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:: RPG Source :: View Article :: America the Pitiful

America the Pitiful
By Seifer [20/11/2002]
The American government thrives on capitalism. It has made us the world power that we are today. And it will also be the cause of our downfall. Far too much power is in the hands of tyrannical megalomaniacs who thrive on dominating the nation using their financial stockpiles. The working man is a nameless, faceless entity, a John Doe in today's economy. The man putting in 40 hours of manual labor per week is deemed "too inept" to obtain and keep a position with these companies. This is not the case at all. The case is selective employment. It is not necessarily WHAT you know when seeking employment. It is usually more WHO you know. Having connections will get you whatever you desire. Being a minority is also a big plus. Nowadays, due to our past actions, companies have a minimum amount of females and minorities they must hire. If they are short of this quota, your time would be better spent engaging in sexual intercourse with a porcupine. Should a minority or female be considered alongside you for the job, regardless of their ability to perform the tasks that go with said job, they will be accepted. We should have known this would happen two hundred years ago when we only hired white males. I suppose it is payback time, huh? Think of America as a person, and selective employment and capitalism as terminal illnesses. With time, America will be reduced to life support, figurative "tubes" from other countries its only links to survival. Until the white man and the colored man are given truly equal employment opportunities, capitalism is stomped out and the power is returned to the millions of workers, where it belongs, America will continue to be a disease that disfigures the face of this planet into a grotesque abomination, a disgrace to the glorious beacon that it once was.
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