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:: RPG Source :: View Review :: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance [JAP]

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance [JAP]
"?@?@Xs?[h" - Marsh


Marsh Radieux
Nickname, RamzaX, Ramza2, Ramza Jr., New Tactics main character that looks JUST LIKE FUCKING RAMZA.

I noticed he was the main character when I figured out that he was RAMZA'S FUCKING TWIN. Besides lacking in originality, supposedly, Ramza... I mean, "MARSH". That was seriously an accident too. Anyways, he's supposed to be some kind-hearted boy from the country that recently moved to the city of St. Ivalice. His sister is some cripple in a wheelchair. I found that funny... DON'T ASK ME WHY. I think she's the first cripple in an FF game though.

Mute Landel
Nickname, Kid in the green sweater

While I was looking at this kid I came to an odd and unrelevant observation to the article at hand. Japanese put alot of white people in their games. Why is that? Yes well, anyways, the game opens up with this dork being picked on. My sources say he keeps a teddy bear with him at all times and is a quiet and shy little boy. Also, its supposedly reported that his father is Cid.

Ritz Malheur
Nickname, I think its pretty obviously what I noticed on this one.

Besides being named after a cracker and having BRIGHT PINK HAIR... That's all I've gotten so far. She seemed kinda aggressive, but I'm not sure yet because I can't read these CRAZY JAPANESE LETTERS. Anyways, my internet digging has come up with, "She's the type who think they can handle anything, but her 'winner' personality keeps her at some distance from the others. Her hair was originally white, but she secretly dyed it." Ok. Yeah so, I don't even know why I bothered quoting that, the chick that wrote that probably ripped it out of some magazine.


White Mage
Black Mage
Blue Mage
Dragon Knight
Guardian Knight
White Monk
Temple Knight
(About time)
Time Mage
Monster Tamer
Shape Shifter
Red Mage
Animal Trainer
Moogle Knight

Short Biased Summary!

Alright, now keep in mind I picked this ROM up two days before the offcial release of FFTA in Japan. Damn right. Seiken: 1, Japan: -2 (For only having white main characters too). But anyways, because of the fact I picked it up before the Japanese release the ROM turns out to be COMPLETELY WRITTEN IN JAPANESE. So I can't understand a word thats being said, instructed, displayed, or anything else. So here's what I picked up on with my own powers of perception:
The game starts with some kids picking on the kid in the green sweater. Then RamzaX steps up and says something (I'm guessing its the usual hero shit). Then the pink haired chick says something, but I don't think it was important. So after that the teacher comes out and blows his whistle, I have no fucking idea what thats about, but it causes the kids to get in a snow-ball fight. Luckily I managed to find the attack feature and move as well. So I was like trying to hit some guy in a beanie, who I cleverly labled "The guy in the beanie," when the fight suddenly stops. Then all the bad kids start pegging the kid in the green sweater (See Screenshots). So then we all go back to Ramza's house after that and it turns out that his sister is in a wheelchair. Then we read some book and afterwards everyone decides to leave for some stupid reason. I think they just can't stand your crippled sister, because she keeps talking and then making these sulky little faces while your friends are there.
Later that night as you're sleeping the world all changes on you and then your cripple sister disappears. When you wake up you're in some crazy armor. You meet a moogle (See Screenshots) and then you get in some fight with him. I won that fight (Also pictured in screenshots because I'm such a badass). So yeah, after that the Moogle and you get in some big conversation going back and forth over something. At that point I got really board just hitting "a" all kinds. So I quit.


I COULDN'T FUCKING READ ANYTHING. GOD, IT SUCKED SO FUCKING BAD. I WANTED TO RIP MY EYEBALLS OUT AND RUN THEM THROUGH A BLENDER IN HOPES TO GET THEM CROOKED ENOUGH TO READ THEIR JACKED UP LANGUAGE. Other than that, I noticed that the graphics are of lesser quality than FFT, so I'm guessing there won't be any cinematics. In fact, I'm almost positive there won't be. For anyone interested in picking up the untranslated ROM you're more than welcome to email me or find me on IRC for a copy. Otherwise, if you plan on waiting for the translated release, all the searches I've done have come up with "no release date given yet." But like, I know this guy that knows almost every fucking detail about FF and he says its expected Dec. 21-22.
In my opinion, graphics wise its nothing special. But if you liked Tactics, then this seems to be exactly like it with a good amount of improvements and the same general design. Plus from what I hear, this thing is selling like crazy in Japan right now. So it can't be that bad.

Character information courtesy of http://www.rpgfan.com.
Class information courtesy of http://www.rpgamer.com/.
All screenshots and character pictures were taken by myself.

By Seiken (27/2/2003)

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