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Something Strange in the Neighborhood
Posted on 27/4/2003
Here's the latest mailbag. Its been like, months, since the last one, but that's cuz all you fukers dont send anything. Damn, send some shit in, it's not like its gonna bust your nut to. Anyways, 3 pieces of mail I got, here they are, in the usual style

I love to write
bullshit.....And oh yea, I forgot to mention it, FF8 licks my left testicle
as far as gameplay goes....Storywise it is great but other than that FF8
loves goatse.cx "giver" man sausage. As far as this Mailbag shit is
concerned, it is very gay just like Josh Moore and David Memmlar. this is
VERY gay just like many people in SF. "Look at all the buildins, GOD DAMN"
(comedian). I hate Ashley Scroggins...LOL...Im done. Bye Bye

Um, WTF? I didnt understand like half the things you said. So anyways, you basically said Final Fantasy 8 sucks nut, this mailbag smells like an unwiped butt, then you talk about some other whack shit, which sounded like a insulin fit.

Hey, IGN always deletes my mail (it is because I am an AOLien, right?) so, I'll ask you stuff. First of all, should I purchase Golden Sun: The Lost Age considering I never played the first installment in the series? Second, wouldn't it be dead cool if they brought both Shining Force games from the Genesis unto one cartidge for GBA? Third, I am pissed that Donkey Kong Country is now being remade for GBA considering I spent hard earned cash on the GBC version ;-;. Hold me....


1)Do NOT purchase Golden Sun. Why give nintendo money which they deserve for fine software when you can be an asshole and just steal a rom of it? Or you can purchase it because you are a nice guy and you like the video game company you buy the software of. I dont care what you do
2)Well, duh! Sega isn't takin notes apparently. Sure they bring back phantasy star 1-3, but they neglect 4 and they fuck around with PSO instead of giving us a real phantasy star game. And Shining Force 3 for the saturn, when they ship to the US, they only translated the 1st scenario. So eh, I love Sega but, sometimes while they have some great ideas, they shelve good ideas like this in exchange for a more strange, mediocre one.
3)I ain't puttin my hands on your dirty body :p And the GBA version will actually look as good/better than the super nintendo game, while the GBC game looked like crap. Nuff said.

and finally, I get this one, a late submission

Hello there! I met a chap named Ancient on #rpgsource, and was invited to
write! Well, instead of just writing some pointless HELLO shit, I figured I
could write something useful and interesting. So, I've got some questions I
was hoping you could answer for me...

1) Could you help explain to me the gamemaker Verge? Do I need to have a
thorough understanding of the C language to use it? And is Verge
particularly good at making any specific sorts of games?

2) Is Janus/Hiretsukan literally EVERYWHERE? I see a Fury2 forum and
information page at lots of sites nowadays, it's like he's a politician!
What do you think?

3) Sister Y (My sister) believes that Avril Lavigne is real punk music.
Well, I don't listen to punk, but I suspect that she is full of shit. Is
she, or is she not?

I have no idea why you called me a 'chap'. I dont even know what a chap is. But it better not be some foreign name for pussy or somethin, or I oughta...

1)Verge uses a scripting system which has syntax very similar to C programming. Basically, if you are familiar with C, go for it. If not, dont, or try and fail.
2)Well, Janus, actually has 2 clones. Not genetic clones though, just lookalikes. Everywhere he goes, they will not be found, cuz they will be at other locations, doing all the duties that are necessary. Out of the 3 though, one of them does some programming, whenever he feels like it, one of them is programming nonstop but always has to syntax check cuz he always messes it up, and one of them is programming a way to get beer on tap from his PC, and it doesnt seem to be working, as he seems pretty sober.
3)Avril Lavigne is punk. As in punkass. She's got a good ass, that's why she is punkass. A punk with a fine ass. But you mention something about music. I actually wouldn't know what her music is like, since I just watch videos muted. As for being full with shit, I dunno, ask her ugly ass boyfriend that she probably gives play to.

Anyway, that's all we got for now. You all need to send your shit in to mailbag@rpgsource.net cuz this week's topic is a very controversial one. RPGMaker series from ASCII. The topic will cover anything from that series, RM2K-2K3, the upcoming Playstation 2 maker or the PS1 maker, and the legality and stuff about those makers. Our sites official stance is that we will not support it, since we do not support any pirated software translated through illegal means such as 2K and 2K3 are. However, the playstation/playstation 2 games are legit, and there may or may not be an official english release on windows PCs. So I dont give a damn what you gotta say about it, send your shit in.

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