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AMBs in the house
Posted on 20/10/2002
Ancient Mailbags. Its been a long time, but our site is FINALLY up. And this mailbag is about the big announcement that Nintendo is making, which is supposedly going to turn the tables and make nintendo surpass both microsoft and sony in sales, and will give sony a big hit to it's sales, or as Nintendo puts it 'will stop all sales for a month'. The Announcement will take place on November 2nd.

What do you speculate will this announcement bring to the world? Some people think it will be the acquistion of a developer such as Square, EA, or Capcom. Maybe it is a price drop for the gamecube system. Early Release for Metroid Prime. Or even something as outrageous and impossible such as Nintendo sending out agents to dispatch and get rid of all sony related video game products and software.

Send your comments to ancient@rpgsource.net , making sure the subject is pertaining to 'mailbag' or 'comments on nintendo' or something similar to that, I dont want no spam.

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