Star Ocean: The Second Story Rena Strategy Guide
Sony PlayStation
North American Version
Version 1.0
Made by Exdeath

Exdeath's Star Ocean: The Second Story Rena Strategy Guide

This is the Star Ocean: The Second Story Rena Strategy Guide.
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This Strategy Guide refers to the North American version of the
game. I also made a Star Ocean: The Second Story FAQ for both
the Japanese and North American version of the game as well.

This FAQ is not yet totally complete. If you have something to
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Star Ocean: The Second Story Glossary
  Chapter 1: The Beginning of a Journey
  Chapter 2: The Treasure Hunt
  Chapter 3: The Fate of Clik
  Chapter 4: Abduction at Mars
  Chapter 5: Ashton
  Chapter 6: Ashton's Subquest
  Chapter 7: Lacour's Tournament
  Chapter 8: Opera's Subquest
  Chapter 9: Linga
  Chapter 10: The Energy Stone
  Chapter 11: Front Line Fort
  Chapter 12: Ten Wise Men
Private Action List

Version Info:

-Version 2.0 (8/2/99)
   *Walkthrough completed through disc 1
   *Made conversions to suit English version
   *Edited various translations and items
   *Thanks section edited

-Version 1.0 (5/10/99)
   *First version for the English version
   *Made conversions to suit English version
   *Started Rena's walkthrough
   *Private Action List started
   *Rena's walkthrough completed to Linga

-Coming in next version:
   *Complete coverage of the bonus dungeon
   *More items added


Notes for version 2.0:

Welcome to my updated FAQ. I'm sorry this version has taken so
much time to write up, but I've been involved with many other
personal things, and I've been doing other things. Writing FAQs
like this take a lot of time to do, and take a lot of my free

On Tuesday, August 3, I head off to college to set up in my dorm.
This will take a lot of time to do, and until I get situated and
acquainted with the area, I won't have much time to update this
FAQ. I'm sorry about this, but I need to find a job and become
situated in my new home. This walkthrough will go on hiatus for
this time, but don't worry, I will finish it!

Also, I have been getting a lot of e-mail recently from people
that ask questions that have been already answered in my Star
Ocean: The Second Story FAQ and Star Ocean: The Second Story
Walkthroughs (both Claude and Rena). If you have a question,
please make sure to check through my FAQs to see if the answer
is already there. I really don't want to answer questions that
have already been answered here, because my mail gets flooded
each day.

Notes for version 1.0:

This is the preliminary version of my Star Ocean: The Second Story
Rena's Scenario Walkthrough for the North American version of the
game. This version covers the entire North American version of the
game, and everything should be correctly translated. Make sure to
let me know if anything is translated incorrectly for the English
version of the game.

I have written an entire FAQ for Star Ocean: The Second Story in
addition to this walkthrough. Make sure to get the FAQ along
with this walkthrough, as it covers all of the things that are
needed to know about the game, including Item Creation data, and
such. I have translated my FAQ from the FAQ I originally made
for the Japanese version of the game, so some things could still
be translated incorrectly. I want to be as exact as possible, so
contact me if I have made any mistakes.

Also, I made both the Crawd and Rena scenario strategy guides at
the same time, so a lot of information is copy and pasted from
here to there, as I made the walkthrough for Crawd's scenario
first. Since the game is very similar besides a few plot twists,
there is a fair ammount of differences, but not too many. If you
want to correct any false information I have given, please tell
me as soon as possible.

I have made my Star Ocean: The Second Story FAQ to accompany this
walkthrough. You can get my Star Ocean: The Second Story FAQ from
one of two locations:

Many of the sections here are not complete yet, so I'm expecting
having to update this guide very often, as I plan to make the
most complete guide for this game on the internet. I welcome
submissions to this guide, and if you would be kind enough to
give me information that you have and I don't.

For any submissions you wish to make, be sure to mail me at


Star Ocean: The Second Story is a unique Role Playing Game for the
Sony PlayStation console. Star Ocean: The Second Story is unique
in its combat system, skills system, emotional system, and story.

Star Ocean: The Second Story is actually the second Star Ocean
game, the original Star Ocean was released on the Super Famicom
in Japan in 1996. The original Star Ocean was a 48 megabyte cart,
and used the full abilities of the Super Famicom. Star Ocean was
made by Tri-Ace, and published by Enix (who is famed for many
popular games including the tremendously popular Dragon Quest
series of games).

Star Ocean was one of the unique games, simply because it was so
original for a Role Playing Game. Almost every Role Playing Game
to date has used a turn-based type of system in combat, but Star
Ocean came through to create a very unique active-time system in
which everyone attacks and uses their abilities at the same time,
making strategy in location a big aspect in battles.

Star Ocean: The Second Story begins 30 years after the original
Star Ocean left off, when Ratix and his friends destroyed Jie
Revors and restored peace to the world, and cured the Roakians
of the stone disease. Crawd is the son of Ronixis, who was made
a hero by the Federation for his work with Ratix in destroying
Jie Revors. The story begins when Ratix is on his father's ship,
and later on an away team.

Star Ocean: The Second Story was made by Tri-Ace. Tri-Ace has
made other great games like Tales of Phantasia. Tri-Ace has a
great page that gives a lot of information about their games.
Check their page out:

Star Ocean: The Second Story Glossary:

Star Ocean: The Second Story contains many Japanese terms that
could confuse the player. Star Ocean: The Second Story is a big
game, and you'll probably need to know most of these terms for
the game, especially if you care about your character's ratings
toward the other characters.

Aijodo (Love Level): The variable that measures a character's
love toward another character. This value is used to determine
pairings of opposite-sexed characters in the many endings.

Kanjodo (Emotion Level): The variable that measure's a character's
feelings toward the other characters in the group. Encompasses
Aijodo and Yujodo.

Kobutsu (Favorite): Favorite food or drink. The special foods
and drinks can be used on the characters, and if it's their
favorite, it will usually heal them to full HP every time.

Hissatsuwaza (Kill Technique): Refers to a special technique in a
specific fighting style. They are gained through level-ups. Only
the fighting-type characters can use Hissatsuwaza.

Item Creation: Star Ocean boasts a unique system of making your
own items by mixing or customizing different other items. There are
many different kinds of Item Creations, check the "Item Creation"
section for more info.

Jukurendo (Practice Level): The level of each Hissatsuwaza and
spell. Each time you use a Hissatsuwaza or spell, this number
goes up by one, excluding the spells that don't increase at all.

Jumon: An individual spell. Pretty much the same as Monshojutsu.

Monshojutsu (Crest Skill): This is what magic is called in Star
Ocean: The Second Story. The magic of the Star Ocean world.

Private Action: A special part of the game in which characters
split up and move into towns on their own, so you can associate
with your own characters.

Skill Points: Points that each character gains after gaining a
level. You can distribute these points on skills. Sometimes
referred to as SP.

Zokusei: The type of attack/defense an item/weapon/armor/spell has,
like Fire or Ice.

Yujodo (Camaraderie Level): The variable that determines how
friendly characters are toward each other. This also has effect on
the endings, it determines pairings of same-sex characters at the


Here is the complete walkthrough for the North American version
of Star Ocean: The Second Story. This is obviously going to be
the biggest section of this guide, and it should tell you all
of the information you need to know about beating the game.

         --Chapter 1: The Beginning of a Journey--

You start the game near your house. Rena ignores her mother and
ventures into Shingo Forest in search of solace and peace. Make
sure to walk around Arlia to pick up the various treasures and
talk to the people first, though.

*Item Info:
Leather Armor, 200 Fol, Resurrection Bottle, Blackberry, Strawberry
Jam, Blueberry, Rose Hips

*Pickpocket Data:
Blackberry, 10 Fol, Rainbow Diamond, Sour Syrup, 100V, Blueberry,
24 Fol, Stone, Ichigo Jam Resurrect Bottle, Fried Eggs, Vegetables,
Necklace, 100 Fol, Silver Cross, 120 Fol, Idaten Ship.

*Village Information:
Arlia is a quiet and small rural village on Expel. Arlia is the
home of Rena, where she lives with her mother, Westa.

Before you head completely into the forest, you might want to use
the save point near the bridge. You'll be seeing a lot of these in
dungeons and some towns during the game. When you're ready, proceed
into the forest.

Rena ventures farther into the forest. Suddenly, a gorilla snakes
up on Rena, and Rena hears a voice saying "Look out! Behind you!"
Suddenly, a young man jumps in front of you to fight the beast.

After slaying Gark, the man asks if Rena is alright, and Rena will
eventually become scared, and run away. The man will come to the
area you are in. Rena apologizes to the man for running away, and
tells the man that she was just very scared. The man introduces
himself as Claude. Claude asks what planet he is on, and Rena is
very confused.

The two start walking about to town. On the way back, Rena asks where
Claude is from, and Claude says that he is from Earth. Rena asks what
he is talking about, and Claude tells her not to mind, and just says
that it is in a far off land. When the two enter the town, Rena tells
Claude that this is her hometown, Arlia. Rena tells that she is going
back to her house, and tells you to visit around the town and get to
know the place that she lives in.

*Items in Arlia:
Rose Hips, Leather Armor, 200 Fol, Resurrection Bottle, Strawberry
Jam, Blackberry

*Pickpocket Data:
Blackberry, 10 Fol, Rainbow Diamond, Sour Syrup, 100V, Blueberry,
24 Fol, Stone, Ichigo Jam Resurrect Bottle, Fried Eggs, Vegetables,
Necklace, 100 Fol, Silver Cross, 120 Fol, Idaten Ship.

*Village Information:
Arlia is a pretty average town, and no one in the village knows
anything about anything that Claude has to talk about. The people
pretty much only talk about how you look different and how Arlia
is very average.

Go around through the village, collecting the various treasures
if you haven't already (make sure to look in the houses as well),
and talking to all of the people here.

Rena goes into her house, and Claude walks in the door. Rena is just
talking to her mother when Claude enters. Rena is surprised that
Claude is here, and Claude just said he ended up at her house. Rena
welcomes Claude into her home and introduces him to her mother, Westa.
Westa talks about how she told Rena not to run away, but often does
anyway. Rena offers to give Claude a tour of the town, and Claude
accepts. Now, if you go into the various houses in the village, Rena
will tell Claude about the different areas of the village and what she
does here.

After you are finished, go back to Rena's house. Westa makes a meal
for Rena and Claude to eat. After you are finished eating, Rena
talks to Claude about how her mother made too much food, and then
she goes downstairs to help her mother with housework. Claude thinks
about trying to find out where he is. Once you walk around, Westa
will come upstairs. Westa will ask if Claude liked the dinner, and
Claude says that he enjoyed it. Westa calls Claude the hero, and
Claude wonders what she is talking about. Westa doesn't say a word,
and then runs downstairs, sweating. You hear that Westa is upset
because she accidently referred to the hero in front of Claude. You
wonder what is going on around the village. The elder of the town,
Regis, introduces himself, and thanks Claude for saving Rena in the
forest. Regis asks Claude where he is going from Arlia, and Claude
says that he is uncertain. Regis suggests that Claude is a hero, and
not actually a traveler, and Claude is very surprised. Regis thinks
that Claude is the hero since he had foreign clothes and the "Sword
of Light". Claude insists that he's not a hero of any kind, and Regis
tells Claude about the "Sorcery Globe", a large orb that hit down on
the northeastern continent. Regis believed that Claude was the "hero"
because of the timing of this disaster, the people believe that a
hero will emerge in strange clothing a a "Sword of Light". Regis then
says that if Claude insists it strongly, that he actually isn't the
hero. Claude says that he didn't come here on his own will, and then
Claude apologizes for not being the "hero" of the people. Rena then
leaves, disappointed.

You now should go back to the Shingo Forest. Rena will be in her
hiding place. Rena apologizes for all of the trouble that Claude has
been in, and Claude apologizes for not being the actual hero. Rena
then tells Claude to leave her alone for awhile.

Once Rena says she is ready to leave, head back toward the village.
On the way there, you will find Alen, Rena's childhood friend. He
seems very abnormal and pushy at the moment. Alen eventually kidnaps
Rena, saying that she will become his bride. Rena doesn't know what
has come over Alen, and is very scared.

As Alen leaves the village, the people plea for him to let Rena go,
but he refuses, and charges out of town. Westa is especially scared
that Rena has been kidnapped.

After being shoved into a room in Alen's mansion, you can roam
around inside. The various people living here will give Rena insite
on what has happened to Alen recently. Try to escape out of the
front door. Rena will find that it is no use. Now, go to one of the
few rooms in the mansion, and you will find a glittering object in
the corner. Press the confirm button on the object, and a hidden
passageway through a bookshelf will open.

Salva Mine
*Items in Salva Mine:
Rose Hips, Blackberry x 2, Iron, Gold x 2, Spectacles, Blueberry

*Enemy Info:
Funnythief, Kobold, Lizardaxe, Vopatbunny

This dungeon will likely be quite chAlenging for Rena alone, as
she starts off at level 1. Just keep using normal attacks through
the dungeon, healing whenever necessary with Rena's healing magic.

Travel through the mine until you get to the alter area. Alen
finds you here, and Rena is scared. Alen now ties Rena down to the
altar. Alen will tell Claude to back off, and Claude tells
Alen to leave Rena go. Alen plans to marry Rena in the mine, and
Rena begs Claude to help her. Claude frees Rena from the altar. Now,
Alen creates a shockwave that knocks Rena and Claude back. Alen
transforms into a hideous monster, and you must fight him.

Boss: Alen-Tax
HP: 400
Strength: Darkness
Weakness: Light

Alen is a very easy boss, just because his HP are so low. For Claude,
if you use three Kuhazan attacks in a row on him and they connect, he
will be gone. Don't use Rena to attack him, as she has less of a defense
power than Claude. If you don't have enough MP to use the three Kuhazans,
just run up to him and attack him. You might lose some HP, but Rena will
be there to heal you.

Once you have defeated Alen, Claude asks if Rena was hurt, and she
says that she is fine. Rena says she has no idea why Alen is acting
this way, as Alen seemed obsessed about something. Claude wonders
how a human can take such a hideous form. Rena casts a heal spell on
Alen, and he wakes up, not knowing where he is. Alen is totally
oblivious to what just happened. Claude, Rena, and Alen all return
to Salva. Claude and Rena tell Alen what he did, and Alen is very
sorry about everything. Alen says that when he saw the stone, it
gave him a rushing feeling. Claude and Rena then return to Arlia.

Regis thanks Claude once again for saving Rena, and wonders what
happened to Alen. Claude explains the whole story about how Alen
was changed because of the rock. They talk about how the rock is
much like the Sorcery Globe in that it turns people into monsters.
Claude apologizes for using the Phase Gun again on the door, but he
says it was neccesary to save Rena. Regis asks Claude if he will go
and investigate the Sorcery Globe. Regis thinks that Claude would
be the best one to investigate it since it might help him find a way
back home. Claude agrees to help Regis, and Rena asks if Claude will
take her. Regis thinks it would be a good idea if Claude would take
Rena because of her special healing powers. Claude says that he will
take Rena only if Westa allows him to.

Go back into the house, and Regis will ask to talk to you before you
go to bed. Regis tells Claude that he was expecting for Rena to go
along with you, and Regis notes how Rena has special healing powers
that no one else does. Regis tells Claude that Rena was found when
she was very young, abandoned, and Westa took care of her. Regis says
that no one has told Rena about this yet. Regis also notes that Rena
was wearing a special pendant when she was found. Regis then tells
you that you may go to sleep. As Claude is sleeping, he hears a knock
on the window. If you go out onto the balcany, Rena will be there.
Rena says she wants to talk to you. Go outside the house.

Rena says that her mother was very surprised when hearing that she
wanted to go along with Claude. Rena says that Regis came in before
Westa could answer Rena, and Regis said that it would be a good idea.
Rena also says that she wishes to find her real mother in the world,
and has a new quest to undertake. Rena tells Claude about how she
was found, and then you get to see a flashback to when Rena's father
died. Rena wonders why she had a pendant when she was found, and then
says that she thought her mother was caring for her when she was given
it. Rena says that Westa has done a great job of taking care of Rena,
but Rena would like to find her real mother. Also, Rena would like to
know why she has special healing magic.

Before leaving the next day, Regis says that Claude and Rena should go
to Cross Castle to meet the king so that they can get permission to go
to Ell and locate the Sorcery Globe. Leave town and go north. Once you
get to Salva, talk to Alen, and you will tell him that you are going
to be investigating the Sorcery Globe. If you talk to him again, he
will give you a Happiness Ring. Get any equippment you haven't gotten
yet, and head north. You must go past Salva this time, but here is the
village data:

*Items in Salva:
Heavy Ring, Rena's Hairpin, Portrait B

*Pickpocket Data:
Spectacles, Pet Food, Resurrect Bottle x 2, Dummy Doll, Gold Idol,
24 Fol, Triple overfermented sake, Liquor Bottle, Gold, Ruby,
Magical Clay, 5 Fol, 12 Fol, Apple Jam, Mental Pot, Iron Greave,
Silver Idol, 500 Fol, Blurry Photo, Wine, Artemis Leaf, Silver,
Trikabut, Resurrect Bottle, Falsified Account book, Paralyze
Check x 2, Idaten Ship, Crystal, Orgol

*Village Information:
Salva is a mining town that digs for rare ores to sell. The mine is
closed because of the reoccuring earthquakes. The mayor of the town,
Burns, is the chief excavator. Burns is on a journey currently, so
his son Alen is in charge for the time being. People come to trade
various items in Salva. People note that Alen hasn't been acting
very normal lately.

When you're ready, head out the north exit of town.

                  --Chapter 2: The Treasure Hunt--

You are now on the main part of the Cross continent. You can now travel
to all of the villages on the continent, but the main destination will
be Cross Castle. If you'd like to purchase equippment from the other
villages, though, that is also a good idea. Your next destination is
Cross Castle. It's a huge castle that is slightly north of Salva. Head

Cross Castle
*Items in Cross Castle:
Wooden Shield, Leather Helm, 500 Fol

*Pickpoket Data:
Paralyze Oil, Hosomi no Tsurugi, 20 Fol, Orichalcum, Iron, Pet Food,
Spectacles, Cure Poison, Aquaberry, Fol Up Card, Leather Armor, 200 Fol,
Weird Lump, Specatcles, Hakkiyoke, Osashimi, Pear Comporte, Long Sword,
Blueberry, Kokuryuu "Sekidenya", 50 Fol, Blackberry, Pinboke Shasshin,
Paralyze Oil, Magical Film, Leather Helm, Leather Greave, Sweet Syrup,
200 Fol, 200 Fol, Fruit, Cure Paralyze, 50 Fol, Hen na Ningyo, Anklet,
100 Fol, 500 Fol, Silk Robe, 80 Fol, Banded Mail, 200 Fol, Stink Gel,
Aloe Jam, Beer, Magical Camera, Banded Helm, Hane Pen

*Village Information:
Cross is the center for most major trade and government on the Cross
continent. It is a huge, bustling castle/town that has many shops,
people, and a friendly kingdom.

*Note: In order to get Opera/Ernest to join the party, you must have seen
the special Private Action here. To see it, just execute a single Private
Action, and walk north, toward the castle. When you are in front of Cross
Castle, a man with three eyes runs into you. He excuses himself, then runs
off again. This is all you need to do, although you will need to do other
things later.

You will want to buy the new weapons and armor here, but you will be
getting some money from the king, so don't worry if you don't have
enough money at the moment. Head to the castle, north of the village
part of Cross.

When you get into the castle, Rena will register your names at the
front counter so you can have an audience with the king. The girls at
the front counter tell you that you will have to wait your turn, so
you can go around to the different places in Cross Castle for the time
being. Now, go around through the castle. There are three chests here,
including 500 Fol, which you will need to buy some good armor later.
After you've walked around through the wings of the castle, go back to
the first level of the castle, and head north. The guards will now let
you through to talk to the king.

When you talk to the king, the king will greet Rena. You will be able
to ask him a few questions. Once you have asked the king all three
questions, he will give you 600 Fol and a Passport to get to the El
continent. He tells you that you should investigate the Sorcery Globe
as soon as possible. Now, head out of the castle.

When you get back to to the village area, you will see a fight going
on in town square. Claude and Rena stop to watch. You will see that
two magicians are having a fight over a map that the female magician
apparently had. The male magician threatens the female magician, and
Claude runs up to try to settle the fight. The male magician becomes
angry, and starts to cast a spell. The female magician quickly casts
a fire spell, and the male magician runs away, telling her that she
will regret it. Claude now goes toward the female magician. Claude
stops to see if the female magician is alright. She thanks Claude for
helping her. She tells you that she got the map to look for a secret
treasure in Cross Cave, and she wants Claude and Rena will go along.
You have to go on this mission, so choose the first option. She now
introduces herself as Celine Jules, and joins your party.

Now is a good time to buy new weapons and armor for your characters
in the stores west of the village area. There is also a skill shop
here, and you'll also eventually want to buy all of the first sets
of skills. Make sure you have everything you need, and head to Cross
Cave, it's a mountain with a cave opening.

Cross Cave
*Items in Cross Cave:
Blackberry x 2, Iron, Cure Poison x 2, Lavender x 2, ?Mineral (Rock),
Magic Canvas, Tri-ball, Artemis Leaf, Sweet Syrup x 2, 700 Fol, ?Item
(Aquaberry), ?Jewlrey (Reverse Doll), Green Beryl, Heart Barriers,
Ancient Writings, Resurrect Mist, Feather Pen

*Enemy Info:
Alraune, Armedknight, Landworm, Slime

The enemies in Cross Cave not very tough at all. Most of them can be
taken out fast with just a few normal attacks from Claude. You really
shouldn't need to gain many levels here, but if you're feeling weak,
go ahead. The area has many useful treasures and is pretty large, and
is kind of like a small maze.

When you get to the northeast area of the maze, you will find a dead
end. Your party wonders what you should do. Claude points out that
the map says to cast a certain spell. Celine casts the spell at once,
and part of the cave opens up. Your characters say to move on. Save
at the save point, and continue on. In the next room, there are five
treasures. Grab all of the treasures. Make sure you say the treasure
to the north for last, though, since opening that will make you fight
the boss. Once you have all of the other treasures, save on the save
point in the previous room again, and open it. You don't even have to
fight this boss, really, but it's useful for experience and Fol.

Boss: Gargoyle (2)
HP: 1,500 (each)
Strength: Darkness
Weakness: Light

The Gargoyles shouldn't be too hard. Just keep using Claude's normal
attacks. If you need to, use the Shooting Stars Killer Move if you
want to attack from a range. This will also give Rena time to heal
Claude if he needs it. Celine can use Ray here, which also does a
large amount of damage to them. Just keep pounding away on them one
at a time with Claude, and they should be gone.

After you win, you will be able to leave Cross Cave. When you are at
the exit, the party will split up. Celine thanks Claude and Rena for
helping her so much, and Claude tells her that it was no problem at
all. Claude suddenly asks Celine if she will join Rena and he. The
characters are surprised, and Celine says she'll think about it. Now,
Celine tells you that she will come along with you if Rena says it is
alright with her. You now can pick from two options:

1) Come with us, Celine!
2) It isn't a good idea after all

This is basically your choice to keep Celine throughout the rest of
the game. I strongly suggest taking Celine, since she is a strong
spell-caster, and unless you plan on having both Opera and Ernest
join the party, you won't even be able to fill your party to the full
eight members. I highly suggest you pick option 1.

Your next destination is Clik, a port town on the north edge of the
continent. You will have to go over a bridge to get there, and it is
a fairly long walk from Cross Cave.

                   --Chapter 3: The Fate of Clik--

*Items in Clik:
Lyre, Vegetables, Grain, Seafood

*Pickpocket Data:
800 Fol, 500 Fol, Breeze Earrings, Today's Menu, Flash Pot, Aquaberry,
Graneshezo, Artemis Leaf, 100 Fol, Dummy Doll, Gatagata Knuckle, Beer,  
Wrecked Knuckle, Yasai, Hotcake, Extend Card, Discovery Card, Feat
Symbol, Kokuryu "Ishidaya", Herbal Oil, 50 Fol, Senchuyasaku, Berserk
Ring, Apple Crepe, Silver Cross, Ruby, Orange Sherbet, Silver Charm,
Batlayer Ring, Egg Sandwich, 500 Fol, Weird Clothing, Robe, Magical
Clay, Mandrake, Sapphire, Anklet, Iron, Fountain Pen

By the pickpocket data, it is obvious that there are very many awesome
items you can steal from people in Clik. You normally won't have the
41,800 Fol you need to buy the Bandit's Glove, nor the special Pickpocket
Specialty at this point, so you will probably pass these things up. If
you do build your money up to 41,800, and get the glove, you can even
steal from Philia in the Private Action, which gives you a certain item
in which you can three random items. This can be extremely useful, so if
you are a completist, go for it. :)

Head to the captain of the ship. He will say that you that you will need
a special Passport to leave on the ship with the crew. Claude shows him
the Passport, and he is very surprised. Claude tells him how he got it
from the king of Cross himself. The captain tells you that you can ride
with them to Lacour continent, but they are packing at the moment, so it
will be delayed a bit. He tells Claude to look around in the village for
awhile for the time being.

Go into the main square of the village. Claude says that he wants to sit
down on one of the benches there. When your party starts to walk toward
the bench, a boy runs past quickly, knocking you down. The party is now  
fairly angry for being knocked down. Claude notices that his wallet is
gone! Your party must now find his wallet. The party members now describe
him as being a small boy with blue hair. You will now have to look for
the him to get your money back.

Talk to the villagers, specifically the kids playing near the docks. One
of them tells you that he is near the bar. Go to the bar, in the first
part of town (the part you entered from). You will find the boy, face to
the wall. Claude stops him, but lets him go to talk. He says he is a rich
boy, and he only stole your money so that the other children would think
he was cool, and so he could surprise everyone. Claude is slightly mad,
but he will forgive him. The boy now gives back your wallet. Claude says
that he will let the boy go if he shows them around town, so the boy now
agrees. The boy introduces himself as Ketil, and he joins the party (he
cannot fight, of course).

There are about five things you can do in town while you have Ketil in
your party:

-After feeling a small earthquake, Ketil will ask you if you know about
the fountain in the square. You can say yes or say that you don't. Ketil
will tell you about the stores in the square if you tell him you don't
know about it.

-Go into Ketil's house, and he will try to sneak up on a servant. Ketil's
mother now comes in. His mother suspects that you are trying to kidnap
Ketil, but his mother soon leaves.

-Go into the resturant. The cook gives you a food sample for free. All
three are unique Japanese dishes.

-Go to either the ice cream shop or the crepe shop. You can now buy Ketil
either a vanilla ice cream from the ice cream shop, or a banana crepe at
the crepe shop.

-Go to the clothing store. Ketil will get various clothes, and ask one of
your characters to try them on. You now get to pick which character you
want to wear the clothing (you can pick from Claude, Rena, or Celine). No
matter which character you choose, the other characters will laugh at that
character, but then apologize.

Once you are done, go to the other children at the docks. Claude, Rena,
and Celine get Ketil to play with the other children. The other children
will now accept Ketil as a friend, and play with him. Now, you can go to
the boat. Head to the captain.

The captain will tell you that they still have some last-minute packing to
do, so he tells you to gather your items that you need. Now, walk into town
square. A huge earthquake will occur, and you get to watch an awesome scene
showing Clik's destruction! You end up on a hill, with the survivors. The
captain tells you that he can't do anything since he doesn't have a boat,
and gives your Passport back. Now, go north a little. You see what was left
of Clik being washed away by a title wave (this town isn't very lucky). Go
head north, and you will find Ketil. Ketil will tell you that he found one
of his friends, but couldn't find the other. He will also say he doesn't
know where his mother his, but he knows she will be alright. The next real
destination is Mars, a town to the east, but not as far east as Herlie.

                  --Chapter 4: Abduction at Mars--

*Items in Mars:
Sour Syrup, Purple Mist, Silense Card, Silk Robe

*Pickpocket Data:
Robe, 120 Fol, 200 Fol, Ring of Sorrow, Boots, Fairy Glass, Ruby Wand,
Magic Rock, Kokumotsu, Silence Card, Rotten Milk, Legendary Box, Rose
Hips, Wine, Angel Statue, Silk Robe, Herbal Oil, Magical Hat

Right when you get into the village, head to the house directly to the
northeast. Celine's mother, Labe, notices her, and tells her to sit down
and listen to the incident the elder is talking about. If Celine is not
in your party, Celine will already be sitting down here. The elder tells
everyone at the table about what happened. The night before, all of the
village's children were found to be missing. The elder tells you that a
messanger came to tell the people of Mars that some bandits had kidnapped
the village's children, and are holding them for a ransom of 50,000 Fol
and one of the village's sacred books, "Book of Secret Seals". Celine's
father, Egras, tells you that that the forest was surrounded by a magical
barrier, so if the bandits broke through the barrier, they must be quite
strong. The party asks what the elders are going to do about it. They say
that they hired a swordsman, Dias, to help save the children, because he
is training for a special tournament in Lacour (the Lacour Tournament).
The party then tries to persuade the elder to let them help handle this
situation. Dias now gets made because he was offered to finish the job
first. Dias leaves the room, hurling an insult at Celine. Celine now gets
very mad at Dias, saying how he is very rude.

Now, you will see Claude and Celine standing outside of the house, waiting
for Rena. Claude tells Celine that he admires Dias' strength, but he thinks
that he and Celine should go on without him. Claude suggests that they get
to finishing the job before Dias can. Rena will now come back. Rena urges
to let Dias join the party. Claude tells Rena that Dias is bent on doing
things himself, so he doesn't want to let him join. Rena gets rather angry
at Claude, saying "Claude may not need Dias, but I need Dias." Rena asks
why Claude would say such a thing, and Claude tells her how he isn't about
to let Dias join. Rena gets mad, and then leaves to join Dias. Celine tells
you to get the equipment you need, and then head back to the elder's house.

Go to the weapon/armor shop to the south. There are many new and powerful
weapons and armor here, but you probably won't be able to afford it all.
Get everything you can that increases defense and offense, but don't get a
Flame Sword for Claude (because you can find one in the forest). Also, buy
as many Blueberries as you can. You won't have a healer, as you only get
Claude and Celine, so your HP will probably run down pretty fast.

Go back to the elder's house to get some rest. In the morning, the village
elders wish Claude/Celine off. Celine tells Claude that they will do their
best to protect the village. Claude is thinking about something, and then
realizes that Celine is trying to talk to him. Egras thinks that the group
thing is foolish, saying that you all should have gone together. Egras says
to remember that it isn't a competition, it is for the sake of the children.
Egras tells you to help Rena and Dias if they get in trouble. Celine asks
Claude if he was thinking about what Rena said, but Claude remains silent
and enters the forest. You will now be in the Heraldry Forest.

Heraldry Forest
*Items in Heraldry Forest:
?Herb (Rose Hips), Amber Robe, Smelling Salts, Dummy Doll, Flame Sword,

The Hardldry Forest is one of the hardest areas in Claude's scenario. In
Rena's scenario, however, things will be easy, since Dias is very strong,
is at level 35, has very high HP/MP figures, and has some really good
Killer Moves. The enemies shouldn't give you any trouble at all. It might
be wise to gain some levels for Rena in this area. You will have to fight
through several groups of bandits in the forest.

When you get the the third group of bandits, they will be extremely angry
at the party for coming this far. You will learn that Dias and Rena have
made it through while fighting bandits at this point.

When you make it through to the second save point in the forest, save and
heal. Eventually, the Master of Heraldry comes. He says that since he has
been helping the people of Mars, he has came here to help you. Claude now
says that Dias and Rena probably beat them to finding the children. Rena
asks Master of Heraldry how the bandits are, and he says "they're doing
fine". Rena asks him what he means, and he reveals himself as Vermillion,
the boss of the bandits, and tells Celine that he has killed her father.
You must now fight Vermillion.

Boss: Azamgil
HP: 2,000
No strengths/weaknesses

Vermillion won't be very much of a problem if you're level 15 or so. Have
Celine cast Ray continuously on Vermillion, and have Claude fight up close
with his Killer Moves or normal attacks. If you have enough MP, you can
probably even keep unleashing Air Slash Killer Moves until he dies. If you
have the Flame Sword, it won't take many hits to kill him.

When you beat Azamgil, you will find the other party members. Celine tells
Claude that you should go to help the children. Claude tells Celine that
they should go back to the village first to see if everyone there is doing
fine. Claude and Celine will now enter. They explain that they fought through
the forest, and found the children in a cabin at the end of the forest.
Dias sees Vermillion on the ground, dead, and asks Claude if he killed it.
Claude says that he did, and Dias says to Claude, "I guess what Rena said was
really true." Claude wonders what he means, and Dias tells Claude that he must
be a good swordsman. Dias says that he sees that he and Claude will fight in
the future. Dias now leaves. You must now go back to the village.

You are now in Celine's house. Claude asks if Egras is alright, and the
elder tells him that Rena's healing magic will probably help him, and it
looks like he will pull through. The elder is very surprised that Rena has
such strong healing magic. Rena now tells Claude that it was amazing how
he beat Vermillion by himself. Claude tells Rena that it wasn't just him,
he had great help from Celine. Rena then tells Claude that it must have
been a lot of work for Claude, then, because Dias praised him sword skills.
Claude says that it isn't surprising that Rena likes Dias. Rena tells him
not to get the wrong idea, and that Dias is like a brother to her. Claude
then tells Rena that he hopes she finds her real mother.

In Celine's house, in the back room, Egras is lying down. He thanks Rena
for using the healing magic on him. You now mention that you are headed
to Herlie so you can get to El continent. Claude then asks Egras about
the Sorcery Globe, and Egras thinks that the Sorcery Globe is causing the
animals of the world to turn into monsters. Egras tells you to get more
information first, though.

Later, Claude will be alone with Egras in his bedroom. Egras tells Claude
that he thinks Claude is actually the hero, even though Claude denies it.
Claude explains how Celine and Rena are also helping to fight. Egras will
now leave.

In the morning, Claude will ask Egras where you should go first on the
continent of El. Egras tells Claude that they should visit Lacour Castle,
and the village of Linga to get their Ancient Writings translated, since
Linga is known for its excellent scholars. He tells you to make a first
stop at Lacour Castle, though. Your next destination is Herlie, to the
east. It's the port town.

                         --Chapter 5: Ashton--

This chapter is totally optional. If you want Opera to join your party,
or if you don't want Ashton to join your party (you can't have both Opera
and Ashton in the same party), head to the ship going to Lacour by boat,
and skip this chapter. If you want Ashton in the party, read on.

When you first enter into Hilton, talk to the two men near the entrance.
They will tell you that a two-headed dragon has appeared in the Salva
Mines. Rena comments about Alen, and Celine asks who he is. Claude will
ask the people for details, the men say that several warriors have gone
to try to defeat the dragon. They will tell you to stay away from Salva
Mine because it is dangerous. Head back to Salva Mine. ^_^

In the mine, a soldier will tell you that the mine is off limits because
of the danger. Claude boasts his strength, and the soldier eventually
lets you enter. The soldier tells you that another warrior just went in,
and not to get in his way. Rena wonders if that warrior is Dias.

Go into the new section of the mine that you couldn't go into earlier.
It's to the west of a sign on the west side of the mine. The monsters
here are much tougher, so make sure to be at full HP/MP.

Salva Mine
*Items in the new area of Salva Mine:
Maple Syrup, Brigandy, Iron, Aquaberry, Gold Pierce, Cinderella Glass,
Diamond, Star Ruby

Go farther into the mine and collect the treasures. You will eventually
see a warrior in a blue robe walking around. Claude asks who that man
is and Rena says that it must be the warrior that entered before them.
Follow the man. Keep going the way that the warrior has gone through the
mines, and you will see him fighting with the dragon. Claude tells you
that the passage is way too small that everyone can fit in. Your party
members basically just cheer the warrior on. ^_^ The man turns around
and asks you to be quiet. While the warrior has his back turned, the
dragon sneaks up on the man, and graf its two heads on the man's back!
Ashton looks around, wondering what happened. The party tells him that
the dragons are on his back! The warrior gets mad, and blames you for
distracting him while he was fighting. He forces the blame on you. Rena
wonders what you can do to help him. The warrior tells you to search
with him for a way to get the dragons off. You then get a choice:

1) Take responsiblity
2) Don't take responsibility

If you take option 1, the man is very surprised, and thanks the party
for understand him. The warrior introduces himself as Ashton Anchors,
and joins your party.

If you take option 2, Rena says that it isn't your fault, since it was
him who turned around to you. Ashton is angry, and asks the party if
they really think it was his fault. Claude says that it probably was.
The dragons will start fighting, and Claude tells the party to go run
away from here. You can now leave the mine. If you go back to the man,
though, you can still get him to join the party, and he introduces
himself as Ashton Anchors.

Now, leave the town. Claude asks Ashton if he knows of any way to free
the dragons. Now, the dragons begin to start talking. Rena stards to
like the dragons. Rena asks if she can name the dragons. Rena names the
dragons the blue one Ururun, and the red one Gyroro. Ashton now wonders
what to do. Rena thinks that you may be able to find some information
in a book. Rena says that there's many books at the elder's house in

                  --Chapter 6: Ashton's Subquest--

This is where the actual optional part comes in. You can either go right
to Lacour or continue the quest in trying to remove the dragons from the
back of Ashton. This area is completely optional, but there are great
items to be found, and a good place to gain some levels. I strongly urge
you to do the subquest. If you want to go on the subquest, go to Mars.
If you don't, then skip the rest of this chapter.

When you go into the elder's house, you will find numerous books on the
shelves. You want to look at the "Book of Detachment". Claude reads it,
and the book says that you you need to have a "tear of the flying lord"
in the "holy silver goblet" to detach the dragons. Crawd reads on, and
he finds out that the silver goblet sleeps near the water in an ocean.
Claude says that this could be referring to Coll Lake at the northwest
end of Cross continent. Rena also suggests that the area inside in the
ocean could be the Mountain Palace near the lake. Claude reads on, and
realizes that to get the "tear of the flying lord", you must climb the
neccessary mountain and face a large monster. Claude suggests that the
book may be referring to the bird that lives on the top of that mountain.
Celine says that a demo lives on top of Lasgus mountain, to the west of
Cross Castle (I don't know what happens if Celine isn't in your party).
Claude says that the book states that once you have the tear, you have
to recite the lines listed in the book. Ashton is very happy because he
now knows how to get the dragons off. Claude says that once the dragons
have been taken off, though, that they will be destroyed forever. Celine
says that they should go as far to killing Ururun and Gyoro. Claude and
Rena will agree, and Ashton starts to feel sorry for the dragons. Claude
suggests to go to the Mountain Palace.

Go south of where Clik was, on the opposite side of the river. Climb to
the very top of the mountain. When you get to the Mountain Palace, there
is a guard standing who won't let anyone without permission of the king

Return to Cross Castle. Go to the castle, and talk to the king. You will
explain the situation you've gotten into, and the king will eventually
give you permission to enter, and 3000 Fol. Go to the Mountain Palace now
and you will be able to enter.

Mountain Palace
*Items in the Mountain Palace:
Lunar Tablet, Crystal, ?Herb (Artemis Leaf), Resurrection Bottle, ?Jewelry
(Shiny Earring), Cure Stone, Sweet Syrup, Crest Rod, Amber Robe, ?Mineral
(Damascus), Trikabut, Fairy Toilette, Damascus, Emerald Ring, Fairy Statue,
Cestus, ?Mineral (Orihalcum)

*Enemy Info:
Archer, Hood, Hounddog, Petragerell, Punnythief, Sandglass, Slimepool

The enemies here are pretty tough. It's a very good area in the game to
build levels, though, since there is a guard that will refill your MP and
HP if you talk to him like an inn. This is the first large area you will
have Ashton in, too, so it is wise to gain some levels for him. Here are
a few of the enemies here:

*Slimepools: Use Claude's "Shotting Star" Killer Move at close range, since
  they can't move very fast. The Slimepools are especially dangerous since
  they paralyze your characters often, and you probably won't have the needed
  remedy items like Liquor Bottles or Cure Potions at this point.
*Archers: Use Claude's normal attack on them quickly. The Archers are really
  dangerous since they shoot a barrage of arrows, and can pick off the spell
  casters (Rena and Celine).
*Sandglass: Shouldn't be too hard, use two normal attacks and they should be
  gone. Once you hit them, they become engraged, and use a powerful normal
  attack that does a lot of damage even if you have good armor.

Keep going through the dungeon until you find the Silver Cup. Ashton starts
to get very happy, but Ururun and Gyoro are very sad. The rest of the party
gets mad at Ashton because he said that in front of the dragons. :) Once
this scene is over, an enemy drops down, and you must fight it.

Boss: Nightmare
HP: 9,000
No strengths/weaknesses

Nightmare is a pretty hard boss. She's fast and powerful, and Tetanus Wind is
a very powerful spell. Keep nailing Nightmare with a barrage of the best close
up Killer Moves you have. Ashton's Leaf Slash and Claude's Shooting Star Killer
Moves will work well here. Leaf Slash is incredibly effective because Ashton
can execute it quick, and before Nightmare can cast Tetanus Wind. Keep using
the best Killer Moves you have, and healing with Rena. You shouldn't have too
many problems unless you are at low levels.

After you win, the party stops. Clude asks the dragons if they hold a grudge
against the party for trying to find a way to get them off of Ashton's back.
Ashton says that the dragons are in an awkward position. When you leave, the
party wonders who the "lord of the air" could be. The party says that you
should check Lasgus Mountain, west of Cross. Go there.

Lasgus Mountain
*Enemy Info: Pylesherry, Shout

is a very short dungeon. The battles here are very hard, and you probably
won't have Ashton at very high levels yet. The Pylesherry enemies cast
Blood Suck, so you'll want to rush up to attack them at the very beginning
of the fights. The Shouts will drain your MP very fast, but can't hurt you.
They're a very annoying enemy in these respects. Try to avoid battles with
them. Head up the mountain, it won't take very long to get to the top.

At the top of the mountain, you will find a huge nest. Nothing at all is
here though. Ashton says that the "tear of the lord" should be here. Now,
a huge demonic bird falls down near the party. Ashton apparently knows the
monster. The party realizes that Ashton is not speaking, but the dragons
are. Jin says that the dragons aren't powerful when attached to Ashton.
Ashton (the dragons) then chAlenge Jin to a fight. You will now have to
fight Jin.

Biss: Jin
HP 20,000
Strength: Fire, Wind

Jin is one of the toughest bosses in the game. Don't fight Jin unless you
are at least at level 26 or so. Jin is very large and fast, and can fly
across the screen at very high speeds. Jin also casts Master Attack, which
is a powerful attack spell that will almost kill one character. If you see
Jin gathering power, run up and attack him quickly, because that is the
sign that he's going to use "Master Attack". Jin also casts Light Cross,
which will do a decent amount of damage to the party. "Head Splitter" is a
great Hissatsuwaza to use. Celine should continuously cast Energy Arrow on
Jin. Before Celine does attack magic, though, make sure Celine casts the
spell of "Reflection" on every character, as this will raise your defensive
powerful to a higher amount. This battle will likely take a long time to
complete, so keep using your Blackberries on Celine and Rena if neccessary.

After you defeat Jin, Jin bashes Ururun and Gyroro for attaching to Ashton.
Ururun and Gyoro say that they were individual before, but now they know
what it's like to have a good friend. You received the Demon-Bird Tear.
Ashton is now himself (as opposed to being dragons ^_^). The party says
that Jin must have really been jealous of the dragons. Ashton is really
confused about what happened, and Rena asks if Ashton really wants to get
rid of the dragons. He will eventually say "yes", but he is hesitant. You
say to return to Salva and the mine there, since you must return to the
place where the dragons originated to detach them.

Now, go to the first area that Ashton joined you. You say that all Ashton
will need to do is chant the words in the book. Ashton starts to say the
words, but the dragons start becoming sad. Ashton continues until the last
line of the chant, but then he stops. Ashton says that he can't remove the
dragons, since they have become a part of him. The dragons become happy
again. Rena says that Ashton should join the part for good, so Ashton will
join the group.

Now, head to Herlie.

                    --Chapter 7: Lacour's Tournament--

*Items in Herlie:
Ring Mail, Sinclair Sabre, 1200 Fol, Leather Boots

*Pickpocket Data:
Rose Hips, Nikuman, Silence Guard, Bijobu "Usunigori," 200 Fol, Kokuryu
"Ishidaya," Senchuyasaku, 120 Fol, Shozoga B, Round Shield, Silk Robe,
Coconut Milk, Mixed Syrup, Care Tablet, Sanitized Gloves, Sadness Ring,
Sanbai-zojo-sake, Toro, Counterfeit Money, Fake Check, Ex-milk, Suede
Boots, Buckler, Tozoku Tebukuro, Mannenpitsu, Life Insurance, Happiness
Ring, Purple Mist, Ruby Pierce, Dried Plum, Special Medicine, Idaten,
Kawa no Muchi, Leather Whip, Twin Sword, Shrimp Gratin

*Village Information:
Not much new information is circulating in Herlie. There are quite a few
refugess here from Clik. Herlie is a simple port village with many shops,
make sure to buy everything you think you need here.

Once you've finished your shopping at Herlie, use the boat to cross over
to Lacour continent. You'll arrive at Hilton, the port town of Lacour.

*Pickpocket Data:
Umeboshi, 500 Fol, Bandit's Gloves, Silver Idol, Idaten, Sweet Syrup, Fruit,
Magical Clay, Smoke Mist, Egg/Dairy Products, Spectacles, Magic Canvas, Yasai,
150 Fol, Super Ball, 200 Fol, Beer, Sanbai-jozo-sake, 25 Fol, Hyper Ball,
Shrimp Shumai, Leather Boots, Senkiyoke, Paralyze Check, Gyokarui, Blackberry,
Lavender, Pretty Idol, Feather Pen, Plate Mail, Plate Greave, Buckler, Idaten
Ship, Plate Helm

*Village Information:
There is much talk of the coming Lacour Tournament, a large competition in
which fighters from all around the world gather together and fight in the
sight of spectators for fun and glory. Others talk about how Dias should be
showing up for the competition.

Go shopping for the weapons and armor you need. The shops here have many
new items and minerals. You will likely have a lot of money here, so feel
free to spend away. When you're ready, go to the in. During the night,
Claude wakes up, and goes outside. Rena secretly follows him. Claude tries
to use his communicator again, but it is just static. Now, Claude looks up
into the sky, and wonders if one of the stars there is Earth. Rena hides,
and Claude walks back to the room. Rena then follows.

Do whatever shopping you need, and walk to Lacour Castle. It is a very
large castle area, even bigger than Cross Castle was.

*Items in Lacour: Star Ruby

*Pickpocket Data:
Kamikuzu, Orangeade, Bile Tear, Soybean Milk, 500 Fol, Fairy Tear, Extend
Card, Aqua Ring, Blueberry, Yasai, Silver Ring, Carrot Juice, Raspberry Jam,
Aquaberry, 600 Fol, 555 Fol, Cure Paralyze, 500 Fol, Gold Ring, Sandal,
Kudamono, Crystal, 100 Fol, Attack Pierce, Aquaberry, Smith Hammer, Damascus,
Scribble, Nikurui, Sinclair Sabre, Oriental Blade, Green Beryl, Cestas, Bows
Shaver, 500 Fol, Beer, Dulfolbiban, Yaegaki "Mu" Shizuku Shibori, Blueberry,
200 Fol, Beer, Blackberry, 100 Fol, Gold, Iron, Baselard, Broken Sword, Flame
Blade, Hard Knuckle, Trikabut, Picking Ingredients, Tamago/Nyuseihin, Magical
Clay, Magic Canvas, Magical Film, Leather Greaves, Hamburger, Anman, Round
Shield, Banded Mail, Blueberry, Sinclair, Princess Ring, 500 Fol, Cow Steak,
300 Fol, Kudamono, Magical Clay, Anklet, Cestus, Daifuku, 50 Fol, Gyokarui,
Boots, Buckler, Cure Poison, Spectacles, 100 Fol, Tozoku Tebukuro, Shikibo,
Vanilla Ice, Top Quality Paper, Cinderella Glass, Blueberry, Tacky Adornment,
400 Fol, Hosomi no Ken, (Thin Sword), 150 Fol, Weird Lump, Hosomi no Ken,
Blueberry, Long Sword, Crown, Heavy Ring, Twin-edge, Ruby, 150 Fol, 500 Fol,
Iron, Pet Food, Poison Check, Orichalcum, Smith Hammer, Strawberry Jam,
Mannenpitsu, Mannenpitsu, Mortarial Card, Pictorial Card, Paralyze Check,
Blackberry, 800 Fol, Aquaberry, Blueberry, 70 Fol, Maple Syrup, Sour Syrup,
Joshitsugami, Hane Pen, Reverse Doll, Sapphire, Silver Baretta, 50 Fol, Sour
Syrup, Triakbut, Mandrake, Crown, Triangle Flask, Hosomi no Ken, Mandrake,
Trikabut, Blueberry, 200 Fol, Boots, Leather Helm, Resurrection Bottle,
Kamikuzu, Blackberry, Twin Sword, Rot Bracelet, 300 Fol, Mannenpitsu, 12 Fol,
Blueberry, Wood Shield, Cinderella Glass, Leather Armor, Cinderella Glass,
Hane Pen, 600 Fol, Gold Ring, Harmonica, Pitch-black Earrings, Round Shiled,
600 Fol, Cure Poison, Frog, Necklace, Heppo na Kazari, 150 Fol, 200 Fol, 50
Fol, High Heel, Artemis Leaf, Tama no Hikari "Yukiyocho", Orangeade, 150 Fol,
Blackberry, Long Sword, Aquaberry, Bitter Juice, Choco Crepe, Carrot
Juice, Peach Ice Cream, Mannenpitsu, Fruit Milk, Apple Crepe, Maple Syrup,
Joshitsugami, Hakuto no Ice, Banana Crepe, Ringo no Crepe, Carrot Juice,
Silver, Fresh Syrup, Blackberry, Care Tablet, Silver, Care Tablet, Fresh
Syrup, Senkiyoke, Umeboshi, Choco Crepe, Vegetable Juice, Baselard, Orange
Sherbet, 20 Fol, Lavender, First Pierce, 120 Fol, Blackberry, Cinderella
Glass, Kokumotsu, Banana no Crepe, Beer, Orangeade, Wine, Beer, Dulfolbiban,
Wine, Magic Rock, Yamukei "Mu" Shizuku Shibori

*Village Information:
Everyone is very excited about the upcoming Lacour Tournament, which is
to be held shortly. Many people talk about how people fighting must select
a sponsor and enter fights according to the weapons and armor that the
sponser offers. The weapon and armor shops here will not sell you things
because they will only show their wares during the tournament to the  
fighting in the Tournament. Others hint atthe game's features like Item
Creation and Specialties. Some hint about a young boy who is helping to
develop a secret weapon.

When you first enter the castle, go to the castle area, and speak to the
woman at the bottom of the counter. Rena asks about seeing the king, but
the women say that audiences won't be accepted because the king has been
boggled down with the tournament. Claude eventually asks Rena what she
would think if he entered the tournament. Claude says that he heard that
Dias would be fighting in this tournament, and he wants to see how strong
he really is. Rena is somewhat shocked, but eventually agrees. The woman
at the bottom of the front castle area (the receptionist) will sign you
up for the tournament. The recpeptionist now tells Claude to find one of
the weapon/armor sponsors before the tournament. It is a few days before
the actual tournament now. Now, you will have to choose one of the four
sponsors to fight with in the tournament. If you win, you get all of that
sponsor's items, and some reward money, and you'll be able to meet with
the king.

The sponsors are as follows:

Equipment: Sinclair Sabre, Brigandine, Buckler, Plate Helm, Silver Greaves
Items: Sweet Syrup, Mixed Syrup, Blackberry
-Attack: 100
-Defense: 99
-Evade: 30

Equipment: Long Edge, Leather Armor, Wooden Shield, Leather Helm, Leather
Items: Sweet Syrup, Mixed Syrup, Blackberry
-Attack: 285
-Defense: 16
-Evade: 50

Equipment: Gusguine, Banded Mail, Knight Shield, Banded Helm, Plate Greaves
Items: Sweet Syrup, Mixed Syrup, Blackberry
-Attack: 250
-Defense: 46
-Evade: 60

Equipment: Waloon Sword, Ring Mail, Round Shield, Iron Helm, Iron Greaves
Items: Fruit Syrup, Fresh Syrup, Attack Bottle, Violent Pill
-Attack: 240
-Defense: 59
-Evade: 60

Keep in mind that if you make it to the championship match in the actual
tournament, you will get to keep all of the items your sponsor provided
you with. I recommend the "Knockout" sponsor highly. If you sign up with
Knockout, you get the Long Edge, the best sword for a long time. Although
the armor you get is fairly crappy, you will probably still be at least
fairly powerful defensively anyway. "Slayer" is the most well-rounded of
the sponsors, but the Waloon Sword isn't even much better the the current
sword you have, and your prize after the battle won't be very good. Sign
up with a sponsor.

The sponsor you signed up with confirms your sponsorship. Now, leave and
go to the main part of the town, and the party will split up. The party
says that you should just enjoy the town until the time of the fight. Go
outside if you want to gain any levels. When you're ready for the actual
tournament, go to the inn.

Inside of the inn, you can decide whether to wait awhile or get ready for
the tournament immediately. If you decide to go straight through with the
tournament you will go into your hotel room. In the room, Ashton (if you
have him) says that he regrets being able to enter the tournament due to
technical difficulties (the dragons). Rena starts to wonder wheter or not
Dias will really be entering. Rena tells you that she's going on a walk,
and leaves the room.

Go to the house of the west side of town, with the little girl that
wouldn't let you go farther earlier. The little girl, Suphia, is upset
because her grandfather can't find anyone that will use his sword. Rena
is touched and tells the little girl that she will find someone that is
willing to use the sword. Go to Lacour's tavern in the center part of
town to the left. Talk to all of the people here, and try to leave the
tavern. Dias will enter, interrupting your path. Dias says that he will
look at the sword Suphia's grandfather has to offer, and the girl gives
him the Sharpness sword. Dias thanks Rena for her help, and says that
he will walk the girl back home. Go back to the inn and to the party.

You will now wake up inside of the inn, and everyone is set to leave for
the tournament. Go north, to the castle area. The receptionist will tell
you to head to the battle area on the second level of the castle.

When you talk to the person at the counter, the receptionist takes all of
your weapons and armor, and gives you the equipment from the sponsor. You
now must wait in the waiting room until your match starts. You now get to
see Dias walk in. Dias asks if his equipment is ready, the receptionist
says that he should check the store. Rena tells Dias that Gamgee's stuff
isn't ready yet. Dias tells Rena that it isn't any of her business. Rena
gets slightly mad at Dias, since she was the one that introduced Dias to
Gyamgee. Dias now tells you that it was all a coincidence, and leaves the
arena area. Claude now gets upset at Rena for giving help to Dias in the
tournament rather then himself. Rena tells Claude that she is going with
Dias, and Claude gets rather upset. Claude wonders which side Rena is on,
and Rena wonders why Claude would say such things about her. Claude says
"It's because of the things you do!", and Rena runs out, sad. Ashton and
Celine (assuming they are in your party) will berate Claude for what he
just did.

Enter the waiting room and talk to a few of the fighters here. After you
speak with three fighters, a soldier comes in and calls for two fighters,  
"Amon Rau" and "Claude Kenni". Your first match is now coming up. Your
characters will now split up and encourage Claude, and your party members
will be watching Claude. You can now check your equipment and items. You
can also assign Killer Moves to Claude now. I suggest "Air Slash" and
"Shooting Stars". You will now enter your first battle of the tournament.

*Note: It is very important to get to the last round of the tournament.
If you don't get there, you can't get the weapons/armor you got from your
sponsor, and you can't get the Sharp Edge. You will really *need* Sharp
Edge because by using Customize with it you can make the best weapon in
the game, and you can't get it any other way in the game. It is possible
to proceed with the game if you loose immediately, but you will really
want to get to the last round with Dias so you can get all of the items.

*Note 2: If you are playing Rena's scenario, you will not be able to
control Claude during the matches. He will be entirely controlled by the
Artificial Intelligence. If you for some reason die during the tournament,
just reset and gain some levels, then try again.

Amon Rau
HP: 2,000
No strengths/weaknesses

Amon Rau is really easy. Just keep doing normal attacks. If you're getting
damaged on him, just keep using the Air Slash Killer Move. He should really
be incredibly easy, though, so if you're taking big damage, you might have
a tough time with a few of the future arena battles.

After you win your first fight, you will be able to wander around the area
and find out what happened to Rena. Walk back to your party members that
were watching you fight. Rena will arrive here just before Dias wins his
match. Now, a guard will come in and tell Claude that it's his turn to
fight, and the party will wish him luck. You can no check your equipment
and items before you start the fight.

Dol Adan
HP: 2,750
No strengths/weaknesses

Dol Adan is also quite easy. Just keep using Air Slash Killer Moves at
him from a distance, or Shooting Stars if you're in close. Try not to
get too close to him, though, since he has a special punch that makes
you dizzy. Get rid of him as soon as possible with all your long range
Killer Moves. He's pretty strong, though, and if you took Knockout for
the Long Edge, it could be quite hard. Just keep your distance.

You will now go straight for the third fight. You only have a chance
to check your weapons and items, then you will have to go fight. This
fight is the hardest one so far.

Worzay Durahan
HP: 4,000
No strengths/weaknesses

This enemy is very tough. Dish out all Killer Moves that you can at
him. Shooting Stars is very useful here. Keep Air Slashing until he
comes near you, then dish out Shooting Stars when he is just in range
for the long range Shooting Stars. Keep this up and you should win.
He is much faster than Dol Adan, though, so be careful. If you need
to use your healing items, do so now.

*Note: If you are playing Galaxy or Universe mode, the enemies that
  Dias fights are so incredibly tough that they can actually *kill*
  Dias! Nothing special happens, though, and the game passes as if
  Dias always won, but it's a fairly weird bug.

Now you will get a large break to explore the arena once more. Talk
to a few people, then go back to your party. You will watch as Dias
wins another battle very easily. Claude starts to get worried about
fighting Dias, but he doesn't show it to the other characters. He
will now get called back for the final match with Dias. You will get
to fight Dias. Dias warns you that he will not hold back at all when
he is fighting you.

HP: ????

You cannot win against Dias no matter how hard you try. You always
do 0 damage to him, so don't waste your time. About the only thing
you can do is keep using your Killer Moves so you can build up the
Proficiency. ^_^ Just go down like a good sport.

Dias is announced as the winner. Rena runs out of the spectator area
to find him. The rest of the party follows Rena. Your party will now
end up in the waiting room, where Claude is stunned and has fAlen.
Claude will wake up, and he will wonder what happened, saying that he
doesn't remember anything that happened at all. The party informs him
that he lost to Dias in the final round. Dias will now enter, and the
party will wonder what he wants. Dias tells Claude that it has been a
long time since he had to get serious in a fight, and that Claude was
a good fighter. Rena gets slightly angry because the two are fighting,
and Dias leaves. Dias says that they will meet again if the time comes.
The party will suggest that you pick up your runner-up prizes at your
sponsor, and Claude will suggest that the party get going. You won't
be able to collect the prizes if you lost before fighting Dias, though,
and it's imperative that you get to Dias, so it wouldn't be a good idea
to proceed without getting to Dias. Anyway, head to the weapon shop in
which you were sponsored.

Go to your sponsor, and they will give you whatever that shop's prize
was. If you picked Knockout, you will now get to own the Long Edge, and
that will be the best weapon in the game for quite awhile. Now, heas to
the west side of town, and go into the lone house in which you couldn't
enter before because a girl sent you away. You can now talk to Gamgee
at his house, and he will talk to Claude about the tournament. He tells
you that Dias left something for you, and he gives you the Sharp Edge.
(Do *not* get rid of this sword! Don't sell it, don't make anything else
out of it until you have Mithril! Don't sell it!!!) I hope I've gotten my
point across, because the best weapon in the game can only be made from
this sword. Several people seem to either sell the sword, or not even go
to see Gamgee in the first place, so whatever you do, do not get rid of

Now, the quest continues, and your new mission is to try to translate the
Ancient Writings that you found way back in Cross Cave.

                     --Chapter 8: Opera's Subquest--

This chapter is about the task you have to go through to get Opera in
your party. If Ashton is in your party, or if you don't want Opera at
all, just skip this chapter and go to Chapter 9. For information on
getting Opera, read on. To see any of the events that occur in this
chapter, you must have seen the Private Action in Cross in which your
characer bumps into a three-eyed man. You cannot get Opera or Ernest
at all if you haven't seen this Private Action. If you have missed that
Private Action, skip this chapter.

Go back to Hilton. Go to the bar there, and you will see a scuffle with
a man and a woman. The woman was in a drinking contest with the man, and
the man answers the woman's question and says he hasn't seen anyone with
three eyes. The woman eventually begins to leave the place, but then she
bumps into your party. The woman asks you if you've seen a three-eyed man.
Claude answers "Yes, I have." The woman says that she didn't think you
would have seen him. But then, the woman perks up again, and says "Oh, you
said you did see a three-eyed man!". The woman is very surprised, and she
asks you where you saw the man. Claude tells her that he saw the man in
Cross. The woman thanks you and introduces herself as Opera Vectra. She
now leaves the bar. To get her, you must follow her. Use the boat to the
Cross continent and go to Cross Castle.

Talk to the king of Cross. You can now ask him a fourth question, about
a woman with three eyes. The king tells you that she came here and left
for the Mountain Palace after hearing about the three-eyed man. Claude
says that it is a palace by the large lake of Coll. Claude asks the king
permission to enter the Mountain Palace, and the king allows it. The king
tells you to be careful, though, since the enemies in the Mountain Palace
are tough. Before you leave, the king gives you 10,000 Fol. Now, head to
the Mountain Palace. It's on top of a ridge near the large body of water.

Mountain Palace
*Item Info: Lunar Tablet, Crystal, ?Herb (Artemis Leaf), ?Jewelry (Shiny
Earring), Resurrection Bottle, Cure Stone, Sweet Syrup, Crest Rod, Amber
Robe, ?Mineral (Damascus), Wolfsbane, Fairy's Cologne, Damascus, Emerald
Ring, Fairy's Statue, Cestus, ?Mineral (Orihalcon)

*Enemey Info:
Archer, Funnythief, Hood, Hounddog, Petrogerell, Sandglass, Slime Pool

The king wasn't telling you the truth about the enemies in the Mountain
Palace. The enemies here are the same that you've seen around Lacour and
Hilton, and if you were fighting on the field on Lacour continent, you
won't have trouble at all. Just make sure you have the best equipment on
each character from Lacour. The Petrogerells are slightly fatal though,
since they can Petrify. The Slime Pools are also especially dangerous
since they can Paralyze. If you don't have Dispel for Rena, make sure to
bring several Cure Stones and Cure Paralyzes.

If you proceed on the east side of the cave, you will find Opera near a
broken pillar. Opera is surprised that you were sneeking up on her, and
she reacts by pulling out her large bazooka. Opera then realizes who it
is, and asks you what you're doing here. Claude pulls Opera aside and
asks her if she's really from this planet. Opera realizes that Claude is
from another planet as well, and Claude wonders why Opera is here because
it breaks the Interplanetary Protection Treaty. Opera really doesn't know
what to say, and Rena asks what you are talking about. Opera chuckles a
bit, and says that she's here looking for her boyfriend, Ernest, who ran
away to conduct research. Opera says that Ernest probably broke through
here and is probably deeper in the cave. You now can choose whether or
not you want to join Opera in the cave.

1) Yes, let's go together.
2) Maybe it isn't such a good idea.

Pick option 1 and Opera will join your group. This is basically the choice
you have of having Opera stay in the group. If you pick the second option,
Opera will go in the cave alone, and you won't be able to get her again.
If you pick the first option, Opera then joins the party.

When you venture deep into the cave, you will come across two red lizards
that are on the ground. Claude and Opera say that Ernest probably came
through here and killed them. Opera goes close to the lizards, and they
suddenly begin to move. Claude notices their movements and is surprised.
You will now have to fight the two Flarelizards.

Flarelizard (2)
HP: 5000
Strength: Fire, Lightning
Weakness: Ice

The Flarelizards are a very tough battle, one of the toughest you will
have to face in the entire game, actually. You should be at a pretty
high level here, and Opera should probably have at least some strength
enhancing skills before you fight them. It's a wise idea to level up a
lot before you do this battle, because this battle is even slightly
unbalanced. Anyway, it is a very bad idea to fight the Flarelizards
straight on with normal combat. They use a fire breathing attack that
can kill characters outright, especially if you aren't at high levels.
Give Claude Head Splitter and Shooting Stars Killer Moves. You will be
using Head Splitter the most, as you can avoid damage from the area of
the battlefield. The Flarelizards are very big enemies, and you will
hit with Head Splitter often for a lot of damage. Opera won't be very
valuable at all for this battle, but give her the Flame Launcher Killer
Move anyway. The Flarelizards are strong to fire, but it's better than
nothing. Make Celine continuously casting Energy Arrow. Focus on one
Flarelizard at a time, and keep using Head Splitter. Try to avoid being
in front of the Flarelizards. Once you destroy one, sandwich the other
immdediately and keep belting away with Shooting Stars or normal attack.
It's a tough battle, but if you're at the right levels, you'll make it.

After you kill the Flarelizards, Rena starts to feel sorry for them since
they were probably just protecting their home. Opera tells her that she
can't feel sorry for each thing she's killed. Head in the east door and
proceed farther into the cave.

The last room in the cave is empty, but it looks like it has been used
fairly recently. It looks like a scientist of some kind has been here,
and Opera says that it could be Ernest. Opera starts to wonder where she
should look next, and Renas suggests that Opera joins your party to look
for Ernest.

You can go to Linga now, but there is a special little subquest to get
a special weapon you will use much later in the game. If you want to do
this little quest, read on. If you don't want the special weapon, go to
the next chapter.

Go to Salva. You will find a traveler in a white outfit there, and he
will say that he is lost, and wonders where Herlie is. Tell him that it
is to the north. Now, go to Mars. He'll be lost again in the town. Tell
him that Herlie is even more to the east. Now, go to Herlie and take a
ship to Hilton. You will find Radol there again, and he'll still be lost!
Tell him to take a ship back, and the city he comes to is Herlie. :) If
you go back to Herlie, you can find him in a room in the inn, and he will
thank the party and give you the Funny Slayer. You will not use the Funny
Slayer for a *long* time in the game, as it has attack power of 1, and
will be utterly useless for the normal game. It comes into effect late in
the bonus dungeon, though, as it kills all enemies named "Funny" in one
hit, no matter how much damage you do.

Your next quest is to get the Ancient Writings translated. Head to Linga,
it's to the east of Lacour Castle.

                          --Chapter 9: Linga--

*Pickpocket Data:
200 Fol, Book of Renki, Counterattack Book, Spice Cake, Kokumotsu, Pet Food,
Mannenpitsu, Attack Vile, Iron, 1500 Fol, Promise Ring, Artemis Leaf, 300 Fol,
Wolfsbane, Magical Drops, Spectacles, Engineer Theory, Secret of the Earth,
Paralyze Oil, Bitter Lotion, Energy Tonic, Shock Oil, Smoke Oil, Friends of
the Forest, Operation Manual, Fairy's Cologne, Mannenpitsu, Hermes Theory,
Mad Mist

*Village Information:
Linga is a small and quiet town, but it is known for its University in
which many people from around Expel are attending. The scholars here are
studying many types of sciences, and Keith Klaser the famous linguist is
home to Linga.

Make sure to do your shopping here first. The skill guild here has new sets
of skills, and you'll want to pick them all up. The item shops here also
carry many special items for Item Creations, so you'll want to pick some up
here as well. Also, get a few Resurrection Bottles if you have enough Fol.

Go to the translator's house. It's in the center of the village on the left
side. When you go in, a man will stop you from going farther. You say that
you need a translator to help you translate the Ancient Writings, and the
man says that Keith is busy. He tells you that you need an apointment to
visit with Keith, and it will be about a month before you will actually be
able to speak with him. Your party is slightly mad, and the man forces you
out of the house.

Go to the north end of town. Go to the small shop on the left side, and
talk to the man there. Your party asks the man if he knows a translator.
The man says that he knows Keith. Your party asks the man if he could
help them talk to him, because they don't want to waith a month because
they are on the run. The man says that Keith has been busy translating
scrolls and can't talk to people right now. Claude asks if a scroll from
Cross Cave is good enough for him to translate. The clerk now  introduces
himself as Bowman Jean. He says that if you can find a unidetified herb
for him in the Sanctuary of Linga he will bring you to Keith. Claude is
slightly surprised, wondering how he's ever going to find an herb that
hasn't been identified yet. Bowman warns the party that there are many
tough monsters there, but the party decides to go, since it's the only
way. Go to the Sanctuary of Linga. It's the cave area right across from
Linga village.

Sanctuary of Linga
*Item Info:
Ruby, Might Chain, Mixed Syrup, Rainbow Diamond, Poison Check, Rose Hip,
Twin Edge, ?Guard (Rune Buckler), Cinderella Glass, Spring Water, Bubble
Lotion Lavender, Aseras, Mandrake, Artemis leaf, Wolfsbane, Straight Punch

*Enemy Info:
Blackhound, Killerrabi, Mandrake, Ooze, Shynesslady, Wolfhead

If you went on either Ashton's Subquest or Opera's Subquest, the enemies
here won't be too hard. This is a very good dungeon to gain experience
in, and if you just acquired Opera, you'll want to build up her levels
and skills here. This is also a good place to start building Killer Move
Proficiency, because you will start to heal MP with stamina and you can
keep taking trips back to Linga to heal. Both Mandrakes and Oozes can
paralyze and petrify you, but it shouldn't be a problem now because you
are sure to have Dispel for Rena now. The dungeon is shaped quite weird,
and there are many twists and turns here that you can get lost in. It's
wise to stop for awhile to gather the treasures and gain levels, and then
go toward the end in one trip.

There are two types of herbs you can bring back to Bowman. The Clarisage
and the Dillwhip. You can get the Clarisage very early in the cave, but
you will have to venture far into the dungeon to get Dillwhip. I don't
think it matters at all which herb you get, but the Clarisage has already
been discovered, and the Dillwhip has not. It doesn't matter which herb
you bring back to Bowman, though, because the story will proceed as usual
and Bowman will still take you to Keith no matter which herb you get.

Fighting the boss at the end of this dungeon is optional, but to fight it,
you must head through a wall in the northeastern area of the dungeon, and
it is pretty tough to spot normally. You will have to fight three Visseyers.

Visseyer (3)
HP: 10,000
Strength: Void
Weakness: Light, Lightning

The Visseyers are pretty abnormal for bosses. They're not strong, but they
have several strange attacks. Number one, they can poison you, but that
shouldn't be too much of a problem because Rena will use Antidote on the
party members that are poisoned. They can also eat your characters whole
if you get to close to them. When a character is eaten, you will have to
wait for the other characters to hit that Visseyer before your character
can get out again. Your best bet here is to keep using long range Killer
Moves, and Celine's attack spells. It shouldn't be too hard if you are at
the right levels. Claude's Shooting Stars, Ashton's Leaf Slash, Opera's
Flame Launcher are all useful Killer Moves to use here.

Once you've beaten the boss, Rena notes that this is probably a graveyard
for many old creatures. You can now take the herb back to Bowman.

When you bring back the Clarisage, Bowman won't be too surprised because
that herb has been discovered, but he will still take you to Keith because
you are strong and your cause is good. If you brought back the Dillwhip,
Bowman is very surprised because you are very strong to have found it in
the cave with the monsters. Bowman will now take you over to Keith's house
to talk to him.

When you get to Keith's house, Bowman will tell the man at the front to
let them talk to Keith. The man goes in the house and comes back moments
later, and allows your party in. Keith is working on translations, and
is surprised when he sees how many people have entered his room. Bowman
tells Keith that your party needs to get a certain scroll translated that
they found in Cross Cave. Keith tells you that he will work on your scroll,
and Rena hands it to him. He says that the scroll is written in an ancient
language that is different than normal. Keith says that he will be glad to
translate your scroll, but it may take time. Keith then thanks Bowman for
giving him the scroll, and the entire group laughs because someone as high
and important as Keith is thanking someone.

Bowman now asks the party to stay at his house that night. You will then
end up in Bowman's house. Go upstairs and into the bedroom, Bowman will
be there. Bowman is surprised that you are researching the Sorcergy Globe,
and Bowman tells Claude that he might need someone with experience and
knowledge of science, and basically asks to join the group if you didn't
pick up Precis earlier through the Linga Private Action. You then have
two choices.

1) Please join us!
2) But what about your wife?

If you want Bowman in your party for the rest of the game, choose the
first option. If you're trying to make a decision here, I suggest *not*
taking Bowman. In my opinion, he is the least useful of all characters
in the game.

*If Bowman is in your party:
Your party wakes up and is ready to leave. If Bowman joined the group,
a party member will say that he should say goodbye to his wife. Bowman
says a general and casual goodbye to his wife, and tells your party
that you should head to Lacour Castle to see what is going on. Claude
says that you could probably get a ship to El continent from there.

*If Bowman is not in your party:
You are waiting outside the door of Bowman's house. Bowman tells you
to be careful on your journey. Bowman also tells Rena to look after
Claude on the adventure. Rena hints at visiting Lacour continent. She
says that you could get a boat from the king of Lacour to El continent.

Now, head back to Lacour Castle, and the adventure continues...

                  --Chapter 10: The Energy Stone--

Go to Lacour Castle. When you get there, the guard asks your party if
you are a refugee. The party is very confused, and the guard says that
the monsters on El are moving toward Lacour and are ready to invade. Go
to the castle area of Lacour. When you get inside the castle, you will
find many of the town's people taking refuge here. If you talk to Gamgee,
he will give you a Plate Mail. Make sure you get this from him.

Now, go talk to the king's chamber. The party will find out that the
king is missing from his usual position. Explore the castle until you
come upon a important conversation in the basement area of the castle.
A woman named Florice recognizes Claude from the Lacour Tournament of
Arms. The party states that they are searching for a way to get to El
continent, and hoped that the king would lend them a boat. Leon tells
the king to not trust you so fast, because you heard the conversation,
and you could be traitors. The king takes Leon's wishes into account,
and says that he will grant the party passage to El continent if you
help accompany Leon in getting a special stone needed for a mission.
Leon now joins the party, and he gives you a Link Combo.

Exit Lacour Castle. Leon will tell the guard that he is on a mission
and he is bringing your party along. The guard allows your party to
leave. Now, your mission will be to travel to the Hoffman Ruins with
Leon and complete the mission. To get to the boat that will bring you
there, go to Hilton. When you arrive, go to the boat dock. Leon will
make the final arrangements to leave, and your boat will sail to the
Hoffman Ruins. Head up the many stairs to the entrance. Leon will have
some trouble opening the door here while trying to flaunt his skills
in science, and Claude gets fairly annoyed. Now, head into the ruins.

Hoffman Ruins
*Item Info:
1-up Pudding, Angel Hair, Aquaberry, Blackberry, Cure Paralysis, Cure
Stone, Diamond, Gold, Green Beryl, Hexagram Card, Holy Mist, Hyperball,
Light Box, Orichalcum, Paralysis Check, Recoil Bracelet, Spring Water,
"Spring", Zephyr Earring

*Enemy Info:
Blackslime, Doomaxe, Giantbow, Guarder, Kitty, Salamander

The Hoffman Ruins is where Star Ocean: The Second Story starts to get
slightly complicated. The enemies here will be much tougher than all
that you've faced so far, and it will be a good idea to gain a few
levels for all characters here. If you have Opera, chances are that
you haven't had a lot of time to bring her levels and skills up, so
try to protect her as best you can. The Salamanders are probably the
toughest enemy you will face so far. The Salamnders can either  use a
fire breathing attack that hits multiple times for a large amount of
damage to all characters in the area, or use a tail-swinging attack
that Paralyzes a character. Make sure to keep Rena in the back so she
can use Dispel if any of your characters are Paralyzed. Also, equip
the Paralyze Check you find here on one of the members. The two Killer
Moves on Claude should be Head Splitter and Shooting Stars. You will
be using Head Splitter a lot on the Salamanders, and Shooting Stars
will be useful on the easier enemies, or enemies you are close to. If
you get Ripper Blast and have a lot of MP, it will also be very useful
to use here. Also keep in mind that in battles here, mine carts will
sweep across the battlefield. Get out of the way of these, as they will
damage the characters that they hit.

The Hoffman Ruins is very strange and circular in design, and it's easy
to get lost here. Just continue gaining levels and getting the treasures
here, and head for the lower middle area. Since your characters will be
at quite higher levels now, they will start healing for more HP and MP
at the end of each battle, so you should be able to survive through here.
There are many strange and weird switches here, all of which damage your
party. All of these switches should be avoided expect one. When you find
the switch on a north wall, with several red and yellow barrels around
it, hit that switch. It will open a passage to several treasures. Make
sure you heal your characters, though. Head through the ruins until you
get to the room with the save point. Save here and head north.

When you get the green rock here, Leon will step out and say that this
is the rock you need to get. Your party is startled because two enemies
jump down and attack you.

Harfainx (2)
HP: 36,700
Strength: Fire, Wind, Star, Vacuum, Void
Weakness: Thunder, Light, Dark

The Harfainxes are very quite, and quite tough if you aren't at the right
levels. The Harfainxes are annoying because they can teleport to many
areas of the playing field, and they can keep running away. The best way
to clobber them is to use physical attacks. Give Ashton Leaf Slash and
Twin Slash, and give Opera Alpha on One and Flame Launcher. Try to pin a
Harfainx between two fighting characters, and concentrate on one enemy at
a time. Make sure to keep Rena behind to heal the characters, and be sure
to use Blackberries on her if she runs out of MP. The battle shouldn't be
too tough if you're leveled up.

When you kill the Harfainxes, Leon is nowhere to be found. The party looks
around the area, and Leon suddenly appears behind a rock. Leon tells the
party that he was slightly scared, and the party laughs at him. Leon picks
up the Energy Stone and tells the party to go back to give it to the king
of Lacour. Now, head back out of the Ruins.

*Note: There is a major scene following if you have Opera in your party,
and have done the correct things in the game to get Ernest. If you don't
have Opera, and don't want to be spoiled by what happens, just head back
to Lacour.

If you have Opera in your party, as you are exiting down the large flight
of stairs, Opera will notice something and run off from the party. Claude
wonders what happened, and follows her. Opera discovers Ernest standing
next to the ruins with a strange and evil look in his eyes. Ernest begins
to walk towards Opera. Opera gets scared, and tells Ernest to get away.
Ernest keeps walking toward Opera, and Opera shoots Ernest with her gun.
Opera now runs toward Ernest to see what the problem is. Ernest is acting
strange, telling Leon to give the Energy Stone to him. You will now have
to fight Ernest.

MP: 8,200
Strength: None
Weakness: Light

Ernest as a ghost is a pushover. Just keep nailing him with Head Splitter
or Shooting Stars. He doesn't have many attacks and is very easy. There's
no real strategy to beating him.

Rena steps in to heal the wounds on Ernest. Ernest says he was exploring
the ruins. Opera says she was very worried about Ernest, and the party
tells him that they are trying to discover the mystery behind the Sorcery
Globe. You now have the option of either taking Ernest in the party, or
letting Opera and Ernest go alone. If you are playing Claude's scenario,
I strongly recommend taking Ernest into the party, because you won't find
any more quality fighting characters in Claude's scenario. Once you have
made your decision, head back to the boat on the shore and sail back to
Hilton. Head back to Lacour Castle, and the quest continues...

                   --Chapter 11: Front Line Fort--

Go back to Lacour Castle. Go to the secret area where the king was. Leon
will explain that you have finished the mission, and have the stone. The
king says that Florice and Murdock will use the stone to finish a weapon
for Lacour's defense, the "Lacour Hope". Your party talks about getting
to El continent, and finds out that the king apparently didn't trust the
group at first. The king says that he was just testing to make sure that
your group's intentions were good. The king pleas for your party to stay
in Lacour continent for awhile longer and assist the defenses at Front
Line Fort. Claude agrees to helping at the Front Line Fort, and the king
thanks you. The king says if you can help hold up monsters invading the
continent, he will grant you access to to a boat to travel to El. Now, go
to the Front Line Fort. It's to the north of Hilton.

*Note: Before you head to Front Line Fort, complete any and all Private
Actions you wish to do. After a few certain events, you won't be able to
access this part of the world again. Finish your Private Actions and head
to the Front Line Fort.

Front Line Fort
*Pickpocket Data:
Cure Poison x 2, Fairy Cologne, Blackberry, Blueberry, Aquaberry, Cure
Paralyze, Magic Rock, Blueberry, Lavender, Paralyze Check, Round Shield,
Rose Hips, Brigandine, Blackberry, Kizuke Kusuri, High Heel, Hard Pierce,
Anklet, 500 Fol, Ring Mail, Longsword, Rose Hip, Iron Greaves, Steel
Armor, Hard Ring, Sweet Syrup, Pinboke Shasshin, Recure Bottle, Silver
Fang, Broadsword

Explore the area here and make sure to visit the new weapon and armor
shops. The shops here carry much better weapons and armor than you have
right now, so make sure to stock up on everything you need. Buy all of
the best stuff. If you don't have enough money, go outside and fight
until you do. It's important you have good equipment for this part of
the game.

When you're ready, go into the general commander's room. The situation
of the fort will be explained to you, and it will become apparent that
you will need to fight back the demons that are trying to invade the
continent. Claude enters Dias Flac in the room when he enters, and he
is very surprised. After you leave the room, Rena will run off to talk
to Dias.

If you were playing Rena's quest (which you aren't) this is the place
where you will be able to get Dias to join the party. But, since you're
playing Claude's scenario, you can't.

Anyway, use Claude to go downstairs to the large overlook and talk to
Dias. Dias tells Claude that he should take care of Rena for him. Go
back to meet up with Rena, and Rena will explain what happened to Dias
a long time ago in the village. Claude will be very saddened after
hearing about what happened to make him leave the village. Go to the
medical room and talk to a medic. She'll ask you to sleep. When you
wake up, you're hear some bad news, the outpost is being invaded by
a large demon named Shin! Shin attacks the outpost and you are drawn
into fight with him.

HP: ????

You cannot win this battle. This is a strange battle in the fact that
you have to win a different way. You cannot die here. The object is
to stay alive for over a minute. Since you can't inflict any damage
at all on Shin, and can't kill him (unless you use the "Instant Death
Technique" described in the Miscellaneous Secrets section of the FAQ"),
you must win in a different way. To do this, just keep running around
the area for awhile. It doesn't matter if some of your characters die,
as long as someone is still living at the end of the minute, you will
be able to proceed.

After you fight Shin, Shin will respect you for your fighting abilities,
and say he will meet with you again to fight. You hear from a soldier
that the Lacour Hope has been completed and is currently being shipped
to the Front Line Fort. The game gives you a message telling you that
it is several days later.

Now, wander around the fort, talking to people. I think you have to
talk to at least 10 people here before proceeding in the game. Just
talk to everyone you come to, save, and then proceed to the hallway.
You will receive word that the fort is being attacked again, but this
time by a huge swarm of demons heading toward the fort! Run out to
the overlook to see what is going on, and you will meet Dias. Claude
becomes very worried, and Dias agrees to help fight the swarm with
them. They both tell each other to stay alive, and that they will be
fighting until the end. Suddenly, when the swarm appears closer, Leon
enters the area! Leon boasts about his abilities to create a great
weapon and runs toward a large gun with the Lacour Hope. You will now
get to see a very awesome anime sequence showing Leon drawing out the
powers of the Lacour Hope to shoot a giant beam at the demon horde,
destroying the entire group of running demons! Leon again boasts how
powerful his weapon is, and the party thanks Leon for saving them.

Now, the party decides to raid El continent with the Lacour Hope.
The party goes along with Leon and his family on one of the first
boats that leaves the continent. As your party is at sea, demons
suddenly attack again! You will now see a cool FMV of Leon trying
to destroy the demons with the Lacour Hope, but this time they are
shielded by a strange force, and Shin sends three of his cronies
to fight the party.

Stonestatue (3)
HP: 2,200
MP: 0

These enemies are nothing. Just attack, because it's not really
a boss to begin with, and it's incredibly easy. You'll beat this
wussy group within the first few seconds of the battle.

You'll finish Shin's little friends off nicely, but Shin gets mad
swoops down on your party to suddenly attack.

HP: ????

Again, you cannot win this battle. This battle is different though,
because you don't have to stay alive for a minute. Just keep using
your Killer Moves to build them up and then die. There's not much
else you can do.

After you fight Shin, your party will jump off the boat, and the
rest of the crew will shortly follow. Shin claims the ship for
the demons, and says that he is complete power now that he has
control of the Racour Hope.

                 --Chapter 12: Ten Wise Men--

After you have been thrown off the ship, it is apparent that the
members of the party have become seperated. Walk up the shore to
the continent, and enter the small colony area to the north.

Eluria Colony
*Pickpocket Data:
Ring of Sadness, Rot Bracelet, Paralyze Check, Peep Half, Melting
Lotion, Holy Mist, Sandals, Star Ruby, Glass Shoes

As you walk into the area, Rena stops the party to talk about
being worried about Claude. The party says to wait there until
they hear something. The party is very surprised to see Claude,
and Rena runs up to hug Claude. The other members poke jokes
about Claude and Rena, and they get embarassed. Go to the small
house in the upper-right and talk to the man in the building

After discussing what has happened to the man, Claude talks
about how the ships were leaving from the Front Line Fort to
invade Eluria. Claude offers to go investigate the continent
more to find out what is threatening the area. The man says
to feel free to take the weapons and armor out of the storage
shed in the village. Before you stop the conversation, Claude
asks the man if he's seen anyone else wash up here. The man
tells Claude that he's sorry but he hasn't, and Leon begins to
get sad. You now have a key decision in the game. You can let
Leon here to look for his parents, or you can take him along.
If you leave Leon here, you won't be able to get him for the
rest of the game.

Go to the storage shed to the west side of the village and
move along the edge of the room, continuing to press the

confirm button along the wall. You will be able to get these
items from the shed:

Veil Piercer, Fine Shield, Shield Sword, Metal Fangs, Silver
Robe x 2, Giant Fists, Silver Graves x 2, Rune Cap, Plate
Mail x 2

Also, as you leave the shed, the man in the room will tell
you he has something to give you. Claude takes a look at
what the item is, and says that it is an ID Card. The rest
of the party wonders what an "ID Card" is, and Claude says
that it isn't important.

When you're ready to leave for Eluria Tower, leave the small
village area. On the world map, head for the large tower area.
It is the only other location you can visit on the map.

Eluria Tower
*Item Info:
Aquaberry, Crestier Guard x 2, Crystal, Cure Paralysis, Cure
Stone, Fresh Syrup, Gale Earring, Giant Fists, Meteor Ring,
Holy Mist, Murasame Sword, Musical Software, Sapphire, Star
Ruby, Spring Water, Star Ruby, Splinter, Steel Helm, Stone
Check, Trickster, Ultra Puncy, X Box, ?Guard (Core Plate)

*Enemy Info:
Coldlizard, Darthwidow, Defender, Eldermagius, Timekeeper

The first thing to note about Eluria Tower is that it is a
great place to gain levels. Especially if you've picked up
Ernest. Since you probably haven't gone through anything
major in leveling up yet, you will have to gain some levels
here for him. The Eldermagius enemies are the most annoying,
because if you don't get to them in time, they will cast big
and annoying spells that do a lot of damage to the entire
party. Make sure you have Rena here to heal the party. The
enemy encounter rate in this dungeon is really often, you
won't be able to travel very far without being attacked. The
Coldlizards are pretty tough, just like every other "lizard"
enemy in the game. Make sure to take some time here to gain
levels and increase in skills.

When you first enter the tower, Claude will notice the large
door here. Go all the way up to the wall and use the ID Card
on the door to open it.

This dungeon is fairly big, and there are many chests here
that you will want to grab. Most of the chests are really
noticable, but three of them are fairly hidden. Once you
get up to the second level, above the first set of stairs,
go west through what looks like a wall. It does look like a
solid wall, but it leads to another room. You will want to
have the Trickster, which is found in this room.

The dungeon itself is fairly linear. You will notice that
the statues found here give a number and a letter of code
for each level you find them at. Through all five levels,
you should get this code:

[1 - A], [2 - P], [3 - O], [4 - C], [5 - A]

When you get to the last statue in the tower, it will ask
you to enter the code. Enter the code one letter at a time
(APOCA). When you enter this code, the game will confirm
that you have found the code, the code was "Apocalypse"
(In the Japanese version of the game, hiragana takes up
less space, so the whole world fit as the code). After the
correct code has been entered, a set of red blocks will
disappear in the area you want to go to next. Go up the
left tower warp, and you will find yourself in a room with
two splits. Take the split to the west. As your party goes
into this small area, Claude hears his transporter working,
and Claude walks away from the rest of the group and waits
to be beamed up to the Calnus, Ronixis' ship. Right as he
is beamed up, Claude tells his friends to remain there and
wait for him.

When Claude comes back to the tower, the rest of the party
is very surprised. The party indicates that they have been
waiting for 2 hours, and were worried sick about what was
happening. Claude says there is no time to explain what
happened, and he just says to get as far away as possible.
Claude lays down the communicator in the middle of the area
and wals away. Rena asks what it is. Claude says that it's
a communicator. Now, walk up the transporter to the right.
You will end up in a room with a save point. Save there and
make sure the party is healed up.

Go into the next area to the north, and Shin will be waiting.
Surprised, the party fights him.

HP: 21,000
MP: 200
Strength: All
Weakness: None

This will actually be a real battle. Unlike the last times you
have fought Shin, you will actually be able to defeat him here.
He shouldn't be too hard if you've been leveling in the tower.
Use Claude's best close range Hissatsuwaza, like Twin Slash. To
effectively beat him, keep near him and keep sandwiching him
between two fighting characters. If he can't move, he can't do
his best attacks, so keep stunning him. He shouldn't be too
much of a problem.

After you beat Shin, go into the following rooms and collect the
treasures from the side areas, then head into the center area.
You will eventually meet up with the Sorcery Globe. As you enter
the area, you will stumble upon two strange forces. A robotic and
loud voice tells you not to move any farther, and eventually, all
ten of the Wise Men enter the area. The Wise Men notice the key
on Rena's necklace, and wonder how she got it. As one of the Wise
Men shoots a beam at Rena, Claude jumps in front of Rena and takes
the blunt of the blast, falling to the ground. Rena steps out to
heal Claude, and another of Wise Man notices Rena's healing, and
wonders how someone from Expel could heal, and immediately knows
that Rena is a Nedian. The last sage, a man with red hair tells
the party that even if the party was to defeat the sages, they
wouldn't stop the collision. Claude gets angry.

Eventually, the Wise Men will leave the area, and leave Berle to
deal with the party. Berle will tell the party that they won't be
getting any farther. Before he attacks you, he sends three enemies
at you, Stonestatues. They aren't tough at all to deal with. After
you have defeated them, he will attack.

HP: 100,000
MP: 100
Strength: All
Weakness: None

You should know before this battle that you aren't expected to win
this battle, like others you've fought in before. In this battle,
you will have to survive for a minute again. This won't be tough
at all. Just run around the entire battlefield with Claude, and let
the other party members be killed as they attack. It won't matter
in the end, because if Claude is constantly running around, Berle
won't be able to hit him. After you have survived for a minute, the
battle will end.

After you win, Berle compliments your fighting skills. The red haired
man suggests to transport away, and the two sages leave.

You will now see an amazing but devestating FMV, and the scene shifts
to the Calnus. Ronixis stares blankly as he feels responsible for both
his son and a billion people on the planet Expel. The crew on the ship
say that there was nothing Ronixis could have done. Ronixis says that
even science can't save a billion people.

This is the end of the disc 1 walkthrough of Star Ocean: The Second
Story! Keep posted for the next version of the walkthrough, which
will finish off the game.

Private Action List:

Every character in your party has his or her own affections for
each of the other characters in the party. Characters with higher
affection toward characters will assist that person more in the
game through combat situations, like having an Anger Explosion
more often. The main factor that affects the emotional levels
of the characters is through Private Actions. Here is a list of
all of the one-time Private Actions in the game for Claude, and
the results of each of the choices. If you have found a Private
Action that I haven't, I would really appreciate if you would
submit it to me, as I am sure I am missing many Private Actions
since I have not gotten all possibly combinations of characters,
nor have I gone to every village at every point in the game.
Also, if you do give me a submission, make sure it is unique. I
am not looking for Private Actions that can be done through the
entire game.

Here is the key I will be using to note how much of a change
in emotional level occurs:

5: Big increase in emotional level.
4: Slight increase in emotional level.
3: No change in emotional level.
2: Slight decrease in emotional level.
1: Big decrease in emotional level.

The corresponding number will be placed beside each choice you
make. The name in parenthesis that follows this number notes
who the character(s) is that will be affected by the choice.


Location: By the church, only after doing everything in Cross,
but before doing the special quest in Mars.
Claude asks Rena if she has any pets.
   (4)How about you?
   (3), not really.
   (2)If you go to the forest, there are lots of friends there.

Location: If you have more than 2,000 Fol, he will be waiting
in the Item shop.
Ashton's dragons ask if Claude wants to buy a very expensive
helmet from the shop.
   (4)Okay, I'll buy it.
   (3)No way, it's a bit too expensive.

Location: Inside the house of the two lovers.
Bowman is making fun of the newlyweds and Bomwan asks Claude
about the entire situation.
   (4)By the way, what exactly are you doing here?
   (2)Is it like this with your wife?

Location: On the balcony of the Elder's house. You can only
do this Private Action after you have bumped into the man
with three eyes in the Cross Private Action.
Opera looks out and says that from the south forest, you can
see the place where she made an emergency landing as she was
traveling across the galaxy.
   After you see this, go back into the group and go south to
   the Shingo Forest. Opera will find her ship there, and tell
   the party about what happened. Crawd thinks that Opera is in
   a similar position to himself.
*Note: You *must* see this Private Action in order to get Ernest
  to join your party!


Location: By the northern exit of the village.
Claude asks Rena what she thinks is beyond the sky.
   (2)There's nothing beyond there, don't you think?
   (4)It would be great if there was another world out there.
   (2)Hmm...I don't know.

Location: In the jam/medicine shop.
Celine asks Claude to look for the jam/medicine shop owner so
she can buy some certain items.
   (3)I'll go look for her.
   (2)Why don't we come back later?

Jam/Medicine Shop Owner
Location: By the construction site, but only after Celine has
asked Claude to seek the owner out for her.
The store owner is wishing to be a singer, even though she
doesn't look as well as she wants to, and eventually asks the
party what they think about it.
   (4)(All party members)Don't give up on your dreams so easily.
   (4)(Celine)Dreams are dreams, you're living in reality.

Location: In front of the weapon/jewelry store.
Opera wants to bet with Claude whether or not the next person
to walk out of the weapon/jewelry shop will be a man or a woman.
   (3)Sounds fun.
      (2)It'll probably be a man.
      (4)It'll surely be a woman.
   (2)Nah, I'd rather not.

Location: At the accessories counter.
Bowman asks Rena if she knows of a good gift that he could
give to his wife.
   (4)How about an aquamarine? It has a sense of purity.
   (4)How about an arduous ruby?
   (3)How about a topaz? It has a sophisticated shine.

Celine and Ashton
Location: At the accessories counter.
Ashton asks Rena if she is interested in gems.
   (3)I like them too. (Celine offers to buy something for Rena)
      (4)Well then, I guess I'll take a sapphire.
      (4)If you insist, I suppose an emerald.
      (5)A diamond would be good, I guess.
   (3)I'm not really interested in them.


A man with three eyes (Ernest):
Location: On the way to the castle, but only if you haven't
been to Racool continent yet.
A man bumbs into you and apologizes for being in such a hurry,
and your character apologizes back. Your character wonders how
a person can have three eyes.
*Note: You *must* see this Private Action in order to get
  Opera and/or Ernest to join the party!

Location: On the way to the castle, but before only before
going to Mars village.
Claude notices what a bustling city Cross is.
   (4)That's true. It's because it's a castle town.
   (2)Oh, so Arlia's just the sticks, huh?
   (3)Really? Isn't it just noisy?


Location: North of the fountain near the center of town.
Philia is a townsperson who is pleading with the other
townspeople to leave town, since she is prophesizing that
the town will be destroyed in the near future.
*Note: If you do this Private Action, and then use the
  skill of "Pickpocket" on Philia, you will receive the
  very rare "Mischief" item.


Location: On the bench next to the forest before the quest
at Bugu Taikai is finished.
Claude asks Rena what type of sky she likes to look at the
most, and Rena has three choices.
   (4)When it's blue, I suppose?
   (4)I like the red sunset.
   (5)I like the sparkling nighttime sky.

Location: In the weapon store before the party visits Racool
Castle for the first time.
Precis wants to play a game of hide-and-go-seek with Claude.
   (4)Some other time, I promise.
   (2)I can't do something childish like that.


Location: By the boat in the marketplace of the city.
Celine's friend, Almana, asks Rena if Celine has a boyfriend,
and Rena has to decide what to say.
   (4)I don't think there's anyone in particular.
   (2)She's going out with somebody.

Location: In the main hall of the inn in town.
Celine worries that if she gets bigger, she won't fit into her
mage's clothing.
   (2)Wh, what are you talking about?
   (1)You shouldn't worry about your weight.

A girl from the village:
Location: Near the skill guild in town.
A little girls aks Rena if she will help her find her mother,
as she is lost.
   (4)(All party members)Help her find her mother.
   (2)(All party members)Leave.


Celine and Precis
Location: Near the tower on the west end of town, talking.
Celine and Precis ask Rena what she thinks of how Claude
looks in his odd clothing.
   (5)I think he looks kind of cool.
   (4)They are kind of tacky.
   (2)Would you want people to be saying that about you?


Location: Outside of the Jean Medicine Home, but only if Bowman
is not already in the party.
Precis wants to run along with Claude to see the Sorcery Globe.
   (5)Okay. Let's go together.
   (3)No, we're not going to play here.

Location: Inside of the library.
Bowman tells Rena that she should board at his house and attend
college someday at the university there.
   (5)Really? That would be great!
   (3)No, I don't think I could do it.
   (4)I don't want to get between you and your wife.

*Central City:

Location: Near the center square, but only if you have already
visited Feenal.
Claude is standing alone in a corner, and Rena must decide
what to do to him.
   (3)Leave him alone.
   (4)Call him.
   (4)Watch him.

Location: On the fifth floor of the inn.
Noel says that the town is odd because only people can live there.
   (4)But a town is a place for people to live, isn't it?
   (4)Don't you think that's a bit of an exaggeration?
   (2)What's wrong with a place with only people?

In the grocery market.
Rena wants to know about what kind of eggs she likes.
   (3)Boiled or raw?
   (4)Can you cook?
   (5)This is a bit too many though, don't you think?

*North City:

Ernest and Noel
Location: In front of a house.
Ernest asks Rena if she thinks Noel is an ancestor of
   (3)Maybe a genetic mutant?
   (2)Perhaps the product of a cat and human or something?
   (5)That's just what his race is like.


Location: Inside the college, but only if Claude likes
Rena better than any of the other females characters in
the party.
Claude says there's something he wants to ask Rena.
   (3)What, Claude?
   (2)Say nothing

Location: On the top floor of the inn in town.
Ashton asks Rena if she knows much about fortune telling.
   (5)Yes, sort of.
   (4)No, I don't.

*Fun City:

Location: In front of the battle stadium, but only if Celine
has the Chogo skill, and only if Rena is very fond of Claude.
A crowd of people keep chasing Celine around town, yelling
"I love you!!!".
   (4)Chase after her.
   (3)Pay no attention. (You then find some cologne on the
      ground, and now have three more choices)
      (5)Find Celine and return it to her.
      (4)I guess I'll use a bit myself.
      (3)I have a bad feeling about this, I'll throw it out.


-Tri-Ace, for making the great game on the PlayStation, and for
making a sequel to one of my favorite games. Incredible job. Most
sequels don't turn out nearly as good.

-Enix, for publishing the Star Ocean games. Everything with the
Enix logo on it is destined to be a huge hit.

-Ian Kelley, for putting up with my coutless questions (just like
he did for the original Star Ocean ^_^) on the game, and supplying
me with a lot of info on hidden items and Item Creations.

-Sony, for bringing this game over seas to North America. Look out
for Star Ocean: The Second Story in early summer.

-Web Pages:
Star Ocean: The Second Story Database:
Master Star Ocean Second Story!:
Star Ocean: The Distant Sea:
Star Ocean Info Warehouse:

-The Star Ocean: The Second Story message boards around the internet.
A lot of information on this walkthrough was gained by reading through
various posts on the message boards, especially about finding some of
the hardest items to get in the game, and information on the characters
Opera and Ernest.