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:: RPG Source :: View Review :: Chrono Trigger: Second Opinion [OLD]

Chrono Trigger: Second Opinion [OLD]
Wow. Pretty much all I have to say is, "Wow." I think this game may have broken my record for consecutive yearnings to be shot in the face. I seriously didn't like this game at all.

Storyline!To give you an idea for the story, it starts out with a boy named Croni waking up and having his mother opening his window. That was about the most interesting feature in the game. That you could open the drapes on the window. So then Croni goes to the fair and meets a princess in disguise, they travel through time and meet a talking lizard and then stop this giant monster called Magmar, or something. I honestly don't remember. But it wasn't the monster that was bad, it was an alien living inside the monster, which they obviously ripped off FFX.

Graphics! The graphics on this game looked like recycled Excitebike characters. I don't think I saw one cinematic for any of the combination moves either. Plus, these monster designs look really similar to FF3. I'm not gonna say it, but I think you know what I'm getting at. The character art was decent, but the lizard wasn't at all believable looking.

Sound! On a scale of 1 to 10. I give sound a 2. Ranking it right between Bionic Commando and Robotrek. Seriously, I've seen those amateurs on overclocked put out better midi's than the crap they played in this game. Not to mention the fact that Croni never talked.

Plot! I had no idea what was going on. Like one minute you were in the middle ages trying to break out of jail, and the next you're racing gizmo duck on some space planet. Timetravel is stupid, Einstein proved that wrong years ago. Plus, robots don't talk. Everyone knows robots can't talk, yet they put one in there. Obviously someone at that company is a dreamer. Plus, it took me like an hour to figure out where the fair was in the beginning. I don't know if thats really part of the plot, but I couldn't really think of where else to add this.

Control! The control was decent. Like, I found that when you were closer to the enemies you could deal out more damage, a well known secret that they decided not to tell you guys. Also, if you buy the better sword in the beginning it reduces your strength by -1 for the rest of the game.

Fun Factor! This game was jampacked with action, unfortunately, most of it was gay RPG action with like stupid turn-based shit that they used in FF7 and Lufia. It wasn't very fun at all, unless you count eyeing the blender every 2 minutes and wondering if sticking your head inside it will cure you of the pain playing this game has brought you.

Overall! I really couldn't stand this game. The characters looked like recycled dbz characters, and the monsters were obviously a rip off the popular game Lufia. I think it would have been better if Croni spoke, or maybe the lizard was half robot or something. Because robots don't talk, and this shitass software company needs to learn this. Overall though, if Squaresoft had helped develop the game like I hear they planned to do, it would have been alot better.

All game information was recieved second hand as I didn't even bother playing such a low rate game.
All screenshots were found using google image search.
All criticisms of this article should be sent here.

By Seiken (3/4/2003)

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