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:: RPG Source :: View Article :: Why are people so naive on the internet?

Why are people so naive on the internet?
By Ancient [8/1/2005]
I know some of you are reading this are questioning as to why I should have the authority to post such a bit. Others of you may think that I am using this basically as a place to bitch at you and call you out or something. I have as much authority as you, and I am not calling you out and I am not bringing up any incidents in specific. This is merely something I have observed as of late. Some people (such as myself) are able to see the err of their ways and will admit they are in the wrong when they are. Others refuse to do this, no matter what.

I don't know if these people have some sort of superiority complex or something, but it's not cute anymore. Lying is a form of stupidity, as well as being fooled by them. If somebody cannot project their true self on the internet and instead have to act like they are better than everyone, then that is full proof that they are just the opposite.

I've seen the naievity of some people throughout different RPGMaking communities tear them apart. Maybe not in the literal sense perhaps but it really helps. I will discuss one website in particular that thinks that everything has to be a competition, and they will not stop and think.

The people at this website, they hate me, simple as that. I can be hard to get along with in some cases, but that is because I am not afraid to speak my mind and to further a cause. I convinced everybody here except X13 that this site should change directions. Of course, X13 is the boss man so it is his final choice :). But anyway, these people are so hard headed that they seem to misinterpret every letter I type on my keyboard due to their blind hatred of me. They refuse to stop and think. Stop and think.

I will delve into an example here. I posted a link to a song by a local band around here that I happen to like. A good number of people didn't like it, but they weren't being total assholes about it, they just didn't agree with some or all of the elements of the song.

Then comes along some person that start bitching about how it's all power chords and that it's too simple and they can play better than all that. The fact of the matter is, one of the guys was just a high school teenager that has only been playing for a couple of years and is foolish enough to think that this was the best possible music that the guitarist of the band could possibly play. I have listened to both his guitar playing (He used to post songs on the website) as well as the band guitarist who is a personal friend of mine. Considering the band guy has been playing music for most of his damn life and has done so professionally for about 8 or 9 years, about 3 times as long as the kid has played in his entire life, and that he has an great aptitude for playing a variety of instruments, I tried to put him in his place. However, the people of the website then "stepped up" to defend him and agree with him and shit, and they are just as blinded as this kid who has to inflate his ego to feel better about himself.

All Im saying is, stop and think. If somebody says something you dont agree with, stop and think. It's okay to ask for proof or to disprove what they are saying, but don't use blind prejudice towards that person to say they are wrong. Stop and think.
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