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Name18 Years Old
Member Since01.01.12
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Biographyeqbgssqhtpvsdf, <a href="http://18yearsold-tube.com/">18 Years Old</a>, HvKvVWu, 18 Years Old, WBuoOTx, http://18yearsold-tube.com/ 18 Years Old, JEdZkJg.

<Nora_Chan> Heaven is hotter than hell, here's why: The biblical description of heaven is a place where 'the moon is as bright as the sun, and the sun is 7 times brighter' calculating uing the stephen-boltzman equation shows at that brightness, the temp is 525C. Hell is described with 'molten brimstone', sulfur can only be molten at 450C. So... 525C Vs. 450C Heaven is hotter than hell

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