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:: RPG Source :: View Article :: Reconstruction, Terror and Brutality

Reconstruction, Terror and Brutality
By Seifer [20/11/2002]
We all want to be someone. We all have a vision of rising above the festering wasteland that is society and reforming it into something with some redeeming qualities. It's all a battle to see who can do it first, and no one will win it because we are all holding each other back with our own selfish desires. We all want a better world, but we're more concerned with creating it ourselves whether or not we are the most capable of doing so.

The human race itself is capable of nearly anything if there is cooperation within it; however, conflict only degenerates us into a feuding mass of ignorance. We seek to destroy each other and survive rather than better our lives and the lives of others. A war is a gathering of the highest order of ignorance to determine where the supposed power lies on this planet today. Wars end lives, not save them. I refuse to trespass on foreign soil and wage war because the government wants me to be a mindless killing machine who takes lives when given the order to do so. Our country needs to learn one simple rule; we are not the world police. Every country has its own governing body, and as tyrannical as they may be, their ruling method is not our business unless we are directly involved.

Fear controls the people by embedding itself deep in their minds and making them too terrified to resist. Money controls the people by promising them financial security and the ability to purchase any material thing they desire. Our government, on every level, utilizes both of these tactics. Unnecessary brutality in such organizations as police departments and S.W.A.T. has the population absolutely petrified with terror, while large companies like Microsoft have a free ride with the government because they possess so much money. They are in control. We are nothing. The government wants it that way.

On a side note about being nothing, pro-minority groups and government programs are becoming too powerful and making hard workers into absolutely nothing. I speak from experience, not racism, because I lost my job on the sole grounds that the worker who got my job was Hispanic and the company was short of its so-called "minority quota". A job should be given based on the ability to perform the job duties, not skin color or ethnic background. I do believe some pro-minority action is necessary today, but not to the point that it is preventing an honest, hard-working person from acquiring a job. Hollow excuses such as "We're short of our minority quota" only further prove my point that today's government is as transparent as glass.
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