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:: RPG Source :: View Review :: Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger
Chrono Trigger is considered by many people to be the greatest RPG ever made. With
its excellent yet simple and straightforward story, unforgettable characters, classic music and awesome graphics, Chrono Trigger set a new standard when it came to making RPGs. Since its release, there has never been another game like it.

Chrono Triggers story revolves around Crono, a young man from Guardia Kingdom in the present day. One day he goes to the festival there and runs into a girl named Marle. Crono and Marle go to see Lucca, Cronos friend, and her new invention. Something goes wrong and Marle disappears. Crono then goes after her and discovers that he and Marle were actually sent back in time. The rest youll have to play to see.

Chrono Trigger is not a difficult RPG at all, which in my opinion is a good thing since that way you can focus more on the story instead of constantly leveling up your characters. Most boss fights are challenging enough to give you a good fight, but not to the point to where you have to fight it 4 or 5 times. To even this out, the game has 13 different endings, several sidequests, and tons of hidden items. Even if you wont have problems with the game, trying to really finish the game will take you a long time.

Like most RPGs, you gain levels by fighting monsters and also gain new techniques at certain levels throughout the game; but you can also gain double techniques, techniques where you and another teammate attack together causing more damage than a regular technique. There are also triple techniques where the entire party attacks together. Of course these attacks cause the most damage.

The music is where Chrono Trigger really shines bright. The soundtrack in this game is unforgettable and every song is an instant classics. The fighting music is nice but the boss theme, specifically the special bosses, are great pieces along with the theme for 12,000 BC. Each characters theme are great pieces of work on their own. Youll find yourself humming these tunes to yourself when your not playing the game.

The graphics are beautiful when you keep in mind the game was made for the Super Nintendo. The towns are original and well drawn out and colored. The bosses are well-detailed and well-animated. Crono and party look good and are well-animated and drawn throughout the entire game. The graphics were some of the best ever seen on the system.

Chrono Trigger is simply one of the greatest games ever made (personally my favorite RPG on the Super Nintendo, 3rd overall). If anyone is looking for a good game to play now and just cant seem to find any good new titles out there, then this is a great game to play. Even if you have already played it, its worth revisiting again. Chrono Trigger will be a game that you will never forget.

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By DJ_Cloud (20/10/2002)

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