even have the time to be talking about--

(Another meteor falls from the sky!)

Soldier: Another meteor's fallen near the tower!
King: What?  Quickly, gather the troops and head for the tower!
Soldier: Yes sir!
King: Sorry, but this is urgent.  Princess Lenna, I'll talk with you later!
King: (to soldiers): Let's go!

(Inside the tower)
Soldier on left: Suddenly Galura ran amok and entered the tower!  Then the
   King went after him, and there was this strange warrior too...
Soldier on right: Galura's never attacked anybody or anything before...

King Worus: Galura... he's upstairs... please... protect the...

Soldier (to Galura): Somebody's controlling you!  I won't let you break this
   crystal!! (Galura attacks the soldier)
Butz: Now he's coming for us!
(Fight with Galura)

Lenna: The crystal!! (Crystal shatters...)
Lenna: We're too late!
Soldier: Urgh... Sir Galuf!!
Galuf: You know me!?
Soldier: Sir Galuf... We couldn't protect the crystal... I'm sorry...
Galuf: Tell me! Who am I??
Soldier: The Fire Crystal...
Faris: The crystal chips are.. glowing?
Butz: Are they going to lend us their power?

The brave spirits embedded in the crystals...
Berserker... Red Mage... Caller... Magic Swordsman... Time Mage...
(Note that there's one crystal chip that you can't reach...)

(Tower shakes)
Butz: What's going on!?
Faris: The tower's sinking!
Butz: Uwaaa---!!!
Faris: Syldra!

(Syldra rescues them from the sinking tower)
Faris: Syldra, you're alive!
Faris: Syldra!!
Lenna: You used the last of your power to save us...
Faris: Syldra--! Don't die!!!
Lenna: Syldra... thank you...
Faris: Syl...dra.......

[Is Syldra dead...?]

(Back at the Castle of Worus... people other than these say the same
   things as before.)
King's Hall guard: The king was attacked by Galura... he's resting in his
Guard (left): An injured soldier from Karnak showed up here... he's
   resting in the soldiers' room.
Guard (right): He came out of a hole in the meteor up north.  Said
   something about a warp...
Karnak soldier: I went to check out this meteor near Karnak and I was
   suddenly warped to the meteor here... Hey, where am I?  Where the
   heck's my castle!?

[In the King's room]
Green-haired girl 1: Lenna, you should try going back to Tycoon now
   that you've got the Hiryuu.  Surely they're all worried about you. [If you
   haven't done this already, do it now before you get separated from the
2: Please listen to the king...
King: So, what you were saying is true... cough...
Lenna: King Worus! Are you all right?
King: Hurry to Karnak!  They're using machines to magnify the crystal's
   power.  And it looks like a meteor's fallen there as well... hurry before
   it's too late!! ...cough, cough...
[In the tower]
Shiva: I am the god Shiva... are you worthy of becoming my master...?  
   Let me test you!

[At the meteor]
Lenna: Butz!
Galuf: Did he fall into the warp?
Lenna: Better go after him!
[Lenna and Faris jump on to the warp]
Galuf: Somehow this seems familiar... and that soldier back in the tower...
   he remembered me...?  Who am I...?

[In Karnak Castle]
Soldiers: Hey!  Nobody's allowed in the castle!  Get outta here, now!
[At the Fire-Power Ship]
Soldiers: No one's allowed in the Fire-Power Ship.
[In the town of Karnak]
1: Nobody can go in the castle, 'cause some monsters that came out of the
   meteor are after the Fire Crystal.
2: We can make weapons so easily thanks to the Fire Crystal!  That's why
   they're so cheap around here!
3: This is Karnak.  It's because of the Fire Crystal that our city prospers.
4:  There's an ancient library south of here.  That's where Dr. Cid's from.
5:  Cid's the one who made the machines that amplify the crystal's power!  
   Isn't he fantastic?!
6:  The people down at the Ancient Library kept saying that we shouldn't
   use the crystals' power.  They were pretty persistent, so the Queen got
   mad and built a wall so that nobody can get to the Library anymore.
7: Those monsters who came out of the meteor don't attack us here in the
8 (in back building): You know that monster, "Crew Dust"?  If he ends up
   alone, he'll 'Flash' ya!
[In the pub]
9: I wonder if those werewolves that came out of the meteor are really evil...
10: I'm an adventurer from Jacole.  But I can't get home sonce the road
   leading south of the Ancient Library is all blocked up!
11: Those weapons and gear that they sell down in Jacole... man, they're
12: I saw a weird old guy get captured by some soldiers.
13: I love fire!  Fire, fire... heh, heh...
14 (bartender): Hey, you know what?  I heard a rumor that they stuck Cid
   in the jail under Karnak Castle!

[In the weapon shop, while buying something]
Soldiers:(while you're purchasing) You there!  Don't move!!
Soldier: It's them!!
Butz: ???
Soldier: They're monsters!!  I saw them come out of the meteor!!

[in the Karnak jail]
(Cid blows up part of the wall)
Cid: I use my explosives and get through here, and I'm still in jail!?  
Cid (in next room): What are you laughing at!?  Oh well, it's OK.  
   I'm Cid.
Lenna: Cid!?  The same Cid who built the machines that amplify
   the crystals' power?
Cid: ......
Lenna: ...sorry...
Cid: No, it's all my fault...
According to a book I saw in the Ancient Library... in the past, the
   crystals had power that was incomparably greater than what they
   have now...  so I researched the crystals in Tycoon, Worus, and
   Karnak, and created devices that would magnify their power...
   But, I had made a mistake...  If you try to magnify the power of the
   crystals, they shatter... It's all my fault...

Butz: But why are you trapped here?
Cid: Since it was too late to save the crystals in Tycoon and Karnak, I
   figured that I had to stop Karnak's crystal from shattering.  But when I
   went to stop the machine, they caught me...
Butz: But you had the same objective as they did...
Cid: Are you trying to protect the crystals too?
Butz: We've been entrusted by these...
Cid: What!?  By the crystal chips??  Who ARE you people???
(Karnak Minister comes runNing in)
Minister of Karnak: Dr. Cid!! It's terrible!!!
Cid: What happened?
Minister of Karnak: It's just as you said!  There's a crack in the Fire
Cid: What?!
Minister of Karnak: Well at first we tried to stop the engine, but since
   we amplified the crystal...
Cid: In the Fire Power Ship?
Minister of Karnak: Huh?
Cid: Maybe the Fire Power Ship is sucking the energy out of the Fire
Minister of Karnak: Cid, please lend us your power!
Cid: How about we let these people here help us?
Minister of Karnak: But they came out of the meteor! They're friends
  with the werewolves!!
Cid: Well then, without them I guess I won't be helping you!
Minister of Karnak: I... I understand.
Cid (to our heroes): Will you help us?

Cid: I'm headed for the Fire Power Ship.  It's a dangerous place, so be
   prepared before you come.  I'll be waiting!

[Karnak Castle B3F]
1: You can't even reach the Crystal!  The fire's in the way!
2: A crack developed in the crystal, and flames started spurting out.
3: The crystal is safely tucked away under the castle.
4: The Fire Crystal powers the engine!
5: The Fire Power Ship can move even without wind!
6: We stopped the machines before the crack even came about, but...
7: Uh, I heard a rumor that the crystals in Tycoon and Worus shattered
8: So now there's a crack in the crystal?  And werewolves are invading?  
  What the heck's going on!?
9: Commander!  Please get better soon!
10: (the commander) Urgh... black shadows...
11: I bet the wolves are after our crystal!
12: You know, the werewolves haven't attacked the town or anything...
   isn't that weird?
13: It looks like the werewolves that came out of the meteor are after
   the crystal.
14: Karnak's always prospered thanks to the Fire Crystal... is it all over
[Queen's Hall]
15: I wonder if we relied on the Fire Crystal a bit too much...
16: No one knows where the Queen is.
Minister: Cid's waiting for you in the Fire Power Ship... but where's the
   Queen at an important time like this!?
(As you're about to leave the castle)
Soldier: Aaaahhh!  A werewolf!!
Soldier: (to the wolf) You can't come in here!
Soldier: Cid's explosives'll get rid of him... but he'll be back!
We won't let monsters take one single step into this castle!

(In Fire Power Ship)
Cid: I've been waiting!  As we suspected, the ship's engine has been
   absorbing the Fire Crystal's power.
Butz: The engine?
Cid: Right.  So if we don't hurry up and stop the engine, the Fire Crystal
  will shatter.  Will you go?
Cid:  You can enter here... but be careful!!  The inside is full of monsters!  
  But please do it!
Soldier on ship: Hurry up, or the crystal will shatter!
Soldier 2: Monsters in the ship...?
Soldier 3: There are elevators inside the ship... move them using the red
Soldier 4: Please stop the engine!

(Wander through the Fire Power Ship and solve some puzzles... they don't
involve Japanese knowledge, so I'll let you figure them out yourself. )

(Engine Room, where they meet Queen Karnak)
Lenna: Queen Karnak!
Butz: Huh!?
Queen Karnak: You people are standing in the way of my revitalization!  
   I think I'll do away with you!!

(Fight with Liquid Flame)

Lenna: Queen Karnak!
Queen: I wasn under someone else's control... an evil spirit who's after
   the darkness...
Butz: Queen Karnak!
Queen: It's not just the engine that's causing the crystal to shatter... there's
   an evil spirit who's using the crystal in order to revive... Please protect
   the Fire Crystal!!  You can get to the crystal room through that pipe...
Queen: I'll be fine... please... protect the crystal...

(In Crystal Room)
Lenna: The Fire Crystal!
Wolf: Oh, it's still safe! ... Galuf!? Is that you?? [The wolf's name is
   something like 'Tsouss', but you won't discover this for a long while...]
Butz: It's a werewolf!
Wolf: Stop! I'm not your enemy!
Butz: Huh?
Wolf: Galuf!  What happened to you?
Galuf: You know me!? Unhh... I can't remember a thing!  I can't remember
   who I am or anything....

Wolf: What are you doing!?  If you do that, the crystal will shatter!
Soldier: That's three... one more, and the seal will be broken!!  Fwa, ha, ha!!
Butz: The lever's broken!  There's nothing we can do!
Wolf: Galuf!  While I'm holding this, you guys escape!!  Protect the
   Earth Crystal!  It's the last one!!
Wolf: Go!!  If this crystal shatters, the room'll be engulfed in flames!  Hurry,
   get out of the castle!!  And protect the Earth Crystal!!
Butz: But, Werewolf...
Lenna: Let's help him!
Wolf: Galuf... please...

Faris: The flames are disappearing...
Butz: Has the Fire Crystal lost its power?
Lenna: The crystal... it's shattered...
Galuf: What about the werewolf?
Butz: Maybe he got trapped in the flames...
Lenna: We'd better hurry!  The Fire Crystal is what supports this castle...
Butz: ...and if it shatters, the castle'll explode!
Lenna: There's not much time!

(You've got 10 minutes to escape from Karnak!) [Good luck! "Tonzura"might
   come in handy...]
[While exiting the castle...]
Butz: Hey!
Lenna: He's no ordinary guard!
Faris: Let's see who you really are!
Guard: Muhuhahaha.... I'm Iron Claw, and I've got a bounty to collect!  [shows
   his true form, which is Iron Claw]

[After defeating him]
Butz: The crystal chips...
Lenna: They're lending us ther power?
   The brave spirits embedded in the crystals... Beast Master... Elemental...
[Back in Karnak]
1: The castle's gone...
2: Now that we can't use the power of the crystal, the prices of our weapons
   and stuff has gone up.
3: Since the crystal's shattered... a dark shadow hovering over the world...
   isn't it scary?
4: The wall that blocked the path to the library was destroyed along with the
5: Did Cid's machines make the crystal shatter!?
6: Man, is that a shock or what?  The castle blowin' sky-high and everything!
7: The Queen fell unconscious in the Fire Power Ship... they carried her up
   to the second floor of the inn.
8: (scholar in back building) In the western desert, there's a terrible monster
   named Dorm Kimaira...
[In the pub]
9: Cid's grandson Mid is down there in the Ancient Library.  He loves
   exaggerating about all that stuff that Cid invents.
12: So the Fire Crystal's shattered, huh?  Guess you can't use the Fire-Power
   Ship then.
13: The fire's gettin' weaker!
14: Lookin' for Cid?  He went off to the Fire Power Ship.
[At the inn]
15: (Minister) The Queen is upstairs... but she's gravely wounded... and the
   castle's gone...
[Soldiers watching over the Queen in the inn]
16: The queen keeps having nightmares...
17: Somehow we managed to get out of the castle...
18: We rescued the Queen from the Fire-Power Ship... but she's seriously
Queen: Darkness... no... please don't...

[On board the Fire Power Ship]
Cid: If only I hadn't created those infernal machines!  I'm so horrible!!  If
   it weren't for me...  (runs off)
Butz: Cid!
Lenna: Cid!
Faris: ......
Galuf: Must be tough for him...

[Back in Karnak again, in the pub]
Bartender: Cid's upstairs.  He's feeling all depressed...
Butz: Cid!
Cid: No, don't come near me!  It's all my fault for making those machines...
Lenna: But Cid, it's not your fault at all...
Cid: Leave me alone!

[Arriving at the Ancient Library]
1: The basement is full of monsters!!
2: Mid? He's Cid's grandson!
3: Mid's missing!!
4: He said he was off searching for some book... and then he disappeared!
[2F] 5: This is the Ancient Library, where books from the dim and distant
   past are kept...
6: Some of the books down below have been possessed by monsters.
7: It seems that in the past, the crystals had much more power than they
   have now.  Cid discovered this when he was here, and that's what enabled
   him to create the crystal-amplifying machines.
8: What's with this shelf...?
9: Far to the south of here is a town called Jacole.  And in the ruins down
   there, they dug up some very rare items!
10: I think something really important is written in this book...
11: This is the oldest book in the whole library.  But we can only read half
   of it.
12: There's a monster sealed up in here who appeared near the Wind Shrine
   thirty years ago.  His name is Byblos...
[3F] 13: Ooh, I want to burn those books! ... The ones that have been
   possessed by monsters, that is.  But I have no idea which ones they are!  
   Oh, crumbs...
14: Long ago, Ifrit burned one of the books that was possessed by a monster.
(Left book) Book written by a blue mage: Finally I've learned them! "Aero"...
   "Level 5 Death"...
(Middle book) Traveller's Diary: I think I'll give this strange staff to the
    people in Tycoon...
(Right book leads to a fight!)

[In the basement]
Ifrit: I am Ifrit... I've been sealed up in this book for so long... and only
   those who can withstand my flames shall have the right to call upon me!
[Upon defeating him...]
Ifrit: Defeated!  Well, I'll entrust you with my power...
Bookshelf: Won't let you pass!  ... I... Ifrit!  Oh no! (lets you get by)

Butz: Who's that?
Lenna: Mid?
Galuf: Be careful!  I've got a bad feeling about this!

[Fight with Byblos]
Byblos: You've got me... but my master's seal is high up in the sky!

[In the Ancient Library; after defeating Byblos]
Mid: Hey!  Don't bother me when I'm reading!
Butz: You haven't been reading the whole time, have you!?
Mid: What?  Was it you guys who were making noise back there?
Butz: !?
Mid: ...!
Butz, Lenna, Faris, Galuf: Unbelievable... He seems a little weird...
Mid: Well, shall we be off?  You guys coming along?  I know a secret
   trap door!

(go through trap door)
Scholar 1: Mid!
Scholar 2: Mid!! You're OK!!
Scholar 3: Thanks for saving Mid!
Scholar 4: All right!!
Mid: Huh?  You guys came to save me?
Mid: Thanks so much, everybody!  Sorry for not thanking you sooner!

Mid: Look at this great book I found!  Maybe if we use this method here,
   we can get the Fire Power Ship to work!
Mid: We'd better hurry up and tell Cid!
Butz: Cid!?
Mid: You know Cid? He's my grandpa!
Mid: My grandpa is amazing! He never gives up, no matter how tough
   his research is!
Faris: But now, Cid's...
Mid: Huh?
Faris: I think he's... about to give up...
Mid: No way!  He'd never do that!
Lenna: Mid!

Scholar: I'm so glad Mid's OK!
Scholar: Mid left and said he was heading off to meet Cid.
Scholar: Mid just hustled on out of here!
Scholar: Said something about Cid...

[On the 2d floor of the pub in Karnak...]
Butz: Cid!
Cid: ......
Lenna: Mid isn't here?
Faris: Come on, Cid! Chin up!!
Cid: I'm no good anymore... just forget about me...
Mid:(runs in) Grandpa!!
Cid: Mid!
(Mid hugs Cid rather forcefully)
Cid: Ouch!!  Will you stop that!?
Mid: Grandpa, you fool!  You never give up, no matter what!!
Cid: Mid...
Mid: Don't you always say, "Don't be afraid to fail!" ... "If at first you
   don't succeed, try again!!"
Cid: Mid...  so I should try again ...
... I've got it!!
Cid: There's still the Earth Crystal...
Butz: But where is it?
Cid: Even I don't know.  But we have to find and protect it!  And for
   that we need...
Mid: The Fire Power Ship!
Cid: We've got to get the Fire Power Ship going... but the Fire Crystal
   is gone...
Mid: Look at this, Grandpa!
Cid: Oh, what's this book?  Hmmm.....  ah ha, if we do this, and then...
   OK, let's go!
Mid: Yeah!!
[If you talk to the bartender again...]
Bartender: Hey, Cid's back to normal!  What'd you do?

[Back at the Fire Power Ship...]
Mid: You guys are in the way!
Cid: Mid's just a little too... oh, sorry. Anyway, go and rest until we
   finish the Fire Power Ship!

(Inside Fire Power Ship)
Butz: Galuf, what happened?
Faris: I thought something was weird... what's going on?
Lenna: Galuf, are you OK?
Galuf: My head... I think I can remember something!

Mid: Grandpa!
Cid: Mid!

Kururu: Grandpa!
Galuf: Kururu!

Cid: Ouch! Will you stop that!!!
Mid: Grandpa, you fool!  You never give up, no matter what!!

Galuf: Ow!! Stop that!!!
Kururu: Grandpa, you fool!

(Galuf remembers Kururu)

Butz: Galuf! What happened?
Lenna: Did you remember something?
Galuf: I'm not of this world!!

Galuf: I came here on a meteor from another world.  Thirty years ago, we
   had to seal off this world so that the evil wouldn't return...
Butz: "Evil" returNing?
Galuf: Yes.  The Dark Mage Exdeath!

Braves of Dawn:  It's true!
  Here, the power of the 4 crystals has come together!
Galuf: OK, let's use the crystals' power to seal Exdeath here!
[Camera zooms to where Exdeath's sealed...]

Galuf: Thirty years ago, I got on a meteor and came to this world...
Lenna: If all 4 crystals shatter, will the seal on Exdeath break?
Galuf: Right... ugh!
Butz: Galuf!
Galuf: I really can't think clearly yet... unh...  we can't allow Exdeath to
   be revived...
Butz: Galuf!
Galuf: I'm... fine...

Cid & Mid Zzzzzz....
Mid: All done!
Cid: The ship can move even without wind!
Butz: Now we can search for the Earth Crystal with this ship!
Cid: Well, we're counting on you.  We'll be going to the Ancient Library.
Mid: You never know, something might come up.
Cid: If anything happens, just come to the Ancient Library!
Mid: Be careful!

Butz: Let's go!

[At the island town of Crescent]
Man: It's an earthquake!!!
Butz: ?
Butz: What!? Our boat!!
Man: Hhhheeelllpppp---!!!
Woman:  Aaahh!  I'm scared!
Butz: Our boat's sinking!!

Old man: There are lots of earthquakes on this island.  And whirlpools pop
   up from time to time as well.  Did your boat sink?  Heh, heh, aren't you
2: Know what my uncle told me?  He said that stone enemiees are weak
   against the Golden Needle.
3: I saw a black chocobo in the forest!  But he was too quick and I
   couldn't get a handle on him...
4: See this water?  Even though it rarely rains, this comes up from
5: Sometimes weird sounds come up from under the ground... I hate that.
6: This island sure is strange.  Things grow without us doing anything, and
   the water never dries up despite the lack of rain.
7: Gonna have a good harvest this year too!  All thanks to the blessings of
   this island.
[At the Inn]
8: This old guy's got the best stories!  Hey, tell us the one about the ruins!
Storyteller: They say there's ruins of the ancient Lonka civilization over on
   the western continent.  And the things they excavate over there are found
   here on this island too!  Isn't that weird?
9: Hey, Pops, tell these folks the one about the chocobos!
Storyteller: Black chocobos are born and raised in the forest.  And when
   flying, they can only land in the forest.  Too bad they're extinct...
Bard: You must be tired from your journeying... so I'll give you this song.  
   Use it in battle, and you'll have more strength. [Got the Song of Strength!]
Bard: Why not try playing something on the piano?  Maybe I'll think of a
   song to give to you.

(In Chocobo Forest)
Galuf: What's that?
Lenna: A chocobo?
Faris: Not exactly...
Butz: I'll catch it!!

Chocobo: Kue--!!
Butz: He's a Black Chocobo!!
Lenna: So they're not extinct after all!
Butz: OK, try flying!  Go!
[No luck... ^_^]
Chocobo: Kue---!
Galuf: It's no use...
Faris: Huh? What's this?
Lenna: Crystal chips!?
Faris: They must have been blown over here after Karnak exploded...
Butz: So he couldn't fly since he had these chips inside him!!

The brave spirits embedded in the crystals... Bard... Hunter...
(All aboard!!)
Butz: Man, this thing is dirty!!
Galuf: Surely it'll fly this time...

Interlude: Butz's hometown of Lix...
Kate: Hey!!  It's Butz!!  You're back!!
Ben: Butz?  You've been travelling for so long!  This is your home town.  
   Why not stay for a while?
Kenshin: So your father got sick and... oh... Butz!  Try to be strong!
May: Butz, is it really you?  You've grown up!
Andrew: Your father took such good care of us... you know what?  I'll
   give ya a discount! (50% off!)
Nora: Butz!!  You've returned at last!  I've been waiting for so long... I've
   got something to tell you when you're trip is over, OK?
Mark: Butz!  It's me!  Wouldn't it be nice to be able to go back to the old
   days again...?


Mark: Ready?
Butz: (climbs up onto the roof) I'm ready!

... sun goes down ...  His friend doesn't come...  Butz starts
to get worried.

Butz: (slips) Hey!  Somebody!!  Heeeelp...  

~flashback ends~

Mark: That's how you became afraid of heights, right?  We were such
   kids back then... now I'm planNing to become a scholar.

Adam: A bard lives in your house now...
Tat:(the bard in Butz's old house) Are you the one who used to live here?  
   Go ahead and look around; there must be a lot of stuff that brings back
   memories for you.

(At Butz's house -- flashback scene)

Butz is in bed.  His mother (Stella) is next to him.  When she thinks he's
   fallen asleep, she walks over to Dorgan.

Dorgan: Is he asleep?
Stella: ... Dear ... Are you going away again?
Dorgan: No... I'm not going...
Stella: My spasms have calmed down somewhat... but I really would like
   us to live together as a family...
Dorgan:  I know...  Let's go to sleep.  It's not good for you to be staying
   up like this.
Stella:  Yes... as soon as I finish this.

[Stella walks away; Dorgan runs up to Butz.]

Butz: You're going, aren't you?
Dorgan: Ah ha!  So you were awake...
Butz: Are you going to guard against those bad guys again?
Dorgan: Yes... That's my job.
Butz: Can you take me too?
Dorgan: No, you've got to stay here with mom.  Don't tell her I'm going
   away this time, okay?
Butz: Okay.

Dorgan: Let's go to bed.  Stella!  You rest too.  Stella......?
(Stella lies on the floor.)
Dorgan: Stella! Stella!!!

Tat: What a sweet melody.  I just thought of a nice song... and I'll dedicate
   it to your memories!
Got the "Song of Weakness"!

Bob: Hey, Butz!  Go ahead and rest; it's on the house!
(Our heroes sleep at the inn, and Butz sneaks out in the middle of the night
   to visit his mother's grave.)

Faris: Butz, what's wrong?
Butz: Oh, it's you, Faris...

(Faris reads the grave inscription)
"Stella rests here"

Butz: My mother.
Faris: Huh?
Butz: I was born in this village.  My mom died when I was little.  After
   she died, my dad and I went around and travelled for a while...  Then
   three years ago, he got sick and died as well.

(Butz writes on the grave)
Butz: There...

and his beloved wife
Stella, rests here."

Butz: Dad asked me to bury him next to mom... He was a strong man...
Faris: A father...  I wonder what it's like to have a father..
Butz: Faris, you mean...?
Faris: Let's go back in!  We don't want everybody worrying about us!

[At the town of Istory]
1: Here, we raise sheep and live quietly.
2:Did you get a look at those falls over to the east?  Whoa, bubba!  
   They're huge!  And they're called the Istory Falls.
3: That earthquake we just had blocked the path to the falls.
4: I looked through the flowers and found some good stuff!
5: Out in that eastern forest, there's this monster that looks like an old
   man.  He comes at you with his lightNing... boom!
6: (girl with the sheep) Don't talk to those sheep over there!  They kick
Sheep: Baa... baa...
[Bother one of the sheep and get kicked over the fence...]
7: Are you the ones on the journey to save the crystals?
[Yes...] Ah, then I'll give you this song! It's a love song... it'll capture the
   hearts of the monsters... [Got the Song of Love!]
[No...] Oh, I had you mistaken...
8: (old guy in the back of town) Something's hidden behind the falls!  Well,
   maybe... I just heard this from some old grandma.
9: There're still frogs sleeping down there even though it's this warm?
10: (old guy in the inn) I'll teach you about how the rings work...
The Flame Ring absorbs flames, defends against ice, and is weak
   against water.
The Coral Ring absorbs water, defends against flame, and is wek
   against lightNing.  The Angel's Ring defends against Zombie and

[In the forest near Istory, upon defeating Ramuh]
Ramuh: I.. Ifrit!  Who are you people...!?
Ifrit: Ramuh!
Ramuh: Your skill has certainly improved!
Ifrit: If it's possible to...
Ramuh: Don't say that, Ifrit!  Are we not allies?

[back at the Ancient Library]
Cid: Oh, you're back!
Butz: Cid... we were on Crescent Island, and the Fire Power Ship...
   well, it sunk.
Cid: Oh really...
Mid: No big deal! We'll make another Fire Power Ship!!
Cid: Anyway, I spotted the King of Tycoon!!
Lenna: Really!?
Cid: Seems that he showed up in Karnak.  Then it looks like he went
   into the desert...
Faris: The quicksand desert?
Mid: It's a desert that Speareads out west of here.  The sand is... flowing.
Cid: And nobody can get in there!  Supposedly there's a ruined city
   beyond the desert...
Butz: But how did the King...?
Cid: Beats me.
Mid: The people here who saw him say he was floating...
Butz: Floating?
Lenna: Father...
Faris: Let's head for the desert!
Galuf: But we can't get in!
Faris: Something'll happen!
Butz: Let's go then!!
[If you talk to other scholars...]
1: The Quicksand Desert... the sand flows around and nobody can get
   in there!
2: Hey!  That black bird... it's a black chocobo!  I thought they were
3: Really!  The King went off to the desert!
4: I wonder if it was really King Tycoon...
Mid: There's a ruined city on the other side of the desert.  It's the ruins of
   an ancient civilization from long ago.
Cid: That Quicksand Desert... how the heck are we gonna get in there!?
[The scholars on the other floors say the same stuff as before]

(In the desert)
Galuf: Guess we can't get in...
Cid: Wait!
Mid: It's too early to give up!
Cid: We'll make a bridge!
Mid: Even though it's a little dangerous!
Cid: Use this bell, and you can call the Sand Worm who lives in the desert!
Mid: You guys'll take care of him!
Cid: And that'll complete the bridge!
Galuf: Isn't that a bit reckless!?
Cid: Reckless?  Look who's talking!!  Ha ha ha!!
Cid: Let's call the Sand Worm!  All ready?

(Answer no, and...)
Cid: Well, take your time and get everything ready!

(Answer yes, and...)
Mid: If you use magic on the Sand Worm, things'll get tough!  Be careful!
Cid: Let's go!!
(Fight with Sand Worm)
Mid: We did it!
Cid: Now we can get in!!

Butz: Cid, Mid.  While we're gone, can you take care of this black chocobo?
Mid & Cid: Sure.  Be careful!

(At the ruins)
Butz: Where's this?
Faris: Maybe it's the ruins that Cid was talking about...
(they spot the King of Tycoon)
Lenna: Hey, was that...?
Faris: King Tycoon!?

Lenna: Father!
Faris: ......Dad!!

[Falling into the ruin...]
Lenna: Faris!
Faris: ......
Lenna: I knew you were my sister!
Faris: Sorry... I just couldn't bring myself to say it...
Lenna: My big sister!
Faris: Lenna!
Butz: Where are we?
Lenna: Someplace weird...
Faris: Hey, where's Galuf?
Butz: Yeah, now that you mention it...
Lenna: Maybe... falling all that way... he...
Butz: He's a tough old bugger; we'll meet up with him later for sure! Let's
   get going!
Galuf: (after climbing under the wall) Hey!  Going on without me, are we?
Butz: S... sorry!
[After walking onward and hearing a cool buzzing sound...]
Butz: What's this?
[Warped to a spot near Crescent Island...]
Butz: Uh oh, this is dangerous!
[All hurry out]
Cid: (after Black Chocobo flies to the forest) We'd better leave him here
   in the forest.
Mid: Just like we promised Butz!
[Back in the ruins...]
Butz: Man, was that scary or what?
Galuf: Looked like some kind of warping device...
Faris: And it was broken because nobody's used it for so long.
[In another section of the ruins]
[After trying to push a switch]
Butz: Ah, it's no use!  Hey, wait!  There's some writing on the wall!
   "Search the flowerbed in the middle room."
[Do this...] Butz: Hey. a memo!  "The note in the room on the right..."
Note in the room on the right: "Hey, look!  An idiot's reading this book!"
Butz: (getting angry) Grrr...
Lenna: Calm down, Butz...
Faris: There's a second page! "Search the pots."
[Do this, and a frog jumps out, knocking a book over...]
Book: "Go 8 steps down and 4 to the right, and pull!"
[Yes, you could have pulled the switch to begin with... but wasn't this
   more fun?]
[Exiting the ruin]
Butz: Hey!  The Fire Power Ship!  I thought it sank... but... what's that
   other ship, then? [Walk to the other ship]
Butz: A boat with propellers!?  Man, this is too weird!
[Cid and Mid drop in!]
Butz: Cid!  Mid!
Cid: Ouch!
Mid: Where are we now? ... Hey!  Butz!  Lenna, Faris, Galuf!
Butz: How'd you guys get in here?
Mid: Well, we brought the Black Chocobo back to Crescent Island, and
   suddenly we fell down this hole...
Butz: So we're under Crescent Island now? [Mid nods.]
Butz: So that's why the Fire Power Ship is here...
Mid: This stuff looks like equipment that the ancient people created.
Butz: What's this boat with a propeller?
Mid: Grandpa should know... Hey!  Where is he?
All: ? [Head for the inside of the ship]
Cid: Wow!
Butz: Hey, Cid!
Cid: We'll talk later!
Cid: So If I move this thing... and adjust this doohickey... and... there!  
   All done!
Butz: What's all done?
Cid: Ready to go!
[The ship flies up!]
Mid: Wow!  Look at this thing fly!
Butz: Cid, what is this thing?
Cid: I think it's the airship!  I read about it in an ancient book, but didn't
   believe that it really existed...!
Butz: What's that!? [roaring sound]
Cid: Something's pulling on us from below!
Butz: A monster's hanging on the bottom of the ship!
[Fight with, and defeat, Clay Claw]
Cid: You did it!
Butz: All right!
Cid: The damage was no big deal.  We had the parts from the Fire Power
Butz: Cid...
Cid: You've thanked me enough!
Mid: We're going to stay here and look into where the Earth Crystal is
Cid: The sky is yours!  Get up there and fly!
Faris: The evil Dark Mage Exdeath...
Lenna:But in order to stop him from reviving...
Galuf: There's still the Earth Crystal!
Butz: All right! Let's be off!

[In the town of Jacole]
1: (old guy) This is the town of Jacole.  The people here have the blood
   of the ancient knigdom of Lonka.
2: (kid) In the stores, they sell all kinds of stuff that they dug up in the
   cave up north!
3: (old guy) Something's hiding away under Crescent Island.  That's what
   my grandpa told me.
4: (little kid) My dad's a real adventurer!
5: (little girl) Ever hear of Istory Falls?  It's a huge waterfall!  I want to
   go see it sometime!
6: (kid) You folks know about Crescent Island, far to the east?  As the name
   implies, it's got a weird shape.
7: (green-haired girl) Our ancestors had a glorious civilization here, 500
   years ago.
8: (gray-haired oldster) Those ancient ruins... nobody's supposed to go in
   there, but you young whippersnappers never listen...
9: (behind inn) Sometimes weird sounds come from under Crescent Island...
[In the pub]
Bartender: This is where all the adventurers looking to strike it rich up in
   that cave gather.
11: That cave up north is full of the ancient people's booby-traps!
12: There's this line of skull switches... wait a while, and you'll see which
    is the real one.
13: If you climb the wall deep inside the cave, you'll end up outside.
14 Most of the treasure chests are already open.  No point in searching
   them... probably just some sort of ancient trick!
15: I'm warNing you, don't do anything dangerous!
Dancer: Say, line up next to me, OK?
Dancer: (while dancing) OK, you too!
(green-haired guy joins in) Now you in front of the TV!  You too!!
Dancer: One more time!

[Flying over the ruins]
Butz: What's going on!?
Galuf: The town!
[Back at the Catapult]
Butz: Cid, Mid... you won't believe it...
Cid: We know, we know.
Mid: We saw the flying ruins through our telescope!
Mid: The Earth Crystal is inside those ruins! [Galuf jumps]
Mid:  It was the crystal's power that made the ruins float.  We've got to
   stop them before the crystal shatters!
Cid: You've gotta hurry!  Somebody's operating machines up there!
Lenna: It couldn't be my father... could it?
Faris: No way!
Butz: (to Cid) How can we get up there?
Cid: (opens book) Well, if we get this stuff...
Mid: Adamantite!  With that we can modify the airship so that it can fly
Galuf: Hey, I know where we can get that!
Galuf: The meteor I came here on!  I remember it!
Galuf: You don't believe me?
Butz: So you've gotten all our memory back?
Galuf: Well, I can remember the Adamantite, at least!
Faris: Let's go find it!
Cid: We'll stay here and get ready!
Mid: Hurry up and get the Adamantite!
[In their "office" underground]
Cid: Wow, what a discovery!
Mid: Look at all these books we found!

[At the Tycoon Meteor]
Galuf: I'm sure it was around here somewhere...
Galuf: Inside here! (inside the meteor...) Here it is!
Galuf: Have I got a great memory or what?
Butz: This from a guy with amnesia!?
Galuf: Ha ha ha!
[Got the Adamantite!}
Butz: Hey, something's coming!  Look out!

[Back at the Catapult again]
Cid: Hey!  You got the Adamantite!
Mid: Let's hurry up and get to work!  You guys head for the bedroom
   and rest!
[Cid and Mid work rapidly]
Butz: (waking up) Nnh... I dreamed that the airship was ready...
[Cid and Mid come into the room]
Cid: It's ready!
Butz: Man, you guys are quick!
Mid: Fly up, press the A button, and fly even higher!
Lenna: So now we can reach the flying city?
Cid: Well, it's not exactly as simple as that... look at this... (pulls out a
   book; library theme starts)
Cid: You won't be able to get into the flying city unless you destroy all
   the cannons.
Mid: And according to this book, they're pretty strong!
Lenna: But we've got to get in there somehow!
Faris: Yeah!
Galuf: Oh, we'll handle them with no trouble!
Butz: Thanks, Cid, Mid... Now we've got to hurry to the flying ruins
   before the Earth Crystal shatters!
Butz: Here we go!

[At the Flying Lonka Ruins, after defeating the four cannons]
Butz: There!  We destroyed 'em all!
Lenna: Wait!  What's that!?
Galuf: Man, it's huge!
Faris: This looks dangerous...
[After defeating the Sol Cannon]
Butz: Can we get in through that hole?
Galuf: Looks like it...
Faris: Then let's go!
[In Lonka Ruins]
Lenna: Father!
King Tycoon: Grr... this monster's in the way!
Faris: Dad!
King: Shut up!
King: This monster is the guardian of these ruins.  It changes its weak
   point... quickly, destroy it!
[Battle with Archaeo Eibis]
King: You did it!  Whew! [runs into another room]
Lenna: Father!
Faris: Dad!
Butz: Is that where the Earth Crystal is?
[Head for the other room...]
Lenna: Father!
Faris: Dad!
Galuf: It's no use! He's being controlled by something!
[Butz makes a motion as if to fight]
Lenna: Butz! Stop!
Butz: Out of the way!
King: I'll make it easy for you four!!!
[A meteor falls!]
Kururu:(shoots the King with lightNing) Grandpa! You're all right!
All: ?!?!

Galuf: Kururu... is that you?
(Galuf's memory came back!)
Kururu: Grandpa!  I couldn't wait to see you again...
Lenna: Father!
Faris: Dad!

Kururu: He's OK.  It was only a weak thunder magic!

King: Urgh... it's... Lenna!  Sarisa...? Sarisa, is it really you?
It IS you, Sarisa! You're still alive!!
Faris: Da... Dad!!
Butz:(looks at the crystal) Oh, rats!
(The crystal shatters!)
Galuf: Exdeath!
Exdeath: Galuf... I have returned! Fwa, ha, ha!!  Crystals!! Use my magic
   and become my power!!  Make these people... disappear!!
Butz: Drat!! Urgh...
Lenna: Butz! Are you OK?
Exdeath: The crystals have shattered! Now, Galuf! Your world!!
Lenna: Father!
Faris: Dad!
King: Sarisa... Lenna... and you, Butz!  Warriors from another world!
  There's something you must do!  The world mustn't fall into the "mu"!!
  Light of the Earth... come to me... bring your spirit back!!
Lenna: Father!
Faris: Dad!
[The King is bombarded by energy]
King: Don't come any closer!
Lenna: Be strong!
Faris: Don't die!!
King: Sarisa... I failed you...
  Lenna... Sarisa... both of you... gather your power...
  Butz... protect the two of them... please...
Lenna: Father----!!
Faris: Don't die!!!!

[The brave spirits embedded in the crystals... Samurai... Dragoon...
   Dancer... Chemist]

Butz: Huh!?
Galuf: The ruins are falling!?
Butz: Let's get out of here! Hurry, to the airship!!
Faris: Lenna! Let's go!!
(All head back to the airship)
Faris: Everything's shaking!  Hold on tight!

[Aboard the airship]
Faris: Lenna...
Lenna: Our father... he's... gone...
Butz: What is it, Galuf?
Galuf: We've got to leave!
Butz: Huh!?
Galuf: My memory's returned.  At last I can recall everything... Exdeath
   was an evil mage from our world.  Thirty years ago, he came here to
   destroy the crystals. But I and three other warriors, the Four Braves of
   Dawn, used the power of the crystals to seal him away.  Then 30 years
   passed uneventfully...  But something happened inside the crystals.  We
   were concerned about that and so we boarded the meteors and returned
   to this world.
Galuf: But we were too late... he had already returned to our world.
Butz: Was it because we used too much of the crystals' power?
Galuf: (shakes his head) It was we who sealed Exdeath in this world...
Galuf: At that time, it looked like it would be as he said, and we would be
   taken back to our own world.

(At the meteor site)
Butz: You're returNing to your world?
Galuf: It's essential that we seal Exdeath up.  Fortunately we can still use
   the meteor that Kururu came here on.
Galuf: It looks like it can only be used once... Butz, Lenna, Faris... thanks
   for everything.
Butz: Wait!  We'll come too!
Galuf: Sorry, the meteor that brought Kururu here is the last one.  And once
   we get back to our world, there's no way to return here!
Galuf: Farewell!
Kururu: Bye!!
Butz: Galuf!  Kururu!

Lenna: Butz...
Butz: What?
Faris: The two of us were talking, and...
Lenna: Galuf and Kururu are fighting Exdeath on the other world...
Faris: We've got to avenge our father!
Lenna: Yeah, and...
Faris: Galuf's...
Butz: ...our friend.
Lenna: Butz!
Faris: Well then!
Butz: Let's go!  To the other world!!
Lenna: But how can we get there?
Faris: There isn't enough energy left in the meteor to create a warp...
Butz: Maybe Cid can think of something!!

[Back at the Catapult, looking for Cid]
Butz: Cid's handwriting!
"The Adamantite left over from the airship improvements is dangerous...
    we've got to return it..."
Lenna: I wonder if something's happened to Cid and Mid!
Butz: "Return it..."?

(At the Tycoon meteor site)
Black Chocobo: Kue!
Butz: The Black Chocobo?  Did Cic and Mod come here?
Butz: Cid!  Mid! What are...
Cid: Butz, wait! It's dangerous!!
Mid: The Adamant's begun to radiate energy...
Cid: I think we should leave it where it came from... wait here.
Cid: What the!? The ground's sucking the energy from the Adamant!
Lenna: Hey... Maybe if we revive the power from these meteors, we
   could get to Galuf's world...
Butz: Yeah!
Cid: What are you talking about?
Cid: I see.  So that's how things are...
Mid: Since the piece of Adamant is small, it'll be impossible to get all
   the power.  But if we acquire the power from the three remaiNing
Butz: We can get to Galuf's world!!
Cid: Well, we're off to the next meteor!
Mid: Let's go!!

(At the Lonka Meteor)
Cid: Wait here!
Mid: We'll be right back!
Lenna: They're taking a while...
Faris: Let's check it out!
Cid: Help!!
Mid: Uwaa---!  Heeellpp!!!
(Fight with Kimaira Brain)
Lenna: Are you guys OK?
Mid: Uh-huh!
Cid: Man, that was scary!

(Worus meteor)
Cid: Wait here!
Mid: Leave it to us!
Cid (after a while): All done!
Mid: Well then, let's be off!
(A monster's lurking above them...)
Butz: Cid, Mid!  Look out!
(Fight with Pyuroboros)
Cid: Are you all right?
Mid: Wow, you're strong!

(Karnak meteor)
Cid: Let's go, Mid!
Mid: OK!
Mid: It's scary in there!
Cid: There are monsters in there!!
(Fight with Titan)
Cid: Well! Just leave the rest to us!

Cid: We've got all four meteors lined up!  Look at this map!!
Mid: Hurry to the place where the energy of the four meteors is gathering!  
   That's the warp point!!
Cid: Be careful!
Butz: Thanks, Cid & Mid!!!

[Warp to Galuf's World]
Lenna: The light is weakeNing...
Butz: There isn't enough energy left in the meteor.
Faris: We can only go once...
Butz: It's a one-way ticket...  We might not be able to get home...

Lenna & Faris: That's OK, let's do it!
Butz: All right then, let's go!!

Lenna: So we're leaving this world...  Goodbye...
Faris: Hang in there, guys! (talking to her pirates)
Butz: I'll be back soon, Boko!

[Jump into warp...]

Ready for World 2?

World Two:

Butz: This is...
Lenna: Galuf's world?

[After wandering...]
Lenna: Maybe we should take a rest in a tent...?

[While resting...]
Faris: ...... Lenna...  There's something that's been bothering me for a
Faris: Why was it that you did such a dangerous thing to save the
   Hiryuu up on the Northern Mountain?
Lenna: Faris... do you remember our mother?
Faris: Huh? Maybe a little...
Lenna: When I see the Hiryuu, it reminds me of our mother...
Faris: How?
Butz: A monster!
Butz: Lenna! Faris!

(Fight with the Abductor)

Butz: Where are we?
(Exdeath's theme)
Exdeath: Fwa, ha, ha!!
  Welcome to my castle!!
Butz: Exdeath!
Monster: Sir Exdeath!  Galuf and the others have reached the Big Bridge!
Exdeath: They have? Then get the mirror ready!
Monster: Yes, sir!
Exdeath: I'm sure you people will be useful for something!
Lenna: Butz! Look!
Butz: An image of us, in the sky!
Kururu: Grandpa, look!
Galuf: Butz! Lenna! Faris!
Exdeath: Surrender, Galuf!  If you don't, these people's lives are over!
Galuf: Drat! Everyone withdraw!
Exdeath: Gilgamesh!
Gilgamesh: Yes, sir!
Exdeath: Keep an eye on these people!  I'm counting on you.
Butz: Exdeath! Why you...
(Butz is shot by Exdeath)
Butz: Drat!
Galuf: Kururu, I need to borrow your Hiryuu! We have to save Butz
   and the others!
Galuf (to soldier): Let go of the Hiryuu!
Soldier: Yes, sir!

Galuf (to Hiryuu, after reaching the castle):  You go back and stay
   with Kururu!
Galuf: So, they're here...
(open treasure box)
  Received all of the party's items and crystal chips!
Galuf: Butz, Lenna, Faris!! Wait for me!

[2] (arriving at the cell)
Gilgamesh: Who's there!?

(Fight with Gilgamesh)
Gilgamesh: Grr!  Well, I guess we'll stop this foolishness... for now!  But
   I won't forget this!
Butz: Galuf!
Galuf: Wait, I'll open the door.
Faris: Thanks, Galuf.
Butz: Sorry, Galuf.  We were...
Galuf: We'll talk later! Now let's get out of here!

(in front of cells on B1F)
Butz (ducks down): Uh oh, we don't want to be spotted!

[3] (On Big Bridge)
Galuf: This place is full of monsters!  Be careful!
(Inside the first door...)
Gilgamesh: All this time, I've been waiting behind this door!  I was
   worrying about what the heck I'd do if you never showed up! All right,
   let's go!!
(Fight with Gilgamesh, #1)
Gilgamesh: Oh, so sorry! With four of you here, there's not much I can do...
   oh, what am I saying!? (Casts his powerful defense magic)
[After you take a lot of his HP]
Gilgamesh: Urgh!  I just realized I'm late for something!  I'll be back; you
   just wait!

Galuf: Kururu!
Faris: Grandpa!! He's putting up a barrier!!
(our heroes are sent flying as a barrier forms around Exdeath's castle)
Kururu: Grandpa!  Grandpa!!

Faris: Where are we?
Galuf: Grociana Continent... the home of fearsome monsters... looks like
   we've been thrown into a tough spot!
Butz: Galuf... for us, you...
Galuf: After I specifically told you not to come here... you had to butt in!
Galuf (to himself): But somehow... I'm glad...

[4] (In the town of Rugor)
1: Hi there! This is the town of Rugor.
2: Has Exdeath really revived?
3: Wow, is this a rare event or what?  It's been years since anyone came by
   our village!
4: (blocking an exit) Don't go out there!  It's full of monsters!
5: You know that castle down south?  Better not go there!
6: Exdeath's revived, really?  Well, he'd never attack a boondock village like
   this one.  Nah, no way...
7: Hey!  I saw a Moogle!  Really!
8: This kid says he saw a moogle!  He's a lying flubbernugget!
9: The wine we make here?  Best in the world!
10: That castle to the south is the Sealed Castle of Koozer.  The weapons
   that were used in the war a thousand years ago are sealed up inside.
[In the pub]
11: We don't have any dancers in this town... could you go dance for us?
12: Man, this wine is the best!
13: Ever hear about the "Kornago Pot"?  It's got the power to capture
   monsters really easily.
14: This stuff sure tastes great, no?
15: (bartender) What do you think of our famous wine?  Is this stuff the
   best or what?

Innkeeper: Wow, we only get guests once in a blue moon!  Tell you
   what... just for tonight, it'll be free!

(Galuf sneaks out in the middle of the night and Butz follows)
Butz: Hey! Where's Galuf?
(in the pub)
Galuf: Oh, man! The legendary wine of Rugor!!  Sure is good for the
Galuf: What's up, Butz?
Butz: Well, I couldn't sleep...
Galuf: Oh? Well, sit down.
Butz: Galuf... we're so sorry.  If it weren't for us, you would have been able
to invade Exdeath's castle...
Galuf: But if we had been able to invade it, we would all have been annihilated
by the barrier!  I couldn't believe that it was finished... but thanks to you,
we survived!
Butz: Galuf...
Galuf: But, Butz... why did you come here, knowing that you couldn't go back to
your own world?
Butz: No reason...
Galuf: Butz... I can't thank you enough!
Butz: Oh, stop that!

[5] [At the Sealed Castle of Koozer]
Galuf: The Twelve Legendary Weapons!  They really exist!
Butz: Are these the ones that were used in that war a thousand years ago?
Lenna: They've all been petrified...
Butz: Well, that's what happens when you leave weapons lying around for a
[You can look at the weapons... but you can't get them.  Yet.]

[6] [In a small forest...]
Moogle: Kupo!!
Galuf: A moogle, here!?
Butz: What's a moogle?
Galuf: They're shy little creatures who live in the forest.  You almost never
see them...
Lenna: We'd better help him!
[Deeper into the cave]
Moogle: Kupo!  Kupo!
(After fighting Tyrannosaurus)

Lenna: It's the moogle!
Moogle: Kupo!!
Lenna: He looks afraid... Come over here, it's OK...
Moogle: Kupo!
Lenna: It's all right, don't be afraid!
Moogle: Kupo!! Kupoppo!!
Butz: What's he doing?
Lenna: Looks like he's calling us... (Moogle shows them the way thru the desert)

[7] (In the Moogle Forest)
Moogle: Kupo!!
Lenna: It's the moogle that we helped!
Moogle: Kupo!! Kupo!!
Lenna: Is he thanking us?
Moogle: Kupo!! (points to chests)
Lenna: I think he's telling us that we can use this stuff...

(Put on the moogle suit, and get the Elf Cloak in the other tree)
Moogle: Kukupopo--!
Galuf: What's he doing?
(The scene switches to Bal Castle...)

Kururu: What are you all worried about??
Moogle: Kupo--!!
Soldier: What's going on?
Kururu: It looks like Grandpa is in the Moogle Forest!
Soldier: ?
Kururu: Moogles can communicate using telepathy.  Even when they're separated,
they can talk using their hearts...
Soldier: The Moogle Forest... that's pretty far away.
Kururu: Yeah... and the Hiryuu can't fly anymore...
(Hiryuu squeals)
Kururu: Thanks, Hiryuu... so you'll fly just this once?
Soldier: Is that safe?

(Back in the forest)
Butz: What are they doing?
Moogle: Kupopopo!!
Butz: The "nose"?
(Kururu flying through the sky)
Kururu: I wonder where the Moogle Forest is...?
Moogle: Kupopo!!
Kururu: Oh! At the "nose"?
(Imagine a big moogle face drawn over the whole forest; the Moogle Forest is
located at the "nose".)
Moogle: Kukupopo--!!!
Galuf: Kururu!
Kururu: Grandpa!
Galuf: What are you doing here?
Kururu: The moogle told me you were here!
Kururu: Quick, we've got to get back to the castle!

[8] (Back at Bal Castle)
Kururu: I'm giong to let the Hiryuu rest.
Soldier: King Galuf!
Galuf: Everyone, you did a great job while I was gone!
Soldier: King Galuf!
Galuf: What's happeNing with Exdeath?
Soldier: No significant movement since the barrier's been completed, sir.
Galuf: I see... what about our troops?
Soldier: Due to the battles with Exdeath's monsters, they're almost entirely
wiped out.
Galuf: ...
Soldier: I'm sorry, sir.
Butz (to Galuf): And I thought you were just some old man... so you're really a
Galuf: ...Well, I guess I am.
Butz: Man, I'm surprised!
Galuf (to soldiers): Excellent job, everyone!  At ease!
Soldiers: Yes, sir!

Galuf: Butz, what's up?
Butz: You're a king... I just can't believe it!
Galuf: Why, don't I look like a king!?
(Butz shakes his head)
Galuf: What!?
Butz: I'm just joking!!  ... But now it feels weird to call you by your first
name... maybe I should say "King Galuf"...
Galuf: Nah, I was your friend before you knew I was King of Bal...just call
Butz: Galuf!
Galuf: Right! Ha ha ha...
[Around Bal Castle]
Soldier 1: Exdeath's Castle is protected by his barrier, and we can't get into
Soldier 2: We were attacked by Exdeath, so there aren't too many soldiers left.
Soldier 3: Right after the time when she was born, Kururu's parents had to go to
the Grociana Continent in order to save the Hiryuu... and they haven't been seen
Soldier 4: Kururu's on the top floor of this tower.  I think she's crying...
Soldier 5: Don't worry! We're all safe now that Galuf's back!
Soldiers 6, 7, & 8: We can't open this gate!  Monsters'll come in! And trust me,
we don't want that!
[1F, left side, after some exploring]
9: (old man) If you select your items using 'Optimum', you won't equip things
like the Elf Cloak and the Gold Hairpin.  But those things have other special
abilities.  Be careful and keep track of these things!
[1F, right tower]
Soldier 10: Bal Castle's quite old indeed.  There are all kinds of secrets that
even we haven't discovered.
Soldier 11: Our troops are all being defeated!  And it's all because of that no-
good Gilgamesh!
Soldier 12: We've tried all kinds of things... but we just can't sem to get that
door down there to open.
[King's Hall]
Soldier 13: King Galuf, please take the Teleport magic!  You forgot it last
time, sir.
Soldier 14: So King Galuf lost hims memory because of an accident when he warped
with the meteor... hmm... the equipment that he brought from here must've been
Soldier 15: If we don't defeat Exdeath, the world's toast...
Soldier 16: The Big Bridge is completely guarded by the barrier.and the Hiryuu
can't fly... so we can't even get near Exdeath's Castle.
17: Kururu is such a sweet child... and she's got the same spirit as Galuf.
18: Somehow Kururu can talk to this moogle here!  Isn't that a strange power to

(At top of castle)
Kururu: ......
Lenna: Kururu?
Kururu: The Hiryuu's dying...
Lenna: Huh?
Faris: What happened to him?
Kururu: He was wounded and really shouldn't have been flying... but he did it
for us...
Galuf: To help us...
Faris: Well, how can we save him?
Kururu: ......
Lenna: The Flying Dragon Weed...
Kururu: If we had a Flying Dragon Weed, could we cure the Hiryuu's injury?
Lenna: We could, but does the weed exist in this world...?
Faris: Surely we could find it in the place where the Hiryuu live?
Galuf: In that case...
Butz: It exists!?
Galuf: In the Valley of the Flying Dragons... but nobody's ever gone in there
and come out again...
Butz: Let's go!!
Kururu: Butz!
Galuf: The valley is to the north of this castle, beyond the werewolves' village
of Quelb.
Kururu: But outside the castle, it's full of monsters!
Galuf: It'll be fine; we'll all go!
Butz: Yeah!
Lenna: We'll be OK!
Faris: We'll get that weed for sure!

(At the gate)
Galuf: Open the gate!
Soldier: But... Exdeath's monsters are out there...
Galuf: As soon as we go out, seal up the gate, real tight!
Soldier: But, Sir Galuf!  If we do that, you won't be able to get back in the
castle!  Is that all right with you?
(Answer yes, and...)
Galuf: OK then!  Quickly close the gate and seal it up!
Soldiers: Yes sir!  Be careful, King Galuf!
Galuf: They're already here!  Everyone get ready!!
(Fight with Abductor, again)

[9] (At Town of Quelb)
Galuf: We'll have to open the gate in the north part of this town so we can get
to the valley...

(At Kelgar's House)
Wolf: Freeze!! (2 wolves jump down)
Butz: Who are you!?
Galuf: Butz, wait!  They're our friends!!
Faris: Friends!?
Kelgar: Galuf??
Galuf: Kelgar!
Kelgar: It's been a while, Galuf!
Galuf (to Butz): He's one of the Four Braves of Dawn!
Butz: Did you fight with Galuf against Exdeath, 30 years ago...?
Kelgar: (to Galuf) Who are these people!?
Galuf: They're warriors from the world where we sealed Exdeath...
Kelgar: Friends of his, no doubt!
Butz: What!?
Kelgar: You shattered the crystals and revived Exdeath...
Galuf: No!!  They're...
Kelgar: Out of the way, Galuf!
Kelgar: OK, Butz, let's have a duel!!
Butz: !?
Galuf: Kelgar...
Kelgar: Let's see what's in your heart!!
Butz: OK... a one-on-one duel...
Kelgar: Now watch my Lupine Attack!!
Butz: ?
Butz: Yeah, I saw that... (pushes Kelgar)
Galuf: Butz, I think you overdid that one!!

Butz: Sorry, Kelgar.
Galuf: Trying that with your old body...
Kelgar: But how did you defend my Lupine Attack?
Butz: It's a move I learned from my father.
Kelgar: Huh?  What's his name?
Butz: Dorgan. (Kelgar and Galuf look surprised)
Butz: What's with you two?
Galuf: You can't be...
Kelgar: Dorgan's son...
Butz: You know about my father?
Galuf: Your father, myself, Kelgar, and Zeza...we fought together against
Exdeath thirty years ago...
Kelgar: He's one of the Four Braves of Dawn.
Butz: Then, was he from this world?
Kelgar: Yes.
Butz: ......
Galuf: Thirty years ago, while chasing Exdeath, we were warped to your world...
Galuf: Is he immortal or something?
Dorgan: There's no end to it!
Kelgar: All we can do is seal him up here...
Zeza: Yeah...
Dorgan: Here!?  Are you saying we should take the evil of our world and seal it
up here in another?  I'm against it!
Zeza: But what else can we do?
Kelgar: He'll come back to life!
Galuf: Aw, nutbunnies!
Kelgar: We've got no choice... we've got to seal him up here!
Galuf: Dorgan, in order to use the power of the crystals, we need to combine our
four spirits!
Kelgar: Come on, Dorgan!
(Dorgan gives in and Exdeath is sealed away...)
Galuf: (to Dorgan) You're staying behind...?
Dorgan: Uh-huh...
Kelger: Why!?
Dorgan: Farewell!
Galuf: Dorgan...
[Flashback ends...]
Galuf: Dorgan stayed behind in your world so he could guard Exdeath's seal...
Butz: Ah hah...
Kelgar: How's Dorgan doing these days, anyway?
Butz: Three years ago, he got sick, and...
Kelgar: Oh... well, son of Dorgan, say something!  It'll give you strength...
Kelgar: I'll tell the people in town to open the gate...
Kelgar: Cough, cough... if I could only fight with you!
[Elsewhere in Quelb]
Wolf 1:(in Kelgar's house) Kelgar's really weakeNing... he shouldn't have done
that stuff before.
2: You're going to the Valley of the Flying Dragons?  That's nothing but a big
monster lair!
3: Exdeath's monsters have been attacking us... there aren't too many here who
can still fight.
4: Ah ha... so when Tsouss went to protect the Fire Crystal...
5: I'm hearing weird voices from this well...
Voice: Here, little froggie... where's my frog!? [Old guy pops out] Hey, could
you go find me a frog?  I really want one!
(After you get him one) Give me the frog and 10000 gil, and I'll give you this
pot.  How 'bout it? (yes...) Heh, this'll get me something nice to eat!
6: It's still a mystery why the Hiryuu are going extinct...
7: Nobody's ever gone into the Valley of the Flying Dragons and come out alive!
8: We're prayin' for ya!  Here, this song'll help! [Got "Requiem"!]
9 & 10: This ceremony's to bring you luck!
11: Hut one, hut two!
[At the inn]
Waiter: Hey, have a seat over there and I'll get you one of Quelb's best dishes!  
Here you go! (HP/MP revived, etc.!)
Waiter:: And as an after-dinner treat... (Got 8 Potions!)

[10] [In Hiryuu no Tani (Valley of the Flying Dragons)]
Lenna: Look!
Faris: The Flying Dragon Weed!
(Weed comes alive)
Lenna & Faris: Aaahhhh!!!
Butz: What's this?
Lenna: The weed attacks people?
Faris: Looks like it's turned into a monster!
Galuf: Is this why the Hiryuu are becoming extinct?
(Fight with Hiryuusou)
Faris: The weed!!
Lenna: Look!
Lenna: Let's take it and head back!

[11] (Back at Bal Castle)
Galuf: We're back!  Open the door, willya!
Soldier: No way!  You're servants of Exdeath!  And we won't let you trick us!
Galuf: Ah, forget it.  We'll have to find some other way in.
Galuf: (jumps in the moat)  Come on, everybody!  Jump in!
Soldiers:(after you come in the back way) So sorry!  We thought you were
Exdeath's goons!
Galuf: Ah, no big deal!
Woman: Kururu says her head hurts... quick, come this way!

Galuf: Kururu!
Kururu: Grand... pa....
Galuf: Kururu, be strong!
Kururu: ...He's calling us...
Galuf: Try not to talk, Kururu...
Kururu: He's calling us... Ghido's calling...
Butz: Ghido?
Kururu: Hurry to Ghido's place!
Butz: Who's Ghido?
Galuf: He's a sage who's lived for 700 years... he predicted the shattering of
the crystals on your world.
Butz: He's the one who's calling us?
Galuf: He might know something about defeating Exdeath!
Kururu: ......
Galuf: We'll go meet with Ghido... hang in there, Kururu...
Kururu: OK... you'd better use the Hiryuu...
Galuf: Don't worry, we've got the Flying Dragon Weed!
Kururu: Really!?  The Hiryuu's on the top floor...
Galuf: Shall we go?
Lenna: OK!!
Faris: Of course!
Butz: Yeah, let's go!  But... where can we find this Ghido?
Galuf: North of the valley, on a small island off the edge of the continent.
[Also on this floor]
Wizard: Ghido lives in a little shrine to the northeast of the Valley of the
Flying Dragons.
[At the top]
Lenna (to the Hiryuu): Come on, eat it!
Butz: It's all because of that weed that the Hiryuu are becoming extinct...
there's no way we can get him to eat it...
Galuf: But if we don't make him eat it, he'll die!
Lenna: Don't worry... I'll eat it myself... munch, munch...
Faris: Lenna!  What are you doing!?
Butz: Lenna, that weed's poisonous to humans!!
Lenna (to Hiryuu): Come on, eat it up... good boy...
Faris & Kururu: Lenna!!
Kururu: Here, drink this!
Faris: Lenna!!
Butz: Lenna! Are you OK?
Lenna: Uh huh...
Kururu: I can't believe you ate that weed!
Faris: Really!!
Lenna: Sorry...
Galuf: Are you all right, Kururu?
Kururu: Yeah...
Galuf: Kururu!
Kururu: I'm... OK...
(Hiryuu roars)
Butz: Man, everybody's overworking themselves!
Kururu: Heh heh...
Galuf: Now, you go and rest!
Kururu: Yes, Grandpa.
Lenna: Thanks, Kururu!
Kururu: No, it was you who saved the Hiryuu!  Thanks so much!!
Galuf: Now go and sleep!
Kururu: OK, be careful!!
Galuf: To Ghido's place!
Lenna: Yeah!
Faris: OK!
Butz: Let's go!

[12] (On Ghido's island)
Butz: Where are we?
Galuf: We're at the Sage Ghido's dwelling!
Lenna: Let's go!
Faris: Wait!!
Butz: An earthquake!?
Butz: The island...!? (Island shakes)
Galuf: Let's get back to the Hiryuu!!
(Ghido's island sinks into the water; meanwhile, in Exdeath's castle...)
Exdeath: Fwa, ha, ha!! This is what happens to those who oppose me!!

[13] (Our heroes head for Surgate)
Guard: Who are you people!?
Other soldier: This is King Galuf of Bal!!  What are you fools doing!?  He's the
King of Bal!
Soldier: King Zeza is leading our Surgate Fleet against Exdeath's castle.
Galuf: Really?
Faris: Isn't he one of the Four Braves of Dawn?
Butz: My father's partner in battle.
Soldier: Come this way!
Soldier: Please feel free to use any of the items in the castle.
Galuf: Thank you!
[Guards outside]
Soldier 1: Please!  Wait there! (opens the gate for you)
Soldier 2: This is Zeza's castle, Surgate!
Soldier 3: We'll protect the castle until Zeza returns!
Soldier 4: (again) Please feel free to use any of the items in the castle.
Soldier 5: You know, you folks could land the Hiryuu on Zeza's fleet if you
wanted to.
Soldier 6: Zeza is leading his fleet to Exdeath's castle.
Soldier 7: Exdeath's Castle has some tough defenses on the Big Bridge, but the
eastern side is weaker.
Soldier 8: We'll protect the castle until Zeza returns!
Soldier 9: If we coud only destroy that barrier...
[B2F has the usual assorTime Magicnt of merchants, plus an inn]
[In the library]
Scholar 1: (scholars) I've got a feeling that something really important is
written in this book...
Scholar 2: I found a really old book from over a thousand years ago.  But this
is only half of it, so I can't read it.  It's called the "Book of Sealings"...
Scholar 3: This is the oldest book in the library, but we can't read it because
this is only one half of the complete edition.
Butz: (Looking at the book) I've seen a book that looks just like this before...
Scholar 4: We can't find the other half of that book, no matter where we look!  
And we've examined every book in the world...
Scholar 5: This book here tells the details of the disasters brought about by
Exdeath thirty years ago.  We mustn't let a nightmare like that ever happen
[Other room]
Librarian: Everybody's been taking books out and leaving them all over the
place... could you help me get them in order? (The shelves go in the Japanese
kana order, starting in the top left.  If you can't figure it out, check the
walkthrough. ^^)
Butz (at the top left shelf): "A"... "I"... "U"... "E"... E... hey, it's not
Lenna: What isn't here?
Butz: Oh, nothing! [Hmm... what's he looking for? ^_^;]
[Note that Lenna says this even if you do this scene later when she's not in
your party... ]
Librarian: (after you put the boks in the right spots) Oh, thanks.  Now I can go
back to my room.
(in the next room, after putting the three books back)  Mage's Book: Use
"Ryuuken" (a Dragoon ability) against mages!  That's the secret of my strength!
Librarian: Hey, thanks for putting those books back.  You know, they say there's
a powerful magic that lets you float, and it's in this very castle...
Wizard: (in the room after that) Hey there!  I just got back from that lake up
north!  It's surrounded by mountains, you know.  And there was this huge eye
staring at me!  Sure was weird-looking!
[Don't forget to get Levitate!]

[14] (At Zeza's Fleet, southeast of Exdeath's castle)
Zeza: What? A Hiryuu!?
(Soldiers line up)
Zeza: Wait!  They aren't enemies!
Zeza: So, it's you, Galuf!
Galuf: Zeza!  Been a while, huh!
Zeza: Who are these people?
Galuf: Dorgan's son, Butz.
Zeza: Dorgan!?
Galuf: And these two are members of the royal family on the other world.
Zeza (to Butz, Lenna, and Faris): I am Zeza, the swordsman.
Galuf: Not "King Zeza"?
Zeza: Nah, somehow the title "King" just doesn't suit me...
Galuf: Yeah, me too! (they laugh)

Galuf: Can we get into Exdeath's castle?
Zeza: Well, we're trying!
Zeza: Anyway, for now go inside and rest!
Soldier 1: The barrier should fall if we can destroy even one of the four
Soldier 2: This fleet's actually just a disguise.  If we had a little more
Soldier 3: We could invade Exdeath's castle... if we could only destroy the
[Lower deck]
Soldier 4: Please use the room on the right.
[Left room]
Soldier 5: We're digging a tunnel under the water.
Soldier 6: Boat's all ready!  Gah!
(While resting...)
Sailor: Ahhh! Monsters!!!
Sailor: They're attacking!!
(Back on the boat deck)
Galuf: Zeza, what's going on? (The music should give it away. ^^;)
Zeza: They're attacking us!
(Gilgamesh and some Gabbledegaks show up!)
Galuf: A pincer attack?
Zeza: I'll take this one!
Galuf: Don't let him get away!
Zeza: Yeah, look who's talking!
Zeza: Grrrraaaahhh---!!
(Despite the emergency here, you can actually rest if you get weakened. ^^)
Soldiers: We'll help you out!
Gilgamesh: Ah, the blue sky!  The vast oceans!  Who DARES to bother me while I'm
enjoying this!?
(During the battle with Gilgamesh...)
Gilgamesh: (to Enkidu) Hey, you're late, pal!
Enkidu: They really embarrassed me back there!
Gilgamesh: Just heal us up, OK?
[If you defeat Enkidu first...]
Gilgamesh: Hey, Enkidu!  I'll let you handle the rest of it!  Hey!  You better
not leave me behind!
[Gilgamesh is defeated]
Gilgamesh: Drat!  If I'm falling in the water, I'm pullin' you filth-monkeys
with me!
Galuf: Argh! (slips)
Gilgamesh: You filthy jerk-noggins!  I won't forget this!
(On edge of boat)
Galuf: My hands are slipping!
Zeza: Hang on until I get there!
Galuf: I can't!!  I can't take it any more!
Galuf: Hiryuu!!
Zeza: Time for us to do the attacking!  Follow me!
Soldier 1: Head down below and leave the rest to us!
Soldier 2: We handled the rest of those monsters!
Soldier 4: (below) Zeza's waiting in the room on the left!
[In left room]
Zeza: Lift the other side of this chest!
Zeza: All right, here we go!
Galuf: What's this?
Zeza: This ship is actually in disguise.  It's a submarine.  We're going to
enter the Barrier Tower from the ocean floor.
Galuf: Ah ha...
Zeza: We're all finished with the tunnel to the Barrier Tower, so let's be off!

[15] [Entering the Barrier Tower]
Zeza: Stand back! (blows a hole in the wall)
Zeza: Let's head in!  Here we go!
Galuf: Is this the Barrier Tower?
Zeza: Right.  If we can destroy this place, the tower will be destroyed.
Zeza: I'll head for the engine room down below.  On the top floor, there should
be an antenna.  
Galuf: And what do we do with the antenna?
Zeza: While I've got the power shut down, you break it.
Zeza: Here, take this. (Gives them "Hisohi sou")
Galuf: What's that?
Zeza: We can use it to communicate.  Now let's go!
[If you head for B1F]
Zeza: What're you doing?  Get up to the top floor and destroy that antenna!
[Door to 8F]
Zeza's voice: Can you... hear me?
Butz: Is that from the "Hisohi sou"?
Galuf: It's Zeza!
Zeza: Can you hear me?
Galuf: Loud and clear!
Zeza: I've reached the engine room.  (A monster runs toward him) Here,
everything's secure! (shoots the moster with lightNing)
Galuf: Zeza, what's going on?
Zeza: It's nothing!  Now hurry up and get to the top floor!
Galuf: Roger!
[Top floor]
Galuf: Zeza: We're at the top floor!
Zeza: OK, roger!
Zeza: Now!  Destroy the antenna!
Atomos: I won't let you do as you please!!
(Fight with Atomos)
Butz: We did it!
Galuf: Zeza, do you copy?  The antenna's destroyed!
Zeza (to himself): Drat, no escape!
  Galuf, it's dangerous up there!  Hurry up and get out!  The pent-up energy
here has no place to go and there's going to be an explosion!
Lenna: The Hiryuu!  Let's ride!
Galuf: Zeza, we'll save you!
Zeza: Now, wait in the sub!  I'm fine; I'll meet you later!
Galuf: No way!!  Do you want to die down there?
Butz: Galuf, that's too dangerous!
Galuf: But...
Butz: Lenna and Faris will go first
Galuf: Zeza, you knew this would happen!  And you sacrificed yourself anyway!?
Zeza: Wait in the sub!  I promise I'll come! Over and out!
Galuf: Zezaaaa---!!
Zeza: Of course I knew... but there was no way I could send you...
Zeza: Four new warriors, protected by the crystal shards... I'll have to trust
you to defeat Exdeath... Galuf, Butz, Lenna, Faris... I leave the rest to you.
Zeza: Don't worry... I'd save you any time...
Galuf: Zezaaaa-----!
Butz: There's nothing we can do...
[Butz smacks Galuf and carries him to the Hiryuu]
Galuf: ...Butz... head for the submarine...
Butz: Galuf... I'm sure Zeza's...
Galuf: It was my final promise to him... let me keep it.
(Galuf waits for Zeza at the bottom)
Butz: Galuf... let it go... in that explosion, he...
Galuf: Just let me wait a little longer... just a little longer...
(Wait a while...)
Galuf: Zeza... you just had to do it all yourself...
Faris: Since we've got the sub, maybe we can get to Ghido's sunken dwelling...
Butz: Yeah. you're right.
Butz: How's Galuf?
Lenna: If we rest a bit first, he'll be fine.
Butz: OK, let's go then!

[If you stop at Surgate again]
Soldier 3: Now that Zeza won't be coming back, we'll have to guard the castle.
[In the King's Hall]
Soldier 4: You're the only ones we can count on now.  Please defeat Exdeath
Soldier 5: The King must have had a fine last moment...
Soldier 6:Now that Zeza won't be coming back, we'll have to guard the castle.
[Injured soldiers in beds; numbered left to right, front row first]
Soldier 7: Zeza's truly gone...
Soldiers 8, 9, 10, & 12: Ouch!  This hurts...
Soldier 11: The plan to destroy the barrier worked!?  Dagnabbit, why'd I have to
get injured?
[Inn on B2F]
Innkeeper: All the beds are filled with injured soldiers from the battle at
Exdeath's castle...[Five more soldiers are here; they say the same things as the
ones in the other beds.]

[Chocobo Forest]

[16] [At Ghido's place, which is underwater now...]
Butz: An empry treasure box?  Hey, there's a big rock in here... (Take it?  If
yes, ...) Urgh!  This thing's heavy!
Butz: Hey!  A turtle! (Jump in the pond?)
[On the other side of the pond]
Butz: Hey, what's with this turtle?
Galuf: Butz, will you stop that!?
Butz: But this is fun!
Ghido: Cut that out!
Butz: It... it can talk!
Galuf: Our deepest apologies, Sage Ghido.
Butz: This... turtle!?
Lenna: He's Ghido?
Faris: Really!?
Galuf: He certainly is!  How rude of you all!
Ghido: Oh, that's OK.
Butz: Sorry...
Ghido: It's OK, really.  I've got something to tell you about; you've really got
to hurry!
Butz: Is it about Exdeath?
Ghido: Indeed it is.  The thing he's after is in the Great Forest of Muah.
Butz: The Great Forest of Muah?
Ghido: The living forest west of Surgate Castle... it's the birthplace of
Butz: !?
Ghido: Five hundred years ago, an evil spirit, which was sealed up in the
forest, turned a tree into a monster.  That's Exdeath!  I kept the seal shut for
500 years, but 30 years ago the seal was broken.
Butz: In the battle with the Four Braves of Dawn?
Ghido: Right.  Dorgan and his warriors succeeded in using the crystals to seal
Exdeath back up.  But now he has returned.
Butz: And it's all our fault...
Ghido: No, it's not because of you... the spirit that was sealed up is about to
return, and we've got to defeat it!
Butz: But where is it?
Ghido: Maybe... well, it's looking for something in the Great Forest of Muah...
Butz: In the Great Forest of Muah?
Ghido: Please go there and defeat it!  Protect the thing that's resting there!
Butz: To the Great Forest of Muah...
Galuf: We must avenge Zeza!
Faris: And defeat Exdeath!
Lenna: Let's go!
Ghido: Be warned; the Great Forest of Muah is alive.  And it attacks anyone who
enters, no matter who they are.
Butz: ...
Ghido: Here, take this!
[Got the Ancient Branch!]
Butz: What's this?
Ghido: It's the Ancient Branch; a part of the Guardian of the Seal.  If you have
this, you should be able to enter the forest.
Ghido:Hurry!  Exdeath's already on his way to the forest!
Butz: Got it!

[At the town of Muah]
1: Hey, where'd you folks come from?  This town isn't exactly easy to get to!
2: Legend has it that something truly beautiful was sealed up in that forest to
the east, 500 years ago.
3: People's ambitions can lead to evil, you know.
4: The living forest... the Great Forest of Muah, that is... is guarding a seal.
5: Nobody can get into the Great Forest of Muah!
[In the pub]
6: Those trees are really alive.  They can hear what you say and feel what's in
your heart!
7: The tree spirits don't generally show themselves.  But if you peek into the
holes in the tree trunks, they'll start talking!
8: Really deep in the forest, there's an ancient tree that guards the seal.
9: Those tree spirits hide the path to the forest depths!
10: One time I got lost in the forest and found a funny little animal.  Kept
saying 'Kupo!  Kupo!'... weird, huh?

[In the Great Forest of Muah]
Lenna: Look!  The branch we got from Ghido!
(A path opens)
Faris: The forest...
Butz: It's going to let us in...
(After wandering... the ground shakes!)
Butz: What's going on!?
(The forest's "en fuego"!)
Butz: Is Exdeath setting the forest on fire!?
Moogle: (pops out of a hole) Kupo!
Butz: (after jumping in) Let's wait here and check things out.
[Walking through the burned forest]
Lenna: What's that?
Galuf: The Ancient Tree... it guards the seal.
[the branch flies into the air]
Butz: The branch!!

[inside the tree]
Butz: What's that thing?
Galuf: Is that the guardian of the seal? (The blue things draw near...) Here it
[Battle with Fuuin Sareshi Mono... then Exdeath shows up]

Exdeath: So, you managed to break the seal... I knew you could do it.  I can't
thank you enough... fwa ha ha...
Galuf: Exdeath!
Exdeath: Thanks to you four, the seal has been opened!
Butz: Huh!?
Galuf: The crystal?
Exdeath: The crystals' power that binds me... shall soon be mine!
Exdeath: Ha ha... kneel down in reverence to the crystals!!!
[Meanwhile, at Bal Castle]
Kururu: My heart... uh oh, I wonder if anything's happened to Grandpa...
Moogle: Kupo!!
Kururu: Hmm?  In the Great Forest of Muah?

Exdeath: Now, you're finished!  Die!!
Kururu (stuns Exdeath): Grandpa!  Butz!  Lenna!  Faris!!
Galuf: What happened to Exdeath?
Kururu: He'll be OK... but he won't be able to move for a while.
  Huh!? [crystals glow]
Exdeath (to Kururu): Why you...! (traps Kururu in a wall of flame)
Kururu:  What are you doing!?!
Exdeath: Die!!
Exdeath: How about this, Galuf?  Try to stop me, and the crystals shatter!
Galuf: Kururu! (Exdeath uses a blue tractor beam)
Galuf: Exdeath!! (absorbs Kururu's wall and walks right through the beam)

(Galuf & Exdeath fight)

Exdeath: Take this! (uses Vacuum Blade)
Exdeath: Now I'm serious!  And you're headed for the world of death!  Hahahaha!!
(uses Holy and Meteo)
(Galuf's HP fall to 0, but he can still fight)
Exdeath: Why don't you die!?
Galuf: I'm not ready to go yet!  Burn me all you want; I'll still defeat you!!
Exdeath: Anger and hate won't be enough to destroy me...!
Galuf: ... It's not anger... or hate...
Exdeath: Then, ....
[Beam opens; crystals float towards Exdeath and he vanishes]
Kururu: Grandpa!
All: Galuf!  Get up!!
Galuf: I can't... go on...
Butz: Galuf!  What are you saying?
Lenna: Galuf!
Faris: Stand up!!
Kururu: Open your eyes!!
Galuf: Butz... Lenna... Faris, and Kururu...please... defeat Exdeath...!
Kururu: Grandpa!  Don't die!!
Butz: Don't die, Galuf!  "Cure 3"!
Lenna: Please!  "Raise"!
Kururu: "Phoenix Down"!  "Elixir"!

Galuf's vitality ran out...

Kururu: Grandpa!  No!  Don't die!!

Kururu: ... Grandpa's calling me!
Butz: Kururu...
Kururu: Grandpa?
Galuf: I'm giving you the power that's protected the crystals for 1000 years...
the power that came from the Ancient Tree...
Kururu:No!  Come back!
Galuf: Kururu, you won't be alone... you know that, don't you?

Kururu received all of Galuf's abilities!

Kururu: This warmth.. I can feel Grandpa inside!
Galuf: I'll always be with you, Kururu...
Kururu: (speaking to Exdeath) I understand. Huh?  What about Exdeath...?
Butz: Kururu!
Kururu: Butz, Lenna, Faris... I'll fight with you!
Butz: Kururu...
Kururu: Exdeath's trying to destroy all the crystals... that's what Grandpa
said.  We have to hurry!  Let's go!  To Exdeath's castle!!
Kururu: Hiryuu!!
(Our heroes hop on the Hiryuu)

[22] [Exdeath's Castle]
Soldier 1: Exdeath's up there...
Soldier 2: Exdeath showed up, and he was way too tough for us!
Soldier 3: We can't make it... could you defeat him?
Soldier 4: He's so strong...
Soldier 5: Avenge us!
Butz: It's a dead end... what's up, Kururu?
Kururu: It's an illusion... created by Exdeath!
Lenna: How do you know?
Kururu: Help us, Grandpa...!

[Cut to Kelgar's house in Quelb...]
Kelgar: Galuf too... Dorgan, Zeza, Galuf... they're all gone... cough, cough...
  And I'm not long for this world either...
Wolves: Kelgar!!
Kelgar: I think it's time for me to sleep, too...
[Image of Galuf appears]
Wolves: Who's there!?
Kelgar: Galuf, is that you?  Something's happened to Kururu?
  Galuf... everyone... lend them your power!
[Kelgar passes away]
Wolves: Kelgar!
Kelgar: Break the illusion!
  I'll send my last bit of life to you in Exdeath's castle!
Wolves: Kelgar!
Kururu: Grandpa... and you wolves, too!
Butz: Did Kelgar do this? [buzzing noise]
Kururu: Everyone did!
[the true form of the castle is revealed... and the way to the upper floors

Carbuncle: I'll join you if you're stronger than I am... so!  Let's test your
strength! [Battle with Carbuncle]
Carbuncle: You're strong indeed!  I'm on your side!

[11F] (after opeNing empty treasure chest)
Butz: Gilgamesh!
Gilgamesh: Ha ha!  I've got what was in there!
Gilgamesh: So, we meet for the fourth time... somehow, I'm glad!
Gilgamesh: Hey, what happened to that old man?
Kururu: In the battle with Exdeath...
Gilgamesh: ...... oh...
  Ah well... time to start really fighting!  "Gilgamesh Change!"
  Now I'll test this sword... it's got as much power as Excalibur, you know!
  Grrr! (misses) What the!?  This is the world's strongest sword!
Exdeath (suddenly appears): Gilgamesh!
Gilgamesh: ...
Exdeath: You useless fool!  I'm sending you to the Cleft of Dimension!
Gilgamesh: No way! You've gotta forgive me...
Exdeath: Shut up!  (casts Degeon)
Gilgamesh: Aaahhhh!

Exdeath: Out of my way!
Butz: Exdeath!  We won't let you get away with this!
Exdeath: Fwa, ha, ha!  Do you even know what it is that I'm doing?
Butz: What!?
Exdeath: I'm returNing the world to its original state!
Butz: You mean a world of evil!
Exdeath: Not, that's not it... you don't understand, do you?
... No matter!  I won't let you stand in my way!

[Battle with Exdeath...]

Ready for World 3?

World 3:

[After defeating Exdeath]
All: The crystals!!
Butz: They're shattering!

[All goes black...]
Lenna: What's that!?
Faris: Tycoon Castle?
Lenna: Are we... back!?

[In Tycoon Castle]
Guard 1: Oh, I'm so glad you're all right! (opens door) The Minister's waiting
for you.
People: Oh, Lenna!  You're back!
Minister: Princess Lenna!  Princess Sarisa!  Welcome back!
Lenna: Where's Father?
Minister: Unfortunately, His Majesty has passed away... somehow we must all
overcome this tragedy... but then, Princess Sarisa has returned to us alive,
Faris: "Sarisa"... that's my real name?
Minister: Yes, Your Highness.
Faris: The name Dad gave me?
[Guards push Butz and Kururu]
Butz: Hey!
Minister: Well, the banquet is all ready!  Your friends can join in too!

[At the banquet]
Faris (in a fancy dress):  I can't stand looking like this!
Minister: Oh, don't say that, Your Highness!
Faris: Huh!?
[Faris walks out to throne room]
All: Wow, she's so beautiful!
Butz (with a heart above his head ^_^): Yeah, she is...
Kururu: Butz!  You're blushing!!
Butz: Oh, shut up...
Guard: Dance, everybody!!
Dancer 1: Lenna is so beautiful... and Sarisa is too!
Dancer 2: So Princess Sarisa has begun calling herself Faris?
Dancer 3: I hope Lenna and Sarisa never leave again!  If they don't stay here...
Guard 2: Looks like the Minister can rest safely now.
Guard 3: We'd really like for Lenna to stay here.
Person: Oh, isn't this just great? ... but... I'm worried about the sky.  It
looks strange... and only over Tycoon.
2: Why not wander around the castle for a while?
[If you go outside again]
Guard: (On the way out) Be careful! (and reentering) Hey, the party's still
[Others say the same things as before]
[In Jenica's classroom]
Jenica: You know, I could almost have guessed it about Sarisa.  I remember back
~ Flashback ~
Sarisa: Cure... Cure 2... Cure 3...
Cure... Cure 2... Cure 3...
Jenica: OK, that's enough for today.
Sarisa: I'm tired!
Jenica: You mother says that you should put Lenna to bed, too.
Jenica: So go do it while I grade your test.
Sarisa: OK!
Jenica: Come right back, understand?
Sarisa: Uh-huh...
Sarisa: (to Lenna in the bedroom) Hey, Lenna, I'm going to get to ride on the
Hiryuu tomorrow!  Dad's gonna take me with him!
Lenna: Googagoo... (baby noises)
Sarisa: Dad says that flying up high in the sky is really fun!
Sarisa: You look around from up there, and you feel like you're "levitating"!
Sarisa: No... wait... it was like, uhh... "Toad"?  "Teleport"?  No, that's not
it... "Mini..."?
Jenica: (back in class) Where is she?  She's late!
[Sarisa and Lenna fall asleep...]
~ End of Flashback ~

[Out on the balcony]
Kururu: Grandpa...
Butz: What's wrong?  Are you thinking about Galuf?
Kururu: Uh huh.  But I'm not sad or anything... just a little nervous.  I feel
like he wants us to hurry...
Butz: OK, let's go then.
Kururu: Huh?
Butz: Why were we warped back to this world?  We'd better look into it.
Kururu: Yeah!

Kururu: What about Lenna and Faris?
Butz: What can we do?  They're staying here.
[Soldier runs into Tycoon]
Soldier: So sorry!  But I've got to deliver the news about the bridge in the
west!  It's all finished!!
Butz: Maybe Boko is in that cave over there...
Kururu: Who's Boko?
Butz: My chocobo that I ride around on.
Kururu: Really!?
Butz: What? You don't believe me!?
Kururu: But Butz, you're pathetic at riding the Hiryuu!  Yet you can ride a
Butz: What are you talking about!? (pushes her)
Kururu: Now you've done it!  Take THIS!! (pushes him back)
Butz: Drat!  I'm no match for you...

[At the cave]
Butz: Boko!
Boko: Kue--!
Kururu: Hi, I'm Kururu.  Nice to meet you.
Butz: Kururu, you can talk to Chocobos!?
Kururu: Well, just a little.  It looks like he wants to introduce someone.
(Boko and Kururu talk)
Kururu: Wow!  He has a wife! Her name is... Koko.
Butz: Boko, so you've...!
Butz: Boko, I need you to do something...
Boko: Kue--!
Kururu: He says he understands.
Butz: Huh!?
Kururu: He knows you've got to go on a long trip.
Butz: Is that OK with you, Boko?
(Boko talks to Koko)
Butz: What's he saying?
Kururu: He says he loves her...
Butz: Hmph!
Kururu: He's asking her to take care of their child while he's gone.
Butz: Child!?
Kururu: Koko's going to have a baby.  She'll wait here for us.
Butz: Thanks, Koko!
Koko: Kue!

[Our heroes hop on Boko and ride around... ]
[In the town of Tule]
1: So, have you become an expert?
[Yes...] Then go over to the Beginner's Hall and tell 'em that!
[No...] Oh well.  Don't sweat it, you'll get there!
2: No more crystals...
3: So you found the princess who disappeared from Tycoon?
4: I'm all dizzy... look around, and it seems like everything around our town is
5: This cave appeared in the west, and there's a rumor that a turtle ghost is
down there!
6: The wind stopped, and so the sky's dying...
7: Over on that peNinsula to the south, there's some kind of boat with a
propeller on it!  
8: (kid runNing around) I'm getting tired...
9: Hey, there's a party going on in Tycoon, isn't there?  Maybe I'll go too!
10: Don't you feel like the world is different somehow?
[In the pub]
11: So the pirate captain is really a princess, huh?
12: (guy near the dnacers) I wasn't peeking at them!  I swear!
13: Don't see too many pirates these days.
[At Zokk's house]
Zokk: So Faris the pirate captain is really Princess Sarisa!  What a surprise!  
But I'm truly glad that those two got back to the castle safely.
[At the Beginner's Hall]
Receptionist: Are you a beginner?
Receptionist: Well!  I'll teach you the good stuff!
The 'Suppin' can equip any kind of weapon or armor.  The 'Mimic' can equip
everything except the Ribbon.  Since their strength and magic power are low,
they're pretty weak, but they'll be fine if you've mastered other jobs.  The
'Suppin' and 'Mimic' get all the stats and abilities that come with any jobs
you've mastered.
For example, a Suppin who's mastered Knight, Black Mage, and Thief will have
the strength of a knight, the magic power of a black mage, and be able to see
hidden passages and dash like a thief.  Plus, you'll be able to attach two
abilities.  So once you've mastered some other jobs, the Suppin and Mimic can be
really strong!

[Suddenly, northwest of Tycoon, they fall into a hole!]
Butz: Owww!!
Kururu: Guess we tried to jump too far...
Butz: Boko!  This is all your fault!!
Boko: Kue!
Kururu: You better not hit Boko!

Kururu: Butz, what's that!?
(Fight with Antlion)

Butz: So this a monster nest... oh man, just what we need...
Kururu: Now what'll we do?
Boko: Kue...

(a rope comes down from above and Butz can't get to it...)
Butz: Will you quit that!?
Faris (holding the rope): Admit you did wrong?  OK, come on up!
Butz: Faris!!
Faris: Whose idea was it to just leave me back there!?
(Butz and Kururu shake their heads)
Faris: Better not do that again!
Butz: But why did you...
Faris: Come on, I'm no princess! (laughs)
Kururu: Ouch!
Butz: What happened?
Kururu: I'm OK; it was just this little thorn.
(Faris rejoins!)

[Then, our heroes happen upon a small cave which wasn't there last time we
visited this world... turns out it's Ghido's Dwelling!  How did it get here?
Butz: Ghido! Hey!!
Ghido: Sorry, sorry... I ended up here after the shock of the two worlds merging
back into one...
Ghido: And I couldn't do a thing! Ho, ho, ho!!
Butz: Ghido... you say the two worlds merged into one...?
Ghido: Hmmm... the legend couldn't be true, could it? Even I don't believe it...
but supposedly, 1000 years ago, Butz's world and Kururu's world were one and the
Butz: One world!?
Ghido: Correct.
Butz: Then why did the world split into two?
Ghido: To seal off the power of "mu".
Butz: "Mu"?
Ghido: Yes.  A thousand years ago, there was an powerful evil Enuo.  The Enuo
had the power to control the "mu".  The battle continued on for quite a while,
but finally the humans defeated him using the Twelve Legendary Weapons.  But
even they couldn't destroy the "mu" that the Enuo had created.
So, as a last resort, the people split the crystals into two parts.  And since
they split the crystals, which keep the world in balance, the world itself split
in two.
And in the gap between the two worlds - the "Cleft of Dimension" - they sealed
off the "mu".
Butz: So what Exdeath was saying was true...
Lenna: ReturNing the world to its original state...
Faris: But the crystals were lost...
Butz: The wind won't come back... the blessings of earth and water, the power of
fire... they're gone, never to return...

Kururu: Hey!  This splinter hurts!
Butz: Exdeath!
Exdeath: Fwa, ha, ha... I turned myself into a little splinter, and I've been
waiting for this very moment!
My real objective is to get my hands on the power of the "mu" that's been
sealed up in the Cleft of Dimension!
Butz: What!?
Exdeath: So that's why I had to return the world to its original form! Fwa, ha,

Ghido: It looks like the Cleft of Dimension is going to appear in this world!
Faris: Is that where the "mu" is?
Exdeath: Yes!  That's the thing I'm after!  And now I shall obtain the ultimate
power, the power of "mu"!
Butz: Not if we can help it!

(Exdeath hits Ghido and Butz, and Tycoon is sucked into the "mu"!)

Kururu: Tycoon Castle!
Faris: Lenna!!
Exdeath: Excellent! Behold, the power of "mu"!  The ultimate power which shall
devour everything!  And soon it'll be all mine!
Faris: Lenna! Why yoouuu----!!!!

(Our heroes are shot by Exdeath)

Exdeath: Die, you stupid fools!!
Exdeath: Why you... you turtle!
(Ghido and Exdeath fight)
Exdeath: Hmm... you're not too bad!
Ghido: Don't forget.. I've been around for 700 years!

Exdeath: Now I'm all-powerful!! Stupid cretins!
Ghido: That Exdeath!  We've got to do something before he gets the power of the
Ghido: Hey, is that...?
Butz: The Ancient Library...
Ghido: What!!?  The Ancient Library of legend!?  So it was in your world!
Ghido: Let's go!  The books we need to defeat Exdeath are in the Ancient
(At the Ancient Library)
Scholar: Ghido!
Ghido: You're the scholars from Surgate!
Scholar: We've put the two halves of the Book of Sealings together!
Ghido: Hmm...

(Exdeath's Castle Theme)
Ghido: OK, time for a strategy session!  The two worlds have become one again.  
And the power of "mu", which was sealed in the Cleft of Dimension, is about to
Butz: Then let's go there!
Ghido: Impossible!  There are hordes of monsters sealed up in there along with
the "mu"!  Their strength is just too powerful... it would be pointless for you
to go there now.
Butz: Then what should we do?
Ghido: You have to open the seal on the Twelve Legendary Weapons!
Butz: Twelve legendary weapons?
Ghido: Right.  And for that, you'll need... this Book of Sealings!  It was split
in two, but now, if the legend is correct... the book should show you the way to
(Shinkirou no Machi theme)
Butz: The book!
Ghido: If the "mu" should return, the book shall speak to you, Light Warriors...
[The book began to speak...]
Book of Sealings: The twelve weapons that we used to defeat the Enuo are sealed
up in Koozer Castle.  The keys to open these seals are the four Slabs...
One is sealed up with the spirits of the past, guarded by the earth...
One is in an island shrine, guarded by the wind...
One is in a place deeper than the ocean floor, guarded by fire...
One is behind a waterfall, guarded by water...

Our servants are sealed away... to open the seal, you need the Four Slabs.  When
you move the Slabs, our servants shall revive...
The ultimate white and black magic, Holy and Flare... Time and space magic,
Meteo... Leviathan, the King of the Seas... and Bahamut, King of the Dragons...
when you reach the gates, hold this book up and the way to the seal shall

Got the Book of Sealings!
Ghido: Make sure to open the seals on the Twelve Weapons before Exdeath gets the
power of "mu"!  We're all counting on you!  As for the first slab... it's
"sealed up with spirits of the past, guarded by the earth"... that would be the
Pyramid in the Quicksand Desert!  Butz, Faris, Kururu!  The fate of the world is
riding on you!  Please succeed!

Scholar 1: It should take a while before Exdeath gains control of the "mu"...
Scholar 2: Since the two worlds have combined into one, the Sealed Castle of
Koozer should lie to the east of Tule.
Scholar 3: Hmmm... if you put the two worlds together... that means the Ancient
Library would be here... ah, now I get it...
Scholar 4: Split the crystals in two, and the world splits in two... the power
of "mu" wouldn't be sealed up if that hadn't happened.
Scholar 5: Says here that there's a city sealed up in the Cleft of Dimension,
where they've got fantastic magic, weapons, and armor from a thousand years in
the past... Now that the Cleft of Dimension's appeared, I wonder where that city
would be...?
Scholar 6: Cid and Mid headed off the Crescent Island, and they haven't come
back yet.
Scholar 7: Since the world's merged into one, the Book of Sealings has become
one as well...
Scholar 8: Is the world going to be enveloped in darkness?
Scholar 9: It's written here that there's an evil forest and cave sealed up in
the Cleft of Dimension.
Scholar 10: It's all useless anyway... even if we do manage to defeat Exdeath,
the crystals are gone...
Scholar 11: Exdeath's really a tree... I suppose that's why he turned himself
into a splinter...
Scholar 12: Supposedly, the places where the Slabs are located are guarded by
Scholar 13: Please prevent Exdeath from getting the power of "mu"!  Shall I read
to you from the Book of Sealings...?
13: "The 'mu' is the mother that gives birth to the light..." ...what's that
14: While we were burNing books, we happened upon this song... [Got Song of
Magic! Continue singing it, and a mysterious force will raise your magic power!

[Town of Karnak... in case you head north]
1: The world has changed.  I can just feel it.
2: A castle's appeared near the Ancient Library.
3: The Queen might not be getting better any time soon...
4: It looks like they discovered something near the library.
5 & 6: Feels a little colder, doesn't it?
7: We can still make weapons and armor, but since we can't use the power of the
crystals, the prices have gone up.
8: There's a pretty scary monster named Dorm Kimaira out in the desert...
[In the pub]
9: I've heard that there are dwarves underground who can make fantastic armor
and gear.
10: Do you believe in dwarves?
11: I'm sure dwarves really exist.
12: Gotten any better at the piano?
13: The fire's weakeNing...
14: How's old Cid doing?

[In Surgate Castle]
Guard 4: The scholars all headed for that building to the south.
Guard 11: The two worlds used to be one?  No way do I believe that!
Guard 12: That buliding that appeared to the south... it's a library, right?
[The other people say the same things as in World 2.]

[At the Ancient Tree]
Butz: The Ancient Tree...
Faris: The Muah Forest's trying to come back to life...
Kururu: But Grandpa... Grandpa won't ever come back...
Faris: Lenna, and Dad...
Butz: So many lives... all gone...
Kururu: We've got to stop Exdeath!  For every human being in the world... no,
not just humans... all living things!
Faris: I can't bear to see any more lives lost...
Butz: Well,

[At the Desert]
Butz: The quicksand's stopped!
Kururu: Since the two Earth Crystals have shattered, the power of the earth is
completely gone...
Faris: The earth's weakened!

(Fight with Gargoyles; the Book of Sealings rises up)
Kururu: The Book of Sealings!
"The place where the slab rests, sealed away with spirits of the past, guarded
by the earth..."

[Journey through the Pyramid; note that there's no boss at the top!]
Got the 1st Slab!!
Butz: Huh!?
Kururu: There's some writing on the slab... "Bahamut, King of the Dragons,"...?
(Shot of the place where you landed the airship, way back in World 1... still
remember this? ^^)
Kururu: The peNinsula's sinking!! (Bahamut flies through the air)
Butz: Here he comes! (Everyone braces for a fight)
Bahamut: I'll be waiting for you... at the top of the Northern Mountain...
Faris: Look!  The airship's floating this way!

[On the way back, at the Ancient Tree]
Kururu: Hiryuu!
Faris: Lenna!! (Lenna's been possessed by Meryujiinu)
Butz: Lenna!  Snap out of it!
Lenna: Now I've acquired this body...
Faris: Lenna!
(Exdeath's theme)
Exdeath: Go, Meryujiinu!  You who've been sealed in the Cleft of Dimension for a
Butz: Exdeath!
Exdeath: Fwa, ha, ha... the monsters in the Cleft of Dimension have now become
my servants!!
Butz: Urgh...
Faris & Kururu: Lenna!  Stop!!
Exdeath: Now I'll watch you slowly die... at the hands of your own friend!!  Fwa
ha ha ha....
Butz: Exdeath...
Exdeath: But first I'll do away with that turtle friend of yours, right in front
of your very eyes!

(The Ancient Library is sucked into the "mu"!)
Exdeath: Soon, this power will be all mine, and the whole world shall kneel down
before me!! Fwa, ha, ha!!!!
Butz: Len... na... ... stop...
(The Hiryuu's desperate attack separates Lenna's body from that of the monster!)
Butz: Now!!

(Fight with Meryujiinu)

Butz: Lenna!
Lenna: Butz, I...
Faris: Lenna!
Lenna: Faris, Kururu... the castle... I was trapped in the darkness too...
Faris: We understand... try not to talk...

(Lenna rejoined!)

[Back on the airship]
Lenna: The entrance to the Cleft of Dimension is where the castle used to be...
Kururu: We've gotta hurry!  Before Exdeath gets the "mu"!
Faris: But Ghido said we'd never be able to win with the strength we've got
Butz: But the Twelve Legendary Weapons in the Sealed Castle of Koozer... let's
hurry up and go there!

(Cut scene in the Cleft of Dimension)
Exdeath: This power of "mu"... can't I control it? How about this!  "Mu"!!  Show
me your power!!
Go!  Destroy the world!!  Show me the true power of "mu"!!
(Several cities are sucked into the mu)

Kururu: He's sucking towns into the "mu"!!
Butz: Exdeath!! Stooooopppp---!!!
(The Moogle Forest gets sucked into the mu)
Moogles: Kupo--!! Kururu! Kupo!!
(Lix gets sucked in as well)
People in Lix: Buuuutz--!!  Heeeelp!
Lenna: Oh my...
Faris: Butz, your home... the town of Lix...
Kururu: My gosh... this is...
Butz: Aaaargggghhhhhh------!!!!
(Butz flies the airship around the world several times ^_^)
Faris: Butz, stop!

[On the second floor of the Sealed Castle of Koozer, where the Twelve Legendary
Weapons are]
Butz: The slab!
Slab: Three of the seals shall break... stand in front of the weapon and
speak... the seal will open and the slab will break...
Butz: Three of the seals... so we can choose three of the weapons...
[Cut to Exdeath in the Cleft of Dimension]
Exdeath: Ah, my servants!  Monsters of the Cleft of Dimension!  Those warriors
who are being guided by the light of the crystals are now after the ancient
slabs... we mustn't let the slabs fall into their hands!  The consequences would
be disastrous!
Monster: We'll stop them!
Exdeath: Go, my monsters!!  And I shall have the power of "mu" for my very own!

[In the castle of Surgate]
Guard 1: This is the castle of Surgate, and we'll protect it at all costs!
Guard 2: I can't believe the Ancient Library's really gone... but we managed to
save some of the scholars; they fled into this castle.
(In the King's Hall)
Scholar: We were the only ones who could get back here...
Scholar 2: Please stop Exdeath from getting the power of "mu"!  Shall I read to
you from the Book of Sealings?
Scholar 13: Since the two worlds have recombined, the Sealed Castle of Koozer
should lie somewhere east of Tule...
Guard: If Exdeath gets the power of "mu" in its entirety, then the world is
Soldier: What the heck is that big black thing!?
Soldier: Oh man, the world's ruined!  Stick a fork in us, 'cause we're done!
[You can get Levitate if you haven't already... I put the dialogue in World 2's

[At the Castle of Koozer]
Minister: Lenna!  You're all right! ... What's that book?
Oh!  Would you like me to read it to you?
Tycoon Scholar 1: We brought the water with us from the Wind Shrine.
2: "Protected by the wind, in an island shrine..." does that mean the Solitary
Island Shrine west of Tycoon?
3: This castle just suddenly showed up in the exact spot where Exdeath was
sealed up!
4: "Behind rushing water..." A waterfall, maybe?
5: Has the Cleft of Dimension really appeared right over Tycoon?

[In Crescent]
1: There's a mirage town that appears inthe forest... well, that's just a rumor,
I guess.
2: A strange-looking tower suddenly appeared!  What's going on!?
3: They say there's an illusionary town that appears in the forest... is it
really true?
4: We can't seem to make anything on this land anymore... could it be because of
the Earth Crystal shattering?
5: There's an old song in this town... "The tower on the left's the tower of
magic... Strength doesn't mean a thing!"
6: There's an old song in this town... "The tower on the right's the tower of
might!  Magic'll do you no good!"
Mid: A tower appeared on the Catapult!  Right on top of there!  And Grandpa!  
He's stuck!!
[In the Inn]
Girl: Hey, tell us about the Elemental!
Storyteller: The elementals make nature their friend!  Damage floors won't
affect you, and you won't fall into trap doors!
Little kid: Hey, tell us about Dwarves!
Storyteller: Dwarves make the best weapons in the world!  And they really exist,
too!  They're not just a legend!
Bard: (if you've played all eight pianos) That's a nice melody.  Here, I'll give
you this song. (Got the Song of Strength!  Sing it in battle, and your strength
will gradually rise.) (Got the Hero's Song!  Sing it in battle, and your levels
will gradually rise.)

1: What's with that big tower that showed up out in the desert there?
2: Can't catch fish anymore.
3: A desert just showed up out west there.  Weird, huh?
4: The wind and water are dead... Can't send boats out any more.
Woman near barrels: Think I'm beautiful?
[No...] Pbbt!
[Yes...] Heh, you thought I was a girl? (now he looks like Butz) I'm getting
good at this mimic business!  But I've got to keep practicing!
Woman near Pub: A big dragon flew up to the Northern Mountain!  Really!
[in Pub]
6: So the Worus Tower sunk?  We could probably get in there if we only had a
7: Some weirdo was in here mimicing everything we did!  He was heading out to
the Worus Tower, but since it sunk... I guess...
Man: My wife says the darnedest things!  Some kinda nonsense about a big flying

Wolf 1: What's happeNing to the world? ... If only Kelgar were still alive...
2: It looks like a shrine's shown up right in the middle of the Big Bridge...
3: Has Exdeath really revived...?
4: Remember Tsouss who went to protect the Fire Crystal?  He was my brother...
5: Kelgar was such a strong warrior...
6: There're some weird sounds coming from that well over there...
7 (in Kelgar's house): All four of the Braves of Dawn are gone...
Voice in the well: F... frog...... [wizard pops out!]
Wizard: Think you folks could get me a frog?  I really want one! [Capture the
"Kornago", and come visit him again...]

1: A castle appeared up north!  What'd they do? Conjure it out of thin air?
2: Those islands down south have turned into one long land mass.
Adventurer in pub: ... but, now that there's a castle there...

[Muah... I never thought to come here before the Pyramid, but I suppose you can.  
In fact, if you haven't run from any battles, you should come here to get
1: Somebody opened the lock on the shed!  They say that's the shed where the
ghost lives!  
2: Exdeath's come back to life?  The nightmare from 30 years ago... returNing...
3: The Great Forest of Muah's gone!
(behind the shed)
Old man: Ah... you must be truly brave to have come this far.  But it might just
be strength that got you here.  I suppose you'll have to let your own self-
confidence decide that.  If you truly believe that you're brave, take the box on
the left.  If you think you're a coward, take the box on the right.  Whichever
you like is fine, but you can only take one. (Well, it's up to you. Note that
the directions he's talking about are from his, and the screen's, point of
(In the pub)
8: The forest... it's a desert now...
9: So the forest is starting to come back in the spot where the Ancient Tree
was?  I'm glad.
10: I tried wandering a little in the desert... what's that big building out
11: Exdeath even managed to get Ghido...
12: I'm telling you, something funny's happened to the world!  Mark my words!

1: That town to the east got sucked into the blackness!  Are next?  I can't
sleep at night; I'm so scared!
2: The world's being sucked into darkness... this is really scary...

[Pirates' base, revisited]
Faris: Syldra!  I knew you were still alive!
Butz: Hey Faris, what's going on?
Lenna: Yeah, what are you looking at?
Faris: But... but Syldra was right there...
Kururu: He's called Syldra?
Faris: Kururu!! You see him!?
Kururu: Syldra's spirit says that he wants to help you, Faris...
Faris: Really...?
Kururu: Syldra's so sweet.
Call Monster "Syldra"!

Pirate: Chocobos are so cute once you get used to 'em!  I wonder if Koko's
baby'll be born soon...
Drunk pirate: Hic--!
Koko: Kue! Kue!
Kururu: She says to be careful.  Thanks!
Pirate on bridge: One time my uncle rescued this little girl in the water... she
kept calling herself "Farifa", so we named her "Faris".
Pirate 4: Our captain's really the princess of Tycoon!  Get a load of that!
Old guy: That bird Boko's feeling all better now!  They're even gonna have a
child! Ha ha ha! (Exdeathian laugh)
Pirate 5: We're so selfish... that's the pirate business for ya!
Pirate 6: 'Cause of the earthquake, this base ended up being connected to that
Pirate 7: Don't worry, Captain.  We'll be OK while you're gone!
Another drunk pirate: Captain--!  I love you so much!  Hic--!

[At Illucia, the mirage town (Shinkirou no Machi in Japanese)]
1: We live in the Cleft of Dimension... travelling through time...
2: This is the town of illusion... it drifts through the Cleft of Dimension...
3: You can speak to us!?  Have we returned to the real world?
4: In the Cleft of Dimension, time stops in this town...
5: A milllennium ago, I saw it... the world split in two... and our town was
sucked in...
6: A strange bird showed up here...
7: There's a Phoenix Tower in the desert.  Supposedly, that's where a dead
dragon will revive in the form of a phoenix...
8: The evil mage Enuo who tried to take over the world using the power of the
mu... he was sucked into the "mu" and disappeared.
[In the pub]
9: This town is an illusion; it appears and disappears...
We're travellers who come to life once every thousand years...
Hey, that would make a nice song!  What do you think?
10: Now that time has returned to this town, does that mean that the "mu" has
11: Ghosts and monsters are hiding in the walls of the Phoenix Tower... search
the walls and see for yourself.
Bartender: The Enuo was immortal.  But in exchange for acquiring the power of
"mu", he lost his invulnerable body.
13: You know what I think I'll do? ... Yeah, that's the ticket!  I'll ride all
the way around the world on a chocobo!  If you do it, I'll give you something
14: Somewhere in this town, there's a piano.  But nobody ever plays it anymore.
15: There are two of each kind of merchant in this town.
16: (wizard guy in back of the item shop) Here, I'll tell you about how rings
The Flame Ring (Honoo no Yubiwa)... absorbs fire, defends cold, and is weak
against water.
The Coral Ring (Sango no Yubiwa)... absorbs water, defends flame, and is weak
against thunder.
The Angel's Ring (Tenshi no Yubiwa)... defends against "Zombie" and "Old".

[At the shrine of the Solitary Island]
"The place where the slab rests in an island shrine, guarded by the wind..."
Stalker: You may think you're something... but you're just puny little girls!  
Ha ha!  I, Stalker, shall do away with you all!
[After defeating the boss "Stalker"]
Got the 2d Slab!
The Fork Tower, where the ultimate white and black magic lies, is opened!
Kururu: There's something written on the slab...
"The tower where the ultimate white and black magic lies... the Fork Tower... is
split into two parts.  If the two magics at the top of each tower aren't taken
simultaneously, the tower will explode."

[At the Fork Tower]
Kururu: The tower'll explode if we don't take the two magics at the same
Butz: So we have to split into two groups...

(Split into two parties... which side will Butz go on?) [Repeat this for all
four members.]

[At the top of the Strength Tower]
We've got to take them at the same time!
People at the other tower: Got it!
[Battle with "Minotaur" and "The All-Knowing"; get "Holy" and "Flare"]
Butz: The tower's disappearing!
(Go into the Catapult to meet Cid and Mid again)

[Acquiring the Submarine]
Cid: (in central gear room) Phew!  Man, am I dizzy!
Mid: Grandpa!  Are you OK?
Cid: Oh, heck, yeah!  You didn't think I was getting senile, did you?
Cid: I found some new techniques in those books!  Now we can get the Airship to
go underwater!
Butz: Really!?
Cid: Nothing's impossible for me!
Cid: Let's go, Mid!
Mid: Yeah!
(frenzied activity)
(cut to the airship)
Mid: Almost done!
Kururu: Cid's doing his best.
Mid: My grandpa... he thinks that it's all because of his inventions that the
world turned out like this...
Kururu: But it's not because of his...
Mid: Yeah, he knows that.  So now he wants to make sure that his inventions are
used for peace.
Cid: All finished!
Cid: If you want to go underwater, select "down" and press the "A" button.
Butz: Thanks, Cid!  Thanks, Mid!
Cid: Butz...
We can't wield swords or anything... all we can do is technological stuff.
Cid: But we'll do everything we can!  We'll leave the rest to you...
Butz: OK, let's go!
Lenna: So now we can go under water?
Faris: There's another slab under the ocean floor...
Kururu: Take care of Cid!
Mid: Come back again sometime, OK...
Butz: Let's go!

[At the Great Deep]
Book of Sealings: The slab rests in a place deeper than the ocean floor, guarded
by flames...

(While chasing the third slab, our heroes find themselves in... the Dwarf
Dwarf 1: Lali-ho!! We've only got 5 people, but it's still a great
kingdom, lali!
Dwarf 2: Do you know the "Magic Lamp"? If you go back to where you got it, the
lamp's power'll revive.
Dwarf 3: Lalibo's off digging a tunnel, lali!  Says he's gonna go all the way
around the world!
Lalibo: I've dug all this way, but there's something weird about the ground
above, lali! Must be forest up there. (Shot of map)
(The 5th dwarf is selling some equipment in the other room.)
[B7F - Battle with Phobos, Nereid, and Triton]
There's something written on the slab... "The magic sealed away in the river of
magma..."  Got Meteo!

(In the Istory Waterfall Cave)
[B7F] Got the 4th slab!
Little red monster: That slab... I can't let that out of my hands... If Exdeath
gets the "mu", a world of us monsters will be born!  And I can't let you
(Leviathan crushed the monster!)
Leviathan: My power of water cleanses and flows over everything... and you who
have the power to fight the "mu"... I'll never give it to the likes of you!
(Fight with Leviathan)
Call Monster "Leviathan"!

[In the basement of Bal Castle... you can get here through the Cave of Jacole]
Odin:  So, you came here to defeat me?  But I haven't the time to fight with
you... I'll give you 1 minute; is that all right?
(Say yes, and...)
After a minute passes, I shall slice through you without mercy.  Do you still
wish to fight me?
(Fight with Odin)
Odin: Enough!
Call Monster "Odin"!

[At the top of the Northern Mountain]
[Bahamut flies to the mountain]
Bahamut: You who open the seals... defeat me, and my power will be yours!
(Fight with Bahamut)
Call Monster "Bahamut"!

[At the top of the Phoenix Tower (30F) ]
Lenna: Hiryuu!
Kururu: Is that the Hiryuu who saved you?
Lenna: What's he doing?
Kururu: He says he wants to help you...
Lenna: Hiryuu!
Kururu: Lenna... the Hiryuu knew that he didn't have much longer to live...
Lenna: When he saved us back in the forest...
Kururu: He came to this tower because he wanted to use the last of his life to
help you...
Lenna: Hiryuu!!

[Lenna's flashback scene]
Lenna: You mean there's nothing we can do to save Mother?
King: I tried doctors... the sickness can only be cured with the tongue of a
King: Lenna!  What do you think you're doing with that knife!? ... I can't
believe you!
King: Wait!
Jenica: I'll handle this.

Jenica: Lenna! If you kill that Hiryuu, they'll become extinct. And... your
mother dearly loved that dragon.  Even then, you would cut out its tongue?
(If you answer "yes")
King: You fool! (He hits Lenna)
  (If you answer "no")
Jenica: Your father comes here every day and grieves.  But... it's all right.

Lenna: Oh... Mother... (she cries)

The Hiryuu became "Phoenix", and entrusted its spirit and power to Lenna...
Call Monster "Phoenix"!
Lenna: Thank you... Hiryuu...

[In the sunken Tower of Worus... remember that one crystal chip that you just
couldn't get? ^_^]
Butz: Glub glub... we can only hold our breath for... glub... seven minutes!
Gogo: Finally I've got the great power of this crystal chip.  And I won't give
it to anybody!  So just do as I say and drop it!
(If you don't...)
Gogo: My name is Gogo!
  The famous Mimic!
  Since the secret to being a Mimic is mimicing...
  I'm going to do whatever you do!
  If you fight, I'll fight...
  If you use magic, I will too.
  If you do what I do, you can surely win!

(Fight with Gogo...?)

Gogo: I give up!
Just like I said!
If I don't do anything...
you mimic that!
That is, it's OK if you don't do a thing.
That's what being a mimic is!
You passed!
Farewell! (Casts "Degeon" = "X-Zone")

[Entering the "mu"!]
Kururu: What's that!?
Lenna: The entrance to the Cleft of Dimension!
Faris: We're being sucked in!
Butz: We're gonna fall into the "mu"!

[After desert part...]
Monster: We monsters, who've been sealed here in the Cleft of Dimension for a
millennium... Exdeath has released the power of "mu", and a world of darkness
shall be born!  Our world!!
You won't stand in our way... you'll die here in the Cleft of Dimension!  Thanks
to our dark powers!!  Fwa ha ha...

[There's no boss in the ruins part]

[After forest part...]
Karophysteli: Now it's time for a little nap in the forest... forever!!
(Fight with Karophysteli)

[Then comes a waterfall/cave, then you enter a room with some books..]
Apanda: So, you got this far... But nonetheless your lives have come to an end!  
This book is a dimensional switch, and your fates were sealed the moment you
disturbed it!
(Fight with Apanda)

Book from 1000 years ago: Suddenly it appeared in the sky!  Omega, the monster
without a soul!  And the Shinryuu that followed it... even the brave warriors
with the Twelve Legendary Weapons are no match for them!  Best not to disturb
them; let them rest quietly in the Cleft of Dimension...
Mage's book: At last I've got it... the secret of Giga Flare!  During the
instant when he powers up his magic, he's defenseless! [This refers to... well,
you'll see!]

[In the Cleft of Dimension; castle portion]

[Battle with Apocaryops]
Apocaryops: If you're the warriors who have the power of the crystals, then now
you shall die!

[On floor with jail cells and a bunch of old guys]
Purple-haired girl: Oh, thank you so much!  I've been stuck here all this time!  
And you saved me! (kisses you)
[On the next floor...]
Girl: You can't run away; not after my kiss of death!
[Battle with Halicarnassus!]

[Battle with Twin Tania]
Twin Tania: That's it...  beyond here lies the space where the power of "mu" is
sealed, and I won't let you enter!

[In the blue and final part of the Cleft of Dimension]
Gilgamesh: Butz?  Is that you?  If it is, say so!!  All these monsters are so
scary... and I can't find the exit... I think I'm gonna cry! ... But where did
you come from?
Butz: Well, we entered the "mu"... etc., etc...
Gilgamesh: Ah ha!  Then we can get out!
Butz: ...
Gilgamesh: (realizes that Butz can't leave) Oh... well then... surely we'll meet
again!  If we're still alive, that is... but we will meet, I'm sure of it!  And
we'll fight as friends!  Until then...

[During the fight with Necrophobia]
Necrophobia: This light... I won't let it fall into your hands!  And with these
four barriers, I'm invulnerable!  Can you defeat me...?
(continue fighting for a long while...)
Necrophobia: My... my barrriers!  Ah well, I'll just have to show you some of my
true power!!
(Gilgamesh interrupts)
Butz: Gilgamesh!
Gilgamesh: Well, there's still time!  I wasn't about to go into history looking
like that!
Necrophobia: Hey, what's going on here!?  I suppose I'll do away with you, too!
(Necrophobia fights Gilgamesh)
Gilgamesh: (to Necrophobia) Hmph!  Gotta hand it to you; you're top-notch!  You
can even defeat the great Gilgamesh...?
Gilgamesh: Kururu... your father was such a strong man...
Kururu: Grandpa...
Gilgamesh: Faris... if you were to fall in love, you might be more femiNine...
Faris: ...
Gilgamesh: Lenna!  You're so kind to all living things... don't ever forget that
gentle spirit...
Gilgamesh: Butz!  I wanted to duel with you one-on-one... you have such good
Butz: Gilgamesh...
Necrophobia: Die!! (casts Flare)
Gilgamesh: (to Butz) You're supposed to say that!

[After saving at the point created by Necrophobia, our heroes meet Exdeath!]

Exdeath: You're too late!  Fwa, ha, ha!!  At last I've got it!  The ultimate
power... power that can rule the entire world!  The power of... "mu"!!
And now I'll dispose of you meddling fools!  First, your friends!! Watch me suck
them into the "mu"!

[Exdeath sends some more towns into the "mu"]

Butz: Stooop!!
Exdeath: Fwa, ha, ha!!  Now I'll make you disappear into the mu as well!
[Exdeath creates "mu" in front of Butz and the party and sucks them in!]

Dorgan: Butz, get up!

[The Four Braves of Dawn suddenly appear! Galuf, Kelgar, Zeza, and Dorgan!]
Butz: Dad! Zeza! Kelgar!
[Galuf appears]
Kururu: Grandpa!!
Butz: Galuf!!

Galuf: Presenting... The Light Warriors!! Butz, Lenna, Faris and Kururu... while
we hold back the "mu", defeat Exdeath!  Only you, the Light Warriors, can save
the world from the darkness!  Go!!

Exdeath: What?? Why is the power of "mu" disappearing!?  Aaarrghhh... take this!

Lenna: Father!
Faris: Dad!

The Four Braves of Dawn: Now! Go defeat Exdeath!  Go, Light Warriors!

[Our heroes nod to one another]

Butz: Here we come, Exdeath!!

[Fight and Exdeath gets sucked into the "mu"!]
Exdeath: Why...!? I had the power of "mu"... What the...

NeoExdeath: I am NeoExdeath... I shall destroy all memory, all existence, and
all dimensions...
then I too shall disappear... forever!!

[You've reached the final battle!!  You can do it!!]


-Squaresoft, for making this great game which is considered by many to
be the best of the Final Fantasy series.

-GameFAQs, for being simply the best gaming page on the net in my opinon,
and housing thousands of FAQs for almost every game imaginable. Also to
the other FAQ writers, especially the other Final Fantasy 5 FAQ authors.

-All fans of Final Fantasy games that held this game special in their

-BradyGames, for making a great official guide for the Final Fantasy
Anthology version of the game.