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By Seifer [20/11/2002]
Another day slipping out of my grasp. The seconds tick by at what seems to be an inhumanly fast rate. Thoughts of helplessness, culminating with a desire to manipulate time so that life doesn't pass so suddenly, rush through my head. I may only be eighteen years old, but I know what time can do to a person and how quickly it can do these things. Some people will probably say I shouldn't worry about such trivial things at my age. Well, to put this simply, I can't merely ignore something that's keeping the universe itself going. Time... as much as we'd all like to pretend it doesn't exist, we cannot escape the fact that it has just as much influence on our daily decisions as anything else, if not more. Our schedules are constructed around time's flow. Twenty-four hours a day, broken into two meridians, AM and PM. We fit our activities into these meridians, and if they don't fit, too bad. Time waits for no one and it alters for no one. It's a painful fact to face, but it is one that some of us must come to terms with, myself included. Perhaps at this time one year ago I would have said to myself "You are still young, don't worry about time. If anything, it's on your side", but that was last year. This is the present, at a time when I am nearing nineteen years of age, and time seems to be more of an enemy than an ally to me. Perhaps it's because my schedule lacks order and structure. Idly wasting away at work, then coming home and again idly wasting away on the computer cannot be good for one's view of time.
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