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:: RPG Source :: View Review :: Ancient\'s reviewing scale

Ancient\'s reviewing scale
If you are wondering what the overall scores are about.. Here you go.

49-50 :MUST BUY. LIKE... NOW! Like, owning this game will save you somehow, its THAT good! If you pirate it you deserve to be nuked.
45-48 :A must play game
40-44 :Great game, but might not be for you
35-39 :Decent game, it may be enjoyable to you.
30-34 :The normal stuff, is reverred mainly amongst small groups of gamers
20-29 :Pretty lame, but heck, you aint got nothin else to do, so you play it.
10-19 :Really lame, and you are basically torturing yourself by playing it, yet you still do
5-9 : Please, just kill yourself and end the pain
4 or less : Let's pray a game this bad never exists, cuz EVERYBODY should supernuke themselves for that.

By Ancient (8/4/2003)

<Mr_Milenko> reason 2) Nobody in teh community congratulates people anymore its either you suck or you stole theres no more "Hey ima first time maker this si my first game,CONGRATS KEEP UP TEH GOOD WORK" its liek "Hey thsi si my first attempt at making a game,HEY YOU FUCKIN SUCK STOP WHILE YOU CAN LAMO!!"

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