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:: RPG Source :: View Review :: The Black Walkway

The Black Walkway
There are some games that has potential, but that potential isn't used and the game just goes along and is never heard of again. The Black Walkway is that type of game. Your job is to banish the Black Walkway. With a cruddy walking system that seems to be the trademark of the older Toolkit titles, you have to use an average battle system and walk through towns ripped from the Toolkit example game to save the world.

Sound fun?

The Black Walkway is simply an average Toolkit game. In some ways, it's even under average (I mean, using towns from the example game? Come on). Even the sprites were the default ones that come with Toolkit. The game is horribly unbalanced in structure as well. For example, I decided to save a little boy captured be thieves, and I managed to do so. He then gave me some sort of treasure and a box pops up saying "Boy magically disappears"(note: the sprite was still there). After that, I walk around five steps and have to fight this huge dragon, which absolutely obliterates me.


- Plot 8
I think the plot and overall atmosphere had extremely good potential. But the rest of the game mechanics killed it.

- Gameplay 5

- Graphics 5

- Sound 7
I can't remember any tunes right off the bat, but I remember none were really annoying.

- Replay ability 1
I didn't even bother to finish it.

- Worth the download? 6
I really thought this game could've went far... maybe if the creator goes back and changes the few problems that plagued the game it'd really become a download that I'd recommend. Till then, it's just average, with an above average storyline and atmosphere.

By Zurukai (24/7/2004)

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