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:: RPG Source :: View Review :: Xenosaga: Episode 1 - Der Wille Zur Macht

Xenosaga: Episode 1 - Der Wille Zur Macht
Hey Kiddos! Welcome to another crappy review by yours truly! If you would like to flame me for being an ass, stick a pole up your mom's pussy. That is all.

Once again, I shall start by stating how I'm gong to rate the games I review:

Gameplay: How well the game plays. Duh. If you dont know what this means, you deserve to be boiled in chicken semen.

Music and Sounds: How well the music and other sounds are done. Once again, duh.

Story: How well the plot is done. This is what I believe makes or breaks an RPG.

Graphics: How pretty the game is. Still, no games can beat my sexiness.

Replay: If its worth it to play the game over again after you beat it.

Ill be grading each of these on a 110 scale. 1 means that its the shittiest piece of shit on the planet and deserves to rot in hell. 10 means that its an example of divine influence in a game. 5 simply means that its average.

Now that thats done with, lets begin the review.

Story: The game starts out with a CG scene of an excavation in Lake Turkana, Tanzania in modern times. Some guys start talking to other guys about some crap and place a thingy-mabobber on some toher thiny-mabobber. Some cool stuff happens and then a gigantic golden tablet with the Hebrew letter Aleph rises from the lake. The game then skips a few thousand years into the future where humanity has colonized shitloads of the galaxy. Then we meet the nerdy engineer chick and her crew who are trying to build an android that will be able to beat the Gnosis, some super evil alien dudes from some alternate plane of existance. The rest of the story is so complex and funky, I don't feel like stating it right now.

I give the story a 10. Remember when I said Xenogears had the best story ever, well...I was wrong.

Gameplay: Like its predecessor Xenogears, Xenosaga has a very innovative battle system. From boosting to ether circuits, everything is fresh and new. The new level enhancement system is pretty sweet also. Not only do you gain levels, but you gain tech points, ether ponts, and skill points. Tech points are used to improve you deathblows in various was such as speed or strength. Ether points evolve you ether circuits, enabling your characters to use more powerful ether skills. Skill points let you extract abilities from items and give those abilities to your characters permanently. The mechs are back also, but this time as A.G.W.S. They play a lesser role in this game, but they are useful all the same. There is much more to gameplay in Xenosaga than what I listed, but that's the important stuff.

I give gameplay a 10. The innovation done by developer Monolith Soft was was pulled off superbly. My only gripe is that the game is way too fucking hard. Damn you Tiamat! Damn you!

Music and Sounds: Gah! Too...fucking...perfect! Must...listen...to...more...Xenosaga! That was my first impression of the game's soundtrack when I first heard it. Every track is flawless. There isn't a single bad track. Never before have I ever experienced something this great! This is as close to perfection as a video game OST will ever be! Yasunori Mitsuda, I salute you! On top of that, the game has much better voice acting than FFX. The only bad thing about sound in the whol game, is that that there isn't enough of it. The magnificent tracks only play during CGs usually. The only places in the game that always have music going on from the top of my head are Proto Merkabah and the Song of Nephilim.

I give music and sound a freaking 11. There is nothing better than this. Period! Go to your local import retailer and buy the soundtrack or you shall suffer a slow and painful death.

Graphics: Excellent anime-esque 3D graphics and CG scenes that rival the graphics of FFX. Its simply beautiful.

I give the graphics a 10. It is FFXs only rival in the PS2 graphics department other than Rygar. I liken the graphics to a Nymph from D&D. It's so beautiful, that if you look at it, you'll go blind.

Replay: If you really love the game go through it again. If not, then dont play it again. Its rather hard to play through a 70-hour game more than once though. Hell, RPGs are hard to play through more than once always. The only exception is Pokemon. DAMN! That game was hella fun when it came out and it still is today. You love it. Dont deny it. (Note: I copied this section straight out of my Xenogears review because it is totally true.)

I give replay a 5. Only go through it more than once if you love the game like I do.

Final Thought: You would think this is my favorite game of all time, right? Nope. It's not. My favorite game of all time Dance Dance Revolution. Xenosaga is merely my favorite RPG of all time. Still, the two year wait for Xenosaga to come out on US shelves was worth it. It's everything I hoped it would be and more.

I give Xenosaga a 10. Do yourself a favor and get this game right now! You will cherish it. Guarenteed or your money back.

(Cygnus, edit and you die.)

By TheDarkshineKnight (27/6/2003)

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