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Reparation to the Past: Mailbag Edition
Posted on 12/4/2004

This edition of the mailbag refers to the article written by me, called "Bringing Back Nintendo". In this Mailbag, I shall address the mail I recieved from readers of the article. Enjoy!

it also has to do with the age group they target. Mostly gamecube buyers are only hardcore nintendo fans like myself. They target little kids. Witht eh games that they have and they way they design their games they acutal nintendo games are very kiddish, personally i dont mind. they are stuck though ebcause you really need to target teenagers whlebeing appropriate for kids as well. NES that was doen easily SNES still easy then more and mroe it got harder. theres teenagers who play the agmes the younger siblings look at their older siblings and think i wanna be like them, so they play that sytem as well, thus the system that wins is the one targertted ofr teens. teens (except the hardcore nintendo fans like myself) do not like the no blood no violence happy bright colors kinda thing. its sad but true
- iantherage

Very true, Iantherage! And infact, that is going to be the subject of the next part of the "Bringing Back Nintendo", so check back at RPGSource for the soon to be update.

I read your article and I think your opinions are correct on the mistakes
that Nintendo made making 3rd parties lose interest to make games for them.
Good read. - OniLink

Thank you! I'm very glad there are people who agree with me on Nintendo's mistakes, and by understanding Nintendo's mistakes we have a good view of what Nintendo needs to do to come back to the top.

Why does losing third party support affect anything with Nintendo?
- Kagom Jack

Well Kagom, tell me, would you rather buy a case of average tasting assorted chocolates, or a case with a less amount and no variety whatsoever, but relatively better quality then some of the chocolates in the assorted box? Just something for you to think about.

Hey, great article. When are you gonna write up the second one?

Sometime this week. Because of popular demand, the article will first be published at xenoinfinity.rpgsource.net , and a few days later be published at RPGSource. After that, I'll release the exclusive mailbag edition for RPGSource as I did with Reparation to the Past.

Thanks for reading guys!

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