...SexNet Adventures!
A True Account, by X13

Session Start: Sun Apr 20 14:46:48 2003
Session Ident: sexyboy23
[02.46.48 PM] Session Ident: sexyboy23 (pdaddy@mpx-18C6FF10.qc.sympatico.ca)
[02.46.48 PM] [ 02:46:48 PM -- Session sexyboy23 Start ]
[02.46.48 PM] [ Common Channels -- #group-sex ]
[02.46.48 PM] <sexyboy23> hey want to chat
[02.46.52 PM] <X13> syre
[02.47.01 PM] <sexyboy23> cool hows it going
[02.47.22 PM] <X13> good u ? :))
[02.47.54 PM] <sexyboy23> not too bad
[02.48.44 PM] <sexyboy23> what u up to rite now
[02.50.29 PM] <X13> sry
[02.50.36 PM] <X13> looking 4 aminals for day of happy
[02.50.51 PM] <sexyboy23> for what?
[02.51.01 PM] <X13> for love :)
[02.51.14 PM] <sexyboy23> cybersex love?
[02.51.29 PM] <X13> well animal luv while cybersex yes
[02.51.35 PM] <X13> it is for day of happy in turkey
[02.52.07 PM] <sexyboy23> cause i am horny rite now
[02.52.20 PM] <X13> but u r not turkish :/
[02.52.31 PM] <sexyboy23> no im not
[02.52.40 PM] <X13> on day of happy must have turkish
[02.52.42 PM] <X13> + animals for love
[02.52.53 PM] <X13> :)
[02.52.58 PM] <sexyboy23> oh ok
[02.53.05 PM] <X13> can u act like animal 4 me ?
[02.53.16 PM] <X13> plz :)
[02.53.30 PM] <sexyboy23> i can try
[02.54.14 PM] <X13> :)
[02.54.32 PM] <sexyboy23> so what is this day exactly. tell me about it
[02.55.47 PM] <X13> okay
[02.55.50 PM] <X13> birthday in usa
[02.56.13 PM] <sexyboy23> k
[02.56.21 PM] <X13> :)
[02.56.28 PM] <X13> okay wuld u like list of animals 2 be ?
[02.56.35 PM] <sexyboy23> sure
[02.56.38 PM] <X13> goat
[02.56.41 PM] <X13> cow
[02.56.48 PM] <X13> pig
[02.56.52 PM] <X13> ok ?
[02.57.13 PM] <sexyboy23> now what happens with these animals
[02.57.29 PM] <X13> you make the noises while i touch
[02.57.54 PM] <X13> k? :)
[02.57.55 PM] <sexyboy23> ummm ok i guess
[02.58.07 PM] <X13> pick ur animal
[02.58.21 PM] <sexyboy23> i'll say cow
[02.58.25 PM] <X13> okay now
[02.58.32 PM] <X13> do u know sound of cow ?? u have 2 act like one
[02.58.54 PM] <sexyboy23> i can try
[02.59.04 PM] <X13> okay now 1 last thing ? plz change nick to something like CoW
[02.59.13 PM] <X13> u do not hav 2 but it be nice present :)

Session Start: Sun Apr 20 15:00:16 2003
Session Ident: COW
[03.00.16 PM] Session Ident: COW (pdaddy@mpx-18C6FF10.qc.sympatico.ca)
[03.00.16 PM] [ 03:00:16 PM -- Session COW Start ]
[03.00.16 PM] [ Common Channels -- None ]
[03.00.16 PM] <COW> like this
[03.00.19 PM] <X13> yes
[03.00.21 PM] <X13> thank you :)
[03.00.25 PM] <COW> np
[03.00.43 PM] <X13> now u be a cow tell me what ur doing
[03.01.25 PM] <COW> ok as a cow, im walking around in my area, eating leaves and cow food
[03.01.34 PM] <COW> mooo moooo
[03.01.38 PM] <X13> mmm okay
[03.02.00 PM] <X13> i step to the cow area and say BAD COW
[03.02.15 PM] <COW> i stop in my tracks
[03.02.35 PM] <X13> i step closer with a stick and say I DO NOT WANT TO HIT U COW
[03.02.51 PM] <COW> i groan
[03.03.19 PM] <X13> itz okay though ur good cow
[03.03.28 PM] <X13> i walk behind u and touch ur back
[03.03.41 PM] <COW> mooooo
[03.04.00 PM] <X13> do u want to be milked cow ?
[03.04.50 PM] <COW> moooooo
[03.04.57 PM] <COW> i move my head like a nod
[03.05.04 PM] <X13> okay good
[03.05.31 PM] <X13> i go to get the pail and sit down next to you with the pail
[03.05.37 PM] <X13> will u be good cow when i do ?
[03.05.50 PM] <COW> i nod again and say "moo"
[03.06.03 PM] <X13> mmm okay
[03.06.37 PM] <X13> i put my hand on you and milk it to the pail because ur being good cow
[03.06.42 PM] <X13> u like being milked cow ??
[03.07.44 PM] <COW> mooooooo
[03.08.49 PM] <X13> i reach over to grab ur tail and slowly feel up it farther
[03.09.21 PM] <X13> u r being good cow for my day of happy so i be very nice 2 u
[03.09.36 PM] <COW> mooo?
[03.09.43 PM] <X13> moooo
[03.10.00 PM] <X13> okay cow what u want me 2 do?
[03.10.06 PM] <X13> u show me
[03.11.42 PM] <X13> itz okay u can tell me
[03.11.43 PM] No such nick/channel