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:: RPG Source :: View Review :: Xenogears

Hey Kiddos! Welcome to my first review! Flame me if you dare. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!

Here’s how I’m going rate the games I review:

Gameplay: How well the game plays. Duh. If you don’t know what this means, you deserve to be boiled in chicken semen.

Music and Sounds: How well the music and other sounds are done. Once again, duh.

Story: How well the plot is done. This is what I believe makes or breaks an RPG.

Graphics: How pretty the game is. Still, no games can beat my sexiness. (Don't listen to him, he lies!!! - Ed)

Replay: If it’s worth it to play the game over again after you beat it.

I’ll be grading each of these on a 1–10 scale. 1 means that it’s the shittiest piece of shit on the planet and deserves to rot in hell. 10 means that it’s an example of divine influence in a game. 5 simply means that it’s average.

Now that that’s done with, lets begin the review.

Story: The story of Xenogears starts out on the bridge of a starship. Suddenly, the ship’s computer system has been taken over by a mysterious being. There are no clues to what is in control except for the words “You Shall Be As Gods” on the main computer screen. The captain activates the self-destruct mechanism on the ship, causing it to plummet to the planet below. Only a woman survived the crash down to the planet. The game then skips to the village of Lahan where Fei Fong Wong is painting a picture. Fei is soon plunged into an epic story of mechs, religion, and the human soul.

I give the story a 10 simply because the game has the best story line of any freakin’ game ever made!

Gameplay:Xenogears combat system takes a little time to get used to because of how different it is. Instead of attacking just once, you attack with a combo. Basically, you have a light attack, medium attack, and a heavy attack that you string together in combos to attack the opponent with. You can also use ether points to attack with special moves, heal yourself, lower the enemy’s stats, or raise your own. In addition to the normal battle system, there is also a mech battle system. It basically is the same except for the fact that moves take up fuel and if you run out of fuel you can’t attack. You can also activate special options that come with certain mechs. There’s a lot more to the battle systems, but I would rather not explain it because it would take you a long time to read it. I also don't feel like writing it at this time. (Bastardized, run-ons drive me nuts. - Ed)

I give gameplay a 9 because its one of the most innovative and fun battle systems in any RPG. I have seen better though. *Cough* Star Ocean 2 *Cough*

Music and Sounds: Beautiful, Simply beautiful. Xenogears in my opinion, has the third best RPG soundtrack of all time. Final Fantasy VI and Xenosaga beat it just slightly. Find the OST and listen to it. You will not be disappointed with it at the least. Now that I’m done with the amazing soundtrack, lets talk about the sound. The sound overall is rather good, except for the fact that the voices could have been done a tad better. Still, there is not much room for improvement on anything in this category.

I give music and sound an outrageous 10. It might not be perfect, but DAMN, this crap is good!

Graphics: Good 2D Graphics, clunky 3D graphics, and pretty anime scenes. ‘Nuff said.

I give the graphics a descent rating of 7. Seeing how well FF8 looked, there was no reason that Xenogears should have looked worse. Still, graphics don’t matter THAT much…

Replay: If you really love the game go through it again. If not, then don’t play it again. It’s rather hard to play through a 70-hour game more than once though. Hell, RPG’s are hard to play through more than once always. The only exception is Poke’mon. DAMN! That game was hella’ fun when it came out and it still is today. You love it. Don’t deny it.

I give replay a modest rating of 5. Only go through it more than once if you love the game like I do.

Final Thought: This game is easily my favorite RPG of all time. Excellent storyline, great gameplay, and great music make Darkshine go psycho. Darkshine smash! Find a copy on the internet and buy Xenogears right now because you’re not going to find it in stores. You will not regret it. I didn’t.

I give Xenogears a wonderful 10. I love this game and so should you. Ciao!

(I fixed the links to the pictures (They were all broken.) Also, I have never seen so many sentence fragments in my life!!! - Cygnus)

By TheDarkshineKnight (24/10/2002)

A friend is the one who bails you out of jail but your BEST friend is the one sitting next to your saying " that was FUCKING awesome."

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