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and 15 years later I decide to do my job...
Posted on 8/9/2003
Yo this is ancient again, for yet another pathetic edition of the mailbag. I forgot what the topic was, but whatever ,i will post the shit anyway.

This is from my friend and yours, well actually he's nobodies friend, but this is from, well then again, I have no idea who this guy is, anyway, here is the question he sent me.

my name is Seiken Cumquat
and I would like you to review
this game called G4yn3ssis.
It's a fun rpg which is about
fighting getting gold etc.
Read more here:

F gode tilbud direkte i din mailbox http://jatak.msn.dk

It said 404 Page Not Found. Sorry man, couldnt test the game.

Here is a letter from my friend, and yours, well, maybe not yours, but he's sure as hell mine, this is from Shinan

Alright I have to come up with a topic...


"Zombie movies" No.
"Final Fantasy as a way of life" No, definitely not.
"Monty Python and the meaning of life" No.. But it is a good topic...
"Life, the Universe and Everything" 42... Unfortunately it has been done to
"Magic in Games" Yeah that'll do I guess... Since it should be game-based I
guess... So what's with the magic? Great world crsuhing summons that destroy
the world only to deal 20 in damage or down-to-earth non-flashy mind control

"Be strong in your Ignorance"

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couple of things.

1)Summons look cool as hell
2)what mind control spells are you talking about?
3)They should give the option to skip a summon animation. 90% of the FF games is watching Summons -_-

Here's an enlightening letter that I received from our friends at Namco, makers of the game Xenosaga ;) *accepts money for advertisement*

Hellu Joosteen, Es a member ooff zee ooffffeeciel Xenusega funbese-a yuoo esked us tu let yuoo knoo vhee zee letest und greetest noo gemes eppeer oon zee reder. Hurty flurty schnipp schnipp! Es a fun ooff Xenusega ve-a understund thet gemers tend tu leun tooerd oone-a perteecooler genre-a oor style-a ooff geme-a boot oocceseeunelly a geme-a cumes elung thet eppeels tu ELL gemeeng funs. Um gesh dee bork, bork! Thet geme-a is keell.sveetch! Veet ell zee edfuncements in gemeeng technulugy it's herd tu feend a geme-a thet trooly "voos" zeese-a deys boot keell.sveetch dues! Iferytheeng frum zee grepheecs, tu geme-a pley tu edfunced EI und su mooch mure-a, keell.sveetch hes gut it ell! Reeght noo, zee keell.sveetch Ermy is luukeeng fur guud recrooeets. Um gesh dee bork, bork! Su fer, respunse-a hes beee messeefe-a boot spece-a is ixtremely leemited. Bork bork bork! Thet's vhy ve're-a imeeeling yuu. Hurty flurty schnipp schnipp! Ve-a vunt yuoo tu be-a zee furst oon yuoor bluck tu heer ebuoot und mester keell.sveetch. Es a member ooff thees ileete-a sqooed yuoo'll get cumplete-a und tutel clesseeffied eccess tu keell.sveetch noos, geer und sume-a demn cuul rooerds. Um gesh dee bork, bork! Inleest in zee keell.sveetch Ermy tudey, iff yuoo'fe-a gut vhet it tekes!

Um, thanks, Namco ;)

And finally we have one more piece of smelly shit, this one's from, um, lets see, Zurukai (Formerly known has Heavens_Enzuru), and please do note, that has is all him and his email signature

ell, I guess I should keep my promise that I would send three ideas to you,
and that I shall.

1) I think you should go along with the rm2k thing. I had a good letter and
EVERYTHING! And as you stated in that mailbag topic, it is a very important
topic in the community.

2) How about what makes an RPG great? I am developing an RPG (Shi-ko
Chi-nai, go to the Projects and Releases forum for more information) and
that kind of topic would help me ALOT. The feedback of the public is always

3) What features do the users want on the site? I think this type of mailbag
topic would help X13 alot so why not?

1)What RM2K thing? What's RM2K? Is that like some new virus or something? If so, I had nothing to do with it, I swear it! Otherwise I dont know what you are talking about

2)Im sorry but blantant advertising is strictly prohibited on this mailbag. I only left your name intact because it seems like you were bluffing it. Oh, and the things that make great RPGs, are those cute little characters that look like they were rejected from a anime cartoon show for lack of... something. Without those B-rated Anime characters that staff those RPG games we love... nobody else would be foolish enough to!

3)I am not a user so I would not know what users want. Users are losers, and I am a winner, so dont use drugs, dont use drugs!

well that is all for this time. Anyway, next mailbag, which will ee up in 2-5 weeks from now, will have 2 topics. One we will continue our discussion of the RM2K and RM2K3 thing, just say whatever you want. And we will also discuss websites that you think are cool, send those in too and say why they are cool. And remember kids, we all only get fooled by fools once. Have a safe night.

* Santa_Clause uses cumming to bring back BLiZZ <Santa_Clause> oops <Santa_Clause> *cunning*

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