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As it flows 12/7/02
Posted on 7/12/2002
I am disappointed. I got 2 submissions. They are from Heavens_Enzuru and Cygnus (congratulations on being the 1st staff member to sending one in) in that order, here they come. There comments will be in italics and mine in bold.

i sall anser mialbage becuze i kinda haev felings 4 u :))))))))). i dun liek taht oen gurl wit teh glases in crono trigga. her naem wuz luca i tink. shi wasnt secxy!!!!1 how teh hel am i goin 2 jak of to taht????????????????????? o yeh, an u shuil castertate jert@!!!!!


ALO 8.0 rox dawgf!!!!

Um, yea. So, what are you gonna do to Luca? Step on her glasses? Make fun of her jump suit? Or are you gonna punish her by making her go down your stairs that are as dirty and grimy as the backalley of a butcher?

Translated to AOLien, if thats the only language you speak: vm, y. So, wut r u guna doo ta Luac? sTep da glazez? Maek fun o her jumq suti? O r u guna big werd her bi makeing her g0 dawn ya sta1rz tat r durty liek a butcha?

Fine, fine, you're getting yer stinkin' letter.

I would love to see Seifer's (The one in FFVIII mind you!) wang chopped in two and force fed to him. Yeah, it's sick and disgusting but fitting no? Also, I would like to see Seymour (From FFX) get impailed as slowly as possible in the nuts with Auron's Marasume.


Oh... My... God!

I didn't know you had COD (Castrato Obsession Disease), Cygnus? Why didnt you tell us about it? Its not contageous is it? (thinks back to when John Bobbit lost little bobby), hmm, maybe not...

Yea, I know, it was lame, but eh, who cares. I dont care obviously, and nobody else does really since nobody reads these. X13 you should impliment a hit counter to the mailbag section, might be worthwhile to see a hit counter that goes in negatives. Go to the Main index to see the next topic and deadline.

<Basic> i am the most perverted motherfucker in the house

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