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:: RPG Source :: View Review :: Elmo's Revenge Demo

Elmo's Revenge Demo
Maybe I lack a sense of humor, or this was just a bit off my tastes.

Either way, the demo is simple: You are Elmo at a birthday party. Every ten or so steps you get into a random battle. You kill children. You keep doing this. The game never ends.

Worth the download? Probably not, but maybe you enjoy killing children. I sincerily hope though the actual game will have a story.

By Zurukai (29/5/2004)

<Airzone> Ling, say penis for me * Scott hands Airzone a nice penis. <Ling|LIRC> O_o <X13> O_O <Ling|LIRC> That's just weird <Airzone> scott, that's not meant to happen...

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