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This Nation Decays
By Seifer [20/10/2002]
Random Fuck on My AIM List: Dude
Random Fuck: The good old days..
Random Fuck: i miss them.
Random Fuck: damn that was the time NO ONE CARED about shit like
Random Fuck: What clique you were in, or who you hang out with, or if you hate the world or not
Me: Yeh.
Random Fuck: It was just a matter of who could swing the highest, who could ride the fastest on their bike, and just having fun.
Me: It was all about who had the fastest bike, the coolest shoes and shit. Lol.
Random Fuck: Yes
Random Fuck: Lmfao
Random Fuck: ... Now i'm a 15 year old.
Random Fuck: How did i turn out this way?
Random Fuck: i don't know..
Random Fuck: but i'm not going to complain about it, either.
Me: And the world has changed. People have become posers.
Random Fuck: i have a reason to look forward to tommorow.
Random Fuck: i guess i could be considered a poser..
Random Fuck: i mean..
Random Fuck: i don't show alot of me all the time
Random Fuck: Like half the people at my school wouldn't know how much of a fucking geek i am..
Me: Heh. That's called protecting yourself from the harsh element that is society.
Random Fuck: Dude..
Me: A poser shows sides of them that aren't really them because they want to "look cool".
Random Fuck: Does everyone do that?
Random Fuck: sheild themselves?
Me: See the difference?
Random Fuck: Yes.
Random Fuck: Damnit
Me: Posers make up sides to be cool. Protection is hiding your true self while not showing false sides.
Random Fuck: Half the guys in my school need to get their throats ripped off and have them used to wipe the ass of a hemroidal sow.
Random Fuck: Its all about
Random Fuck: "Sex"
Random Fuck: and "who has the hottest ass"
Me: "Dude, I smoked half a brick last weekend."
Random Fuck: and "who gets the most head"
Me: "DUDE! You're officially the coolest guy in school now!"
Random Fuck: Exactly.
Random Fuck: or this
Random Fuck: "Dude, i was at a theatre yesterday, and you won't believe this, but a 22 year old gave me so much fucking head, i walked out of the movies limping." "holy shit dude, you own n00b ass."
Random Fuck: "did i mention it was a guy with lip herpes?"
Me: "Dude, I was at the park with my girl yesterday. She dropped her pants and we fucked in front of everyone. It was great."
Me: "The school will worship you now, dude."
Random Fuck: Exactly..
Random Fuck: its sad.
Random Fuck: but true.
Random Fuck: And some of the guys
Random Fuck: they are fucking ass holes.
Random Fuck: They toy with emotions.
Random Fuck: they know i love this girl, and so what the fuck do they do? they forger a note saying she hates me and wants me to die.
Me: Instead of rewarding intelligence, common sense, things of that sort, you're worshipped if you practice sexual promiscuity, drug abuse, mass consumption of alcohol and involvement in abusive relationships.
Random Fuck: But dude, my school does have a few guys who r0x0r.
Me: Go figure. Society's destined to do exactly what the Roman Empire did. Celebrate its big rise, then collapse just as soon as it rose to power.
Random Fuck: which basically what makes up my tight circle of freinds.
Random Fuck: Even if some of them act kind of stupid, i don't care, because i know they act true.
Random Fuck: and Truth, is one thing that should be valued.
Me: Honesty is one thing you cannot put a price on. I don't associate with people who bullshit me.
Random Fuck: Oh man, i just HOPE it turns out in Anarchy. You want to know why?
Random Fuck: So i can see the face on the so called "Anarchists" when a Nihilist comes their way with a fucking rocket propelled grenade launcher.
Random Fuck: Anyone who says they are an anarchist and has the typical "Anarchist look" you know, the Anarchy shirts, spiky black hair, spiked wrist bands 'n shit, is total shit. Its bull fucking shit.
Random Fuck: They don't know the first thing about anarchy, what they think anarchy is, is THEM doing anything they want
Me: Frankly I don't give a fuck about governmental systems. Democrats, Republicans, Anarchists, Libertarians... it's all just an assload of glittering generalities to make you think you're getting a good deal by putting a guinea pig representing a certain system's interests in office. The truth is, the government doesn't care about the people, I don't give a shit what party or what interests they "represent". They're out for themselves and society is above deserving this. The government has made society into the smoldering wasteland it is today.
Random Fuck: Anarchy is "No Government".
Random Fuck: a so called "utopia"
Me: Anarchy is a government in itself. Can we say hypocrisy?
Random Fuck: Yes we can.
Random Fuck: Nihilism is the only true belief that could end out in utopia
Random Fuck: the belief that the Human Race does not deserve to exist.
Random Fuck: All of Society isn't Shit.
Random Fuck: Its just the vast majority of it.
Random Fuck: there are a few people you probably would say deserve to live
Random Fuck: such as Kym, for your example.
Me: I believe everything deserves to exist at the time it is born. Over time people do things that diminish their credibility and purpose, thus leaving them with no reason to exist. When they reach this point they should be mass murdered.
Random Fuck: Awesome.
Random Fuck: That beleif just. No words can describe it. its just .
Random Fuck: Your a fucking brilliant person.
Random Fuck: You know i just realized something
Me: Sounds Nazi party-like, but it's not. Nazis murdered people because they didn't "fit in" with what they deemed the master race. My view is you murder people because they're not strong enough to survive and evolve (some would say de-evolve) with society.
Me: In a sense you're relieving them of the pain they'll feel when they realize they're inferior to what the future society will be.
Random Fuck: Well the De-evolution is what fucking turned society INTO shit.
Me: Exactly. And history will repeat itself, society will continue to de-evolve until it's down to absolute nothingness.
Random Fuck: its already been proven the human race is de-evolving.
Random Fuck: physically.
Random Fuck: Our life spans are getting shorter
Random Fuck: and as birth rate increases due to technology
Me: Technology's another thing contributing to our downfall.
Random Fuck: when MONEY becomes more valueable than HUMAN LIFE, then we get flushed.
Me: Instead of focusing on technology that will benefit us, we spend it on weapon research. "We'll build more powerful bombs," they say. "It will strike fear into the rest of the human race and force them to comply with our standards for the future."
Random Fuck: No kidding.
Random Fuck: "Yes, let us build space research, let us make the biggest possible waste of money"
Random Fuck: 16 countries are wasting millions of dollars on that international space station
Random Fuck: you know what its going to be used for in reality?
Random Fuck: Vacation House for rich ass pop stars.
Me: Pop stars. Another factor greatly contributing to the degeneration of society as a whole.
Random Fuck: And not just that. Bombs, Military Aircraft, New Submarines, Nuclear Fission.
Random Fuck: We already use Fission Reactors [name], a Cheaper Safer Power Supply
Random Fuck: also the main ingrediant in nuclear weapons,
Random Fuck: nuclear submarines
Random Fuck: and a number of other militaristic opurtunities.
Me: Yes, let's beef up the defense system even though 99% of countries fear our very existence.
Random Fuck: The military value of nuclear power greatly outweighs the public value
Random Fuck: ... Why do you think afghanistan and the middle east are all doin shit about us and themselves drawings us into it?
Random Fuck: Because they fear us so much, they need to do something about it.
Me: Because as retarded as our philosophy is, theirs is just as bad if not worse.
Random Fuck: that too.
Random Fuck: ... Now india.
Random Fuck: what has India done wrong?
Me: "Oh my Allah, Western society," bin Laden says. "We send big plane into building and kill many innocent person."
Me: What the fuck kind of setup is that?
Random Fuck: i don't fucking know.
Me: I'd ask if we could all just get along, but society's decayed far too much for that to happen now.
Random Fuck: ..
Random Fuck: Dude,
Random Fuck: All getting along.. would never happen
Random Fuck: Even if it hadn't decayed.
Random Fuck: Society hasn't decayed, its always been this way.
Me: What we discussed that happens in schools is nothing more than a miniature scale of what happens in governments worldwide.
Random Fuck: Look back
Me: It's all about who has the fastest planes, the biggest bombs, the largest military bases...
Random Fuck: Not necessarily.
Random Fuck: Russia could wipe us out
Me: The most valuable currency, the most efficient vehicles...
Random Fuck: The most valuable currency is nuclear weapons.
Random Fuck: Thats exactly the setting of Fall out.
Random Fuck: too.
Me: Rather than looking at how effective each individual government is, we look at "Oh my god, their bombs release with 35,000,000 pounds of force" or "Their planes can almost reach Mach 4 speeds now, holy shit."
Me: And it's just ridiculous.
Random Fuck: "in the near future, the value of Plutonium, and Uranium greatly increase, and are over mined all over the world, because of this, the united states annexed canada, and started world war 3."
Random Fuck: You see a picture of a guy in a suit of armor, executing a canadian civilian
Me: Who would want Canada. Half of it is a frozen wasteland, their currency is almost completely worthless...
Random Fuck: Dude.
Random Fuck: Has anyone really geologically explored canada for anything but gold?
Random Fuck: No.
Me: Their dollar has ALWAYS been far less valuable than our dollar.
Me: And don't think I'm defending our dollar.
Me: I don't defend money period.
Random Fuck: You shouldn't
Random Fuck: Money is evil, too.
Random Fuck: i don't know though.
Me: Money can buy you almost anything you want, but it cannot buy you true love or happiness.
Me: And in today's society you have to seek those two things out to find some real comfort and solace.
Random Fuck: There are some good things that have come from this shit hole society.
Me: And another thing I cannot stand about today's society. These so-called "rebellious" kids that practically live at skate parks and don't shower for days.
Me: "I'm cool because I defy the law."
Random Fuck: Thats just...
Random Fuck: Sick.
Me: Yeah? You suck at skating and you stink.
Me: Find another way to release your anger instead of busting your ass and smelling bad.
Random Fuck: Man, though, i wonder if the society was better, if we would still have Anime..
Random Fuck: or FF6-8...
Random Fuck: or Nikki(the name of the girl i love) or Kym.
Me: Oh. More things to bitch about. Anime fanatics. They live, eat, breathe, sleep, drink, piss, shit, BLEED anime.
Me: They try to live their life like they're an anime character.
Random Fuck: i try to live my life like a gothic.
Me: This is beyond pathetic. It's almost as bad as those skating faggots.
Random Fuck: Gothic
Random Fuck: ... just the fact that
Random Fuck: so i just don't care about those
Me: The fact is you're going to have to at least partially conform to society's bullshit up to a certain extent. Feel free to break away after complying with their basic standards.
Random Fuck: I could be striped naked
Random Fuck: Mocked
Random Fuck: pinned up
Random Fuck: killed
Random Fuck: sodomized,
Me: "Don't kill people," the law says. Yet they execute people daily.
Random Fuck: and i wouldn't give a fuck...
Random Fuck: as long as i could just see nikki
Me: Just give them life. They'll be made a bitch in prison. It's worse than death.
Random Fuck: i'm pathetic.
Me: "Don't steal things," the law says. Yet police ransack houses on a daily basis.
Me: And another thing I don't get.
Me: Why drugs are so fucking bad.
Random Fuck: Because the Government can't tax them.
Me: If you want to fuck your life up by blowing $100+ a day on crack or whatever.
Random Fuck: thats the only logical reason.
Random Fuck: Read what i said.
Me: You're old enough to do it, fucking do it, I don't care.
Random Fuck: you will find your answer there.
Me: They can, if they legalize.
Me: Look at tobacco. #1 killer nationwide.
Random Fuck: Yes.
Me: They tax the hell out of it.
Me: Legalize cocaine, marijuana, heroin, everything. And tax the shit out of it.
Random Fuck: No
Random Fuck: because they can't.
Me: Use the taxes to pay off the trillions of dollars we owe other countries.
Me: The hell they can't.
Random Fuck: they can't physically tax it.
Random Fuck: LISTEN.
Me: They need to give up their "war on drugs".
Me: We're losing thousands of dollars EVERY SECOND that stupid war is being fought and lost.
Me: Well, I don't know, maybe stop bringing it in?
Me: Because the taxes would cause them to go broke?
Random Fuck: ...and then guess who would have to bring it in to stabalize the tax...
Random Fuck: The government.
Random Fuck: and Large bussinesses.
Random Fuck: Marijauna isn't bad. in fact its better than tobacco, if you really think about it.
Random Fuck: How many people have you heard of dieing from Marijauna?
Random Fuck: i mean dieing FROM IT. not because of it.
Me: The government wouldn't have to do a damn thing about it.
Me: Tax the fuck out of it. Tax the distributors, the buyers, the middlemen...
Random Fuck: Actually we are nearing the fall of society.
Random Fuck: you can tell because of 2 distinct factors from the roman empire
Me: You see the solution there?
Me: The true addicts will sell everything they have to pay off the taxes.
Random Fuck: 1. Imbreeding from Ingrids, 2. Over-Taxation.
Me: End up homeless and dead.
Random Fuck: let me see if i can get you on another rant....
Random Fuck: hmm..
Random Fuck: Whores?
Me: I don't care about prostitution. People have to make money somehow today.
Random Fuck: Hmm.. Just start ranting about random things.
Random Fuck: Genetic Engineering.
Me: Don't care. Waste of money unless they have it perfected.
Random Fuck: Cloning.
Me: See above.
Random Fuck: hmm.
Random Fuck: Hatred seems to spawn the smartest of this world.
Random Fuck: Most teenagers just hate, to be cool
Random Fuck: its like
Random Fuck: "Der i hate because it makes me cool because i defy shit, and shit, and i don't like conforming to this corformist society."
Random Fuck: Then there is dumbasses who do drugs just for fun
Random Fuck: "We do drugs cuz its good, i mean, weed makes you feel goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood, saturday is 420, btw. i am gonna toke up to shit."
Me: I got arrested on 4/20 of 2000.
Random Fuck: either way..
Random Fuck: why?
Random Fuck: toking up?
Me: And I was locked up with stupid fucks who were like "Man, we're missing 4/20. This sucks. ::kicks wall::"
Me: And I'm just like "What the fuck. If you're that obsessed with toking then toke every fucking day."
Random Fuck: Ok you can bitch easily enough, but what do you love in life?
Me: Not a whole lot. A good game, some good music, Kym...
Random Fuck: i can't say i like a whole lot either..
Random Fuck: Nature, a good game, some good music, anime, Nikki...
Random Fuck: well
Random Fuck: other than bloodshed mutilation and the destruction of humanity.
Random Fuck: do you think i'm an idiot? just another fucking peice of society?
Me: Hard to say. I can't judge someone simply because they tell me they hate society. Once they prove it I'll know.
Random Fuck: ..
Random Fuck: Dude you've known me for over 4 years.
Me: All I've really seen you do is say you hate society and government and whatnot. That doesn't prove to me that you're not a conformist sheep. Don't take that as being offensive, though. It's just the way I look at people.
Random Fuck: So i haven't fucking sniffed raid, or tried to kill myself in any large way..
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