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                               File Information
Version   : 1.05
Updated   : February 16th, 2004

                                Version History

Version 1.00 - February 2nd, 2004
- Reached Halls of the Hammer III with Dorn on Easy. First published version.

Version 1.01 - February 4th, 2004
- Restarted a new character since I'd actually missed a few dungeons.
- Added more details for the Firewind Manor sections.
- Added the Waterfall Cave to the Skull Gorge section.
- Added more details for the Lyran's Hold section.
- Added some questions and answers in the FAQ section.

Version 1.02 - February 5th, 2004
- Completed Act II and Dorn Redbear's special quest in Act III.
- Added some details about Lyran's Ossuary and the force fields.
- Added the Bloodmire sheet music question in the FAQ section.

Version 1.03 - February 6th, 2004
- Completed Act III and reached Mordoc's Gate in Act IV.
- Added some questions and answers in the FAQ section.

Version 1.04 - February 8th, 2004
- Finished the game on Easy with Dorn Redbear.
- Starting new game on Easy with Vhaidra Uoswiir.
- Added Playing History for Game #1.
- Changed the format in the Spells and Feats section.
- Added "Creating Items" in the "Items, Workshops and Item Creation" section.
- Added "Dorn Redbear" in the "Combat Strategies" section.
- Added some details to the "Secrets and Easter Eggs" section.
- Added the "Main Differences between BGDA and BGDA2" section.
- Added the "My Review" section.
- Added Available/Special Feats/Spells to "Dorn Redbear" in "Heroes of Baldur's
  Gate" section.
Version 1.05 - February 16th, 2004
- Finished the game on Easy with Vhaidra Uoswiir.
- Finished the game on Easy with Ysuran Auondril.
- Starting new game on Easy with Borador "Goldhand".
- Changed my version numbers.
- Added some details concerning Vhaidra's special quest and the Keep of Pale
  Night Dungeons (rescue of the Heroes of Yore).
- Added some details concerning Ysuran's special quest and the Keep of Pale
  Night Dungeons (rescue of the Heroes of Yore).
- Added Available/Special Feats/Spells for Vhaidra Uoswiir and Ysuran Auondril
  in the "Heroes of Baldur's Gate" section.
- Added "Vhaidra Uoswiir" and "Ysuran Auondril" in "Combat Strategies".
- Added some differences in "Main Differences between BGDA and BGDA2".
- Added the Gem effects in "Items, Workshops and Item Creation".
- Added some questions and answers in the FAQ section.

                               Game Information
Title     : Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II
Platform  : Playstation2
Player(s) : 1-2 player (2 player mode is cooperative)
Year      : 2004
Publisher : Interplay Entertainment
Developer : Black Isle Studios


Set in the very popular Forgotten Realms Dungeons and Dragons world, Baldur's
Gate : Dark Alliance II is the sequel to the very popular Baldur's Gate: Dark
Alliance game released in 2001. Highly anticipated by players who loved the
first game, this sequel was often delayed because of some legal disputes
between the gaming companies involved in its making. We no longer have to wait
though, the game is finally here!

The game's introduction starts off right where the first game left us hanging.
The three heroes from the first game: Vahn the Arcane Archer, Kromlech the
Dwarven Fighter and Adrianna the Elven Sorceress come out of the portal, after
having defeated Eldrith the Betrayer in the Onyx Tower, surrounded by strange
creatures. Leading these creatures is someoned named Mordoc SeLanmere. As Vahn,
Kromlech and Adrianna are captured, the game begins...

                    Playing History / Character Statistics

Game #1: Easy - Dorn Redbear, Human Barbarian            [11 hours, 31 minutes]

Character Statistics
Level        : 26
Experience   : 359,216
Next Level   : 361,000
Health       : 522/522
Energy       : 133/133
Armor        : 96
Base Attack  : 44
Damage       : 95-97 (54-75)
Strength     : 27 [+8 hit/+8 dmg]
Dexterity    : 10 [+0 armor]
Constitution : 14 [+2 hit points]
Intelligence : 10 [+0 max energy]
Wisdom       : 11 [+0% experience]
Charisma     : 11 [+0% buy/sell]
Weapon 1     : +4 Superior Dervish's Great Axe    (48-50)
Weapon 2     : +5 Grand Bastard Sword of Coldfire (39-69)
Chest Armor  : +4 Imperial Chain Mail of Rage     (AC 35)
Shield       : None
Helmet       : +3 Grand Half Plate Helmet         (AC 12)
Gloves       : Grand Full Plate Gloves            (AC 11)
Boots        : Superior Half Plate Boots          (AC 8)
Ring 1       : +3 Flawless Ring of Fire
Ring 2       : +2 Grand Ring of Fire
Amulet       : +1 Fine Keen Amulet
Gold Pieces  : 134,212

Skills       : Animal Friendship   (2 ranks)
               Armor Proficiency   (3 ranks)
               Barbarian Rage      (2 ranks)
               Barskin             (2 ranks)
               Combat Reflexes     (5 ranks)
               Death Blow          (5 ranks)
               Dodge               (5 ranks)
               Endurance           (4 ranks)
               Great Fortitude     (5 ranks)
               Great Weapon Focus  (5 ranks)
               Heart of the Bear   (5 ranks)
               Heart of the Wolf   (4 ranks)
               Hero's Arm          (1 rank)
               Hero's Mantle       (5 ranks)
               Improved Critical   (5 ranks)
               Power Attack        (1 rank)
               Resist Elements     (5 ranks)
               Sprint              (1 rank)
               Toughness           (5 ranks)
               Two-Weapon Fighting (5 ranks)
               0 skill points left in reserve
Game #2: Easy - Vhaidra Uoswiir, Dark Elf Monk            [9 hours, 36 minutes]

Character Statistics
Level        : 26
Experience   : 357,475
Next Level   : 361,000
Health       : 394/394
Energy       : 247/247
Armor        : 118
Base Attack  : 36
Damage       : 41-57
Strength     : 20 [+5 hit/+5 dmg]
Dexterity    : 19 [+4 armor]
Constitution : 10 [+0 hit points]
Intelligence : 14 [+10 max energy]
Wisdom       : 10 [+0% experience]
Charisma     : 13 [+5% buy/sell]
Weapon 1     : +4 Imperial Silvery Full Plate Gloves (Unarmed Combat)
Weapon 2     : +4 Imperial Hissing Throwing Knife    (18-28)
Weapon 3     : +5 Flawless Fey Staff                 (24-44)
Chest Armor  : +2 Superior Full Plate Mail           (AC 36)
Shield       : None
Helmet       : Superior Chain Helmet                 (AC 7)
Gloves       : +4 Imperial Silvery Full Plate Gloves (AC 16)
Boots        : Flawless Full Plate Boots             (AC 13)
Ring 1       : +2 Superior Ring of Coldfire
Ring 2       : +2 Superior Ring of Coldfire
Amulet       : +3 Superior Amulet of Thunder
Gold Pieces  : 159,691

Skills       : Accuracy          (5 ranks)
               Armor Proficiency (3 ranks)
               Combat Reflexes   (5 ranks) +4 with Gloves
               Crushing Blow     (1 rank)
               Death Blow        (5 ranks)
               Deflect Missiles  (5 ranks)
               Dodge             (5 ranks)
               Diamond Body      (5 ranks)
               Endurance         (5 ranks)
               Evasion           (5 ranks)
               Great Fortitude   (5 ranks)
               Hail of Knives    (5 ranks)
               Improved Critical (5 ranks)
               Iron Will         (5 ranks)
               Long Weapon Focus (3 ranks)
               Sprint            (1 rank)
               Stealth           (4 ranks)
               Sweep Attack      (1 rank)
               Toughness         (5 ranks)
               Unarmed Combat    (5 ranks)
               Willpower         (5 ranks)
               3 skill points left in reserve
Game #3: Easy - Ysuran Auondril, Moon Elf Necromancer     [9 hours, 32 minutes]

Character Statistics
Level        : 28
Experience   : 401,489
Next Level   : 417,000
Health       : 333/333
Energy       : 436/436
Armor        : 116
Base Attack  : 20
Damage       : 32-42
Strength     : 20 [+5 hit/+5 dmg]
Dexterity    : 12 [+1 armor]
Constitution : 10 [+0 hit points]
Intelligence : 27 [+40 max energy]
Wisdom       : 21 [+25% experience]
Charisma     : 10 [+0% buy/sell]
Weapon 1     : +5 Flawless Defending Staff                (24-44)
Weapon 2     : Superior Morning Star                      (20-30)
Chest Armor  : +5 Remarkable Guardian's Full Plate Mail   (AC 39)
Shield       : Imperial Iron Shield                       (AC 10)
Helmet       : +3 Imperial Half Plate Helmet              (AC 16)
Gloves       : +5 Flawless Unrelenting Half Plate Gloves  (AC 19)
Boots        : +3 Grand Full Plate Boots of Speed         (AC 17)
Ring 1       : +5 Flawless Blazing Ring
Ring 2       : +5 Flawless Blazing Ring
Amulet       : +4 Imperial Ice Witch's Amulet
Gold Pieces  : 139,924

Skills       : Alchemical Lore   (1 rank)
               Animate Dead      (3 ranks)
               Armor Proficiency (3 ranks)
               Clarity           (3 ranks)
               Claws of Darkness (3 ranks)
               Dark Possession   (1 rank)
               Empower           (3 ranks)
               Enchant Item      (5 ranks)
               Endurance         (5 ranks)
               Enervation        (5 ranks)
               Flame Arrow       (5 ranks)
               Great Fortitude   (5 ranks)
               Iron Will         (5 ranks)
               Life Drain        (5 ranks)
               Melf's Acid Arrow (3 ranks)
               Shadow Conjure    (5 ranks)
               Shadow Shield     (5 ranks)
               Shadow Spray      (5 ranks)
               Shield            (1 rank)
               Vampiric Touch    (5 ranks)
               Willpower         (5 ranks)
               30 skill points left in reserve
Game #4: Easy - Borador "Goldhand", Dwarven Rogue

Character Statistics
Level        :
Experience   :
Next Level   :
Health       :
Energy       :
Armor        :
Base Attack  :
Damage       :
Strength     :
Dexterity    :
Constitution :
Intelligence :
Wisdom       :
Charisma     :
Weapon 1     :
Weapon 2     :
Chest Armor  :
Shield       :
Helmet       :
Gloves       :
Boots        :
Ring 1       :
Ring 2       :
Amulet       :
Gold Pieces  :

Skills       :

                               TABLE OF CONTENTS

-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*- GAME BASICS -*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-

A. Background Story
B. Controls
C. Heroes of Baldur's Gate
D. Character Statistics Screen
E. Character Abilities
F. Weapon Types & Combat
G. Spells and Feats
H. Items, Workshops and Item Creation
I. Helpful Tips
J. Combat Strategies
K. Main Differences between BGDA and BGDA2

-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* PROLOGUE - THE CARAVAN *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*

0-1. The Trade Way
0-2. Trollbark Forest
0-3. Red Fang Goblin Lair
0-4. Wayfork Village

-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* ACT I - THE RED FANGS *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-

1-1. Purple Wyrm Inn & Tavern
1-2. Sewers [Optional]
1-3. Warehouse
1-4. Hands of Glory Guildhall
1-5. Argesh's Lair
1-6. Bloodmire Manor I
1-7. Bloodmire Manor II
1-8. Luvia's Laboratory I
1-9. Luvia's Laboratory II
1-10. Wood of Sharp Teeth I [Optional]
1-11. Cloak Wood
1-12. Red Fang Base
1-13. Firewind Manor

-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*- ACT II - THE ELEMENTAL KEYS -*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-

2-1. Wood of Sharp Teeth II [Optional]
2-2. Skull Gorge [Optional]
2-3. Lyran's Hold
2-4. Brigand's Ruins [Optional]
2-5. Halls of the Hammer
2-6. Dragonspear Castle
2-7. Sea-Cave
2-8. Hill's Edge
2-9. Artifacts Recovered

-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*- ACT III - THE ELEMENTAL FOUNDATIONS -*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-

--- Optional Character Special Quests ---
3-1-1. Allana's Home       (Dorn only)
3-1-2. Dark Monastery      (Vhaidra only)
3-1-3. Zarad's Clock Tower (Ysuran only)

3-2. Wood of Sharp Teeth III [Optional]
3-3. Skull Gorge II [Optional]
3-4. The Harpers
3-5. Air Elemental Plane
3-6. Earth Elemental Plane
3-7. Fire Elemental Plane
3-8. Water Elemental Plane
3-9. Foundations Activated

-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*- ACT IV - THE KEEP OF PALE NIGHT -*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-

4-1. Battle of Bones
4-2. Keep of Pale Night
4-3. Mordoc's Gate
4-4. Onyx Tower
4-5. Plane of Shadow


L. Frequently Asked Questions
M. My Review + Editorial
N. Credits, acknowledgments and legal stuff

A. Background Story

NOTE: I'm including this section to help people who've never played the first
game. It provides a lot of background information on the events that occured
in the first game, the characters encountered, etc.

Eldrith, commander of the Company of the Bladed Crescent, was one of the
greatest generals of the Sword Coast. But when Eldrith's pride led her to defy
the dukes of Baldur's Gate -- the very city she was sworn to defend -- she was
exiled. Enraged in her dishonor, Eldrith the Betrayer and the remnants of her
broken army stormed the city walls.

They were soundly defeated.

Eldrith fled to the Marsh of Cherlimber, where she was hunted down and felled
with arrows from afar. Clutching her wounds as she sank into the muddy waters,
Eldrith cursed Baldur's Gate and vowed revenge upon all that dwelled within.

Years later, rumors arose of a dark alliance gathering against Baldur's Gate,
of the hateful spirit of Eldrith the Betrayer, of a black tower of onyx in
which she seethes and plots. Eldrith meant to raze the city and its surrounding
lands with one of the greatest hordes of monsters ever to gather under one
banner: the Company of the Bladed Crescent had returned.

But even the best-laid plans can succumb to a twisted fate, as three
strangers entered the City of Baldur's Gate...

Vahn, a human Archer, Kromlech, a dwarven fighter, and Adrianna, an elven
Sorceress, each entered the city of Baldur's Gate seeking fame and fortune...
though they found only thieves, cutthroats who robbed them of all gold and
possessions and left them for dead.

Determined to find the culprits -- and their stolen belongings, the
adventurers began their search at the Elfsong Tavern. There they were
befriended by Alyth, owner of the tavern, who offered them gold in exchange
for exterminating an infestation of sewers rats in the cellar.

While performing this task, our heroes stumbled upon a small army of kobolds
and bugbears camped in the sewers. The monsters were vanquished, but where had
they come from? Who had organized them? The adventurers were aided by Ethon and
Jherek, two members of an organisation promoting good in the Realms, the
Harpers. After being invited into the Harpers, they discovered that a clue was
to be found in the crypts of a local cathedral, where something horrible was
about to be buried...

Investigating a disturbance in the city's crypts, our three heroes discovered
a dreadful orb with power to raise the dead, its sole purpose to create an
army that might wreak havoc upon Baldur's Gate.

A massive battle ensued and the orb was destroyed. The adventurers traced the
placement of the orb to the new thieves' guild; the same ruthless criminals
that once robbed them. The thieves were led by Xantam, a beholder hiding deep
beneath the city, who had secretly entered Baldur's Gate using a closely
guarded, magical shadow portal.

After defeating the beholder, it became clear to our heroes that the multi-eyed
monster was simply a pawn in a much greater scheme. Determined to discover the
source of the evil and also at the urging of Jherek, the adventurers stepped
through the shadow portal...

The shadow portal led to the Sunset Mountains, where our heroes found a dwarven
mining camp under attack by wicked drow -- dark elves. Suspicious of the drows'
motives, the adventurers helped drive off the dark elves and ignited a torch
to signal for reinforcements.

A second shadow portal was then discovered, exactly like the first -- only this
gate led to the Marsh of Cherlimber... the site of Eldrith's death. There, the
heroes met Sleyvas, a peaceful lizard man who spoke of a great Onyx Tower that
had suddenly appeared one day as if out of nowhere. Convinced that the Onyx
Tower must hide the source of Baldur's Gate latest troubles, the three heroes
set off to find it...

Our heroes battled their way to the top of the Onyx Tower, where they found
Eldrith the Betrayer waiting for them. Consumed with vengeful hatred over her
exile from Baldur's Gate, Eldrith proudly confessed her orchestration of the
monstrous armies.

A final showdown ensued, and Eldrith was inevitably defeated by the heroic
trio. But with Eldrith dead, the powers that held the Onyx Tower together began
to falter. Our heroes were forced to make a hasty exit through a final shadow

As the tower fell, a mysterious, lone figure watched from nearby. Had the
threat to Baldur's Gate truly been vanquished, or was even Eldrith merely a
pawn like so many of those she had employed? This lone figure was Sleyvas, the
lizard man the adventurers had befriended who seems to have betrayed them...

Our heroes emerged somewhere very far from Baldur's Gate, far from the Sunset
Mountains, far from Marsh of Cherlimber, far from safety... but that... is
for another tale... and this is where the second game begins...

B. Controls

L1 button               Shift
R1 button               Block/Parry (Melee) / Aim (Ranged)
L2 button               Drink Rejuvenation Potion
R2 button               Drink Healing Potion
R3 button               Reset Camera Angle
X button                Attack (+Shift:Set or Use Lower Feat/Spell)
Circle button           Use Feat/Cast Spell(+Shift:Set or Use Right Feat/Spell)
Triangle button         Jump (+Shift:Set or Use Upper Feat/Spell)
Square button           Action/Talk (+Shift: Set or Use Left Feat/Spell)
SELECT button           Inventory/Character Statistics/Level Up
START button            Pause/Menu

Directional buttons :
Up/Down                 Toggle Spells and Feats List Up/Down
Left                    Toggle between Automap modes
Right                   Toggle between 1-handed, 2-handed and ranged weapons
Left analog stick       Move Character
Right analog stick      Adjust Camera

C. Heroes of Baldur's Gate

You can now choose from 5 classes in Baldur's Gate : Dark Alliance II.

[Parts taken from the game manual]

Allessia Faithhammer, Human Cleric of Helm
Allessia is a cleric of Helm, the Watcher, the Vigilant One, deity of Guardians
and Protectors. She adventures for the cause of Good, in support of the Church
of Helm, and in defense of the Innocent, to whom she feels a divine duty to
protect. She heard of the troubles in Baldur's Gate when a letter from Huros,
her old mentor, arrived at her home in Secomber. Allessia is powerful in melee
combat, can wear any armor, and can learn many defensive and bolstering spells.

Starting Equipment:
- Shoddy Lt. Mace
- Cloth Boots
- Cloth Bracers
- Wooden Shield

Starting Spells and Feats:
- Armor Proficiency (3 ranks)
- Cure Wounds (1 rank)
- Divine Strength (1 rank)
- Turn Undead (1 rank)

Borador "Goldhand", Dwarven Rogue
Borador is a treasure-hunter, a particularly tough breed of rogue who
adventures for the singular purpose of looting otherwise unclaimed wealth from
ruins, monster lairs, and other extremely dangerous places. Foul-mouthed,
greedy, and taciturn, Borador refuses to speak of his past, and his clan-name
is a closely-guarded secret. He has, however, been given the moniker "Goldhand"
for his legendary avarice. Borador is a decent combatant who excels with a
crossbow and has numerous "treasure-hunting" abilities that allow him to foil
traps and collect extra loot from monsters and chests. Like many dwarves, he
also has a penchant for explosives. He cannot wear a shield or medium or heavy
armor without training.

Starting Equipment:
- Shoddy Short Sword
- Shoddy Crossbow
- Cloth Boots
- Cloth Bracers

Starting Spells and Feats:
- Armor Proficiency (1 rank)
- Ransack (1 rank)

Dorn Redbear, Human Barbarian
Dorn is a massive, carousing, thrill-seeking barbarian from one of the many
tribes that roams the plains of the Western Heartlands. He adventures for the
glory and the sheer thrill of it, hoping to drink as much liquor and love as
many women as he can in the process (my kind of guy, really!). Dorn is an
exceptional melee combatant who earns many powerful special attacks. As a
barbarian, he is fleet of foot and able to go berserk in battle, but cannot
wear heavy armor without training.

Available Feats/Spells: Accuracy, Armor Proficiency, Barbarian Rage, Cleave,
Combat Reflexes, Death Blow, Dodge, Endurance, Great Fortitude, Great Weapon
Focus, Hand Weapon Focus, Hero's Arm, Hero's Mantle, Improved Critical, Iron
Will, Long Weapon Focus, Power Attack, Sprint, Sunder, Toughness, Two-Weapon
Fighting and Willpower.

Special Feats/Spells (available in Act III): Animal Friendship, Bale Arm,
Barksin, Heart of the Bear, Heart of the Wolf and Resist Elements.

Starting Equipment:
- Shoddy Handaxe (Primary weapon)
- Shoddy Short Sword (Off-hand weapon)
- Cloth Boots
- Cloth Bracers

Starting Spells and Feats:
- Armor Proficiency (2 ranks)
- Barbarian Rage (1 rank)
- Sprint (1 rank)

Vhaidra Uoswiir, Dark Elf Monk
Vhaidra fled Menzoberranzan when her family fell under attack by a coalition
of other noble houses. Driven by a cruel mixture of rigid honor and seething
hatred, Vhaidra now adventurers to hone her already deadly martial skills --
all in preparation for her triumphant and bloody return. Her half-sister Ulua
awaits her arrival in Baldur's Gate; Vhaidra intends to use the troubles there
for her own benefit. As a monk, Vhaidra is a quick, hard-hitting combattant
who can learn a wide variety of special attacks and abilities. She cannot wear
a shield or medium or heavy armor without training and cannot use great

Available Feats/Spells: Accuracy, Armor Proficiency, Combat Reflexes, Crushing
Blow, Death Blow, Deflect Missiles, Dodge, Diamond Body, Endurance, Evasion,
Great Fortitude, Hand Weapon Focus, Improved Critical, Iron Will, Piercing
Strike, Long Weapon Focus, Spinning Strike, Sprint, Stunning Blow, Sweep
Attack, Toughness, Two-Weapon Fighting, Unarmed Combat and Willpower.

Special Feats/Spells (Available in Act III): Arterial Strike, Crippling Blow,
Hail of Knives, Poison, Stealth and Sweep Attack.

Starting Equipment:
- Cloth Boots
- Cloth Bracers

Starting Spells and Feats:
- Armor Proficiency (1 rank)
- Sprint (1 rank)
- Unarmed Combat (1 rank)

Ysuran Auondril, Moon Elf Necromancer
The brooding, mysterious Ysuran has few memories to speak of -- stumbling into
the Greycloak Hills and being wordlessly turned away by his moon elf kin there
-- carrying a black tome, presumably his, from which he learned his name and
trade: necromancer, a wizard specializing in the dark art of death magic.
Wandering in search of his identity, Ysuran finds himself strangely compelled
to aid those he comes across. While traveling to Baldur's Gate to seek answers
from the well-known sage Omduil, he hears of the troubles plaguing the great
port city. Ysuran is a potent spellcaster who, despite his poor physical
combat ability, can grow to become awesomely powerful. As a necromancer who has
chosen evocation as his school of opposition, he is very skilled with spells
that create, modify, or destroy life force, but cannot use spells such as
fireball or lightning bolt. He cannot wear any armor without training or wield
great weapons or bows.

Available Feats/Spells: Accuracy, Alchemical Lore, Animate Dead, Armor
Proficiency, Chill Touch, Clarity, Contagion, Dark Possession, Empower, Enchant
Item, Endurance, Enervation, Fear, Flame Arrow, Ghoul Touch, Great Fortitude,
Hand Weapon Focus, Haste, Hold, Iron Will, Life Drain, Long Weapon Focus,
Melf's Acid Arrow, Ray of Enfeeblement, Shield, Shocking Grasp, Slow, Sprint,
Vampiric Touch and Willpower.

Special Feats/Spells (Available in Act III): Claws of Darkness, Shadow Conjure,
Shadow Shield and Shadow Spray.

Starting Equipment:
- Dagger
- Cloth Boots
- Cloth Bracers

Starting Spells and Feats:
- Life Drain (1 rank)
- Shield (1 rank)

D. Character Statistics Screen

[Some parts taken from the game manual]

This screen can be accessed by pressing the SELECT button. There are different
tabs for each of the types of information presented.

Carrying Capacity: On the main screen, in the top left corner, there's a
percentage of the character's total carrying capacity. The number on the left
is the current weight of the equipment and loot you are carrying. The number on
the right is your total weight capacity. You cannot carry more than your total
carrying capacity. Your carrying capacity can be increased with the Endurance
passive feat (See Section G. Spells and Feats).

Gold Piece Total: To the left of the Carrying Capacity, there is the total
number of gold pieces you are carrying. There is no limit to the number of gold
pieces you can carry.

Weapons Tab: You can view the weapons you carry on this screen. Weapons that
are currently equipped have a green background. To equip/unequip a weapon,
press the X button. To drop a weapon, press the Triangle button. Some
characters can equip a weapon in each hand. The weapon in the character's
off-hand will have a grey background. To equip/unequip an off-hand weapon,
press the L1 button.

Armor Tab: Here, you can view the armor you are carrying/wearing. You can wear
shields, helmets, chest armor, gloves/bracers, leggings and boots. Equipping,
unequipping and dropping armor is done the same way as with weapons.

Potions/Magic Items Tab: This tab lists all of the potions and magic items your
character is carrying. Potions include:

- Healing Potions: These potions heal damage your character has taken. They
  come in many varieties, each which heals a varying amount of damage to your
  character (3 types of potions: Lesser, Normal and Extra Healing Potions).

- Rejuvenation Potions: These potions can restore Magic Energy (which is used
  when casting spells or using active feats). They also come in many varieties,
  each which restores a varying amount of Magic Energy to your character
  (3 types of potions: Lesser, Normal and Extra Rejuvenation Potions).

- Recall Potions: These potions can teleport your character to the nearest safe
  area (which may be many maps away from your current location). Recall potions
  are useful for when you need to return to a safe area to sell some equipment
  that's loading you down, or restock on potions or new weapons and armor.
  You can use Recall potions by pressing the START button and choosing the
  Recall option. Using the Recall option again will return you the the previous
  location, as long as you don't leave the area you have recalled to. This
  allows you to jump to Baldur's Gate with a Recall potion, then use the same
  potion again to return to the point in the dungeon you just left, provided
  you don't walk out of Baldur's Gate before you use the Recall potion again.

Statistics Tab: This tab lists all of your character's abilities, which are
explained in Section E. Characters Abilities.

Quest Journal Tab: Your current quests/tasks are listed here.

Spells and Feats Tab: List of your character's spells, feats, and their
respective ranks. See Section G. Spells and Feats for details.

E. Character Abilities

[Taken from the game manual]

There are a number of abilities that define your character:

This measures your character's physical power. Characters with a high Strength
have a better chance to hit opponents in melee combat, do more damage when they
hit, and can carry more weight than weaker characters.

This determines how well your character learns and reasons. The higher your
character's Intelligence, the faster your Magic Energy regenerates, and the
more Magic Energy points you gain each time you advance a level.

This describes your character's willpower, common sense, perception and
intuition. The higher your character's Wisdom, the more experience points your
character will gain when they kill monsters and accomplish quests.

This measures your character's hand-eye coordination, agility, reflexes and
balance. Characters with a high Dexterity have a better chance to hit opponents
with ranged weapons and have a better Armor Class.

This represents your character's health and stamina. A high Constitution means
your character will have more hit points and a faster hit point regeneration

This measures a character's force of personality, persuasiveness, personal
magnetism, and physical attractiveness. The higher your character's Charisma,
the less trouble they will have buying and selling items at the local store or

NOTE: As you gain levels, you will gain points to spend on increasing these
abilities. Every four levels, you will be able to increase one of your ability
scores. You get one point at level 4, one at level 8, one at level 12, etc.

You get experience by either killing monsters and creatures or finishing the
quests you receive. When playing in the 2-player game, both players receive
50% of the experience. However, the two players receive both 100% of quest
experience point rewards.

Next Level:
The number of experience points needed to reach the next level of experience.

Total number of hit points. Number on the left is your current total. Number
on the right is your total. When a character has 0 hit points, he or she dies.
Hit points can be recovered by either using Healing Potions or with time. High
Constitution makes hit point regeneration faster. Some feats improve your
health and regeneration rate (See Section G. Spells and Feats).

Magic Energy:
Total number of Magic Energy points. Number on the left is your current total.
Number on the right is your total. When a character has 0 Magic Energy points,
he or she won't be able to use spells or active feats. Magic Energy can be
recovered by using Rejuvenation Potions or with time. High Intelligence makes
Magic Energy regeneration faster. Some feats improve your Magic Energy and its
regeneration rate (See Section G. Spells and Feats).

This represents your character's Armor Class. The higher this score, the
better. You can increase your AC by wearing armor, with a high Dexterity score
and with the Dodge feat (See Section G. Spells and Feats).

Base Attack:
This is the bonus your character has to hit an opponent in combat. The higher,
the better your chances of hitting your enemies. You can increase your Base
Attack by going up levels, with a high Strength, with a magical weapon and with
various feats (See Section G. Spells and Feats).

The amount of damage your character inflicts on a successful hit. The higher,
the better. You can increase your Damage by going up levels, with a high
Strength, with a magical weapon and with various feats (See Section G. Spells
and Feats).

F. Weapon Types & Combat

[Taken from the game manual]

Your character's skill with a given weapon type or style of combat will
determine how he or she attacks. Each rank in the relevant skill -- Hand Weapon
Focus, Great Weapon Focus, Long Weapon Focus, Two-Weapon Fighting, Unarmed
Combat, and Accuracy -- will increase the damage inflicted, to-hit chance and,
for melee weapons, allow for automatic combination attacks (multiple
sequential strikes where each attack inflicts more damage than the last) and
special attack effects.

Hand weapons are those that can be wielded in only one hand. One of their chief
benefits is that they allow the use of a shield, which is helpful in defending
yourself in combat.

One-Handed Blades
Swords and daggers are relatively agile weapons and have a higher chance of
critically striking an opponent (inflicting double damage) than other weapons.
A character can earn up to a 3-hit combination, with each additional attack in
the sequence increasing the chance of a critical hit.

One-Handed Axes
Axes are brutal but effective weapons; while not as precise as swords and
dagger, they can inflict more damage when they strike. A character can earn up
to a 3-hit combination; the second and third attacks in the sequence inflict
extra damage in addition to the extra damage already inflicted by sequential
attacks, while the third attack also inflicts extra critical hit damage.

One-Handed Bludgeons
Includes clubs, maces, morning stars. Bludgeons have a chance to stun enemies,
briefly rendering them unable to attack or defend themselves. A character can
earn up to a 3-hit combination, with each additional attack in the sequence
having an increased chance to stun the target.

Great weapons are so large and heavy that they must be wielded in two hands.
Great weapons inflict much more damage than smaller hand weapons but a
character cannot use a shield with one.

Great Swords
Like their smaller variants, two-handed great swords have a higher chance of
critically striking an opponent than other weapons. A character can earn up to
a 3-hit combination, with each attack in the sequence increasing the chance of
a critical hit. In addition, the second and third attacks can strike additional
enemies around the character's primary target, though they suffer reduced
damage from the blow.

Great Axes
Like their smaller variants, two-handed great axes do not critically hit as
often as swords but inflict more damage when they do. A character can earn up
to a 3-hit combination, the second and third attacks in the sequence inflict
extra damage in addition to the extra damage already inflicted by sequential
attacks, while the third attack also inflicts extra critical hit damage. In
addition, the final attack strikes all enemies in an arc before the character.

Great Bludgeons
Like their smaller variants, two-handed bludgeons (like warhammers) have a
chance to stun opponents. A character can earn up to a 3-hit combination, with
each attack in the sequence increasing the chance of stunning the target. In
addition, the final attack strikes all enemies in an arc before the character.

Long weapons are primarily defensive in nature, having the ability to attack
enemies from a distance and push them back. Like great weapons, long weapons
require two hands to wield and prohibit the use of a shield.

Along with polearms, staves have the best reach of any melee weapon; they can
also stun enemies, like bludgeons. A character can earn up to a 3-hit
combination, with each attack in the sequence increasing the chance of stunning
the target. In addition, the second and third stikes cause increasing levels
of knockback, pushing the enemy away from the character.

Along with staves, polearms (spears and halberds) have the best reach of any
melee weapon; they also have a higher chance of inflicting critical hits; like
one-handed blades. A character can earn up to a 3-hit combination; the second
and third attacks in the sequence inflict extra damage in addition to the extra
damage already inflicted by sequential attacks. In addition, the second and
third strikes cause increasing levels of knockback, pushing the enemy away from
the character.

Two-Weapon Fighting
Two-weapon fighting is what it sounds like: the character holds a weapon in
each hand and attacks with them almost simultaneously. A character can earn up
to a 3-attack combination, where each attack consists of two strikes; depending
on whether the attack is armed or unarmed. Skilled unarmed combatants begin
with a two-attack combination and can earn up to six in total. Sequential
attacks inflict additional damage as well as having an increasing chance to
stun targets; the final sixth attack knocks enemies back as well.

Accuracy affects all ranged weapons -- bows, crossbows, and hurled weapons like
throwing axes and daggers -- by increasing both to-hit chance and damage
inflicted. Ranged weapons don't have the same high damage potential as melee
weapons, but allow you to attack targets from a distance.

Bows have a high rate of fire and inflict fair damage. Bows require some
training to use and not all characters can equip them.

Crossbows don't fire as quickly as bows, but inflict more damage per shot.
Any character can use a crossbow.

Hurled Weapons
Hurled weapons like throwing axes and daggers aren't as slow as crossbows but
inflict less damage than other ranged weapons. However, strong characters
inflict extra damage with hurled weapons as if they were making a melee attack.

Again, combination attacks occur automatically once your character can perform
them. You do not need to perform a sequence of actions to make them happen,
simply equipping the appropriate weapon and attacking will cause these attack
combinations to occur. For a more detailed description of the weapon skills and
earning combination attacks, see Section G. Spells and Feats.

There are other combat effects your character should be aware of:

Every time you hit an opponent he gets knocked back slightly; if you are doing
a sequence attack, your character will move forward slightly to compensate.

You can only block permanently if you are two weapon-fighting, having a shield
equipped or are an unarmed monk. While two-handed weapons may do more damage,
sometimes it pays to have a decent one-handed weapon and shield at the ready.
A character wielding a ranged weapon cannot block.

G. Spells and Feats

[Some parts taken from the game manual]

Spells and Feats are special abilities your character gains, such as new attack
types, additional health points and so on, that help you customize your hero
as you go up in levels. Every time you gain a level of experience, you gain a
number of points equal to your new level. You can spend these points to gain a
new spell or feat or improve on one you already have. At 1st level, you'll get
1 point, at 2nd level, 2 points, etc. Some spells and feats cost more points
than others to gain or improve, so you may want to save your points from level
to level to get access to some of the more expensive spells and feats, later in
the game. It's a trade off though, since your character won't be as strong in
the starting levels.

Spells and Feats work on a rank system, and many spells and feats have multiple
ranks. The more points you place in a spell or feat, the more powerful the
spell or feat becomes. Here is a list of all the spells and feats a character
may choose during the game. Each character has access to different spells and
feats, although some are common to all classes and can be chosen by anyone.
However, no character in the game has access to all the spells and feats.

NOTE: Spells and Feats are described more in detail in the Spells and Feats tab
accessible through your character screen. Always pay attention to what each
spell and feat does to improve your character.

Passive Feats
Passive feats are always on and do not need to be activated to function.

Accuracy: Improves the accuracy and damage of ranged attacks.

Armor Proficiency : Allows the character to wear heavier types of armor. Rank
one allows light armor (leather and studded leather), rank two allows medium
armor (scale and chain mail) and shields, while rank three allows heavy armor
(half and full plate armor). Allessia starts with three ranks, Borador and
Vhaidra with one and Dorn with two. Ysuran must choose this feat when he levels
up to wear any armor in the game.

Clarity: Reduces the casting cost -- the amount of Magic Energy required -- of
all your spells.

Combat Reflexes: Increases the speed of your attacks.

Death Blow: Increases the damage inflicted by a critical hit.

Deflect Missiles: Gives a chance to automatically block missile attacks.

Diamond Body: Resist the effects of poison and acid.

Dodge: You are harder to hit. Increases Armor Class.

Empower: Increases the damage caused by your spells.

Enchant Item: Decreases the amount of gold needed for creating and breaking
down magic items.

Endurance: Increases your carrying capacity. More useful than it looks.

Evasion: Aids in damage reduction from certain magical attacks.

Forge Lore: Decreases the cost of creating and breaking down magic weapons.

Great Weapon Focus: Increases your ability to fight with two-handed great

Great Fortitude: Increases your hit point regeneration rate.

Hand Weapon Focus: Increases your ability to fight with one-handed weapons.

Heart of the Wolf: Increases your running speed.

Heart of the Bear: Increases your Hit Points.

Hero's Arm: Allows you to wield great weapons in only one hand. Very awesome!

Hero's Mantle: Resistance to physical damage.

Improved Critical: Increases your chance to score a critical hit with melee

Iron Will: Increases your Magic Energy regeneration rate.

Long Weapon Focus: Increases your ability to fight with staves, spears and

Shield Expertise: Gain an additional armor bonus and physical damage resistance
from your shield.

Toughness: Grants you extra Hit Points.

Two-Weapon Fighting: Improves your ability to fight with two weapons at once.

Unarmed Combat: Improves your ability to fight bare-handed. Note that magical
effects on gloves and gauntlets come off as attack effects, e.g. +1 Leather
Gloves of Frost add 1-6 cold damage to any character's unarmed attacks. Vhaidra
begins with one rank in this feat.

Spells and Active Feats

Alchemical Lore: Allows you to switch nearby potions on the ground from Healing
to Rejuvenation and vice-versa.

Animal Friendship: Allows you to charm animals.

Animate Dead: Animate the spirits of the dead to aid you.

Arterial Strike: Wound enemies with a sneak attack, causing gradual Hit Point

Bale Arm: Allows you to hurl two throwing weapons at the same time.

Barbarian Rage: Allows you to enter a state of barbaric rage. Dorn begins with
one rank in this feat and cannot block while enraged.

Barkskin: As the name implies, makes your skin as tough as bark.

Bless: Increases the combat abilities of you and any allies.

Chill Touch: Your touch instills a deathly chill.

Claws of Darkness: Attack with claws of deadly shadow that freeze and weaken
your enemies.

Cleave: An attack that strikes all enemies in front of you.

Contagion: Curse your enemies with the plague.

Crippling Blow: Slow the enemy with a sneak attack.

Crushing Blow: An unarmed attack that adds damage to unarmed attacks.

Cure Wounds: Heals yourself and any allies. Allessia starts with 1 rank in this

Dark Possession: Control humanoids and lesser undead creatures.

Divine Resilience: Temporarily boosts your Great Fortitude (i.e. Hit Point
regeneration rate).

Divine Strength: Temporarily boosts your Strength. Allessia starts with 1 rank
in this spell.

Dwarven Warsong: Bellow to increase attack speed and HP regeneration.

Enervation: Death magic; attack with pure negative energy.

Fear: Cause enemies to flee in sheer terror. Undead and constructs are

Flame Arrow: Hurl bolts of flame. Each rank adds one arrow.

Flame Strike: Holy fire rains down on your enemies.

Ghoul Touch: Your touch paralyzes and corrupts enemies.

Hail of Bolts: Allows you to fire multiple bolts at once.

Hail of Knives: Allows you to throw multiple knives at once.

Haste: Increases attack speed for you and any allies.

Hold: Magically paralyze enemies.

Life Drain: Drain enemies' life to bolster your own. Ysuran starts with 1 rank
in this spell.

Magic Missile: Missiles of magical energy strike your enemy.

Melf's Acid Arrow: Summons a magic acidic arrow.

Otiluke's Icy Sphere: Summons a sphere of cold damaging and freezing your

Piercing Strike: An unarmed-only attack that reduces your enemies' Armor Class.

Poison: Inflicts additional poison damage.

Power Attack: Inflicts additional damage.

Precise Shot: You can make more accurate, damaging shots with a crossbow.

Protective Ward: Creates a protective aura around you.

Purity: Temporary poison and acid resistance. Additional ranks also grant
immunity to various status effects. Rank 2: Immunity to Curse, Rank 3: Immunity
to Sunder, Rank 4: Immunity to Enfeeblement, Rank 5: Immunity to Slow.

Ransack: Knock additional loot out of enemies! Borador begins with 1 rank in
this feat.

Ray of Enfeeblement: Weaken and slow enemies.

Resist Elements: Aids in elemental damage resistance.

Repulsion: Repulses and damages nearby enemies.

Sanctuary: Enemies will not attack you unless you attack them.

Shadow Conjure: Summon a shadow to aid you.

Shadow Spray: Ribbons of shadow damage and weaken your enemies.

Shield: Create a magical shield for defense. Allessia starts with 1 rank in
this spell.

Shield Bash: A short dash forward that damages and stuns your enemy.

Shadow Shield: Create a shield of shadow.

Shocking Grasp: Your touch electrifies your enemies.

Slow: Slow your enemies down.

Smokepowder Bolt: Fire a burning crossbow bolt.

Smokepowder Bomb: Hurl an explosive bomb.

Smokepowder Satchel: Place and later detonate an explosive satchel charge.

Spinning Strike: A devastating staff-only attack that strikes all enemies
around you.

Spiritual Weapon: Summons the avatar of Helm's sword, Ever Watchful.

Sprint: A quick burst of running speed. Both Dorn and Vhaidra begin with 1 rank
in this feat.

Smite Evil: Inflicts additional damage and can disrupt undead creatures.

Stealth: Allows you to avoid enemies and make sneak attacks.

Stunning Blow: An unarmed-only attack that damages and stuns your enemy.

Sunder: Reduces your enemies' Armor Class.

Sweep Attack: An unarmed-only attack that strikes and knocks back all enemies
before you.

Turn Undead: Repels and damages nearby undead.

Vampiric Touch: Your touch drains life and bolsters your own.

H. Items, Workshops and Item Creation

General Item Attributes

Weapons, armor, amulets and rings can have a number of attributes that relate
to their quality or magical properties.

An item's quality refers to how well made it is. Higher quality armor protects
better, higher quality weapons inflict more damage, and higher quality rings
and amulets are worth more. Note that many damage bonuses (such as those from
Strength and the Power Attack feat) also scale up with higher quality weapons.

Quality              Armor          Weapon          Amulet/Ring
-------            ----------     -----------     ---------------
Shoddy             -15% to AC     x0.5 damage     Decreased Value
Normal                 -               -                 -
Fine               +15% to AC     x1.5 damage     Increased Value
Remarkable         +30% to AC     x2.0 damage     Increased Value
Superior           +45% to AC     x2.5 damage     Increased Value
Grand              +60% to AC     x3.0 damage     Increased Value
Imperial           +75% to AC     x3.5 damage     Increased Value
Flawless           +90% to AC     x4.0 damage     Increased Value

Magical Effects

An item's magical effects, such as "of Blood" (e.g. a Long Sword of Blood) are
the result of between 1 and 3 components: Rune Stones and Gems, used in the
creation of that item. The number of Rune Stones and Gems determine how
powerful a particular effect is. Various Gems create different effects based
on what sort of item they are placed in. For example, a Jacinth in a shield
does something different than a Jacinth in a ring. You can also combine various
gems to create interesting effects.

Creating Items

The first thing you'll need if you want to customize an item to your own
choosing is to find a Fine or greater quality item and at least one Rune Stone.
Rune Stones can sometimes be found in dungeons but they are also sold by
Bartley. Once you're ready to customize your item, choose "Workshop" from
Bartley's menu. Here are the basics on item customization:

- There are 3 separate "slots" in which you can put Rune Stones and Gems. The
  first "slot" is for inserting Rune Stones and you can insert up to 16 Rune
  Stones in this slot for Body Armor, Helmets, Shields, Gloves and Weapons.
  You can insert up to 176 Rune Stones (!) in Rings, Amulets and Boots. The
  amount of Rune Stones inserted determine the item's bonus or the item's
  level, if you prefer.
  Body Armor, Helmets, Shields, Gloves, Weapons, Rings, Amulets, Boots:
  1 Rune Stone    = +1         (Level 1)
  2 Rune Stones   = +2         (Level 2)
  4 Rune Stones   = +3         (Level 3)
  8 Rune Stones   = +4         (Level 4)
  16 Rune Stones  = +5         (Level 5)
  Rings, Amulets, Boots ONLY:
  32 Rune Stones  = +6         (Level 6)
  48 Rune Stones  = +7         (Level 7)
  64 Rune Stones  = +8         (Level 8)
  80 Rune Stones  = +9         (Level 9)
  96 Rune Stones  = +10        (Level 10)
  112 Rune Stones = +11        (Level 11)
  128 Rune Stones = +12        (Level 12)
  144 Rune Stones = +13        (Level 13)
  160 Rune Stones = +14        (Level 14)
  176 Rune Stones = +15        (Level 15)

- If you insert only Rune Stones in your item, it will have the following
  effects, depending on the item's type: Body Armor, Helmets, Shields, Rings,
  Amulets and Boots grant the character a bonus in defense while Weapons and
  Gloves grant the character a bonus in damage (the amount of the bonus depends
  on how many Rune Stones are used).
- The second and third slots in an item are used for Gems. There are 13 types
  of gems in the game (excluding Rune Stones): Amethyst, Aquamarine, Coral,
  Diamond, Emerald, Jacinth, Jade, Jet, Moonstone, Pearl, Ruby, Sapphire and
  Topaz. Each Gem has a different effect depending on the item's type and you
  can combine two types of Gems in the 2nd and 3rd slot of an item to produce
  enhanced effects. You cannot put more than one type of gem in any particular
  slot. See "Gem Effects" below for more details.
- Try not to insert 3 Rune Stones in an item, since it's a waste of a Rune
  Stone, really. You are better to wait to get another Rune Stone or buy
  another one so that your bonus actually increases. Check the above chart to
  know how many Rune Stones you'll need to get to the next bonus "level".
- You can "extract" Gems from items you find in your travels, if you deem the
  item to be too weak. It costs money to break down an item though and you
  CANNOT break down an item to extract Rune Stones. You can also break down
  an item if you want to try another Gem combination.

- The most important thing to remember when customizing items is BALANCE. For
  example, there's no sense in putting 16 Rune Stones in an item's first slot
  and then putting only 1 Gem in the second slot. If you do that, the item will
  remain at the +1 bonus level since the 1 Gem you put cancels out the 16 Rune
  Stones you put in the first slot. Same goes if you put 16 Gems in slot #2 and
  only 1 Rune Stone in slot #1. So, for example, if you want a +5 Ring of
  Strength, put 16 Rune Stones in slot #1 and 16 Jacinths in slot #2.
- Finally, the aspect that most people forget is that item creation costs a lot
  of gold, depending on the power of the item you are creating. Make sure you
  have enough gold to start making an item because if you need to purchase
  several Rune Stones and Gems to make an item and that you end up without
  enough money to actually MAKE the item, you'll have wasted your gold on
  "useless" Rune Stones and Gems. Always SAVE your game before attempting to
  create an item, just to be on the safe side.
Gem Effects

Each piece of equipment you find can be put in 3 main categories:

Type         Items in Category
--------     ------------------------------------------------------------------
Armor        Helms, Body Armor and Shields
Weapons      Weapons and Gloves
Trinkets     Rings, Amulets and Boots

Here are the effects of each Gem type depending on the item type:

--------------------------------- Rune Stones ---------------------------------
Type         Effect
Armor        +1 to Armor Class per level
Weapons      +1 to hit and damage per level
Trinkets     No effect (increases the effects of other gems though)

----------------------------------- Amethyst ----------------------------------
Type         Effect
Armor        +3% damage resistance per level
Weapons      Inflicts 1-8 extra damage per level when you critically hit
Trinkets     +1 Charisma per level

---------------------------------- Aquamarine ---------------------------------
Type         Effect
Armor        +5% cold resistance per level
Weapons      Inflicts 1-4 cold damage per level; may freeze enemies
Trinkets     +1 Intelligence per level

------------------------------------ Coral ------------------------------------
Type         Effect
Armor        +1 rank of Shield Expertise feat per level
Weapons      +20% to minimum damage
Trinkets     +10% chance per level of ignoring Knock Back

----------------------------------- Diamond -----------------------------------
Type         Effect
Armor        +3% Fire/Cold/Shock/Acid/Poison damage resistance per level
Weapons      +15% chance per level of disintegrating undead on critical hit
Trinkets     +1 rank of Bless per level

----------------------------------- Emerald -----------------------------------
Type         Effect
Armor        +5 to magic energy; -15% weight of item
Weapons      Absorbs 5% per level of damage received as magic energy
Trinkets     +1 rank of Iron Will per level

----------------------------------- Jacinth -----------------------------------
Type         Effect
Armor        +5% fire resistance per level
Weapons      Inflicts 1-6 fire damage per level; effective against trolls
Trinkets     +1 Strength per level

------------------------------------- Jade ------------------------------------
Type         Effect
Armor        +5% acid and poison resistance per level
Weapons      Inflicts 1-4 acid damage per level
Trinkets     +1 Constitution per level

------------------------------------- Jet -------------------------------------
Type         Effect
Armor        +5 hit points per level
Weapons      +1 Armor Class for each Armor Piece worn
Trinkets     +1 rank of Sanctuary per level

---------------------------------- Moonstone ----------------------------------
Type         Effect
Armor        Reduces duration of Slow/Stun by 20% per level
Weapons      +1 rank of Combat Reflexes per level
Trinkets     +1 rank of Sprint per level

------------------------------------ Pearl ------------------------------------
Type         Effect
Armor        +1% chance per level of getting additional treasure from monsters
Weapons      +1 rank of Improved Critical per level
Trinkets     +1 Wisdom per level

------------------------------------- Ruby ------------------------------------
Type         Effect
Armor        Reflects 5% melee damage when struck
Weapons      Enemy bleeds 1 damage per level per second for 1 second per level
Trinkets     +1 rank of Greater Fortitude per level

----------------------------------- Sapphire ----------------------------------
Type         Effect
Armor        +1 rank of Power Attack per level
Weapons      +1 rank of Cleave per level
Trinkets     +1 rank of Sunder per level

------------------------------------ Topaz ------------------------------------
Type         Effect
Armor        +5% shock resistance per level
Weapons      Inflicts 1-8 electrical damage per level
Trinkets     +1 Dexterity per level

[More on combined gems effects in further updates.]

NOTE: Gem effects that give you extra ranks in spells and feats will always
allow you up to a maximum of 10 ranks in any given spell/feat. That's the
game's effective maximum. Therefore, if you already have 5 ranks in a spell or
feat and you use a Level 15 item that increases said spell/feat, you'll only
have 10 ranks in that spell/feat. Also, you must already have the spell/feat
learned to gain these bonuses in ranks.

I. Helpful Tips

1. In the beginning of the game, your character is weak. If you get swarmed
   by many enemies, retreat to a safe place and fight them one by one. This
   also allows you to recuperate your hit points and magic energy. If you have
   a ranged weapon and are running low on health, make use of it by killing
   monsters from a distance.

2. Smash and break everything you can. Barrels, urns, crates and vases
   sometimes contain gold pieces and other useful items.

3. Watch out for exploding barrels. If you approach a barrel and it says
   'Ignite', wait for the right moment and ignite it with the Square button
   when enemies are near it. Make sure to be far away from the exploding

4. Save often. As in any game of this type, saving your game often is a
   necessity. Contrary to some other RPG games, there is no penalty in this
   one for saving often so use it well.
5. Don't forget the camera. You can move it around using the right analog
   stick, and it can allow you to see into corners or sections of a room that
   might be otherwise blocked to your line of sight. It can prevent you from
   missing barrels and chests that are hidden in the shadows.

5. Recall potions are useful, especially in the later parts of the game where
   convenient exits back to a safe point aren't near. Always make sure to carry
   at least 4 or 5 recall potions on you at all times. Also, remember that you
   can use a recall potion when you're in a safe point to return to your
   spot in the dungeon or wilderness.

6. Use the map. It's an often forgotten extra feature in games like these.
   Using it makes the game a bit easier but it's useful whenever you are lost
   in a dungeon or the wilderness somewhere.
7. The Wood of Sharp Teeth and Skull Gorge areas can be visited more than once
   throughout the Acts. Make sure to make the necessary detour to fully explore
   these areas as they give you experience and more loot.

NOTE: Look for more helpful tips and hints scattered throughout this document.

J. Combat Strategies

Dorn Redbear - Human Barbarian

Dorn is the melee fighter in the game, really. He can wield a hand weapon in
each hand (and even possibly a great weapon in each hand once he learns the
Hero's Arm feat) and can therefore wreak havoc on enemies in close quarters.
When you first start with Dorn, you'll have to decide if you want to go with
fighting with two hand weapons, a great weapon or a hand weapon and a shield.
I personally prefer great weapons and once you reach Act III, you should be
able to gain access to the Hero's Arm feat which allows you to wield a great
weapon in each hand, which causes massive damage. Always good to get the final
rank in Armor Proficiency to be able to wear the heavy armor items. Combat
Reflexes, Death Blow, Hero's Mantle, Improved Critical, Heart of the Bear,
Heart of the Wolf and Resist Elements are all very useful feats to have.

Vhaidra Uoswiir - Dark Elf Monk

Vhaidra's specialty is unarmed fighting. Investing points in her Unarmed Combat
feat early on in the game will make her a real powerhouse capable of dishing
out massive damage to enemies. Some players might also want to specialize in
Long Weapons with Long Weapon Focus (for staves, especially) and Accuracy, for
ranged weapons such as bows and throwing knives. Useful feats include Hail of
Knives, Stealth and of course, Unarmed Combat. Also remember to spend some
points in Armor Proficiency, to gain access to the heavier armor items. It's
also a good idea to create some potent magical gloves that have special
properties such as fire, acid or lightning damage. Finally, Evasion is a must
have feat for Vhaidra.

Ysuran Auondril, Moon Elf Necromancer

Ysuran is a spellcaster, not a melee fighter. He can't wield any of the great
weapons or bows, for that matter. Therefore, you need to concentrate on his
spells. His starting offensive spell, Life Drain, is fairly good at the start
of the game but becomes obsolete once more powerful spells become available as
he gains levels. A good spell selection at first should include Animate Dead,
Flame Arrow and Enervation, the latter especially useful in the middle of the
game. Once Ysuran gains access to his special Shadow Weave spells, Shadow Spray
and Shadow Conjure become his two main offensive spells. Other useful feats to
choose include Clarity and Empower, which make spells cost less magic energy
and makes them more powerful. Finally, a strong Iron Will and Willpower is
very important for this character. The best strategy when it comes to Ysuran
is to summon an ally (either a skeleton or a shadow) and have it attract the
attacks from enemies while he fires away with his spells.

[More on the other characters coming soon!]

K. Main Differences between BGDA and BGDA2

1. The game is longer. The dungeons are more extensive. There are more areas to
   explore. There's a World Map, where you can choose your destination. There
   are 4 Acts instead of just 3 (although the last two Acts are short compared
   to the first two and feel incredibly rushed, at times).
2. Five heroes to choose from instead of three.

3. Greater variety in gameplay styles. In the first game, you could easily
   make Vahn as a melee fighter, making the differences between the classes a
   lot less noticeable. In this game, I've noticed more fundamental differences
   between the classes that help separate them.
4. Greater variety in weapons/armors/items. Gems are now useful in this game.
   You can insert gems into your items to customize them to your liking.
5. You can reach higher experience levels. The maximum is 40, I believe.

6. The game is a bit less linear. Sometimes, you can choose which quests to
   accomplish first and in which order. Also, each character has a "special"
   quest he/she can perform later on in the game that gives access to special
   feats and spells that weren't available at the start of the game.
7. A lot more spells and feats, especially with the addition of weapon type
   focus feats that allow you to customize your character's prefered weapon
   fighting style (either hand weapons, great weapons, long weapons, ranged
   weapons, two-weapon fighting or unarmed combat).
8. When playing two-player mode, gold is now shared in this game. That means
   that all the gold you pick up is shared between the two characters, there's
   just one huge pile of gold for both characters. In the first game, each
   character had his own stash of gold and one character couldn't affect the
   other character's gold. This had advantages but also disadvantages, esp. if
   someone wanted to buy something but the person didn't have enough money,
   etc. In this game, there's one pile of gold for both characters, so players
   will have to agree not to spend too much on certain equipment or else both
   characters will end up very poor.
[More Coming Soon!]

                  P R O L O G U E   -   T H E   C A R A V A N

Instead of launching you straight into Act I like in the original game, this
sequel offers a fairly extensive prologue adventure that helps develop the main
villains for the first Act. I really like this part of the game, it really
helps get you back into the whole Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance experience if
you've not played in a while.

0-1. The Trade Way

NOTE: With the help of the Automap function, the first areas in the game are
very easy to navigate. Throughout the rest of this guide, I will only use
directions where orientation can be tricky and leave you the benefit of finding
your way throughout the caves, dungeons and wilderness.

You are on your way towards Baldur's Gate, traveling on The Trade Way. Walk
east and you'll eventually encounter a wounded female caravan guard called
Keaira standing close to a save pedestal. She's not wounded that badly and says
they were ambushed by the Red Fang marauders. They captured some of the caravan
people and took them into the Trollbark Forest, southwest of here. However,
most of them continued southeast to Wayfork Village and that they're probably
going to raid it or burn it. She asks for your help. You agree to help. She
tells you to continue down the road until you see a path leading into the
trees. It eventually leads into the Trollbark Forest. She'll meet you later in
Wayfork Village.

NOTE: Fans of the first game might recognize Keiara. She encountered the 3
heroes in the first game, asking them to retrieve a box of spices from the
thieves guild under the city. More on her later.

Continue going east along the road and you'll encounter some goblins. You'll
come up to a hill heading north. Go up and around the hill and you'll find
some barrels and a chest containing some gold and items. Search all the various
crevaces on the side of the main road for chests and barrels containing gold
and items. Continue along the main road and you'll come up to a save pedestal.
You'll eventually end up in Trollback Forest.

1-2. Trollbark Forest

As you enter the Forest, you see some crows hovering over a corpse. Attack
the crows and make your way through the Forest, always checking your Automap if
you get lost. You'll encounter some more goblins and some wolves on the way.
Search all the weapon racks you find next to the goblin tents. After the save
pedestal you will have three different paths to take. Right will bring you to a
dead end with a trio of wolves, up, a dead end with a chest and left to the
rest of the Forest and yet another save pedestal. You'll eventually discover
the entrance to the Red Fang Goblin Lair.

1-3. Red Fang Goblin Lair

Use the save pedestal in the first room because the next room is the toughest
in the game, so far. It's filled with goblins wielding spears and bows, behind
some crates. Head into the room and kill everything that moves. You'll come up
to another pedestal flanked by two locked doors. Proceed in the tunnel to the
north and you'll end up at another locked door. Take the tunnel to east but
beware the goblins again, some of them now wield flaming arrows. Look for the
chest on one of the tables, inside is a Gate Key that will allow you to open
the locked doors you saw before.

Head back to the save pedestal and take the eastern tunnel. There will be an
underground pond with some mushrooms surrounding a little island with a chest
on it. Beware the mushrooms, they release poisonous spores. Kill the goblins
there too. Look for the entrance to the Bat Cave. Fairly straightforward cave
filled with bats. Make your way to end of the cave and you'll find two chests
with some more bats and a really large bat. Kill them all, loot the chests and
head back the way you came.

Return to the save pedestal at the crossroads in the tunnels and take the
western tunnel, past the locked door. You'll find another cave filled with
goblins and a goblin shaman. Lure the goblins back to the tunnel so that they
can't swarm you and kill them off one by one. Head back to the cave and pick
off the remaining archers. Finally head to the pile of crates and attack the
shaman. Loot the cave and head back to the intersection with the save pedestal.

Take the final, northern tunnel, past the locked door. From there, you can
either go east or west. Go west first to find another cave with some goblins.
Kill them all and loot the chest on the table to find a Cell Key. You'll find
some locked cell doors containing 3 prisoners further down in the tunnels. Take
the back tunnel, kill the bats and you'll end up to another locked door. Open
it and you'll find some more locked cells with the remaining prisoners. Free
them and they might leave you some gold and items for your troubles.

NOTE: There is a cavern entrance blocked by some stacked crates in this area.
Be careful not to destroy all the barrels in the nearby area. Push one of the
barrels close to the crates, jump atop the barrel and then jump over the crates
to access the chests and weapons racks in the cavern.

Once you have freed all the innocents taken from the ambushed caravan, your
quest will be completed (500 gold coins and 500 experience points)... but where
is the Caravan Master? Head a little south, past the cells and then east and
you'll find the entrance to Bile-Tooth's Treasury next to a save pedestal.

Inside the Treasury, you'll encounter some more goblins and some spiders and
even some goblins riding some spiders. The large spider with the goblin riding
it is Bile-Tooth, leader of the Red Fang Goblin clan. You can either head for
him first or take care of his minions first. I suggest the latter. You'll find
a key once you kill Bile-Tooth, that will allow you to unlock the stuff in his
Treasury. Save your game at the pedestal and then head to the Spider Breeding
Pit. Attack all the spiders, making sure not to let them swarm you. Search the
Pit to find some gold lying on the ground and a Rune Stone, too. Head back to
the Treasury.

Loot all the chests in the Treasury and unlock the door. You'll finally find
the Caravan Master. Talk to her. Her name is Randalla Brasshorn, owner of the
ambushed caravan. You have her gratitude. As a reward, you get 1000 experience
points. She tells you that you will be well rewarded upon her return to
Baldur's Gate. She offers you a job as her bodyguard until she reaches the
city's walls. If you are done in the Goblin Lair, accept her offer and you'll
be off to the next part of your adventure...

1-4. Wayfork Village

It seems the village is under attack by the marauders. You meet Randalla near
the entrance to the village. She says she'll remain outside and search for
wounded villagers to help. Head for the save pedestal nearby and save your
game. Head into the village and you'll see the goblins are terrorizing the
villagers. Rescue villagers by freeing them from the goblins' clutches. There
are 9 villagers to rescue in the village. Once you have rescued all the
villagers, your quest is completed and you receive 250 gold coins and 750
experience points. But where are the other villagers still trying to hold the
Wayfork Village Inn?

Continue exploring the village, killing goblins as you go. Use the pedestal in
front of the Wayfork Village Inn and enter the Inn. You'll encounter a
hobgoblin called Harnak the Butcher leading some goblins. Kill his minions and
then attack Harnak. Beware, his melee attacks are powerful. Once Harnak is
defeated, the villagers are freed, Randalla, Keaira and the Innkeeper, Larani,
enter the Inn. Talk to Larani first. She thanks you with all her heart. She
gives you 500 gold coins as a reward and you also get 1000 experience points.
You can talk to Keaira but all she talks about are the Red Fang marauders.
Finally, talk to Randalla. She congratulates you on your success. Seeing how
you can't exit the Inn any other way, tell her you are ready to continue
towards Baldur's Gate.

Watch the cutscene at the Keep of Pale Night, between Mordoc and his lieutenant
Xanhast. They speak of the interrogation of the 3 prisoners and about the
events that lead to the Onyx Tower's destruction. Mordoc speaks of Kharne,
Xantam's employee and how Kharne works for the Zhentarim and that he apparently
did not die at the hands of Vahn, Kromlech and Adrianna...

NOTE: People who have played the first game will remember Kharne. He was
working for the beholder Xantam and was a major villain in the game. It looks
like they changed Karne's name to Kharne for this game, though. Still, he's
a really cool villain.

                   A C T   I   -   T H E   R E D   F A N G S

Once in Baldur's Gate, Randalla Brasshorn gives you your reward for being her
bodyguard, 1000 gold coins and you also receive 1000 experience points. She
asks you what you will do next. Randalla says she has some matters to take
care of: informing the relatives of the slain guards, the recovery of the
caravan's goods, that sort of thing... but she says that if you need her help
or are looking for work, to please find her at the Purple Wyrm Inn. She has
associates that could use an adventurer of your formidable skills.

Baldur's Gate is a large city. There are many areas to explore. Depending on
which character you are playing, some areas and denizens won't be very useful.
The first area worth visiting and that you can actually visit for now is the
Purple Wyrm Inn. Head there as soon as possible.

Also, make sure not to forget Bartley. He's standing around on the street in
front of the Inn and he's very easy to miss if you are not paying attention.
I actually went through about 50% of Act I without ever visiting him, during my
first game. Sell off your extra equipment and restock on potions as need be.
He also mentions he has hired someone named Durbem, a skilled dwarven artisan
who can work on your equipment. You can meet Durbem in the Purple Wyrm Inn.

Also, you can find Sollus Duncirc, Captain of the City Guard near the city
exit. When you first speak to him on your arrival at the city and ask him
if he's heard of any rumors of note, he says the Purple Wyrm Inn would be a
better place to look for those. However, he does mention that he may have work
for you. Hazardous, but paying work just the same.

A trio of adventurers (the heroes from the first game, actually) recently tore
through the city's sewers, slaughtering monsters and unsealing portals. Now the
sewers are crawling with all manner of carrion beasts... beasts he wants dead.
You can accept his offer but first, head to the Purple Wyrm Inn after making
a stop at Bartley to sell of your extra loot.

Here is a list of all the areas in Baldur's Gate:

- Purple Wyrm Inn & Tavern (most quests during Act I can be found here)
- Church of Helm (useful only if playing with Allessia)
- Omduil's Manor (useful only if playing with Ysuran)
- Warehouse (entrance is barred until relevant quest is acquired)
- Bloodmire Manor (entrance is barred until relevant quest is acquired)
- Sewers (entrance is barred until relevant quest is acquired)

Church of Helm (Allessia only)
[More Coming Soon!]

Omduil's Manor (Ysuran only)
Omduil, sage and seer, can be quite useful to Ysuran and his quest to find his
lost identity and past. He's willing to help you but his time is expensive.
You can give him 2000 gold coins to start with and he'll confirm that your name
is indeed Ysuran Auondril, a noble name. He says you are no longer welcome in
Evereska, the last of the great hidden cities of the elves but he can't tell
you why yet. Come back when you have more gold and Omduil will reveal more
about Ysuran's past.

During Act I, II and III, you can give Omduil the following amounts of gold:
2000 gold coins  = 2000 experience points
4000 gold coins  = 4000 experience points
8000 gold coins  = 8000 experience points
16000 gold coins = 16000 experience points (Only during Act III)

As mentioned above, when you give him 2000 gold coins, he confirms that your
name is indeed Ysuran Auondril, the name you found in the black tome you're
carrying. When you give him 4000 cold coins, Omduil speaks of the tome you're
carrying, something about Shadow Magic symbols that you apparently wrote there.
He also talks about the Shadow Weave, about the goddess Shar and how the Shadow
Weave is an alternative conduit and methodology for casting spells and that it
is dangerous and shunned by most who know of it. When you give him 8000 gold
coins, Omduil speaks of Evereska and about how speaking of you over there is
forbidden. You were exiled from there more than 50 years ago. Some say you
murdered your betrothed and her lover.. Omduil knows this to be false. Finally,
when you give Omduil the last payment of 16000 gold coins, he'll speak of
Zarad's Clock Tower and its link to your past. More on that later.

1-1. Purple Wyrm Inn & Tavern

Many patrons frequent this establishment.
Among them are the following people when you first begin the game:

She speaks to you of the troubles the city has had in recent times, what with
the dark alliance and the three adventurers that found Eldrith's tower and slew
her... the tower crumbled and the heroes are presumed dead. She says she met
them once, in the Elfsong Tavern... an archer, a shield dwarf warrior and a
moon elf sorceress. She speaks of Xantam and how the adventurers defeated him
and all the thieves but that then, the Hands of Glory came.

The Hands of Glory is a society of assassins who've risen to power in the
city's criminal underworld. Xantam destroyed the old thieves' guild, the
adventurers destroyed Xantam's and now, it's the Hands of Glory, the worst of
the lot so far.

Randalla Brasshorn
Randalla has gotten wind of some disturbing occurences about Baldur's Gate, and
she thinks you might be able to help. First, there has been a series of
kidnappings; some victims number among the city's wealthy elite. Death lies in
their future should ransom or rescue not be made. There has also been a rash of
mysterious, grisly murders. There have been some leads, but little progress,
and more mutilated corpses turn up each night. She says she'll reward you well
for your efforts, of course. You can decide to either investigate the murders
or the kidnappings. Personally, I suggest you investigate the kidnappings first
as it's an easier quest than the investigation of the murders one.

If you choose to investigate the kidnappings, Randalla says the Hands of Glory
are responsible. The ransom demands are ridiculous, far beyond the means of
even the wealthiest victims' families. Some think it all merely a sadistic
excuse to send back severed body parts. The city guard knows a formal attack
could result in the murder of the hostages. Many families think a small group
would have the best chance of success: this is you. Her "less savory" friends
have informed her of where the victims are held: a Hands of Glory lair hidden
beneath an old warehouse in southwest Baldur's Gate. Head to Section 1-2.
Warehouse for more details on that area.

If you choose the murders, Randalla speaks of some strange happenings in
Bloodmire Manor and of the woman who lives there, Luvia Bloodmire. Some say
she is very strange. Randalla suggests you begin your seach there. See Section
1-6. Bloodmire Manor I for more details.

If you buy him some ale, he'll tell you that he has the vault key for a
treasure chamber in the Halls of the Hammer and that it could be of some use
to you if you're ever there. The Halls of the Hammer is an abandoned dwarf-hold
far to the north of the city, across the High Moor. You can try offering him
gold for the key but you probably don't have enough for now. Make sure to talk
to him at some later time when you've acquired more gold. Besides, the Halls of
the Hammer can only be explored during Act II, so hang on to your gold for now.

Ulua (Vhaidra only)
A mysterious drow female. If you are not playing as Vhaidra, she says she has
nothing to say to you. However, if you are playing as Vhaidra, Ulua is, of
course, your half-sister that's been waiting for you. She's surprised to learn
that you escaped, as she had heard reports of your death. She says she's the
only living family you have left. She speaks of the lesser noble houses of
Menzoberranzan and how they purchased the favor of the Dark Ravens, a splinter
sect of the Black Raven monk order, assassins for hire of the most lethal
caliber. You speak of your desire to return to Menzoberranzan and have your
revenge. Ulua has begun preparations, a network of allies. It is only a matter
of time... and coin.

If you have 2000 gold coins to offer her, you will gain 2000 experience points.
Your gold is used to fund a hidden base of operations for House Uoswiir. You
can return to Ulua later in the adventure and offer her more gold to fund this
base of operations, thus gaining experience every time you give her some gold.
The next amount of gold that Ulua requires is 4000 gold coins. Return to her
with the gold once you've amassed the coins.

During Act I and II, you can give Ulua the following amounts of gold:
2000 gold coins  = 2000 experience points
4000 gold coins  = 4000 experience points
8000 gold coins  = 8000 experience points
16000 gold coins = 16000 experience points (Only during Act II?)

I'm uncertain whether or not you need to have given Ulua all the gold before
the start of Act III. If anyone knows for sure if not having paid all the gold
until Act III is a problem, let me know. Starting on Act III, Ulua will have
something more to say to her half-sister. More on that later.

An interesting first quest would be to go clean up the sewers, so to speak, for
Captain Duncirc. Head for the sewer grate in one of the streets and head down.

NOTE: Most of the quests in Act I can be accomplished in the order you wish.
However, the order I'm presenting in this guide is the one I've always used and
I find it's the easiest. People going straight to investigating the murders at
Bloodmire Manor are in for a tough journey, as the monsters inside are fairly
powerful for a low-level character.

1-2. Sewers

When you first enter the sewers, you'll notice some huge beetles flying around.
Kill any you encounter. There are over 100 monsters to kill down in the sewers.
There will be a countdown showing you the remaining monsters for every 10
monsters you slay. The western passage is blocked by a door. There are some
more beetles in the room to the north. Go east and fight some rats. Don't miss
the chest in the alcove nearby. Continue east and then north to fight more
beetles. In the following room, you'll encounter some green slimes. Fans of the
first game will remember these as pretty tough opponents. Go the room to the
east and fight some more beetles. Continue north to fight even more. The next
room is blocked by a few barrels, including an exploding one. Ignite it and
watch the rats go boom. Keep going from room to room, fighting monsters as you

You'll end up in a big chamber with some water in it and some beetles and an
otyugh (the beast with the tentacles). Kill them all. From this room, go south
and fight some more green slimes. There's a chest and some crates in the little
rooms too. Then, take the north passage. Beware the following room! Lots of
green slimes that hurl their stuff at you. Not good. Retreat if you're getting
whacked too much. A ranged weapon can be handy here. Don't forget the save
pedestal in the SE corner. Some more green slimes in the next room. Continue
west to fight some more monsters along the way. Always keep an eye on your
Automap to make sure you've explored all the areas. Find another save pedestal
and save your game. After defeating the slime, you should have 10 monsters
remaining, if you've killed everything so far. The 10 remaining monsters are
all slimes in the rest of the rooms. Find the lever to open up the door. Once
you've slain all the monsters, return to the surface and report to Sollus. As
a reward for your help, he gives you 1000 gold coins and you receive 1000
experience points.

Your next assignment should bring you to the Warehouse.

NOTE: If you are playing as Vhaidra, Ysuran, Allessia or Borador and assuming
you've been picking up the most stuff you can carry and selling it off, there
are some chances you'll have enough gold (4000 coins) to give to your contact
to get the 2nd experience bonus.

1-3. Warehouse

When you first enter the warehouse, you are attacked by some men. Navigate
through the halls. You'll come up to a fork in the hall, head north first.
There will be some assassins behind some crates, along with some guard dogs.
Kill them and you'll find a crowbar, which is useful for opening things, of
course. Head back to the fork in the hallway and head east. There'll be a
locked door but you can unlock it easily with the crowbar. Inside are two

Go back to where you found the crowbar and head north again. You'll come up to
another fork. Head west first to find another chest and then head back east.
You'll encounter some more assassins and guard dogs along the way. Save at the
pedestal before proceeding any further. You'll find a gold key on one of the
assassins you kill in the next room. Open the door and you'll find a stairway
leading down to the Hands of Glory Guildhall, behind some crates.

1-4. Hands of Glory Guildhall

As you open the door leading into the guildhall, you are attacked by some
stronger looking assassins that throw daggers at you. Beware the next room,
where there are some more assassins and a pillar that shoots fireballs. At the
intersection, head north first but beware the next area, there are about 6
assassins throwing daggers at you. Continue onward and open the door to the
next room. The assassins release the dogs... Kill everything in sight and loot
the chests. Head back to the intersection and go west. At the next fork, go
north and you'll find some more assassins. One of them has a key ring that
allows you to release two of the hostages from the nearby rooms. Go back to the
fork and go south. Save your game at the pedestal and continue over the wooden
bridge to fight some bats.

You'll fight some more assassins, one of them carrying another key ring that
unlocks the three cages that are holding the remaining 3 hostages. The last one
you rescue says there is one more hostage in Argesh's Lair and gives you a key
stolen from one of the captors. You get 1000 experience points for this quest.
Continue exploring the guildhall and you'll find another save pedestal. Enter
the door that leads to Argesh's Lair.

1-5. Argesh's Lair

As you enter the room, you overhear a conversation the man Argesh has with his
Red Fang goblin minions. He's unhappy with the way some of them have handled
the kidnappings and kills one of them, promoting the other. Argesh also
mentions someoned called "Mistress Luvia". You are eventually discovered though
and Argesh orders his men to find and kill you. Argesh packs one mean looking
weapon on his wrist... try and kill his minions before taking him on. Once
Argesh is defeated, you discover a map to the Red Fang's secret base and a
small iron key on his disfigured body. Open the door and find one last cage
holding the remaining hostage inside. You receive 250 experience points for
finishing this quest. Go up the staircase and you'll return to the surface.
Return to the Purple Wyrm Inn and talk to Randalla.

Purple Wyrm Inn
Randalla offers you the reward offered by the families of the freed. You get
4000 gold coins and you gain 1000 experience points. Randalla asks who this
Argesh person was. If you'd taken the kidnappings as your first quest, she then
talks about the murders and mentions you should start your seach at Bloodmire
Manor, on the northeastern side of Baldur's Gate. It's the home of Luvia
Bloodmire, sole heiress to a vast fortune. Many have sent sons there in hopes
of marrying Bloodmire gold, but she turns them all away. She's an eccentric
woman: morose and, it's said, macabre.

NOTE: If you are playing as Vhaidra, Ysuran, Allessia or Borador, with the
reward money you get from completing this quest, you should have enough gold to
give to your contact for the experience bonus.

However, if you have already done the Bloodmire Manor section, go to the end
of Section 1-9. Luvia's Laboratory II.

1-6. Bloodmire Manor I

As you first enter the Manor, you'll notice a sort of piano called an
Harpsichord. You can try playing a tune on it but it comes out all wrong.
Go up the stairs and you'll fight some flesh hounds that can poison you. You'll
also encounter some strange mutated humanoids. Open the doors along the hallway
and you'll eventually rescue one of the 5 servants to be rescued. Save your
game at the pedestal and make sure to search the hallways for secret passages
behind certain bookcases. You should find the first of 5 sheet of Harpsichord
music in a chest inside a room behind a secret passage. Continue in the rooms,
searching everywhere. You might come upon a locked door eventually. Leave it,
you need to find the key for it first. Continue exploring the passageways and
rooms of the Manor, rescuing servants and finding the sheets of Harpischord
music as you go. You should find the key to the library in a chest in one of
the rooms. Head back to the locked doors you encountered earlier to find
another sheet of music.

Look for the stairs leading to the Bloodmire Manor Cellar, while you're at it.
Just keep using your Automap feature to explore areas you've not found yet and
you will eventually find your way around the Manor without any problems. Down
in the cellar, you will fight some skeletons, ghouls and some spiders. Once
you've cleared the Cellar, head back up and find the save pedestal and stairs
that lead to the Manor's second floor.

NOTE: There are 5 servants to be rescued in Bloodmire Manor. All of them can
be found on the first floor. When you've rescued them, you receive 500 gold
coins and 1000 experience points. There are 3 sheets of music to be found on
the first floor. The remaining two are to be found on the second floor of the

1-7. Bloodmire Manor II

As you come up to the second floor of the Manor, go slightly to the east and
open the door to the north to find another sheet of music in the chest at the
foot of the bed. Head back to the hallway and go around it, killing everything
you see. Don't forget the secret passage that leads to a room full of statues
and some chests. Eventually, you'll find a save pedestal next to some stairs
that lead to the Bloodmire Attic.

Guess what awaits you in the attic? Your old friends, the rats! Hooray! Kill
them all. You'll also find some bats. Pretty standard attic, really. Explore
all the rooms of the attic, making sure not to forget the huge pile of gold
behind some crates towards the eastern room. You might come upon a high stack
of crates, eventually. Just jump on top of the nearby crates and make your way
over the wall of crates. The attic is a dead end though, so head back down
when you are done to continue exploring the second floor.

Continue exploring the second floor, finding the hidden passageways that lead
to the remaining sheet of music. Once you've found all the sheets of music,
you receive 1000 experience points as a quest reward. Once you have them all
and that you've rescued all the servants from Luvia's monstrosities, head back
down to the entrance hall of the Manor and play the Harpsichord.

As the haunting melody echoes through the entryway, a secret passageway leading
down to Luvia's hidden laboratory is revealed. Head down there.

1-8. Luvia's Laboratory I

You'll encounter even more of Luvia's monsters down here. First, head NW to
a series of cells that contain some of Luvia's creations. After opening the
chest, the monsters will be set loose and they'll attack you. Then, head for
the NE part of the laboratory. You'll find a letter written by Luvia Bloodmire
to a "Lady F." in one of the first rooms on a table. The letter speaks of
Argesh as Luvia's "pinnacle of her creations". The Hands of Glory are also
mentioned in the letter. You'll also find a woman inside a cell but she
apparently doesn't want to come out because it isn't safe. Make sure to step on
the loose stone inside one of the cells containing a beast, as it opens a door.

Head to the northwest and you'll find another locked door. Look for a hidden
lever nearby and the door will open, leading to a chest and some barrels. Go
east and you'll find a save pedestal. You'll come upon a huge chamber with
more of Luvia's monsters. Stay on the raised section and pull the lever to open
the door that leads further into the laboratory. You'll end up in a big room
with some more flesh hounds, including a very big two-headed one called
Atrocious. Kill the surrouding minions first and then whack away at Atrocious.
Once Atrocious is defeated, you hear a faint ethereal voice in the distance
that says "Now that you are done playing with my pets, come and visit me." A
nearby door opens invitingly. Head south through the door and into the Lower

1-9. Luvia's Laboratory II

Save at the pedestal and follow the passageway, fighting more of Luvia's
minions as you go along. You'll open a door and you'll encounter Luvia herself.
Standing behind her are two more of her strange creations. If you've killed
Argesh, she mentions that the creatures behind her were made just for you. She
leaves you to your fate. Be careful, these minions are very tough. After
defeating her minions, you head over to Luvia and you realize that she is quite
mad. As she makes her leave, she releases poisonous gas in the lab. You must
escape quickly before the fumes overcome you. As you make your escape, doors
open, releasing more of Luvia's creations on your heels. Head back towards the
exit of the Manor. Return to the Purple Wyrm Inn.

Purple Wyrm Inn
Talk to Randalla and she mentions that several terrible malformed creatures
fled Bloodmire Manor. City guards killed a few but some escaped. You explain
what happened to her. She offers your reward for your efforts: 1500 gold coins
and 2000 experience points. Now, if you've not investigated the kidnappings
yet, Randalla will tell you to check out the Warehouse in the southeastern
part of Baldur's Gate. See Section 1-3. Warehouse for more details.

However, if you have investigated both the kidnappings and the murders,
Randalla suggests you speak to Sollus Duncirc, captain of the city guard. Also,
she mentions that she recently acquired an interesting map that leads to some
ruins deep within the Wood of Sharp Teeth... ruins likely filled with monsters
and treasure. She asks if you'd be interested in purchasing it. She accepts
400 gold coins for the map.

If you have enough gold, you can also purchase Durbem's vault key for the
treasure chamber in the Halls of the Hammer. He'll accept the sum of 4000 gold
coins for the key, nothing less. However, remember that you won't be able to
use the vault key until you reach Act II, so you'd better save your gold, for

Go talk to Sollus. He speaks of the Red Fang Marauders that have been troubling
the city of late. The city guard has been unable to locate their main base. You
mention that you found a map on Argesh's body. Sollus says their base is in the
Cloak Wood. He asks that you take the Red Fangs out. You accept and he suggests
you move down the shore and approach from the eastern side.

So, for now, you have two choices you can make. You can either head out to
destroy the Red Fang Marauders at their main base in Cloak Wood or investigate
the ruins in the Wood of Sharp Teeth. I suggest you head to the Wood of Sharp
Teeth first.

1-10. Wood of Sharp Teeth I

You'll encounter some crows in the ruins. Follow the little stream and explore
the ruined buildings. You'll eventually encounter some hobgoblins and their
camps. Continue following the stream, fighting everything along the way. You
will eventually make your way to a save pedestal and a path leading back to
the World Map. Head back to Baldur's Gate to sell extra equipment and to
restock on potions and then head to the Cloak Wood Lower Cliffs.

1-11. Cloak Wood

NOTE: Before heading to this area, invest in some non-metal weapons and armor.
You will thank me later, trust me. ^_~

Lower Cliffs

You'll encounter some Red Fang Marauders riding wolves. Travel along the cliffs
fighting your way through the goblins and their wolf mounts. You'll discover
a cave alongside the cliffs. Enter it.

Inside the Cloak Wood Cave, you'll fight some more Red Fangs. However, the
major event here is that you will discover a dead Rust Monster! A normally
harmless creature whose lightest touch destroys ferrous metal. The raiders
may have another one trapped within, so it might be wise to unequip any metal
weapons or armor. A rust monster won't attack unless it smells iron to rust and

                                *** WARNING ***
Be extremely careful here. If you do not want to lose your metal weapons and
armor, equip some non-metal weapons and armor or else you might lose these
metal items, even if they are magical in nature. Attack the two rust monsters
as you explore the cave but remember to re-equip your standard metal weapons
once you are done with them because there are more Marauders deep in the cave.

After defeating the Marauders, head outside and to the Upper Cliffs area.

Upper Cliffs

Fight your way along the cliffs again. Very easy section that will eventually
lead you to the Cloak Wood itself and the Red Fang Camp. Continue killing the
marauders as you discover them. You'll soon arrive at the entrance to their
hidden base.

1-12. Red Fang Base

Deep inside these mines, you'll encounter more of the Red Fangs. At the next
intersection, you have two choices. You can either follow the tracks or you
can head the other way around. Be careful when you start seeing black pits
surrounding you.. if you fall off, it's game over and you'll need to load your
game. You might even encounter some otyughs along the way! Both paths actually
lead to the same place but if you keep following the tracks to stay on track
(pardon the pun), you'll find a save pedestal next to the entrance to the Red
Queen's Lair.

Red Queen's Lair

Inside the Red Queen's Lair, you'll find a goblin shaman talking to a creature
called the Red Queen. Run around the cave, making sure to dodge the fireballs
coming from the statues, killing off her minions first. Then, attack the Red
Queen. She has a fairly powerful special attack, so always keep an eye on your
Health meter. You can only wound her and she she vanishes, you hear the sound
of grinding stone.

You find a bloody footprint down the secret passage behind her throne. It seems
the Queen is trying to escape. Pursue her and put and end to the Red Fang
Marauders! Be wary of the booby traps laid out in the tunnels ahead. You'll
eventually find the entrance to the Red Fang Secret Passage.

Red Fang Secret Passage

Your old friends the rats have returned. More booby traps await you in the
next passages, including the never-before seen spikes that come out of the
ground... Once you reach some more dark pits, head west, jumping from platform
to platform, to find the lair of another otyugh and some chests. Follow the
secret passage along its course and through some more rats, bats and traps and
you'll find the entrance to Firewind Cellar inside Firewind Manor.

1-13. Firewind Manor

Firewind Cellar

From there, you will see a cutscene between the Red Queen and her mistress.
Needless to say, the mistress is not happy of the Red Queen's failure...

Explore the dark passages of the cellar. You'll encounter some more dogs and
some marauders too. In the first main room, don't miss the false wall behind
the barrels leading to a secret room with some crates and a chest. Go north of
the first main room and don't miss the room where there are some crates stacked
high in front of two weapon racks. Just push the nearby crate near the other
crates and jump over them. From there, go west to find another room. Jump on
the crates and find the loose stone that's behind some barrels. Push to reveal
another secret room with two weapon racks and two chests. From there, go south
and then west again. You'll see some arrows start flying at you. Block if you
want to avoid them or you can dodge them easily by hugging the walls. There's
a chest in the NW corner of the room. Go south.

Find the room with the lever and pull it to open a door somewhere. Head to the
western part of the cellar first. You'll find a hole in the wall behind two
crates. You'll enter a room with some dogs. Head south and check the back of
the wall at the southern end of the room to pull a torch, it'll open up a
secret passage to a room with 3 weapon racks. Head to the eastern part of the
cellar and you'll eventually find a save pedestal and an entrance to another
big room. Inside the room, you will encounter the Lady of the Manor but she
doesn't talk much and opens up a trap door beneath you. You are in the Firewind
Dungeon now.

Firewind Dungeon

Lady Argozia Firewind, the true power behind the Red Fang Marauders, has
dropped you into the dungeons beneath her manor. You must escape and confront
her to complete your quest. There are three doors that can be opened inside
your cell, one of them having a lever you can pull inside.

NOTE: Skeletons are ahead. Equip bludgeon-type weapons for best results.

After pulling the lever and defeating the skeletons, head out of your cell.
Find another lever but beware because one of them, once you pull it, makes some
fireballs shoot out of the nearby statue and releases some skeletons. Beware
also the next halls, as they have fireballs coming out from holes at regular
intervals. Don't miss the loose stone along the way that opens up a secret
room containing two chests and two weapon racks. Find the lever at the end of
the hallway to open up the door. You'll find a save pedestal. Continue
exploring the dungeon, finding levers and chains to pull, revealing new
passageways. You'll eventually discover a staircase leading to the Firewind

Firewind Catacombs

You are immediately confronted by the Ghost of Felldane. Apparently, Argozia
built Firewind Manor atop the ruins of Felldane Manor. He speaks of the tragic
fate of his family and how they were all turned into ghouls. He asks you to
destroy the Manor and with it the shame of house Felldane.

NOTE: By now, you should be getting normal Healing/Rejuvenation potions from
monsters instead of the usual Lesser potions. If you've accumulated a lot of
Lesser potions, now would perhaps be a good time to sell them off for extra
gold and also, extra carrying capacity.

Explore the catacombs, destroying the skeletons and ghouls you encounter. At
the first intersection, head east to find a room with some coffins, skeletons
and ghouls. Head northwest to explore some more rooms with undead creatures
roaming around. There's a room that contains a huge skeleton that comes out
from under a crate along with some chests towards the NE. After a while, you'll
find another staircase, this one leading up to Firewind Manor itself.

Firewind Manor I

After climbing the stairs, you will be on the first floor of Firewind Manor.
Open up the passageway and save at the pedestal. You'll eventually come up to
a passageway where you can hear voices inside the chamber ahead. You hear two
people talking. You can slip into the nearby alcove and eavesdrop or you can
barge in and interrupt them.

A man named Kharne is talking to Lady Argozia. She plans to burn the manor to
the ground. Kharne leaves but Argozia has noticed you. She says even her
treasure has been moved. She says you will be witness to her true form...
Aizagora, the Red Death. Lady Argozia transforms into a Red Dragon! She sets
fire to the whole manor. You must escape before the inferno consumes you!

Firewind Manor II

Run around the halls of the manor as the flaming ceiling collapses. Keep an
eye on your Health meter constantly. Look for chests in the halls that contain
keys that can unlock the doors on this floor. You can rescue a bunch of
servants from one of the locked rooms for a quest reward of 1500 gold coins and
1500 experience points. Please note however that there are some doors you can't
unlock in this section. You need to head out of the manor, on the way out, you
will meet the Ghost of Felldane again. He gives you a +1 Grand Ring of Fire,
a +1 Remarkable Sacred Amulet, 1000 gold coins and you get 250 experience
points. Not too shabby, eh? Head outside to Baldur's Gate.

Return to Sollus for your reward with your success in clearing out the Red
Fangs base and routing the Red Dragon. You get 3000 gold coins and 3000 exp.
points for your troubles. Head to the Purple Wyrm Inn next.

Purple Wyrm Inn

Talk to Randalla. You explain to her that the Red Fangs were led by the dragon
Aizagora, who used sorcery to disguise herself as a noblewoman. She had been
funding Luvia's work and controlled the Hands of Glory. You tell her that she
set fire to the manor and left, thinking it a death trap. Randalla says she has
a friend who would like to meet you and that you can find him at the abandoned
warehouse. His name is Jherek. He's a man with very powerful friends and many
connections. She has told him of your exploits and he is eager to meet you.

NOTE: Those who have played the first game know that Jherek is a member of the
Harpers. Sadly, he is no longer voiced by actor John-Rhys Davies. The new
voice is familiar, somehow, though. Must have heard him in a cartoon. Bill
Ratner. He played Flint on the original G.I. Joe series in the 80s. ^_^

Thus ends Act I of Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II.

Another Keep of Pale Night cutscene occurs...

              A C T   II   -   T H E   E L E M E N T A L   K E Y S

NOTE: Like in the previous Act, some of the quests can be done in the order
you prefer. The order I present here is the one I find the easiest, with the
priority on the side quests before proceeding to the main quests of the Act.
As always, the choice is yours...

Also, it should be noted that Bartley will be selling a lot more wares,
including several new gems and magical weapons/armor. Make sure to check these
out if you've accumulated a lot of gold in your adventures, so far. Finally,
he is selling Normal Healing/Rejuvenation potions, so it's definitely a good
idea to sell all your Lesser potions and purchase Normal ones, if you can spare
the gold.


Inside the warehouse, open the door and talk to Jherek. He mentions that there
are a number of artifacts scattered across the Western Heartlands he intends
to collect. He means to do so by hiring trustworthy, capable adventurers...
someone like you. Dangerous work but fairly compensated. The first artifact is
called the Orb of Thunder, an engraved copper sphere studded with enormous
topazes. It was used to power a weather machine in the observatory of Lyran's
Hold in the Forest of Wyrms, now a fell and haunted place. That's your next
main objective. Exit the warehouse and go to the Purple Wyrm Inn.

Purple Wyrm Inn

Talk to Randalla, ask her if she's heard any rumors of note lately and she'll
mention Skull Gorge. It was the site of a great battle between men, orcs and
demons. There is much treasure to be found there, and danger... She marks the
area on your map for you to explore. Head out of Baldur's Gate. You should have
3 different destinations. Head back to the Wood of Sharp Teeth first.

2-1. Wood of Sharp Teeth II

Once you return to the Wood of Sharp Teeth, it is now inhabited by goblins,
wolves and some gnolls now as well. Follow the same path as before, killing
everything in sight and looting everything. Once you're done, you should head
to Skull Gorge.

2-2. Skull Gorge

NOTE: Before heading to this area, it would be wise to have either some flamed
based or acid-based weapons or spells. Trolls are ahead!

This area is populated by golbins, wolves and gnolls and contains two goblin
caves and two gnoll caves. Explore each area for experience, gold and items.
The two goblin caves are on the eastern side of the gorge, while the two gnoll
caves are on its western side.

In Goblin Cave II, there's a bugbear in one of the rooms to the east. Flip the
switch on the throne to open a secret door to another room filled with gold and
items. Inside that room, twist the torch sconce to reveal yet another secret
room. Inside are three treasure chests. One of them contains an exploding
barrel, so be careful. However, one of them contains a useful item for this
dungeon: a +1 Fine Flaming Dagger.

Inside the gnoll caves, in addition to the gnolls, you'll encounter some
trolls. Equip the Flaming Dagger you found to finish the trolls off, if you
don't have any other fire-based weapons handy. If you don't use either fire or
acid to kill the trolls, they will always regenerate and attack you.

NOTE: Since the Fine Flaming Dagger is a fairly weak weapon to use, I suggest
you break down the weapon in the workshop to get the Jacinth inside. Use the
gem in a stronger weapon instead. Flaming weapons are fun!

You'll also find a decorative gem shaped like a reptilian eye in the second
gnoll cave once you kill one of the gnolls. You'll find a dragon idol figurine
in the cave and it's missing an eye. Place the decorative stone in it and
you'll hear the sound of grinding rock in the distance. Make sure you examine
the idol two times to place the gem in the socket. The door that opened leads
to a room with some chests inside.

Finally, don't forget to check out the cave behind the waterfall at the north
end of the gorge. Inside are some troglodytes and more treasure.

Once this area is complete, head for Lyran's Hold to find the Orb of Thunder.

2-3. Lyran's Hold

Forest of Wyrms Ambush

On your way to Lyran's Hold, you are ambushed by a marauding band of ettins
and hobgoblins while traveling through the Forest of Wyrms. You must fight your
way out. Head north. Follow the small river to find two smalls areas that have
chests. Follow the main road north and continue to Lyran's Hold.

You'll see a cutscene between Kharne and the lizard man, Sleyvas. Kharne orders
Sleyvas to retrieve the Orb of Thunder and to bring it to Darkhold.

Lyran's Hold I

Proceed north in the Hold and you will encounter some animated suits of armor
that attack you. At some point in your exploration, you will come upon an
intersection. You can go north or west.

Go north first since the other areas on the first level are all unaccessible
for now. You will then face animated furniture: tables, chairs, benches, the
kitchen sink (Okay, that last one was a joke...) Continue going north, through
the pair of doors that are side by side and to a save pedestal near the stairs
leading to the second level of the Hold.

Lyran's Hold II

You'll face more animated suits of armor. Be careful in the next room, certain
tiles have spiked traps on them. From this room, you can either go north, east
or west. The door to the north is locked, so you can either go east or west.

NOTE: If you want to fully explore the second floor of Lyran's Hold without
having Lyran pursuing and attacking you throughout the level, stay away from
his private study until you've searched everywhere else. However, if you make
the mistake of triggering Lyran before you finish exploring the level, you can
get rid of him chasing you around for that level only, by simply recalling out,
and then recalling back in.  This works in both normal and extreme modes. This
does not work for the Cellar, unfortunately.

Both the eastern and western passages lead to the same place, eventually, so
you can pick whichever you want. The western part contains a room filled with
pillars that shoot fireballs, spiked traps and many chests while the eastern
passage is a bit easier. Make sure to look at your Automap frequently to spot
hidden passages and rooms.

You'll follow the secret passages around and access the locked room through
another secret passage, encountering animated books, this time. Lyran's private
study is located in the middle of this level and to access it, you must search
for the hidden doorway. Inside Lyran's private study, there's a chest with a
key that unlocks the door to his study (to the south) and a bundle of scrolls
that reveal the location of Lyran's remains, in Lyran's Cellar. Lyran is a lich
and the only way to truly defeat him is to destroy his remains. After you've
taken the key from the chest and searched the bundle of scrolls, as you unlock
the door to his study, Lyran appears and starts pursuing you throughout the
second floor.

NOTE: It's very important that you search the bundle of scrolls on the table
in Lyran's private study or else the door leading to his Cellar will remain
locked and you'll have to run back to his study. Huge waste of time.

It's no use trying to harm Lyran, all your attacks have no effect. Run south
and back down to the first floor. Some new animated suits of armors and books
will have returned to hinder your progress. Return to the first floor's main
intersection and take the eastern passage to find the entrance to Lyran's

Lyran's Cellar

As you enter the Cellar, you are confronted by Lyran. He says you must leave
his castle and that he won't warn you again. He'll pester you throughout your
exploration of the Cellar, so just try and ignore him as best you can, dodging
his attacks. In the room nearby, you will find a decaying body. Search it to
find a journal that speaks of Lyran being impervious to all harm and that he's
no normal lich. Head north and follow the passage. At the intersection, go
north still and fight a huge animated suit of armor guarding a chest and two
weapon racks. Head back to the intersection and go west. Follow the passage
northwest around the chasm and continue south. You'll find a save pedestal.
Head into the next room. Continue west to find the door to Lyran's Ossuary.

Lyran's Ossuary

As you enter his Ossuary, Lyran confronts you yet again and the battle begins.
The idea here is to destroy all of the urns containing his remains. Some of the
areas in the Ossuary are sealed off with force fields. The trick is to destroy
each urn, destroying some urns will release some force fields, allowing you
access to the other urns and so forth. Some of the urns can be tough to find
since they are in little alcoves along narrow passages. Use your camera angle
function to find them. Eventually, you'll make a room filled with urns
accessible. Destroy them all and in one of them, you will find Lyran's Hand,
which is useful for unlocking his Observatory. Once you've retrieved his hand,
Lyran falls down. Make sure to loot all the treasure chests located in his
Ossuary before heading out. Find the stairs in the northeast corner to exit the
Cellar. Back on the first floor, you are in a room that was previously
unaccessible. Search the chests and the racks and then exit the room. Head east
to find a save pedestal. Then, go directly west and use Lyran's Hand to open
the doorway to his Observatory.

Lyran's Observatory

There is a chest inside the Observatory and of course, the Weather Machine.
Examine it and you'll find the Orb of Thunder, your main objective for this
quest. However, as you are about to exit the Observatory, the lizard man
Sleyvas arrives with a few henchmen. He demands that you leave the Orb to him
and that you should leave. He says that all who serve Jherek soon fall, much
like the three that preceded you. You tell him you won't surrender the Orb to
him. A battle ensues...

Kill Sleyvas' henchmen first. Sleyvas is a fairly potent spellcaster. Just
keep attacking him and he'll eventually fall. Once the deed is done, head back
to Baldur's Gate to talk to Jherek.

Baldur's Gate

Return to the abandoned warehouse to find Jherek. Give him the Orb and accept
your reward: 2000 gold coins and 4000 experience points. You tell Jherek about
Sleyvas and the black-armored men. He says they are part of the Zhentarim and
he says he'll increase the reward on future missions to reflect the increased
risk. You ask him about the other artifacts he'd mentioned before. There were
four in total, including the Orb of Thunder you've just recovered. The others
are the Jade Octahedron, the Brazier of Eternal Flame and the Oceanic Urn. You
can ask him about each artifact but be warned that whichever artifact you ask
about first and accept to retrieve will become your next assignment, so choose

The Jade Octahedron is located in the Halls of the Hammer, an abandoned dwarf
stronghold across the High Moor. The Brazier of Eternal Flame was once in the
treasury of Dragonspear Castle but lies somewhere in the caverns beneath the
place now, having been stolen by monsters. The Oceanic Urn was last seen in the
hands of pirates based out of Seer's Cove. One of Randalla's ships could get
you there, though you'd have to row ashore yourself.

I picked the Jade Octahedron first, so we'll explore that area first.
Check section 2-4. Brigand's Ruins and 2-5. Halls of the Hammer for details.
For the Brazier of Eternal Flame, check Section 2-6. Dragonspear Castle. For
the Oceanic Urn, check Section 2-7. Sea-Cave. If you've recovered all the
artifacts, check Section 2-9. Artifacts Recovered.

2-4. Brigand's Ruins

High Moor Ambush

On your way to the Halls of the Hammer, you are ambushed in the High Moor by
some troglodytes. You'll find a wounded bodyguard called Landen nearby. He says
the troglodytes must be based in Brigand's Hold. His lord and lady Cadmere were
traveling back to Baldur's Gate from Waterdeep when the wagon was attacked. He
believes all the other guards are dead. He saw Lady Cadmere being carried off
over one of the troglodyte's shoulders. He doesn't know what happened to his
lord and he asks for your help. Landen says the troglodytes are several miles
west of here, a ruined keep and village. He says there's supposed to be an
extensive network of cellars and dungeons below ground. Bandits often use the
place to hole up. He marks the area on your map. He's in no condition to fight,
so he says he'll check his fallen companions for survivors and continue down
the road for help.

Explore the surrouding area, fighting some more troglodytes as you go.  Follow
the road north to eventually return to the World Map. From here, you should
head just a little west, to the Brigand's Ruins.

Brigand's Ruins

Head east. You'll encounter some more troglodytes. Follow the path through the
ruins and you'll find the stairs leading down to the Brigand's Hall guarded
by some troglodytes and their larger leader. Head down the stairs.

Brigand's Hall

Go north and follow the passage. Troglodytes will attack you. You'll come up
to an intersection going north, east and west. Go west and you'll find two
rooms, one of them having a secret room containing some crates and a chest. Go
east to find two more rooms with trogolodytes, chests and crates. Finally, go
north to find Sart Sarkat, the leader of the troglodytes. Kill his minions
first, as usual and then attack him head on. Once you've defeated him, you'll
find a key that will unlock Lady Cadmere's cell. Once you've rescued her, you
get 4000 gold coins, a +1 Grand Keen Amulet and 2000 experience points. Head
out of the Brigand's Hall and continue on towards the Halls of the Hammer.

2-5. Halls of the Hammer

NOTE: If you have not already done so, purchase the Vault Key from Durbem the
dwarf at the Purple Wyrm Inn. You should have more than enough gold by now to
be burdened with the 4000 gold pieces price tag. Also, if you don't have a
flame or acid based weapon by now, I suggest you get one, as there are some
trolls wandering around in the Halls of the Hammer. Buy a Jacinth and/or a Jade
and create yourself a flame and/or acid based weapon that way.

Halls of the Hammer I

It's the return of your old friends, the green slimes! Explore the side
passages to find some trolls. Be careful on the narrow walkways, you can fall
to your death. Keep on going north past the save pedestal. You'll come upon a
huge chamber with narrow walkways and orcs patrolling them. Be very careful,
retreating back to the save pedestal after having killed a few monsters.
Explore all the side caverns. Continue north into the cavern with the columns.
There's a save pedestal in the NW corner of the cavern. You'll find the
entrance to the second level of the Halls.

Halls of the Hammer II

You'll see a short cutscene showing some mimics (monsters that can mimic chests
among other things). You'll fight some helmed horrors. Explore the various
rooms but be warned that some of the chests are mimics. At the first main hall,
go north to find a room with a save pedestal and then go back to the main hall
and go west. Explore the side rooms along the passage to find gold and items.
You'll come upon another big hall. Go north. Save at the pedestal at the
western end of the next hall and then go east. At the next hall, go to the
eastern wall to find the door to the Treasury that's locked by the key you
bought from Durbem. Enter the room and you'll be attacked by an animated
hammer. You can make it fall but it always comes back up. If anyone knows how
or even if you can defeat it completely, let me know. Anyway, loot the Treasury
for lots and lots of gold pieces. Go back to the other room, head north and
save at the pedestal. You'll find the entrance to the third level of the Halls.

Halls of the Hammer III

You enter a huge cavern inhabited by a chimera. Kill it and you'll retrieve
the Jade Octahedron from its bowels (Ick!). Make sure to loot the six treasure
chests that the beast was guarding but beware, some of the chests can be
mimics! Head back to Baldur's Gate to give the Jade Octahedron to Jherek.

Baldur's Gate

Return to the Warehouse and speak to Jherek.
You receive 3000 gold coins and 4000 experience points as a reward.

For the Brazier of Eternal Flame, check Section 2-6. Dragonspear Castle. For
the Oceanic Urn, check Section 2-7. Sea-Cave. If you've recovered all the
artifacts, check Section 2-9. Artifacts Recovered.

2-6. Dragonspear Castle

Trollclaws Ambush

On your way to Dragonspear Castle, you are camping and you awake in the middle
of the night to find your camp overrun by monsters from the nearby Trollclaws.
Explore the area surrounding your camp and kill all the trolls. Once you're
done, return to the World Map and continue to Dragonspear Castle.

Dragonspear Castle

As you enter the castle's courtyard, you're attacked by goblins and bugbears.
Explore the large courtyard and then head north to find yet another large
courtyard populated by goblins and bugbears. After having explored the
courtyards, head for the inner building. There's a save pedestal to the west
and a Cleric of Tempus standing near it.

His name is Felleth. He asks if you've come to enter the dungeons beneath
Dragonspear Castle. After you say yes, he blesses you. He says there has been a
shrine to Tempus on these ruins for many years. He also says that when the hero
Daeros Dragonspear passed on, his castle was abandoned and inhabited by a
succession of fell beasts and monsters. In time, a fiendish gate to the very
hells was opened in the castle's bowels. Armies purged the place, but priests
of Tempus erected a shrine here. And so they remain, in a perpetual siege
against the hordes of monsters that work their way into the castle dungeons
from the Underdark below... He says adventurers are welcome here and that there
is a lot of treasure to be found here. He asks if you could find an item for
him. A holy symbol of Tempus. It was lost some months ago by a young cleric
who entered and never returned. You ask him if any other adventurers have
entered the ruins lately. Some days past, a band of black-armored men entered
them but they have not yet returned. East of Felleth lies the entrance to the
Dragonspear Dungeons.

Dragonspear Dungeons I

Pull the two levers in the first room to open the adjacent doors. Follow the
corridor north and you'll find a closed door you can't open. Continue on to
find a save pedestal. The next room has some adjacent rooms. Goblins will come
out of them and attack you. Inside the western adjacent room, you'll find a
lever. Pull it and it will have opened both the first closed door you'd
encountered and a secret passage in the previous hallway. Pull all the 6 levers
in the secret room but beware the pillar, it will start shooting fireballs.
If there's an order to which you can pull these levers, I haven't really tried,
seeing how the fireballs are easy to dodge, anyway. You'll find two treasure
chests and two weapon racks in the next room. Head back to the hallway and go
through the previously closed door to the east. You'll fight some goblin
shamans, a bugbear and some hell hounds, even.

As you enter the next room, the door will close behind you and you'll be
ambushed by bugbears and goblins. Pull the two levers in the adjacent western
and eastern side rooms and the doors to the north and south will open. Proceed
south to find a room with some tents in it. From here, you can go either south
or west. Head west first. You'll find a room with some small cells. Search
one of the cells and you'll find the Holy Symbol of Tempus that Felleth wanted
you to retrieve. Head back to the other room and go south. Beware, there are
some fireballs that will come out of the walls as you pass. You'll find another
save pedestal.

Explore the side passages to the north and south of the next room to find the
required four levels you need to pull to open the door in the western passage.
Beware, as secret passages will open up and monsters will attack you as you
search for the levers. Once all the levers have been pulled, the path leading
to the second level of the Dragonspear Dungeons will open. Head downstairs.

Dragonspear Dungeons II

Go west and you'll find an intersection. The door in the western passage is
closed. Instead, take the southern passage and then at the intersection,
go SE to find some levers that open nearby doors. After opening one of the
chests, secret passages will open up, releasing some hell hounds. Search the
secret room for treasure. Head back to the previous intersection and go west.
At the next intersection, go SW to explore that part of the dungeon. There will
be three cells, one of them hiding a switch that opens up a secret door to the
east of the room. Inside the secret room are 4 treasure chests and 2 weapon

Back at the previous intersection, go north. There will be a save pedestal and
another intersection. Head west and explore all the rooms with the coffins. Go
back to the intersection and then continue north and then explore the NW part
of this level. You'll find another cell block. Back to the previous
intersection, head east to explore the NE part of the dungeon. You'll find a
room guarded by 3 bugbears, some goblins and goblin shamans. Pull the lever
on the raised platform and it will open the Tomb Door, the one you couldn't
open at the western passage at the start of the level. The Tomb room has many
pillars that shoot fireballs at you. Piles of gold are scattered everywhere.
Continue west and you'll find a small well leading down to the Dragonspear

Dragonspear Caverns

Head NE but be careful, there are some poisonous mushrooms around. At the next
intersection in the tunnels, continue NE to find a cavern populated by ropers.
Ropers are rock creatures that take shape of stalactites/stalagmites. There's
a gem in the cavern (a Jade when I was playing, although it's possible the gem
is randomized). Go back to the intersection and go NW. Follow the tunnel and
you'll encounter a band of driders (dark elves who have been transformed into
spider-like creatures). Looks like the driders attacked some of the black-
armored men Felleth spoke of. Continue NE to encounter some more driders and
ropers. Make sure to spot the gems lying around near the poisonous mushrooms.
Head SW to find a save pedestal. Follow the passage through the tunnels and
caverns and you'll find another save pedestal next to the entrance to
Ulchalothe's Lair.

Ulchalothe's Lair

Ulchalothe is a mind flayer, a creature that can control and influence minds.
She tries to control you but you resist. She orders her minions to attack you.
Her minions, by the way, seem to be those black-armored men Felleth spoke of.
Beware her mind blast, it can stun you for a period of time while her henchmen
attack you. Take care of her henchmen and then attack her. Once she has been
defeated, you recover the Brazier of Eternal Flame from her body. Thankfully,
you don't need to trek back through all the dungeons you've just explored.
Open the cell door in her lair. Behind the chest, there's an escape tunnel
that will return you to the surface.

Dragonspear Castle

You'll be in the northeastern part of the castle. Head to the inner building
to find Felleth. Give him the Holy Symbol of Tempus you found in the dungeons.
Felleth will give you a +1 Remarkable Flashing Battle Axe and you'll gain 2000
experience points. I'm not sure if the item is changed depending on which
character you are playing, though. Hopefully... Anyway, head back to Baldur's
Gate to give the Brazier of Eternal Flame to Jherek.

Baldur's Gate

Return to the Warehouse and speak to Jherek.
You gain 3000 gold coins and 4000 experience points as a reward.

For the Jade Octahedron, check Section 2-4. Brigand's Ruins and 2-5. Halls of
the Hammer. For the Oceanic Urn, check Section 2-7. Sea-Cave. If you've
recovered all the artifacts, check Section 2-9. Artifacts Recovered.

2-7. Sea-Cave

After getting out of the boat, head NW. You'll encounter some zombie pirates.
At least, I think they're zombies, with the grunts they make... but you never
know. Anyway, the way to the next save pedestal is pretty straightforward. Keep
following the path and you'll find another save pedestal. You'll find your way
to a large area filled with pirates and their leader, Captain Khoris. Don't
bother attacking the pirates surrounding him, he'll revive them. After you've
defeated the Captain, you realize he doesn't have the Oceanic Urn and that it
perhaps lies in the Sea Temple said to be beneath Seer's Isle. The entrance
to the Sea Temple is pretty hard to miss, what with the huge doors... Go in.

Sea Temple I

There's a secret passage directly north when you first enter. Then, head east.
You'll encounter some kuo-toa (fish-like humanoid creatures). Always check
your Automap to spot hidden rooms and secret passages. As always, use the
Action button to open the secret passages. Follow the tunnels to the next save
pedestal. This level is fairly easy, direction-wise, seeing how there's usually
only one direction to head in. You'll find the way to the second level of the

Sea Temple II

This level is a bit more extensive. From the main intersection, you have a few
choices to make regarding the direction. There are some tunnels and caverns in
the NE and NW sections but the NW section has a few locked doors leading to
some treasure chests. Look for the secret passage between the two doors and
another passage that leads around to the other locked room. Head north from the
main intersection to face Dibtolpt, High Priest of the Sea-Mother. After his
speech, he attacks. Once he's dead, proceed north and explore all the side
rooms. By exploring the western rooms, it opens up locked doors that were
locked. One of the two eastern rooms is locked. Find the secret passage in the
other room to access it. Don't forget the northern secret room that contains
thousands of gold pieces. Examine the altar in the middle of the room to find
the Oceanic Urn. There's also lots of gold atop the altar. Jump on it to get
it. Since there's no convenient exit anywhere, better use a Recall potion to
return to Baldur's Gate.

Baldur's Gate

D'oh! As you return to the city, you realize that the Oceanic Urn is missing!
Someone among the men you were sailing with from Seer's Isle must have taken
it. Return to the Warehouse and tell Jherek about the theft. His sources tell
him that the thieves are en route to the town of Hill's Edge, where they will
hand the item over to a band of Zhentarim. Better head for Hill's Edge.

2-8. Hill's Edge

Head down the hill and you'll encounter hill giants. Follow the path around the
hills and you'll encounter some black-armored men, members of the Zhentarim.
You'll surprise the thief handing over the Urn to the Zhentarim. The Zhentarim
will attack. Locate the thief (he has blue clothes on) to recover the stolen
Urn. Kill all the remaining Zhentarim soldiers in the surrounding camps and
houses. Make for the NE end of the village to return to the World Map and
return to Baldur's Gate.

Baldur's Gate

Return to the Warehouse and speak to Jherek.
You gain 3000 gold coins and 4000 experience points as a reward.

For the Jade Octahedron, check Section 2-4. Brigand's Ruins and 2-5. Halls of
the Hammer. For the Brazier of Eternal Flame, check Section 2-6. Dragonspear
Castle. If you've recovered all the artifacts, check Section 2-9. Artifacts

2-9. Artifacts Recovered

Once you've recovered all the artifacts, Jherek says he has many things to
speak of with you, important things, but now is neither the time nor place.
He asks you to meet him in Omduil's Manor, here in the city. You'll speak again

Thus ends Act II. On to Act III now.

Another Keep of Pale Night cutscene occurs.

      A C T   III   -   T H E   E L E M E N T A L   F O U N D A T I O N S

NOTE: Like in the previous Act, some of the quests can be done in the order
you prefer. The order I present here is the one I find the easiest, with the
priority on the side quests before proceeding to the main quests of the Act.
As always, the choice is yours...

Also, it should be noted that Bartley will be selling a lot more wares,
including several new gems and magical weapons/armor. Make sure to check these
out if you've accumulated a lot of gold in your adventures, so far.

The first quests in this Act should be the character-specific quests. Each
character has a "special" quest he/she needs to accomplish to gain access to
special feats and spells that were unavailable until now. Each character has
a different way of reaching this special quest. These ways are detailed below.

Dorn Redbear
If you're playing as Dorn Redbear, your first order of business should be to
head to the Purple Wyrm Inn and speak to Randalla Brasshorn. She says word of
your deeds have reached even the keepers of the Reaching Woods, well east of
here. The druid Allana seeks your help. She marks the location of her home on
your map. See section 3-1-1. Allana's Home for more details.

Vhaidra Uoswiir
If you're playing as Vhaidra Uoswiir, you should first go to the Purple Wyrm
Inn and talk to Ulua. Assuming you've given her the 2000, 4000, 8000 and 16000
gold coin payments to fund the hidden base of operations, Ulua will have
gathered news on where the monastery is hidden of the branch of Dark Ravens
that were unleashed on your family. It's located in the Cloud Peaks, far south
of Baldur's Gate. Their archimandrite is a master murderer named Draezen, the
Direhand. She also says that the secret scrolls each monastery guards will
doubtless prove useless to you in your quest for power. See section 3-1-2. Dark
Monastery for more details.

Ysuran Auondril
If you're playing as Ysuran Auondril, you should go to Omduil's Manor and give
him the final payment of 16000 gold coins. He says he knows where you went
after your banishment from Evereska. You wandered the Sword Coast for no more
than a dozen years before making for Zarad's Clock Tower. He asks if you've
heard of this place. You have not. Zarad Duskmarrow is a wizard of no mean
skill, with a reputation dark and ominous. He dwells in a great clock tower
hidden in the depths of the Cloak Wood, where it is rumored that he studies
chronomancy and other strange arts. Omduil says you need to go to him for he
must have answers for you, for you served him as an apprentice, and you wrote
the black tome under his tutelage. See section 3-1-3. Zarad's Clock Tower for
more details.

[More on the other characters' special quests coming soon.]

NOTE: If you are having some trouble with your character's special quest, I
suggest you go get some experience and loot in the side quest areas of the
Wood of Sharp Teeth III and Skull Gorge II.

Once you are done with your character's special quest, go to Section 3-2. Wood
of Sharp Teeth III.

3-1-1. Allana's Home (Dorn only)

Approach Allana the Druid. She welcomes you as Dorn of clan Red Bear and that
she's one of the caretakers of the Reaching Woods. She has been expecting you.
She speaks of an evil that disturbs the harmony of these lands. The vile green
dragon, Baragoth, has taken up residence in the Reaching Woods. His very
presence befouls the land. You must find him and destroy him. Follow the path
past her home, it will lead you to where the dragon dwells but she warns you
that several monsters have come to serve Baragoth and that they will try to
bar your way. Follow the path as she said. You'll enter the Reaching Woods.

Reaching Woods

Head west first. You'll fight various creatures including wolves, gnolls, hill
giants, etc. After the first save pedestal, continue NW to find some gnolls,
then head east to eventually find another save pedestal. Head north to enter
Baragoth's Lair.

Baragoth's Lair

You face Baragoth. After his speech, the battle begins. Beware Baragoth's
poison breath, it can kill you in practically one shot if you're not careful.
Try to not stay in front of his jaws and attack from the side instead. Once
Baragoth has been defeated, you retrieve a tarnished copper key hanging from
a chain wrapped around one of his talons. Head for the NE corner of his lair
to find Baragoth's hoard. I found a very nifty +4 Imperial Chain Mail of Rage
in one of the chests, with 35 AC. Not bad. Return to the Reaching Woods and
Alanna's Home

Allana's Home

Speak to Allana. You gain 8000 experience points and Dorn gains access to new
spells and feats, such as Animal Friendship, Bale Arm, Barkskin, Heart of the
Bear, Heart of the Wolf and Resist Elements (See Section G. Spells and Feats
for details on these new spells and feats). Once you are done, best head for
the Wood of Sharp Teeth again.

3-1-2. Dark Monastery (Vhaidra only)

As you enter the monastery, you are confronted by drow monks. At the first
intersection, go west to find a room where you'll inevitably trip an alarm,
alerting monks to your presence. Back at the intersection, go east and explore
the adjacent corridors, fighting more Dark Raven monks along the way. Turn
west at the corner, continuing north, past the pool of water, to a round
room that looks like a cathedral. There's a chest atop a pillar there to the
north. Jump up to open the chest. Monks will attack you. Go back south and then
continue west to another round room. Go north from there and then west again.

You'll find a save pedestal. Go south down the corridor to a room with two
treasure chests. Go through the doorway south and you will come face to face
with Draezen Direhand. The duel begins. Once he has been defeated, return to
Baldur's Gate and speak to Ulua. Don't bother trying to find the scrolls she
mentioned, it seems you automatically find them when you defeat Draezen. Ulua
advises you should learn the secrets of the scrolls to augment your already
potent skills. You gain 8000 experience points and access to the new special
feats: Arterial Strike, Crippling Blow, Hail of Knives, Poison, Stealth and
Sweep Attack. See Section G. Spells and Feats for details on these new spells
and feats. Once you are done, best head for the Wood of Sharp Teeth again.

3-1-3. Zarad's Clock Tower (Ysuran only)

As soon as you enter the Tower, you are confronted by Zarad. You ask him why
you can't remember him or this place. He doesn't want to answer you and orders
his automatons to show you the way out. After defeating the clockwork knights,
use the save pedestal and head west, through the door. You'll encounter some
shades, creatures of shadow and more clockwork knights. There will be a secret
passage behind a bookcase to the north. The room contains a big chest, two
weapon racks and two barrels. Continue through the hallways of the Clock Tower
to find another save pedestal. There's another secret passage nearby behind a
bookcase leading to a secret room with a big chest, three barrels and a weapon

Beware the next room, as it has several pillars that shoot some arrows and one
that shoots fireballs. There are also some explosive barrels near the two
treasure chests, so be careful. Another save pedestal and directly ahead,
another secret room behind a bookcase, this one with two treasure chests and
a weapon rack. The next room where there are several pillars shooting arrows
is a trap. Several shades will appear as you are crossing the room. Retreat
back to the room's entrance and kill them. At the next intersection, you can
go either east or west. Go west first and you'll find room. Inside is a huge
clockwork giant, reminescent of the Onyx Golem from the first game. Be careful
as one swipe from this big guy can kill you in one shot. Once you've destroyed
the giant automaton, you'll find a key with the letters 'BT' engraved on it.
That's the key to Zarad's secret Bell Tower. You can't enter Zarad's Study just
yet so return to the intersection and go east. You'll find a ladder leading
to Zarad's Bell Tower.

Zarad's Bell Tower

Save at the pedestal and then go north. More clockwork knights and shades
guard the Bell Tower. Proceed north to the next room but beware. As you enter,
several shades appear out of nowhere and surround you. Retreat back to the
entrance of the room and kill them off more easily. I found Enervation to be
a real nice spell here. Once they're all destroyed, open the chest to find the
key to Zarad's private study. Head back but be careful as even more shades
will appear in the other room, trying to surround you. Retreat back and use the
same strategy to kill them. Head back down and open up the door to his study
with the key you just found.

Zarad's Study

Zarad is surprised that you made it through his automatons. He mocks you when
you try and ask him for some answers. Many years ago, you approached him to
serve as an apprentice. He was impressed by your boldness and decided to take
you under his wing. He taught you a lot of secrets about the dead, about the
shadows. He speaks of Eldreth Veluuthra, butcher of men. You were exiled by
your own kindred. Your organization's radical, bloody view regarding the
extermination of all humans across Faerūn disgusted even them. Zarad says you
would have slain him once you'd learned all you could. He says that this time,
there will be no escaping him and that you were lucky to escape only with your
memory destroyed. The battle begins.

The strategy here is fairly simple. Zarad will summon some shades to attack
you. You can either possess them using Dark Possession or use Enervation to
your heart's content. If too many shades start surrounding you, retreat back
to the first room and Enervate them from a distance. He will also summon some
Mirror Images to try and confuse you. Once he has been defeated, make sure to
grab the +4 Imperial Ice Witch's Amulet he was carrying. Loot the treasure
six chests and return to Baldur's Gate. Go speak to Omduil in his manor and you
tell him that you learned what you'd been searching for but that it may have
been best if you hadn't. Omduil says you should examine the last pages of the
tome you're carrying and that you will find that you can read them now...

You gain 8000 experience points and access to some shadow magic spells that
include Claws of Darkness, Shadow Conjure, Shadow Shield and Shadow Spray. See
Section G. Spells and Feats for details on these new spells and feats. Once you
are done, best head for the Wood of Sharp Teeth again.

3-2. Wood of Sharp Teeth III

Same area as the last two times, with new monsters roaming around. Creatures
include ettins, bugbear, goblins and goblin shamans. Kill and loot everything.
Next side quest destination: Return to Skull Gorge.

3-3. Skull Gorge II

Same area that you'd visited before except the goblin caves you'd cleared out
before are now inhabited by orcs. You'll find a blocked room in the the first
orc cave. You need to head to the former Golbin Cave II, that is now an Orc
Lair and head for the throne room. After flipping the switch and the torch
sconce, you'll find a secret passage way that leads back to the orc cave and
the previously unaccessible caverns. Push the loose brick behind the crates
to open up the passageway. Loot the orc cave and the orc lair completely.

The first gnoll cave is now a Malodorous Cave... Must be all those gnoll bodies
that are decomposing, right? Nah, just some trolls that have taken up residence
there for the time being. Clear the cave out. Nothing really special here. The
second gnoll cave is now a Troll Cave. Guess who's inside? You guessed it. More
trolls. But wait! There are also some spiders in here. Yay! There's no need to
find that decorative gem to put into the dragon idol again, the secret passage
has remained open.

Finally, don't forget to recheck the Waterfall Cave at the north end of the
gorge. It's now being populated by ropers and trolls. Kill and loot. When you
are done with visiting Skull Gorge, return to Baldur's Gate to speak to Jherek
in Omduil's Manor.

3-4. The Harpers

Jherek reveals to you that Randalla, Omduil and him are members of the Harpers,
a group whose members have dedicated their lives to the safety of the Realms
and its people (People who've played the first game already knew Jherek was a
Harper). He mentions the artifacts you recovered and the threat of the Onyx
Tower. The Tower is in truth a massive gate: a construct with the ability to
move itself anywhere in Faerūn with each new moon. In addition, Onyx Keystones
fashioned in the tower's forges may be used to construct smaller "shadow
portals", pairs of magical gates which link to one another, outside of the
tower. Eldrith the Betrayer, seeking vengeance, intended to use the portals
to move troops into Baldur's Gate. Now, the Zhentarim wish to use the tower
to expand the reach of their Black Network. The Tower must not fall into their
hands. The Onyx Tower wasn't really destroyed.. it's true shape spans other
realities. We must travel to each of the elemental planes and reactivate the
tower's four Elemental Foundations. The four artifacts you recovered in Act II
can do so.

Omduil's magic can transport you to any of the four elemental planes. Which
will you enter first? There's either Air, Earth, Fire or Water. You must decide
which plane you want to go to first. Once you've chosen a Plane, talk to Omduil
and he'll teleport you to your chosen Plane.

For the Air Elemental Plane, see Section 3-5. Air Elemental Plane.
For the Earth Elemental Plane, see Section 3-6. Earth Elemental Plane.
For the Fire Elemental Plane, see Section 3-7. Fire Elemental Plane.
For the Water Elemental Plane, see Section 3-8. Water Elemental Plane.
If you've activated all Foundations, see Section 3-9. Foundations Activated.

3-5. Air Elemental Plane

There's a cutscene between Kharne and someone called Habdazar Doomwing. Kharne
tells Habdazar that he must guard the Air Foundation with his life.

Air I

Okay, first off, be very careful not to fall off the edges or you'll fall to
your death. Also, there are gusts of wind that push you around, so be careful
about those too. Continue along the path to encounter some will o' wisps. You
will also encounter some air elementals, little tornadoes that throw boulders
at you at regular intervals. Navigate on the narrow paths, making sure not to
fall off. Dodge the rocks thrown at you too else they'll push you off. Pretty
frustrating part of the game, I must say. Take EVERY opportunity to save at the
pedestals because one wrong move or a bad break will mean you'll have to load
your game. You'll eventually make your way to the Air Foundation.

Air II

As you enter the area, you are attacked by Habdazar Doomwing, skymage of the
Zhentarim and his manticore mount. There are also a few Zhentarim soldiers.
Once the manticore is slain, Habdazar casts a spell and vanishes like a
sniveling coward. Head for the north and you'll find the Air Foundation.
Activate it.

Another cutscene between Kharne and Habdazar, with the skymage making up lies
about many men having attacked him. Kharne will hear nothing of it and runs
the coward through with his sword. You'll find yourself back at Omduil's Manor.
Speak to Jherek and you'll receive 5000 gold coins and 8000 experience points
as a quest reward.

For the Earth Elemental Plane, see Section 3-6. Earth Elemental Plane.
For the Fire Elemental Plane, see Section 3-7. Fire Elemental Plane.
For the Water Elemental Plane, see Section 3-8. Water Elemental Plane.
If you've activated all Foundations, see Section 3-9. Foundations Activated.

3-6. Earth Elemental Plane

NOTE: Before heading to the Earth Elemental Plane, make sure you have some non
metallic weapons and armor. You guessed it, our old friends, the rust monsters,
are back with a vengeance...

There's a cutscene between Kharne and Luvia Bloodmire. Kharne orders Luvia to
guard the Earth Foundation.

Earth I

As mentioned above, there are some rust monsters and also some umber hulks
wandering around in these caves. You can bash certain parts of the tunnels with
your weapons/spells to make yourself a path through. Also, make sure to smash
all the little rock pillars you see, they'll often contain valuable gems. Keep
heading in a generally northern direction and you'll find a big cavern with
some earth elementals in it. Save at the pedestal to the west. Then, go north
and then east, following the tunnels. You'll find the path to the Earth
Foundation. Re-equip your metal weapons/armor.

Earth II

As you approach the Foundation, you are confronted by Luvia. After her speech,
she attacks. Kill off the Zhentarim soldiers and then take her head on. She
shouldn't pose too much of a threat in her first form... it's her second form
that packs a punch, especially her poisonous breath weapon. After the creature
formerly known as Luvia has been defeated, activate the Earth Foundation. You
will automatically be returned to Omduil's Manor. Speak to Jherek and you'll
receive 5000 gold coins and 8000 experience points as a quest reward.

For the Air Elemental Plane, see Section 3-5. Air Elemental Plane.
For the Fire Elemental Plane, see Section 3-7. Fire Elemental Plane.
For the Water Elemental Plane, see Section 3-8. Water Elemental Plane.
If you've activated all Foundations, see Section 3-9. Foundations Activated.

3-7. Fire Elemental Plane

NOTE: Of course, in this Plane, flame-based weapons are not the best way to
go. You might want to invest in some cold-based weapons by creating them
yourself using Aquamarines or if your character has access to cold-based spells
(Otiluke's Icy Sphere comes to mind), use them in this Plane.

There's a cutscene between Kharne and Lady Argozia/Aizagora.

Fire I

Fairly extensive network of caverns. There are some pools of lava surrounding
you. Stepping in them; not a good idea. You will also encounter some flaming
bats (best name I could come up with) and some fire elementals. Don't forget
to smash the little volcanoes too. They sometimes will contain gems. Head for
the southeast section of the area and you'll eventually encounter some
Zhentarim soldiers near a save pedestal. Head for the southeast path that leads
to the Fire Foundation.

Fire II

Aizagora the Red Dragon is guarding the Fire Foundation. Beware her fire breath
of course, as it causes massive amounts of damage if taken directly. Try to
stay on her flanks as much as possible. Once Aizagora has been defeated, go to
the Fire Foundation and activate it. You'll automatically be returned to
Omduil's Manor. Speak to Jherek and you'll receive 5000 gold coins and 8000
experience points as a quest reward.

For the Air Elemental Plane, see Section 3-5. Air Elemental Plane.
For the Earth Elemental Plane, see Section 3-6. Earth Elemental Plane.
For the Water Elemental Plane, see Section 3-8. Water Elemental Plane.
If you've activated all Foundations, see Section 3-9. Foundations Activated.

3-8. Water Elemental Plane

There's a cutscene between Kharne and Illudra, some crazy old woman.

Water I

Break the little mounds of ice you find wherever you go, as they contain
valuable gems. Follow the path in the water and you'll encounter some weird
looking creatures with tentacles. I have no idea what they're called. You'll
also eventually meet some yetis. At the first major intersection you find, go
north to fight some more yetis down in a crevace. Head back to the intersection
and then go east. You'll find a save pedestal in a cave. Follow the tunnel
east, wading through the water. Next intersection, go south first for more
yetis down a crevace and then go to the west, past the big cave with the large
chasms that have waterfalls. You'll find a room with a hole leading down to
the Water Foundation.

Water II

Illudra, Mistress of the Deeps, awaits you near the Water Foundation. I'm not
sure if it was intended to be that way but the water in this room is pitch
black. Illudra unleashes her kraken on you, its tentacles will come out of the
water and attack you. Once you've defeated Illudra, head north and activate
the Water Foundation. You'll automatically be returned to Omduil's Manor.
Speak to Jherek and you'll receive 5000 gold coins and 8000 experience points
as a quest reward.

For the Air Elemental Plane, see Section 3-5. Air Elemental Plane.
For the Earth Elemental Plane, see Section 3-6. Earth Elemental Plane.
For the Fire Elemental Plane, see Section 3-7. Fire Elemental Plane.
If you've activated all Foundations, see Section 3-9. Foundations Activated.

3-9. Foundations Activated

As Jherek is about to explain the situation, Kharne shows up. He reveals that
although the Zhentarim have lost the Onyx Tower, so have the Harpers. He tells
of Mordoc SeLanmere and of his plans to use the Onyx Tower for his own
nefarious purposes. Kharne and Jherek come to an agreement and Jherek asks you
if you will help them stop Mordoc. You can ask Omduil about Mordoc and about
how he keeps a hidden keep on the Battle of the Bones and that he's a vampire.
It is said that he created the Orb of the Undead that caused so much havoc in
Baldur's Gate recently. Before talking to Jherek, you can head back outside
and shop for a while, if you want. Once you speak to Jherek, he says the Keep
of Pale Night awaits you all...

Thus ends Act III. On to Act IV.

          A C T   IV   -   T H E   K E E P   O F   P A L E   N I G H T

NOTE: It should be noted that Bartley will be selling some new weapons and
armor. Make sure to check these out if you've accumulated a lot of gold in your
adventures, so far. He also starts selling Extra Healing and Rejuvenation
potions. Also, those who like to take notice of these things might notice
Randalla Brasshorn has disappeared from the Purple Wyrm Inn...

4-1. Battle of the Bones

Battle of the Bones I

With Jherek and Kharne by your side, you must explore the Battle of the Bones
to find Mordoc SeLanmere's Keep. You'll encounter some wraiths along the way.
You'll also encounter some other undead, like skeletons. After hacking your way
through the undead creatures, you'll find the path leading to the Keep of Pale

Battle of the Bones II

The entrance to the Keep is being guarded by one of Mordoc's shadow creatures,
the Nightcrawler. After defeating it, head north and into Mordoc's Keep of
Pale Night.

4-2. Keep of Pale Night

As you first enter, Jherek does a little inspirational speech.

Keep of Pale Night I

Head north through the main entrance hall, fighting shadow creatures as you go.
There's an old pipe organ at the northern end of the hall. Playing it will make
spectral chests appear. However, you must be quick to retrieve them as they
will disappear as quickly as they were summoned. The trick here is to play the
organ and then quickly run around the hall, opening the six chests that have
appeared before they disappear. Shadows come out to hinder you. A nice ability
to use here is Sprint, so you can run past the shadows and open the chests.
Anyway, when you're done with the pipe organ, go NW and explore the rest of
the Keep. You'll find a room with two chests. You'll also come up some stairs
to a save pedestal. First head to the SW section to find the stairs leading
down to the Keep Dungeons.

Keep of Pale Night Dungeons

For some reason, Kharne and Jherek don't follow you down here. You'll encounter
some skeletons and ghouls in the next huge chamber filled with pillars that
shoot fireballs at you. You need to find the 5 levers to pull to unlock the
prison door. Head for the prison and you'll find the heroes of Baldur's Gate
that destroyed Eldrith and the Onyx Tower: Kromlech the dwarven fighter,
Adrianna the elven sorceress and Vahn, the arcane archer. Use the save pedestal
before trying to free them. You must make a choice of who you want to rescue.
Each hero gives you a different item to help you.

You gain 12000 experience points for freeing the heroes, no matter which
character you are playing. You get something more if you choose a certain hero
while playing a certain character (namely 10 gems, see below). The hero you
rescue first will explain that his/her powerful magic weapon (Axe for Kromlech,
Staff for Adrianna and Bow for Vahn) was sealed within one of the sarcophagi in
this dungeon. If you can recover the weapon before it is corrupted by the
Keep's lingering evil, it is yours.

Dorn / Vahn
If you choose to rescue Vahn and are playing as Dorn Redbear, he thanks you in
the rough, boisterous manner of your tribe, having met and fought alongside
your people once before. He explains that his powerful magic bow was sealed
within one of the sacrophagi in this dungeon. If you can recover the weapon
before it is corrupted by the Keep's lingering evil, it is yours. You gain the
12000 experience points and 10 gems (which are randomized each time, I think).

Vhaidra / Adrianna
If you choose to rescue Adrianna and are playing as Vhaidra Uoswiir, Adrianna
expresses her gratitude, surprised to see a dark elf so far from home. She
explains that her powerful magic staff was sealed within one of the sarcophagi
in this dungeon. If you can recover the weapon before it is corrupted by the
Keep's lingering evil, it is yours. You gain the 12000 experience points and
10 gems (which are randomized each time, I think).

Ysuran / Adrianna
If you choose to rescue Adrianna and are playing as Ysuran Auondril, Adrianna
expresses her gratitude, surprised to see a fellow moon elf so far from home.
She explains that her powerful magic staff was sealed within one of the
sarcophagi in this dungeon. If you can recover the weapon before it is
corrupted by the Keep's lingering evil, it is yours. You gain the 12000
experience points and 10 gems (which are randomized each time, I think).

[More details when I've played the other characters]

Head out to the huge chamber and look into each of the sarcophagi. You'll find
the hero's weapon, eventually. Some skeletons will come out and attack you for
each sarcophagi you inspect.

Vahn's magic bow is a +5 Flawless Short Bow of Wounding. Adrianna's magic staff
is either a +5 Flawless Defending or a +5 Flawless Fey Staff (depends on the
character you're playing, I think).
[More on Kromlech's magical axe in further updates.]

Before leaving the dungeon, don't forget the loose stone in the NE corner of
the huge chamber. It will open up the nearby secret room that contains two
treasure chests and two weapon racks. Head back upstairs to the first floor
and then head north to find the stairs leading to the second floor of the
Keep. Jherek remains behind to hold off the shadow creatures, so it's just
Kharne and you now...

Keep of Pale Night II

Head east through the corridor and you'll see a small cutscene showing the
mummies that inhabit this floor. Head down the stairs and then head north to
the next intersection with the save pedestal in the middle. Go west first for
a small alcove with a sarcophagi and some urns and then go north. There will
be some raised sections in this area. Find the stairs leading up to them and
then head east. At the next intersection, go east to find another pipe organ
like the one you found on the first floor. When you play this one though, it
only makes shadows appear. Then, head south and then west, to find the save
pedestal and the stairs leading to Mordoc's Sanctuary. Kharne says that this
is as far as he'll go, that it's been interesting and that you two should meet

Keep of Pale Night III

After your chat with Mordoc, the duel begins. After the climatic battle, the
defeated vampire turns into mist and flees. A cutscene occurs between Mordoc
and Xanhast on the Plane of Shadow. Next thing you know, the Onyx Tower appears
outside of Baldur's Gate and terrorizes the citizens.

4-3. Mordoc's Gate

Mordoc's Gate I

As you enter Baldur's Gate, you notice that several buildings are on fire and
that it's raining. A huge stack of crates is in the middle of the road. Just
off to the side, Bartley's there. He's happy to see you, to say the least. He
says he was on his way back up the road from Beregost when he saw a great black
tower just appear out of nowhere and it sent out a great ring of black
lightning. He says that the citizens have been transformed into a mass of
crazy cannibals and he's fairly sure it's because of that tower. You tell him
it's the Onyx Tower and that you intend to save the city. Bartley offers you
his wares for the final battle.

Jump over the stack of crates and explore the city. You'll encounter some
zombies, former Baldur's Gate citizens. Don't bother trying to enter any of the
city's buildings, they are all inaccessible. Head north along the main street
and you'll eventually meet up with Randalla Brasshorn. Players who pay
attention to details might notice that her clothes are different... darker,
somehow... if that's any indication of foreshadowing, I don't know what is.
Anyway, she says that the Onyx Tower suddenly appeared and that people began to
die and then rise again. She says she can lead you to the base of the tower.

Mordoc's Gate II

As you approach the base of the tower, you are confronted by Randalla. She says
that Xanhast made her his just now, she'll make you hers. The battle begins.
She fights unarmed. After you've defeated her, she says that Xanhast is
guarding his master, Mordoc and that you must save Baldur's Gate. Head into
the Onyx Tower.

4-4. Onyx Tower

Onyx Tower I

NOTE: Of course, people who've played the first game will find this tower very
familiar. It's the same Onyx Tower from the first game. The layout seems to be
different, though.

As you explore the Onyx Tower, you'll encounter some gargoyles that can throw
fireballs at you and iron golems that spit poison gas at you. Go north, past
the save pedestal and in the side passages to find the room with the stairs
leading to the second level.

Onyx Tower II

NOTE: Again, people who've played the first game will recognize the layout of
this floor of the tower. It's the Black Forge level from the first game.

Here, you'll encounter more fire-breathing gargoyles and iron golems again. Go
through the western door first to eventually reach a room with two weapon
racks. Head back to the other passage and you'll find a save pedestal. Head
north to find the third level of the Tower.

Onyx Tower III

Here, more gargoyles and huge iron golem that greets you. Take the eastern
passage first to find a weapon rack at the end of the hall. Then take the west
passage to find treasure chests and the way to the top of the Onyx Tower.

Onyx Tower Top

You are confronted by Xanhast at the top of the tower. He says that he turned
Randalla into a vampire and that perhaps he shall add you to his harem as well.
After you've defeated Xanhast, you gain 10000 experience points as a quest
reward. Just a note: If you want to return to Bartley, go back down to the Onyx
Tower's 3rd level or else it won't allow you to recall from the top.

Go through the portal to the Plane of Shadow at the top of the tower whenever
you are ready.

4-5. Plane of Shadow

As you enter the Plane of Shadow, you encounter Mordoc SeLanmere. He says he
controls the Onyx Heart and that nothing can defeat him. The strategy here
really depends on what character you are playing. It's fairly dangerous to
engage Mordoc in melee combat since he has a sword draining attack that
literally sucks the life out of you and replenishes his own. Stay away from
that attack at all costs, if you can, engaging him with ranged weapons or
spells if you have to. After the tough battle, you receive 16000 experience
points as a quest reward. Shatter the Onyx Heart to free the citizens of
Baldur's Gate from its curse.

Baldur's Gate

You are returned to Baldur's Gate. Randalla says she owes you her life. You are
then treated to a fairly short cutscene between a priest and some sort of
pharaoh-god type creature... which opens up the door for another sequel. Fairly
disappointing ending, if you ask me. The whole final two acts of the game
seemed entirely rushed to me. Oh well. Enjoy the ending credits and try the
game another time at another difficulty level or with another character!


NOTE: If you're playing as Dorn Redbear, Randalla says something different to
him, something about him having her heart, or something. Just a continuation
of the flirtation between the two that is present throughout the game.

                   S E C R E T S   &   E A S T E R   E G G S

Play as Drizzt Do'Urden
Complete the game on any difficulty level at least once to unlock Drizzt. You
can start a new game with him or import him into an existing game. He starts
off at Level 16 and has his usual equipment (Twinkle, Icingdeath, + 4 Mithral
Chain Mail and 3 Healing Potions). To play as him in a new game, at the hero
selection screen, press right when you're at Allessia.

Unlock Extreme Mode
Complete the game on any difficulty level to unlock Extreme Mode. Extreme Mode
is the hardest difficulty level in the game and you can only play existing
characters in this mode.

Loading Screen Flames
While the game is loading and you see the text Loading, use the R3 analog stick
to move the flames left, right or up. Pretty useless but it's there.

Annoyed Comments
If you stay put for too long, your character will express his dissatisfaction
with your inaction. Each character will have different stuff to say and there
are different comments and they seem to appear randomly.

Dorn 1: "I should go find some trouble!"
Dorn 2: "You call this 'adventure'? I'm doing nothing!"
Dorn 3: "You there! I thirst for blood and glory!
         Get back to playing, before I disembowel you!"
Vhaidra 1: "This waiting serves no purpose."
Vhaidra 2: "Perhaps I should sit and meditate."
Vhaidra 3: "If I have to wait any longer, I'm strangling you with that
            controller cord!"

Ysuran 1: "I suppose I could use this time to study."
Ysuran 2: "I will learn nothing just standing here."
Ysuran 3: "There is no purpose to my standing here."
Ysuran 4: "May the shadows take whatever player has left me here to rot!"
Borador 1: *snore*
Borador 2: "Bah! I won't find any gold doing this!"
(I was only able to get two different comments from Borador. If anyone has
heard another one, let me know and I'll include it in my guide.)

Allessia 1: "There must be something I can do."
Allessia 2: "Helm, hear my voice.
             Please find me a player that will actually DO something!"
(I was only able to get two different comments from Allessia. If anyone has
heard another one, let me know and I'll include it in my guide.)

L. Frequently Asked Questions

As the name implies, this section deals with questions that are frequently
asked by people who are playing the game. Some of these questions might seem
dumb to you but please note that not everyone is a gamer and some of these
can be tricky, for some people. With that in mind...

Q: Can you import characters from the first game? Can you play as them?
A: No and no.

Q: Where is the shopkeeper in Baldur's Gate? I can't seem to find him!
A: Bartley, the shopkeeper from the first game, can be found on the street
   across the front of the Purple Wyrm Inn. When you first see him, he will
   have an exclamation point over his head.
Q: I've tried getting information out of certain characters in Baldur's Gate
   but they don't seem to budge. What's wrong?
A: Certain people in the city will only be useful if you're playing a specific
   character. Check the guide to see who will interact with who.
Q: Where's the person I can pay to get experience points with Dorn?
   There's Durbem for Borador, Omduil for Ysuran, Ulua for Vhaidra and Huros
   for Allessia but no one for Dorn! Where is that person?
A: As far as I know, there isn't anyone you can pay with Dorn to get those
   bonus experience points. Seems kind of odd that he'd be the only character
   not to have a person like that, though. The only person that reacts kind
   of differently towards him is Randalla but you can't pay her gold to get
   experience... Okay, that came out so wrong...
Q: There are two locked doors in Omduil's Manor that I can't see to get past.
   Is there a way to unlock them? What's behind them?
A: There is no way to unlock these doors. If you'll notice, whenever you
   encounter some locked doors in the game, you can see what's inside the rooms
   on the other side. It's not the case with these doors and you don't even
   see the rooms on your Automap either. My guess is that these doors were
   supposed to lead somewhere (possibly another location where you'd meet with
   Omduil and Jherek to talk about the Elemental Foundations during Act III)
   but that those plans were eventually scrapped and/or forgotten when the game
   was coded. As for what's behind them, your guess is as good as mine.
   Omduil's stash of erotic literature?
Q: How do you get into the room blocked by the stack of crates in the Red Fang
   Lair located in Trollbark Forest during the Prologue section?
A: Assuming you've not bashed in all the nearby barrels, push one of them near
   the stack of crates and jump on top of it. Jump over the crates that way.
Q: I can't seem to kill those large green humanoid creatures! They keep
   getting back up! How can I kill them for good?
A: Those creatures are trolls and they regenerate. The only way to permanently
   kill a troll is to use either fire or acid. Use fire-based or acid-based
   weapons and/or spells to kill them.
Q: I can't find all the sheets of music in Bloodmire Manor. Where are they?
A: Well, without being able to draw a map of the manor itself, all I can say
   is that you should use the Automap feature included in the game and make
   sure you open every single chest you encounter. As far as I know, the sheets
   are always in the same place and there are 3 on the first floor of the manor
   and two on the second floor. Some of these sheets are in rooms that are
   behind secret passages. To find these passages, check your map and use the
   Action button to open the bookshelves. There is no sheet of music in the
Q: I've found a woman trapped in Luvia's Laboratory. When I tried opening her
   cell, she refused to come out. Later, when Luvia released the poison gas in
   the laboratory, I came back but the woman was gone. Can something be done?
A: Nope. Just a detail the makers of the game decided to add, I suppose.

Q: There's a locked door in Luvia's Laboratory I can't seem to unlock.
A: Look in one of the nearby cells. There's a loose stone you can press to open
   the door.
Q: There's a Dragon Idol in the Gnoll Cave/Troll Cave in Skull Gorge.
   How do I use it, exactly?
A: When you first visit Skull Gorge and the Gnoll Cave, after defeating a
   certain gnoll inside the cave, it will drop a reptilian eye. You need to
   insert the eye into the Dragon Idol and it will open up the passage to the
   secret treasure room in the cave. When you return to Skull Gorge during Act
   III, the passage will have remained open, so the Dragon Idol is useless.
   However, if you didn't put the eye in the idol the first time through and
   you return later in Act III, you won't find the eye and the passage to the
   treasure room will remain closed.
Q: How can I defeat Lyran the lich when he appears to me in his private study?
   None of my attacks have any effect on him!
A: Well, assuming you've read the bundle of scrolls that are on the table in
   his study, you'd know that they speak of Lyran's remains stored in his
   Cellar. Head to Lyran's Cellar and from there, you'll learn that you need
   to destroy the urns containing his body parts to destroy him.
Q: Where is the Orb of Thunder in Lyran's Hold?
A: Once you've defeated Lyran down in the Cellar, you'll have Lyran's Hand.
   Use it to gain access to Lyran's Observatory on the first floor of his Hold.
   The Orb of Thunder is inside the Weather Machine in the Observatory.
Q: Where is the Jade Octahedron?
A: Deep inside the Halls of the Hammer, inside the bowels of the Chimera.
Q: Where is the Brazier of Eternal Flame?
A: Ulchalothe the mind flayer has it. Her lair lies deep beneath Dragonspear
Q: Where is the Oceanic Urn?
A: It's on the altar in the room past where you fought Dibtolpt in the Sea
   Temple on Seer's Isle. Once you return to Baldur's Gate, it gets stolen and
   you must recover it from the village of Hill's Edge from the Zhentarim.
Q: Where is the Holy Symbol of Tempus under Dragonspear Castle?
A: It's on the first level of the Dragonspear Dungeons in a closed cell.

Q: Where are those scrolls Ulua mentions to me that are being guarded in the
   Dark Monastery? I can't find them!
A: Actually, by defeating Draezen Direhand, you automatically find the scrolls,
   it seems. Just return to Baldur's Gate and speak to Ulua to complete the
   quest and gain access to Vhaidra's special feats.

Q: How do I open the prison door in the Keep of Pale Night Dungeons?
A: In the huge chamber with the sarcophagi and the fireball pillars, there are
   five different levers you need to pull. Once they've all been pulled, the
   prison door will unlock.
Q: How do I open that secret side room where near where the 3 heroes are kept
   as prisoners? I've tried looking for a lever but I can't find it.
A: Actually, to open that secret door, you need to push on a loose stone that
   is located in the northeast corner of the main room. Use your action button
   to press the stone and the passage will open.
Q: Where is the hero's magic weapon in the Keep of Pale Night Dungeons?
A: Search all the sarcophagi in the surrounding huge chamber.

Q: How do I unlock Drizz Do'Urden? How do I choose him?
A: Beat the game on any difficulty setting. Then, you can either start a new
   game or import him into an existing one. To play as him in a new game, on
   the hero selection screen, press right at Allessia to select him.
M. My Review

(Written before I first finished the game.)
The first Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance game was a sleeper hit when it was
released in late 2001. It eventually made it the Greatest Hits collection and
fans of the game were waiting impatiently for the sequel, especially with the
cliffhanger ending of the first game looming. The game was delayed a lot for
various legal reasons but it's finally here. Does it compare to the original?
Is it better? In my opinion, yes to both questions.

Graphics : 10/10
Even though the quality of the graphics hasn't really improved compared to the
original, they are still just as amazing. What I really like about the graphics
in this game is the attention to detail. The way enemies fall down after you've
slain them (they all fall in different ways, pieces of their equipment being
thrown sometimes pretty far away), the lighting, the ambiance, the shadows,
everything about this game graphically is a wonder to watch. Don't base
yourself on screenshots along to gage the graphics for this game. You need to
see the game in action to get the full impact.

Sound : 8/10
This is the part of the game that disappointed me the most. Some themes from
the first game reappear and some are even remixed, including the main theme on
the menu selection screen. However, some music is completely copied over from
the first game. In itself, that's not necessarily a bad thing but I just wish
there'd been more original music for this game. The sound effects are pretty
much the same as in the first game and they work well in immersing you in the
gaming experience.

Story : 10/10
In my review for the first game, I talked about how the story was weak compared
to the PC version of the Baldur's Gate games and looking back, I can see that
it's not really a fair assessment. It's a given that the PC versions of
roleplaying games will have more extensive stories, simply because the style of
game the Dark Alliance series has taken has been more hack & slash than actual
role-playing. However, what I really like about the story in the sequel is that
there are returning characters from the first game and it all ties in
wonderfully well with the events that happen in the first game.
I've not completed the game yet but I'm totally intrigued in the story, so far.
If you actually take the time to think about the story and how the various
plots weave together, it's fairly interesting.

Gameplay : 10/10
Fans of the first game will find the same amazing gameplay in the sequel, along
with some improved controls to make switching between feats and spells that
make combat a lot easier. Navigation using the analog control stick is smooth
and intuitive and a real joy to play.

Replayability : 10/10
Like in the first game, there are 4 difficulty levels (Easy, Normal, Hard and
Extreme, the last level being unlocked once you finish the game once on any
level). I hear there are some secret characters to be unlocked once you finish
the game once and another time on Extreme mode. Since there are now 5 character
classes to choose from instead of only 3, there's a lot more replayability in
this one too. The game is also longer than the first one, with more extensive
dungeons. However, since none of the dungeons are randomized, after you've done
them a few times, it'll be pretty easy. The game is less linear than the first
one, meaning you can sometimes accomplish the various quests in the Acts in the
order you prefer, so that gives a little bit more replayability. Also, they've
included an item creation feature in the game, that allows you to customize
your equipment using rune stones and gems, so there's a lot of different
combinations to try out.

Rent/Buy :
Definite buy for fans of the first game. I personally wouldn't be able to
understand why fans of the first game would not like this sequel. The sequel
reprises all of the good things about the original and adds in some more
features to improve the game. Nothing in the formula that made the original so
popular has been changed. So, people who bought the original and loved it
should definitely buy the sequel. However, as mentioned above, this is more of
an action game than an actual roleplaying game, so people who want just a few
hours of quick fun could rent it as well.

Overall : 9/10
I can't really give a perfect score to this game, since there are some things
that bother me a little bit and I gave the first game a 9 out of 10 overall.
However, I seriously considered giving it a perfect score. Bottom line: if you
loved the first one, you'll love the second.

--- Editorial ---
I've since finished the game and again, I must say that I was very disappointed
by the ending. The ending of the first game was exciting, leaving us hanging
and wondering what would happen next. The ending for this game, with the priest
and the pharaoh/god, I was like... Where did these fools come from? I don't
know, it just felt incredibly rushed and not really thought through. Then
again, the last two Acts of the game feel rushed and unfinished, really. I'm
almost tempted to remove a point from my overall rating but eh... still, it's
a great game.

N. Credits, acknowledgments and legal stuff

Thanks to
Joseph Browne: Pointing out the location of the Waterfall Cave in Skull Gorge.
Alan (aka DataDrainOK): The part about recalling out to escape Lyran on Lyran's
                        Hold II after having encountered him.

Portions of this FAQ/Walkthrough are taken from the game manual and the
accompanying bonus DVD. This FAQ/Walkthrough may not modified in any way
without explicit permission from the author. See start of document for contact

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