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Image ID[5] Filesize[91391 bytes]
By Chyld989


A picture I drew a few years ago over the span of about 10 days. I don't care for the shading on the left side, but it's hard to do that much black correctly ^_^ Let me know what ya' think.

Oh, it's Asuka Langley Soryu from Evangelion if ya' didn't know. :)

I'm not conceited. I'm as good as I say I am.
Posted on 10.27.02 - 11:56:31 PM

Re: Blood

Coo' man. Coo'.

Posted on 10.28.02 - 3:34:03 PM

Re: Blood

I say you're crazy to spend all of that time coloring in the black. That's what PHOTOSHOP is for.

[Who's goin' Chicken Huntin'?]
Posted on 5.12.04 - 1:03:34 PM

Re: Blood


Posted on 11.13.04 - 5:54:31 PM

Re: Blood

it's nice man

[Who's goin' Chicken Huntin'?]
Posted on 6.11.06 - 8:33:49 AM

<X13> I may get to fuck with fiber optics soon. <Wazzdakka> ... <Wazzdakka> If you melt your dick it's entirely your own fault

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