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:: RPG Source :: View Review :: Ancient\'s reviewing scale

Ancient\'s reviewing scale
If you are wondering what the overall scores are about.. Here you go.

49-50 :MUST BUY. LIKE... NOW! Like, owning this game will save you somehow, its THAT good! If you pirate it you deserve to be nuked.
45-48 :A must play game
40-44 :Great game, but might not be for you
35-39 :Decent game, it may be enjoyable to you.
30-34 :The normal stuff, is reverred mainly amongst small groups of gamers
20-29 :Pretty lame, but heck, you aint got nothin else to do, so you play it.
10-19 :Really lame, and you are basically torturing yourself by playing it, yet you still do
5-9 : Please, just kill yourself and end the pain
4 or less : Let's pray a game this bad never exists, cuz EVERYBODY should supernuke themselves for that.

By Ancient (8/4/2003)

A friend is the one who bails you out of jail but your BEST friend is the one sitting next to your saying " that was FUCKING awesome."

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