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Nintendo's always planning something...
Posted on 8/11/2002
Nintendo's always planning something...

From Heavens Enzuru

Here are my guesses...

1. A factor concerning Square.
I heard a while back they were making a remake of Final Fantasy VII. Maybe it will be for the GameCube? Or maybe the whole series will become exclusive!

2. A factor concerning their online plan.
Nintendo already said all their first party games would be free of charge from the internet. May they be expanding this further. Free modem? PSO be free?

3. A factor they are recruting me to make games for them.
This would be the most obvious of them all. Who wouldn't want me to develop for them? I mean, look at Shi-Ko Chi-Nai Public Demo (in the games section).

Ancient says:
1)That could be a possibilty Heavens. However, it would be very difficult for Nintendo to pull a trick like that out of their hat, since Sony owns almost half a portion of Square. The only one I could see this happening is if Square's board was to all vote against Sony pretty much. But we all know how powerful Sony is in the entertainment industry, they are a giant in every field they are in.

2)The next online title for gamecube slated for release is July of 2003 for Mario Kart Online. PSO ep. 1 and 2 is already out, but it costs 8.95$ a month, and you will need to buy a modem, I think they both are 35$ (Broadband or Dialup). Unfortuently though, Sony and Microsoft has them beat, since XBOX doesn't need any hardware to go online, and PS2's adapter is 5 bucks more yes, but supports both Broadband and Dialup, which could be very integral as it would allow dialup gamers to join the fray, and if they get broadband access in the near future, they won't need to buy any new hardware for their PS2.

3)Shameless self promotion. Something that all of the 1st party companys have in common with you. Imagine that!

From Isaac

Nintendo must be planning a wide-scale invasion of Sony headquarters. Its the only explanation. Either that or Nintendo's gonna be a bitch and take my lovely Squarsoft away from Sony. I couldn't live if that happened. I don't have the money for a Gamecube. :(

Ancient says:
I dunno if Nintendo would do something like that. However, I do recall that around October of 1999, Sega came in uninvited to a private meeting with some Sony execs with some 3rd party execs from capcom, konami, ea, etc. Needless to say, it was like the coolest thing any game companies ever done. Sega literally had a bunch of people dressed up like Sonic, characters from Virtua Fighter, and so on, with some Sony characters like Crash and Sweet Tooth, and the sega characters were kicking their asses, and sega also had a biplane that showered the course with Blue confetti. Oh God was it grand! But don't worry about square if they move over to nintendo, the price of gamecube should be around $100 by the time they get some games on the system.

From Dark Priest

I'm pretty sure Nintendo's big announcement is the new partnership of Sony, Sega and Nintendo. Yes, I read that from www.eccentricstoriesforu.com. Now that I've answered the teadious compulsory subject of this installment, I can begin my ranting.

HELLO ANCIENT, how are you doing? Long time no IRC/Forum/IM.
RPGSource is quite cool but honestly, I was excepting more resources. Well, I guess you'll more soon, righto?

Also, whats up with changing the contests rules AFTER Shinan won it ? ;D Pay it up X13 >:o
(Just teasing you ;_;)

Oh well, good luck and all~
VISIT WWW.GA... oh well

Ancient says:

Hello Dark Priest, Im doing fine. I been working a lot lately though, and my commute's kinda killer. You know how to get a hold of me, you're best off sticking to the RPGSource Forums or emailing me though, of course, since I work at nights, and my schedule isn't exactly steady. I agree that X13 should pay Shinan, but since this is a mailbag, not a public forum on the politics of X13, I shall not delve further. By the way Dark Priest, Sega, Sony, and Nintendo making a partnership? I wonder what the hell this would be about. Nintendo and Sony are still doing great, but Sega is ever so fading into the background, its sad really, I really hope they get a new chance at gaming life like Atari did.

BTW DP, you said to visit a site, but it got cut off from my email after www.ga . If you want people to visit the site, you should give them full address. Of course though, it may not be important, and thus the site wasn't good enough to receive mention. Oh dear, I can only wonder...

Well, that's all folks. You lazy ass bastards managed a measly 3 letters, how disappointing is that. -_-

Next Mailbag will be about Movies... as RPGs? What movie already made do you think a cool RPG could be made out of(Providing it hasn't got one already), and why do you think it would be a good idea. Personally, RPG renditions of the following would be much appreciated by me: Star Wars (pretty much any of them), The Matrix, Queen of the Damned, Terminator 2, The Scorpion King, The Harry Potter movies (incl. the ones coming up), Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back (come on, we gotta have a Jay and Silent Bob rpg), Ace Venture: Pet Detective, Ben Hur, Gladiator, Any Indiana Jones movie, Predator, Aliens, and there's more where that came from.

To send in the mailbag:

email to ancient@rpgsource.net make the subject line Mailbag (or something like that) cuz I dont want spam. If you send me spam I will bitchsmack you.

<Linguar> Do you have gas or what O_o

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