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:: RPG Source :: View Review :: Blatozoid

Sometimes... a game can really be more than a game, but rather an epic story, an emotional quest, not just for the world, but that character's personal living. These games, the good ones at least, manage to tingle those emotion cords in such ways that movies and books do. These games are great, and aren't easily forgotten.

Now forget everything I just said, because this game is nothing like that. Blatozoid is an odd-ball's hilarious quest to retrieve his cousins. Right after stepping into the game, there is a sudden plot change, and a ghost tells you that it is, in fact, a fat man who is holding your cousins!

Of course, you might be thinking that the comedy in this game will only pertain to a certain few, since everyone has a different sense of humor. I can openly say that it isn't the case with this game, since Blatozoid doesn't keep using the same jokes over and over; the style changes. The jokes range from your average "make no sense" thing to making fun of the game itself.

Of course this game is relatively short, and if you aren't one who wants to spend 20 minutes downloading a game for a few chuckles, this is definitely not for you.


- Plot 7
Nothing special, but I wasn't expecting much. This game isn't supposed to be serious.

- Gameplay 5
Your average Toolkit game.

- Graphics 6
Not the best in the world, but you have to love the hopping effect.

- Sound 6
Nothing really here... atleast it didn't get annoying.

- Replay ability 1
This game lasts like 5 minutes... nothing to go back for.

- Worth the download?6
Only if you're one who loves a little chuckle in the morning.

By Zurukai (27/4/2004)

<Anders> Anyways.. uh, a game in Milwaukee... where they have the sausage races in the 7th inning.. <X13> All-male marathon? <X13> Oh.

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