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Project I - Riding Something
Image ID[4] Filesize[153222 bytes]
By Linguar

Linguar's Critique
This is another picture in the "Project I", I have mixed feelings about it, not sure if I like..

Re: Project I - Riding Something

nice boob's

Posted on 11.12.04 - 7:16:20 PM

Re: Project I - Riding Something

the creature is interesting, and has very large claws. nice work :) too bad the FF series originated the 'riding on something' (chocobos) idea
in other words
your creature's too much like a chocobo

[Who's goin' Chicken Huntin'?]
Posted on 6.11.06 - 8:15:46 AM

<Knightmare> Nothing says "This fight is over" like tearing an opponents arms off, beating him to death with them, and screaming "WHY ARE YOU HITTING YOURSELF? WHY ARE YOU HITTING YOURSELF?"

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