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:: RPG Source :: View Review :: Project Chaos

Project Chaos
Yes. I'm working a game. This game is going to be two-player online only, no exceptions. It'll play like a normal single-player RPG. What's the difference? Well, your partner, the other main character is extremely intelligent because he too is a human player. This isn't going to be your average multiplayer RPG. When you talk, your words come up in a standard RPG text box, hence preserving the atmosphere. Sometimes in pre-determined conversations both sides of the game have to make multiple-choice answers (ie "Do you hate me?" "Yes" or "No"). The game is going to be very promising... I'm planning on releasing it in episodes to keep the file size down and make the game come out faster. This game is going to be real-time, and that supports the vision of helping people re-live the fun of Secret of Mana multiplayer.

No official release date as of yet.

By Zurukai (24/7/2004)

<Heavens_Enzuru> Look at it this way, you gotta scratch your ass? NO worries. I'll do it for you. You gotta yell at someone but too tired? NO worries, I'll do it for you. You gone but need someone to voice people? NO worries, I'll do it for you :D.

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