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Sheep for the Slaughter
By Seifer [20/11/2002]
The typical working American has a nine-to-five workday. Awaken at six o'clock, shower, shave, eat breakfast and be out the door and on the way to work by eight. Arrive at work at nine, work until twelve, one-hour lunch break, back to work at one, out by five, home at six, eat dinner, watch a bit of TV and sleep, only to repeat it all the next day, for five days in a row. Why? To be quite frank, I simply don't understand the office worker who mindlessly slaves over paperwork for eight hours a day, five days a week, and lives by an identical routine during those five days. There is no appeal to this, in my opinion, mainly because the opportunity to sort one's thoughts out and form opinions from them is largely inhibited when they are enclosed in a cubicle for much of their day. Again I ask, why? And it all comes back to my original subject: time. There is no time to form opinions when you are slaving over work- and school-related duties for thirty to thirty-five percent of your life. Occasionally you have to take a step back and analyze yourself. Are you working because you enjoy it? Or are you working because you don't know what you enjoy anymore? Are you honestly happy with your current position, or have you lost the meaning of happiness in a sea of paperwork, deadlines and office politics? I'm only here to offer my perspective on this matter. It's up to you to figure out whether your life is truly happiness or the product of society and the government draining you of thought and converting you to a mindless slave.
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