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:: RPG Source :: View Article :: Visit from a Sotilas (Shinan!)

Visit from a Sotilas (Shinan!)
By X13 [15/3/2003]
Recently Shinan, a long-time member of the RPG Making community, dropped into #rpgsource on IRC and visited. He's now in mandatory military service in Finland.

<Shinan> wulcome back eh?
<X13> Hey. ;P
<Shinan> How's Source going now while I'm gone? :D
<X13> Terrible~
<X13> It's good. ;)
<X13> How have you been?
<Shinan> well it sucks to be in the military... Like some people have said: I've never been this depressed, but I've never laughed as much either.

*Interview Mode*

<X13> Well, you're in for 2 years, right?
<Shinan> No. Only 118 days left! I managed to make it in 6months

<X13> So what's it been like so far?
<Shinan> well getting up early in the morning, getting nervous breakdowns, crawling around in the forest, marching a couple of kilometres, shooting at some targets... ... And of course making your bed and sweeping the floor.

<X13> I don't know much about the current political situation. Are there any real enemies?
<Shinan> No. I mean shooting at those umm... whatever they're called with numbers you now 8^)
<Shinan> *is empty in the head*

<X13> So how did you get 6 months?
<Shinan> last week we had a "night march" first we slept in a wind shelter to about 2Am and then we marched 20 kilometres during the morning/night...
<Shinan> Well I got 6 months by not really standing out much, they chose the "best" to be 12 months and leaders of the next group that comes in in 6 months.

<X13> Where are you at now?
<Shinan> well I have my weekend off right now...
* Shinan jsut remembered that he's actually part of the Finnish "marine" which is rather fun when one compares to them other marines in movies :D

<X13> What are your uniforms like?
<Shinan> well now during winter we have white uniforms that probable weren't even new during the 2nd world war...
<Shinan> and in the summer we'll have the same uniforms only turned inside out (and therefore having the greenish pattern on them)

<X13> Are they in decent shape, at least?
<Shinan> well they hold together, I don't think they'll ever brake apart, they're made of good material...
<Shinan> 8^) We have a training camp thingy for three weeks up in Lapland in May though... that one'll be quite hard... ... But after that we're getting out...

<X13> Nice. ^_^ You'll be in shape at least, lol.
<Shinan> doubt it. I'm an artillerist, one of those who send coordinates to the other so that they'll now where to fire
<Shinan> So I can hope to only get to sit in a hole writing on a typer 8^)
<Shinan> (But we'll probably run around the forest with a damn radio and a cable on our backs...)

<X13> Any plans for after you get out?
<Shinan> Well I'm not continuing my studies until January so I thought about doing absolutely nothing :D
<Shinan> (perhaps updating my homepage evey now and then of course and doing other small stuff but nothin "real")
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