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:: RPG Source :: View Review :: Deus Ex

Deus Ex
Deus Ex

Great Game.

Longer: In the game you play as JC Denton a biogenetically enchanced man/soldier/agent that work for the UN anti-terrorist group. From here a story picks up that begins with the bombing of the Statue of Liberty by a French terrorist group. After this there are a couple of things to be done and a couple of terrorist groups to expose.
The story really has an infinite number of twists and turns and on the whole the story is exciting. There is too the impression that you can "control" certain events in the game to get different results, in true non-linear fashion.
The closest game story-wise that I've played is probably Westwood's Blade Runner. And that wasn't a bad game either.

The gameplay is an almost standard first person shooter. I have never been a fan of FPSs so I really can't comment whether this is better than usual or not. I however liked some aspects of it, like the skills and the "lots o' sneakin' around". What I didn't like were "Boss battles", though they were not very many and mostly I managed to snipe off the bosses from afar so that they didn't prove to much of a problem (I'm actually not very good at games where you must react fast know exactly which button to press at the right time).

On the whole this game rules. I usually say it's a mix. The storyline from Blade Runner mixed in with the action from Max payne (Or <insert other action game here, Max Payne was the one I chose because 1)It's one of the few I've tried out 2)The parts I've played of it had the same atmosphere as this game>).

I recommend this game to anyone who wants the things that this game offers. If you're into Fantasy or DnD or lots of magic spells this game isn't for you. If you like the occasional Cyberpunk/sci-fi setting this game is made for you mate. Bonuses are non-linearity (to a certain degree), exciting storyline and not at all sucky voice acting.

Edit: I can't get them damn screenshots to work, nor can I remove them, bugger I say 8^)

By Shinan (19/7/2003)

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