The following is an e-mail I was forwarded concerning RM2K's legality. Agetec is ASCII distributor in North America. -X13

From: Kevin Sullivan
VP Sales & Marketing
Agetec, Inc.

Thank you for your email question. Yes, the only copy of RPG Maker for the PC in the U.S. market at this time, unfortunately, is a bootlegged copy that originated in England. This copy has made its way via the Internet into the hands of many "respectable" gamers throughout the world.

You are right in letting your friends know that they are in possession of what is tantamount to stolen property. Because of the proliferation of this title into the hands of people who copied it and sent it to their friends (and so on, and so on), there is no appreciable market for this game in the U.S.

In other words, the entire North American market was denied this title based on the actions of several individuals acting illegally.

It is also unfortunate that you may count your friends amongst those responsible.

Will this stop them from playing it? Not likely. Those who insist on "cheating the system" rarely see above their own needs to see how their actions truly affect others in the world. It would be difficult to tally the financial losses that the original design/programming team faced when they found out they could not sell there game over here. Considering that the U.S. market is roughly six times that of Japan, well, I hope your friends understand at least that much.

If you have followed the success of RPG Maker for PlayStation you will have noticed a community of game players and new game designers working together to create some phenomenal games. It was Agetec's pleasure to bring this title to the North American PlayStation market because now the kids and young adults who always thought they could make a cool game have the tool to do so. Our discussion board is constantly being updated with the hints, tips, and tricks that the gamers have found in their efforts to build their own masterpieces.

This version of the game, by the way, has been the best selling title on our online store since it launched.

It's too bad that the same experience is not to be duplicated with a legitimate copy of RPG Maker for the PC. We can only imagine what was lost due to the selfish actions of a small group of people.

We appreciate your efforts to educate your friends. If this letter helps, so much the better.

Thanks again,

Kevin Sullivan Aug. 10, 2001