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@^*%ing Vent!
Posted on 15/4/2003
Well this is Ancient, mailbag guy of course. I had a total of 5 replies sent in since the mailbag started. So uh, Im gonna give the mailbag to Knightmare if you dont FUKin vent. This mailbag is just basically a bitching column, something that irks you to the point of insanity or killing something, or something close to that level, send your comments in. Send your shit in! Send your porn in! Send whatever in, it'll be posted, X13 approves of it, so wipe your ass and put your shit on this email!

Send your mail to mailbag@rpgsource.net. BTW if there's any past mailbags you wanna send in somethin for then do it. Hell, just send in whatever you want, I dont really give a damn, I just wanna get some interest goin.

<X13> how do I get a custom /quit message?

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