True Freedom: Possible?
By Julian Ostrow

    Freedom is defined as "liberty of the person from slavery, detention, or oppression", but can such a lofty concept ever be effectively put into words? Without a globally agreed-upon definition, can true freedom ever be achieved? While I think an illusion of freedom is necessary to keep a nation from tearing itself apart, true freedom would actually work toward our destruction as a united country. I believe that deep down, most politically and socially conscious Americans feel the same.

    Consider a true "free country". Anybody can do anything, where consequences and morality are thrown away. Person A is annoyed by Person B; does this give Person A the right to yell at B, fight him, or even commit murder? Without an established set of guidelines [i.e. Federal Law], the nation would fall into chaos, but with rules and regulations set up, some people will complain that they're being oppressed. There is no solution to this problem but that of understanding; if individuals can realize how issues truly are handled, how things truly work, and what freedom really is, a chance to stay stable as a nation remains.

    Nobody can know for sure what the outcome of a truly free country would be, because no country has ever allowed it. Even anarchy tramples on the rights of some. Complete freedom is impossible, and should not be strived for. A working system in which people feel safe, happy, and content is what needs to be developed. -- edited out --

    Without some sense of freedom, American self-pride would be next to nothing. In my experience, America's version of freedom has been strong in its balance of human rights and the laws that govern humans. Most people truly believe that "the system" works, and they could very well be correct. After the attacks on September 11th, messages of American pride and freedom have been commonplace in a U.S. citizen's daily life. If this era of flag-waving continues, things may become even better yet. [or not]

    In conclusion, I believe that true freedom is a concept that should never be strived for, but balance is the key to a nation remaining strong. With balance comes a feeling of justice, and with justice comes pride for your nation.