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:: RPG Source :: View Review :: Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen

Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen
Well, this is my first review :/ So don't kill me if this looks half-assed.

Let me note for all of my reviews from here on will follow this basic format:

Basic concept, Gameplay, Sounds, Graphics, Originality, Then final thought (Jerry! Jerry! Jerry...) and rating. Ratings I give are based 1 to 10. 1 being the worst game on the face of the planet to 10 being the most kick-ass game ever. On to the review now.

Basic concept:

You are the leader of a budding revolutionary army in the lands of Zenobia. As the leader Destin, you are one of the few people who wish to rise up against the opressive "black queen". As the commander of the revoultionary army you get to form and command military units.


As the commander, you direct how the army moves. On the world map it's pretty much self-explanitory, excluding a few places. Once on the battlefield, it's up to you on what tactics you wish to use. On many of the earlier maps, there are choke points where either you or the enemy can station a couple of units. (For those who aren't command savvy, a choke point is an easly traversable piece of land between two difficult to traverse parts.) However, the game itself starts getting a little dry. The game is also very difficult to master. It dosen't take long to learn but maintaining your army funds, keeping civilian morale up proves to be a very daunting task. The units/soldiers screen is also descently easy to master, However, it would seem like it would take years to describe it all effectively. I'm not really in the mood to do that now. :) I would like to mention this one part about it though. Your units are assigned random names you can't change. (There are some really stupid names. Like: Apple, Cherry, Banana... And other miscellaneous stupid names.)


Considering the SNES sound engine... The sounds in the game really didn't do much to utilize the vastness possiblities of the engine. For example: The male dying sound... It sounded like someone constipated is trying to take a major #2 (You all know what I mean :). Parts worth noting though were the digitized "Fight it out!" and "Liberation!" sounds. If more sound were digitized I would of given a much more better rating.


Nothing really special here. Other than the perspective map there's really noting worth mentioning... Or bashing for that matter. Except this is my pet peeve: The unit icons they used on the map needed to be animated. It gets boring after a while seeing a gold or silver game piece if you will, Scoot across the world.


The game concept was indeed very original. You play commander and watch how your units do in battle. Albeit you don't have very much control over your units. Very original indeed.

Final thought:

This was a game that needed some improvement. Boring to watch, somewhat fun to play. I don't know why so many people shun this series as bad as they do. Most people give the reason "You can't control your units!" I think that's what makes the game unique. You position your units anticipating the enemy's moves. Just like a commander would do on a real battlefield. Oh well, I've done plenty of blabbing. I give this game a: 5/10

Thank you, and you will see some more reviews from me in the near future.

(Maybe -_-)

By Cygnus (19/10/2002)

<Kagom_Jack> i got Carmen Electra confused with my Cousin Kate ;_; <Kagom_Jack> my cousin Kate's probably hotter than Carmen Electra

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