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:: RPG Source :: View Review :: Sword of Vermillion

Sword of Vermillion
The storyline in SoV would seem cliche by today's standards, but at the time it was merely just another RPG. Long ago, the evil kingdom Cartehena invaded and destroyed the good kingdom, leaving one Prince to grow up with the responsibility to defeat all evil and rule the world. The 8 Rings of Good and the 8 Rings of Evil were scattered across the land, and to truly unite the world, our hero must collect all the rings and defeat the ultimate evil. There is no real variation in the storyline or progression of the game. You visit a town and complete its mission [usually going into a cave, retrieving some kind of treasure, and making it back]. The weapons and items are also rather cliche, from the Iron Sword to the Sword of Vermillion, and Leather Armor to Diamond Armor. Near the end, there are some small side-quests and special items you can hunt for to help you along the way. Other than that, the game's progression and storyline are purely linear.

Sword of Vermillion certainly doesn't push the graphics limit of the Genesis. Nearly all the towns look the same as the next, and most wilderness areas lack color. The bosses and monsters however, are very vibrant in color and do make the battles look much nicer. In the map area, you pretty much have two kinds of "tiles": A tree, and a stone wall. The developers certainly could've made map travelling a bit less tedious and boring by adding in water, harder mazes, and multiple paths to the same area.

The great soundtrack of Sword of Vermillion does set it apart from other games of its time. There are about 2 songs for every given place; caves, towns, shops, churches, and other areas all have a great sound. The uniqueness of the music aids in setting the game apart when faced with its worn-down storyline.

SoV's battle system is more adventure based. There is no turn system, you just evade and hack up monsters [anywhere from 1 to 8 in a given battle] on a platform matching the current terrain. The large amount of monster types and variations make the frequent battles more enjoyable. An involved magic system aids you in battle, the spells becoming much more powerful with their price. You travel and fight alone the entire game; all friends left behind in the last town you visit.

Bottom line, the game is fun to play. Even though the adventures seem very similar to one another, they never get tiresome and entering a new town or village always piques my curiosity as to what the mission will be. If you're looking for a fairly quick-playing, fast-moving RPG, Sword of Vermillion is definately for you.

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By X13 (20/10/2002)

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