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:: RPG Source :: View Article :: RM2K, the story, the info, the destruction

RM2K, the story, the info, the destruction
By Knightmare [21/2/2003]
RM2K, the processor to the infamous Rpgmaker95, made by ASCII. Orginally Rpgmaker95 and
other ASCII makers (Dante Rpgmaker for the SNES?) were being translated by Kanjihack. But
Kanjihack had a run in with the law and was being sued by ASCII. Don't know ASCII is? ASCII
is possibly the biggest computer program company in Japan. Basically the Microsoft of Japan
and they specialize in making rpgmakers as one of their main projects. You know that
Rpgmaker on the shelves at the video store? Yep they did that too. They have done quite a
few and have came out with even 3-d makers recently. Anyway, back to the actual RM95 issue.
After Kanjihack got the perverbable "axe" a Russian man going by the name "Don Miguel"
finished the last 5 precent of the project and released it as his own. This is where the
entire trouble started. Considering that at the time, RM95 was basically the only working
availble maker at the time. People were just getting into making there own makers, or
becoming RPGgrandmakers (Term coined by AegisKnight - http://sphere.sourceforge.net/. So people only really had this to use, but was obviously illegal. Until the super hit site rpgmaker.net came around, the mast majority used this maker. It was very buggy and
constrained. RM2K was basically a face-lifted version of RM95, but considering there was a
5 year difference between them, there was hardly any improvement. Anyway, Don Miguel himself
brought it onto himself to translate the new RM2K. He did it, if you cnsidered it english.
The older version had coined termes like "cancel_breast". It did later get an English revamp though. The problem with this maker was that is was obviously, illegal like it's predeccesor. It was made apprant by frequent letters by ASCII, and because so many people used RM2K illegaly, ASCII decided not to bring RM2K to the U.S. with added features. They thought it was a waste of time because of all the people already using it illegally. On a side note, the maker wasn't good enough that anyone would of bought it anyway. This nature caused ASCII to rethink any possibilities to bring other makers to North-American shores, even the 3-D makers that had made, which many people may have liked. By using an illegal ASCII products ,or having them on your site you can and will make yourself a target for the ASCII army of demonic lawyers. It took how many years to drop the ball on Gifs, how long do you think your games will be safe? Well, I don't think it'd be as bad as Gifs, but I think Don may get penalized in the future, but that's ASCII decisions, not ours.

Enough of the legal issues, let's look at the rpgmaker itself. The actual maker can make
some nice looking games itself. It has the function in which connects the land tiles with
water tiles when building the map which makes for a more professional look. It does have
easy resource importing and monster/battle set-up. Events are set up quite easily, but
having to events at once can conflict with other events and you could spend all day just
trying to get one event to work through trial and error. It obviously loks easy to make
games, doesn't it? But it does have major short comings. The most obvious ones are the
fact you can only use MIDI and WAV files for music. This makes it so, you either have a
smaller game with pretty cheap music, or great music with a VERY high bloating of memory
space. One 3 minute WAV file could be as much as 50 MBs! Another factor is the fact that
you only have tile to tile stepping. Only up,down, or left,right. There is no diagnal tile
blocking on RM2K like off of Chrono Trigger (The kinds of tiles where you can stand half
way on) There is also the crappy graphics look. You can only create certain sizes for
characters. Your choices of other file media is very limited, you can only import png
graphic files (these are mainly good for pictures that have 256 colours or less, JPG is
much better for 256+) and also for actual motion movies, you only can use .mov files, and
everyone who knows about these know they can be much bigger than some encodes like Div-X.
And obviously, can't do real 3-D.

Now, why is this maker so popular even though it's quite illegal? Well, even after it's short comings, this maker can be user friendly. Also it can be manipulated to some extent to overcome some short comings like the single battle system. It still takes more time to figure out and impliment this manipulations than to actually learn to program and make your own system, but people don't have to learn something new, they can do it on RM2K, to some extent. But with RM2K, you'll never achiveve a professional look or feel. You'll never be able sell your work, you can't use 3-D, and you're music can suffer horribly with RM2K. Sure it's great for those fun little games like RpgStory or IRCPse, but if you want a professional game that everyone will say "wow, look at that! This is great!" You'll have to move on Juniour. RM2K is only for the minors and if you ever want to do something big, you'll have to ween yourself off the RM2K. Sure, it seems nice and user friendly, and it may tuck you in sheets when you go to bed saying that you made a great game. But reality bites, so if you wanna make that Chrono
Trigger rival game, or have a Seiken Densetsu 3 battle system, you may want to check out
the more professional makers like Sphere and Verge. And obviously, they aren't illegal.

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