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:: RPG Source :: View Review :: Final Fantasy X - 2

Final Fantasy X - 2
Final Fantasy X 2

The first time I heard about this I thought: "Cool." How cool would it be to revisit one of my favorite FF worlds? See Auron kick some more ass, Wakka dish out some more blitzball 1337ness and most of all MORE RIKKU! Well, part of it is true. Here's all I know about it right now:

- It seems that the game is going to be Parasite Eve-esque (The battle system at least.)

- Two(?) main characters: I know for sure Yuna is going to be a main character. There's also some talk about Rikku(YES!) being a main character. However, details are at best sketchy.

- Yuna has been given less clothing and made a bit more sexy :P~~~

- Technology is in more use now! No more Yevon-induced darkages!

- Gameworld has been changed but is still familiar (There are some new places, The old ones still exist. There's also a lot of revisiting monsters from the original FFX.)

- Release is certain in Japan (March 2003 to be exact.), Squaresoft has not released any details on a U.S. or a International release.

The story begins two years after the defeat of Sin. From that everything else is like I said before:
Sketchy. It may be Sin came back earlier than expected, Some part of Sin was missed, etc...

That's all I know about this so far. I'll update this as more details become avaiable.


Game Informer, Dec 2002

More Screenshots
By Cygnus (25/11/2002)

<Bloodrunner> lets play it :D * Seifer unzips. <Bloodrunner> >:D

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