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:: RPG Source :: Mailbag

Daddy's got a new... Livesaver?
Posted on 18/11/2002
Welcome to another mailbag, I guess, if you want to call it a mailbag. 2 stinkin' replys. What do you teletubbies expect though? If you dont write replys, then you wont see them here. I will post any mailbag related mailpiece you send me, I dont care if I get 2 or 20. Make sure to note my replys are in Bold. Anyways, whatever, here they come

From Shinan

movies into RPGs... Movies are basically horrible RPGs, only movies that are
based on some other work(novels, Harry Potter, LotR, Dune, Johnny Mnemonic
(or any William Gibson novel/shortstory into game), Queen of the Damne etc.)
or long tv-series would fit as rpgs really. This is mostly because of the
"shortness" of movies... There has to be some huge expansion of the world to
be able to make a proper RPG.

But a Pitch Black rpg would be something I'd like to see. Or a Mad Max rpg
(well we have fallout already... well). Le Pacte des Loups could also make
an interesting RPG. And SOUTH PARK of course! (although this is a tv-series)

And when you spoke of a Jay and Silent Bob rpg, that would be really fun
although a Clerks-game would be even funner 8^)

Oh and a Hannibal... damn that was a novel in the beginning too...

Come to think of it, Highlander could probably make quite a good rpg
(alright the movies aren't that good but as an rpg it could be fun).

Can't come up with anymore now though. (except that them Star Wars RPGs
already exist and they're fun enough)

Yea, movies based on novels or on some other type of media will almost always have an advantage in this department. Take Lord of the Rings, for example. Its much more suited to an RPG setting than something like Dragonheart or Reign of Fire would be, because its got lots of indepth backstory.

A clerks RPG could be cool I guess. When I meant Jay and Silent Bob though, I meant the movie series as a whole, not just one movie.

Highlander could make a pretty good RPG. If Im not mistaken though, it was already done (for the Atari Jaguar CD, which is why few know of it) I think.

Thanks for your comments Shinan

From DarkShineKnight (AKA Isaac, for those who actually read the last mailbag, it wasn't just you and Shinan was it?)

The best RPG based off of a movie ever would have to be one based off of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Just imagine the possibilites. Mu ha ha ha ha ha ha. Wait, now that I think about it, maybe it wouldn't be such a great idea. Oh well. Oh and Isaac is TheDarkshineKnight. I have no idea in hell why my name showed up instead of my alter-ego's.

Monty Python, of course. Of course, I know you probably aren't TOO fond of the other ones. But dont forget Life of Brian or And Now for something Complete Different. Flying Cirus. And the many other monty python series. I forget all of them. But the show and its spinoffs lasted for more than 30 years, which is quite an accomplishment.

Come on your pansies, write me some mailbags! ancient@rpgsource.net subject Mailbag. The subject for next mailbag will be on the main index page.

<Heavens_Enzuru> Life is simple. Eat, sleep, reproduce.

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