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Cobalt Infinity : Solace Love
Image ID[3] Filesize[79685 bytes]
By Basic Beecicchi

Basic's Critique
Yeah.....:\ [One of the many girls i see in my lifetime, that i got to know for just a short time.]

Linguar's Critique
Nice Basic, Nice...

I'm sure it's just your style, but the left side of her head (right to her) looks somewhat flat...

Although I couldn't tell if at first she was just really short, or she was sitting down XD -- Guess I'm tired... I'll probably remove this later :o

Re: Cobalt Infinity : Solace Love

Good. Very good.

But yeah, her head seems flat :o

Posted on 10.27.02 - 9:53:46 PM

Re: Cobalt Infinity : Solace Love

uhm, she's obviously spreading her pussy lips at you, which is a nice thing to hint at :).... lesse, she's stretched out like your other ppl drawings too

[Who's goin' Chicken Huntin'?]
Posted on 6.11.06 - 8:32:47 AM

<X13> Now that I have these glowsticks, I won't have to use my fingers. :D

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